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  In the starship, Jin Yi used a huge bath towel to hug Chen Xi and walked out of the bathroom. Chen Xi’s hair was moist, his cheeks flushed, and his whole body was full of fresh water vapor. He looked up and saw the curved chin of his partner, and couldn’t help but raise his hand to support himself up with Jin Yi’s shoulder, climbed up slightly, and then took a bite and kissed Jin Yi’s beautiful and soft lips. 

    A smile flashed in Jin Yi’s eyes, and he gently placed Chen Xi on the soft bed and said, “Are you finally willing to kiss me?” 

    Chen Xi’s cheeks were slightly red, and Jin Yi helped him wipe his hair, and he said: “It’s not that, it’s just that I haven’t taken a bath for a long time.”

    In ten seconds, Chen Xi’s hair was completely dry, he turned to temptation,” Are you angry? Then I’ll compensate you …… ” 

   After saying this, Chen Xi climbed onto Jin Yi’s neck, kissed on his beautiful lips, and then kissed again… 

    Every time Chen Xi kissed, Jin Yi’s expression became softer, and he was obediently pressed by Chen Xi on the bed. A pair of pure golden eyes looked at Chen Xi quietly. 


    Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart that his partner is really coquettish, how can he not love him. 

    Just as the two looked at each other quietly, and the atmosphere was quiet and warm, Jin Yi raised his hand to support the waist of Chen Xi who was pressing on him, “118.46 Jin, you have lost weight.” 

    Chen Xi almost didn’t react…Can you not show your accurate body scale function at this time? 

    But before Chen Xi had more complaints in his heart, he was suddenly pressed tightly in Jin Yi’s arms, and Jin Yi’s deep and nice voice sounded in his ears, “This kind of thing will never happen again in the future. I promise.” 

    Chen Xi also fell silent for a while, lying on Jin Yi’s chest, listening to his heartbeat, obediently said: “Yeah.” 

   They both layed there, and Chen Xi and Jin Yi enjoyed this quietly. During the sweet and warm gathering time, the Zhizu tribe’s huge expedition team split up and drove to the depths of this star field. Their task was to completely eradicate the red tide insects.

    It is indeed a big project to completely wipe out a creature with markings all over the star field. 

    Of course, Jin Yi said that he will exterminate the red tide insects as a gift, not only to thank Carlos for doing so, but the more important reason is that they dare to attack Chen Xi and only by killing the red tide insects on one planet is enough to vent his anger. They dared to contaminate the treasure of the intellectuals, so it was natural to prepare for the extinction of that race. 

    And after they completely wiped out the red tide bugs, it was naturally the intelligent races in this star field that benefited the most out of it, so it’s not an exaggeration to take the extermination of the red tide bugs as a gift. 

    After all, for the intelligent races of this star field, there is probably nothing more important than this. 


    If they want to completely exterminate a creature, the first thing you need to do is to understand them. So after the Zhizu caught some red tide insects in the star field, they started to deal with the insects in the laboratory in the starship for comprehensive research. 

    The scientific research speed of a group of super intellectual brains does not need to be questioned. In just half a day, these red tide bugs have been thoroughly studied inside and out by the intellectuals. From the gene spectrum to the protein composition, I am afraid that these red tide bugs themselves do not know that Zhizu knows themselves so well.

    In the study of red tide insects, the Zhizu found a very interesting point, that is, these insects have no reproductive ability. What does this show? It shows that they have the existence of the insect king! 

    When this point was discovered, all the Zhizu’s eyes were astonishingly bright. 

    If the red tide insects are wise enough, then they will definitely shudder at this look, because it is definitely not a kind look. 

    In addition to discovering that the red tide bug has the insect king, the Zhizu also found a very peculiar place in the brain nerve structure of the red tide bug. That is the part where the red tide bugs are spiritually connected to each other. The red tide insect sends and receives signals from here to achieve unified action, and even cooperate with each other to set traps for its prey.

    In their research on the neural connections of the red tide worms, they found that in addition to establishing a spiritual connection with the surrounding red tide worms, there is also a thicker spiritual link that is far greater than all other links, leading to the depths of the starry sky. 

   The Zhizu caught tens of thousands of red tide insects in different places in this star field, but each red tide insect, no matter where it was caught from the star field, no matter where they were when they were researched, each of them had a thick and strong spiritual link in their mind, and it was leading to the same direction. 

    What does this show? 

    This shows that the insect king is there! 

    All the Zhizu smiled at the bright road signs in the minds of these so cute bugs, but there was a dark look in their smiles. 


    Then these worms were put into the glass cover, and sophisticated instruments were constantly detecting the mental links in their minds. With these living pointers, the starship team of the Zhizu moved forward at full speed in that direction. 



    For the past two days, Carlo felt a little lost in a reverie, because little cutie left. These days he often habitually cooked for the little cutie, but when he wanted to hand it over to the little cutie. He would remember that little cutie was gone, and then he would feel uncontrollable depression and sadness. 

    Another reason is that what little cutie’s partner said that day still lingered in his mind, even if he was ridiculed when he asked Fang these words, but for some reason, those words were always in his mind, and didn’t disappear. 

    Maybe it’s because the person speaking has an inexplicable breath that makes people unconsciously believe that everything that comes from his mouth is true.

    However, what he said will be visible in time, what does that mean? 

    Could it be that when they go kill the red tide insects, they would also bring him with them? 

    Just as all kinds of chaotic speculations emerged in Carlo’s mind, he suddenly heard one after another in exclamation sounds around him. The sounds were filled with shock as if the sky had fallen.

    What happened? Carlo looked around suspiciously, and then the next moment, he couldn’t control his head from looking up, his pupils suddenly contracted, and his breathing stopped for a moment. Because the sky did not collapse, but the sky was covered by a clear picture.

    It was a picture of a huge and intimidating steel team navigating in the starry sky. Those giants were made of steel, he had never seen it before, and he didn’t know what it was, but the smooth silver plane was like a mirror. The icy sharp edges at the corners seem to tell everyone that they are not so simple. 


    Suddenly, Carlo thought of the sky that was covered on the day Little Cutie was picked up, and the huge dark shadows behind the clouds in the sky. Could it be that these things were behind the clouds that day? 

    On this planet, with the sky as the screen, when the live broadcast of the front line of the red tide worm team was being broadcast in real time, Zhizu also reported to the mainbrain and arranged the live broadcast.

    Jin Yi nodded his head, thought for a minute, and suddenly said: “Is the network channel between this side and the star beast domain still well maintained?”

    In ancient times human beings were moving troops and horses, forage first. For the intelligent people in the interstellar age, the star network is the necessity for their efficient communication, their air and water, and the key to maintaining constant contact with the rear.

    Therefore, when the Zhizu tribe army rushed all the way here, a simple star network route was also laid out along the way, allowing Jin Yi and the others to keep in touch with the rear of the guard at all times. 

    Facing Jin Yi’s question, naturally he got a positive answer. 

    Jin Yi pondered for a moment, and said: “Transfer the front-line picture back, and broadcast it over the intelligent race planets in the Star Beast Territory.”

    No one questioned the command of the mastermind, so this command was quickly passed on, and the execution went on. 

    Jin Yi squinted his eyes slightly. Except for some rules that must be observed, the Zhizu is basically in the state of stocking. However, it may also be because they have not applied iron and blood means to the intelligent races in the territory for too long, some races will inevitably give birth to other thoughts. 

    He didn’t care if it was before, because they had no weaknesses. 

    But after Chen Xi appeared, especially this accident of spatial fluctuations, he suddenly realized that accidents would always appear in unexpected places.


    In this case, the intelligent races in the intellectual field also need to be beaten submissively. This time the intellectuals’ action to eradicate red tide bugs will be their best educational film. 

    Because the two star regions are too far apart, there was a delay in the speed of the star network, but this delay will not last for long. In half a day, the Zhizu who stayed behind in their star beasts, follow the command of the main brain, and a live screen that arrives synchronously with his command. 

    There was almost no delay, and thousands of starships scattered and went to each target planet to broadcast live broadcasts. 

    And at the edge of the star beast region, a lonely habitable star hiding in the barren star region also passed by a starship. 

    That’s right, those races who hid on the edge of the Star Beast Territory because of their dissatisfaction with the rules of the Zhizu tribe and were filled with rebellious hearts, watched. 


    So these races, who were talking, were filled with panic because of the terrifyingly large team of Zhizu passing by, and they suddenly noticed that another starship was coming, and it seemed that it was not passing by, but heading straight toward them. 

    All the races were so scared that their souls were gone. Before they decided whether to surrender now or immediately abandon the habitable star and flee to a farther place, the sky was covered by a huge picture. On that picture, they saw the huge team of Zhizu some time ago, which was enough to frighten people to collapse.

   Kas, who was still staying on this planet, froze as soon as this scene in the sky appeared, because compared with those in the Star Beast Realm races who were completely unfamiliar with this scene and looked blank, When he glanced at it, he found that apart from the starship team of the Zhizu in the picture, there was also the red ocean that was so palpitating and familiar to him in the distance.

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