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   Kas’s eyes fixed on the red patch, it was… the red tide bug! 

    But how could the Zhizu encounter red tide bugs? Isn’t this red tide bug in the star field in his hometown? Has the red tide bug spread over? But along the way, he deliberately avoided the spreading direction of the red tide bug, and he didn’t see the trace of the red tide bug. It shouldn’t be so fast! 

    Compared with the many chaotic thoughts in Kas’s mind, the minds of the races in the Star Beast Territory are much simpler. They talked about the starship team of the Zhizu tribe, and it was a while before someone noticed the abnormalities in the broadcast. But even though they noticed it, they still don’t know what the red color is, but in the deep starry sky, this bright color inexplicably looks really weird. 


    It wasn’t until the starship team of the Zhizu got closer to the red ocean, so close that they could see the true face of the red color. 

    “Hey, what the hell, scared me.” 

    “Here, these are all bugs?! This bug is too scary.” 

    “God, it’s so ugly, I have never seen such a disgusting bug. ” 

    “I’m afraid it’s not just that it looks ugly, you look at its teeth, it’s not easy to look at.” 

    Many people can’t help but condense their sights on the open mouthparts of the red bugs, looking at the layers of sharp jagged teeth, they couldn’t help but shiver all together. 

    Just as they were immersed in shock and discussing, the starship team of the Zhizu never stopped moving forward, and at the same time, the bugs were not dead, and they took the initiative to surround the starship team. 

    So, not surprisingly, the starship team of the Zhizu was surrounded by a sea of ​​insects. 

    To tell the truth, this starship team of the Zhizu is really huge. It is composed of countless towering starships, coupled with the evenly distributed battlestars in the team, it is big and magnificent that it can make all kinds of races scared to pee.

    But at this time, this huge starship team, under the endless stream of red bugs that can cover the entire starry sky, suddenly became thinner, making people inexplicably give birth to a feeling that this team was surrounded by a sea of ​​insects, was about to be eaten away. 

    This feeling of being surrounded made the hearts of all the races tighten, but will the Zhizu race fight against these worms in the air? 

    The races in the Star Beast Region thought about it in their hearts, they knew a little bit about the Zhizu, they were not in a hurry to draw conclusions, but were ready to continue watching. 

    But on the planet where Carlo is, looking at the screen in the sky, everyone couldn’t help but exclaim, and some couldn’t help but cover their eyes and could not bear to look anymore. 


    Just when the two star fields had completely different guesses about the next progress, the towering steel beasts in the Zhizu starship team moved, and the two battlestars at the forefront of the starship team changed slightly. Then the next moment, a light waterfall directly poured down, just like the turbulent flow of meteorites on the road was swept away, evaporating the red tide insects in front, and swept out a flat road.

     A lot of circles of white light began to emanate from the entire starship team. All the red tide insects that were close to the starship team and reached the white light range were turned into ashes, so fast that they had no time to struggle, and there was no time to cry out. 

    This scene caused completely different reactions in the two star regions. Carlo was shocked, completely shocked, the moment the light poured out, sweeping out a flat road, the subversion of their thoughts was completely unreliable. On the day the Zhizu came, they saw countless rays shooting from the clouds, destroying most of the red tide insects on the ground. 

    They thought it was the strongest method of that cold race, who knows that today, they have been ruthlessly refreshed by this tyrannical scene. 

    Compared to Carlo’s side, the situation of the races in the Star Beast Territory is much better. Although they felt breathless seeing this scene, there was a faint feeling of uneasiness. Sure enough, the Zhizu is still the Zhizu, kicking away any stone on the side of the road. Their actions are still so neat. 

    However, for the Zhizu to still have such a strong attack method. They should be fortunate that the Zhizu regard them as possessions in their own territory, but if they weren’t would they use this method against them?

Just when the races of the two star regions looked at the screens in the sky, they were shocked and silent, even if they doubted their knowledge of the world, the starship team of the intellectuals did not stop, and kept moving forward. 

    The worms that rushed over were cleared with a white light to make a clear road. After a while, the road was covered by insects, and the white light was used again. But the swarms of insects  crazily rushed towards the starship, wanting to directly attack the starship, but they couldn’t get close at all, the countless insects that came forward were all reduced into ashes. 

    The scene in front of them was really shocking, especially for the races in the star field where the red tide insects are located. They had personally come into contact with the red tide insects, but they were so powerful and brutal in their hearts and lived in the shadows. The red tide insects that came down were actually the same as paper. In front of the steel ships in the starry sky, they were all turned into ashes with only one shot. This scene was deeply carved into their brains.. 


    As if the starship team of the Zhizu had a clear goal, they had been advancing at a constant speed in one direction without being delayed by the siege of insects. 

    With the advancement of the Zhizu, the sea of ​​insects in the starry sky has become denser. In the sky, only a piece of red has been seen for a long time, and the planet is completely covered by a sea of red that seems endless. 

    At the same time, those insect seas seemed to become more anxious, and did not shrink back because of the deaths of so many kinsmen around the starship team. Instead, they were more violent and attacked the starship team more quickly. 

    As a result, it is natural that they have all followed in the footsteps of the predecessors who were turned into ashes. 

    It was obvious to see the changes in the red insects, the races of the two Star Territories all saw this. The races of the Star Beast Territory exclaimed that these insects are really fierce, and they are really not afraid of death. 

    On Carlo’s side, it was obvious that something was wrong, he had personally fought against the red tide insects, and naturally understood the habits of the red tide insects better than others. 

    Red tide bugs are bugs with low-level intelligence. They will set traps for their prey, seduce them, and besiege them. Naturally, they will choose to temporarily retreat when they see something impossible to attack and not lose too much.

    It stands to reason that the attack on the insects has no effect at all. Instead, a large number of red tide insects have died. According to the habits of the red tide insects, they should choose to retreat temporarily. How can the situation on the sky broadcast be completely opposite? Those red tide insects not only did not retreat, but attacked even more crazily.

    At the edge of the Star Beast Territory, Kas stared at the screen on the sky closely, and was also thinking about this problem. He stared at the red insects in the sky broadcast, watching the red tide insects attacking the starship madly and fearlessly.  He felt a sudden realization in his heart, and his eyes stared more closely onto the terrifying density of red tide insects in the sky broadcast. 

    No, this is not right. Red tide insects of this density are not common even in the star field of his hometown, let alone the starship of the Zhizu tribe moving all the way. In such a long time, the density of red tide insects in the starry sky broadcast has not decreased. On the contrary, it was getting bigger and bigger. This is definitely not the red tide insect spreading to this star field, the number of red tide insects spreading should not be so high. 

    So where is the starship of the Zhizu now? Is it in the star field in his hometown? 

    Kas’s eyes were fixed on the dense swarm of insects that obscured the starry sky broadcast, watching the red tide insects attacking the starship team crazy, trying to stop it at all costs, as if they were guarding something. A bold idea suddenly appeared in his mind, and his heartbeat suddenly became faster. 


    Perhaps, the Zhizu is not in the star field of his hometown now, but in the nest of red tide insects where no one knows where it is! 

    Only at the source of the birth of red tide insects can there be such a dense and huge swarm, and only this kind of place will allow those ferocious and cunning insects to attack without fear of death, because behind them, is the place they want to protect, so they can’t retreat.

    Looking at the screen in the sky, Kas became more sure of his guess. 

    And Kas’s guess is obviously correct. 

    In the face of the fierce and fearless obstruction of the red tide insects along the way, the starship team of the Zhizu followed the guidance of the road signs in the glass cover, and ruthlessly broke through the protective wall composed of worms, reaching the target. Finally, what appeared in the sky was a strange, hollowed out planet, like a huge hollowed out product, but strangely did not collapse. This is the nest of red tide insects.


    Seeing this scene, even some races that hadn’t realized this before, eyes suddenly widened, and their breathing stopped.

    And the Zhizu in the starship team, looked at the planet that appeared in front of them, smiled unanimously, they finally found it! 

    It’s just that smile, no matter how you look at it, it looks cold. 

    The starship team of the Zhizu tribe stopped for the first time after seeing the nest of the red tide bug, and then the team dispersed and surrounded the nest.

    Seeing this scene, the surrounding red tide bugs went mad. They rushed to the starship team like crazy, but the encirclement of the starships was an indestructible death barrier. The amount of red tide bugs that swarmed up, and how much it directly was reduced into ashes.

    In addition to the red tide bugs who crazily rushed in to protect the nest, there were also many red tide bugs in the hollow nest. At this time, they discovered the situation, and they drilled out of the nest and attacked the starships surrounding the nest. Of course, As a result, it was naturally the same as the red insects that wanted to come in outside the enclosure. 

    The red tide worms outside the encircled circle came over like tides, and they would die one after another, but the number of red tide worms in the nests in the circle is obviously limited. 

    At this time, there were many small combat spaceships, and Zhizu’s were covered in armor as they came out of the starship. They ignored the red tide bugs that became more crazy outside the protection circle, and rushed straight to the hollow nest. 

    No one knows what happened in the hollowed-out lair, only hearing loud noises constantly coming out of it, and the dazzling white light shined from the hollowed-out cave from time to time. 

    After a while of confusion, a sharp cry suddenly came out from the nest. This cry was a bit strange. It sounded a bit like the call of a red tide bug, but it was not exactly the same. 

    After hearing this cry, the red insects outside the enclosure were completely crazy. 


    They rushed forward irrespectively, madly attacking the encirclement composed of starships, turning a blind eye to their companions and their bodies, which were constantly turning to ashes. There were also many red tide insects who also screamed, as if they were responding to the cry from the lair. 

    Under the tense gaze of many races in the two star regions, the weird cry continued for a while, and the Zhizu wearing armor and small combat spacecraft that had entered before came out, but they did not come out empty-handed, they dragged a large unknown creature that was the size of a starship out.

    This unknown creature was huge and white. Except for a head that looks like a worm, the most noticeable thing is the abdomen that occupies 99% of the body. The bright white abdomen kept shrinking, and it seemed that even doing this action was difficult. 

    After seeing the Zhizu dragging this creature out, the red tide insects were already crazy enough that they could no longer be mad. Numerous red tide insects made a sharp screaming sound and rushed towards the encirclement of the Zhizu with the fastest and most ruthless movements. Even if the eyes of the red tide insects were originally red, at this time it also gave birth to a feeling that their eyes were already red. 

    Hearing the sharp screaming all over the starry sky, the huge creature that was dragged out raised its head with difficulty, and also let out a cry, as if responding. This sound, which came from the nest before, was a bit like a red tide bug, but it was not exactly the same as his cry. 

    Many races in the two star regions looked at this development on the sky broadcast, and they were completely sluggish. After a while, someone trembled and said, “That’s… the insect king?” 

    The red tide insects actually have an insect king? ! And at this time was dragged out of the lair so rudely? ! The person in Carlo’s star field was holding his chest, feeling that he needed to calm down. 

    While the races in the two star regions were still immersed in shock when looking at the scenes on the sky broadcast, the Zhizu’s who dragged the Red Tide Insect King out, they dragged the Insect King to a more open place in the encirclement. As if it were a display, let it float in the air, so that all the red tide insects could see more clearly and become more crazy. 

    Then, the Zhizu tribe surrounding the insect king sneered and raised their weapons in unison and fired. 




    The Red Tide Insect King suddenly struggled, making a painful sound, and blood was constantly splashing on it’s white body. 

    The Zhizu races who were holding weapons around and shooting at the insect king were full of cold eyes, and did not hesitate at the slightest movement. They were just doing what they wanted to do when they discovered that these insects had an insect king. 

    They all continued to shoot, just like what tye red tide insects did on the planet where Chen Xi fell, the red tide insect king was processed in the same way.


    The painful cries of the Red Tide Insect King resounded throughout the starry sky, and the entire Red Tide Insect swarm was completely mad. Even if they were low in intelligence, they also cared about things, and the only thing that they cared about was their king, they always protected them. But now there king who was kept in the lair was dragged out alive in this way and suffered such torture in front of them. How could they bear it? 

    The instinct to protect the Insect King made them crazy and want to save, but the encirclement formed by the Zhizu starship is like a moat, so that they couldn’t touch the Insect King at all. They wanted to save the Insect King, but the fact that they can’t save them makes them who are not smart enough to really feel the pain, and the thickest link in each worm’s mind, which is the spiritual link that links the worm king, is constantly conveying to them of the worm king’s pain and cries for help, all this was undoubtedly made them feel more painful and suffering.

  From a distance, this endless sea of ​​red worms is like a pot of boiling water, bouncing again and again, struggling painfully, all the red tide worms that manage to squeeze around the starship rush over without hesitation, their eyes were fixed on the tortured insect king, and their simple thinking tried hard to convey a signal, king, I will save you now. 

    But the next moment, these worms were gasified into nothingness. No matter how hard they tried, no matter how they went forward and succeeded, they still couldn’t touch their king. They could only watch the king being beaten and battered, and be tormented into flesh and blood… 

    This whole network live broadcast of the execution of the Red Tide Insect King, and the countless races in the two star regions who watched the broadcast in the sky, caused a huge shock to their soul. This shock to the soul was undoubtedly huge, and even surpassed the previous powerful attack methods that the Zhizu used. They watched the entire red tide insect swarm struggle as if it were fried in hot oil, watched the insect swarm rush towards the encircling circle, it was obviously close at hand, but could only be able to watch the scene where the insect king who they cared about the most became bloody, and suddenly felt a shudder. 


    They have never felt this ruthlessness this deeply, the coldness of the Zhizu and the harshness of their means. 

    Although the insect king is a supported existence, he has no tough skin, no sharp teeth, and slow and sluggish movements, but as a multiplier of the entire insect swarm, its vitality is extremely tenacious. Of course, the vitality is tenacious, and I do not know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate. 

    Because of the tenacious vitality of the insect king, this is a torture of purgatory for the entire red tide insect group. It lasted more than 20 minutes before it ended. When the original red tide insect king was completely immobile, there was nothing. When there was a breath of life, the thickest link in the mind of the entire swarm was broken. 

    The closest connection that existed since the birth of life disappeared all at once, and the entire insect swarm was sluggish. The most important things in their lives disappeared. This feeling even made them wonder how to react next. All the bugs stopped there blankly. 

    In the starship of the intellectual tribe, the intellectuals looked at the corpse of the insect king who had no longer had a breath of life left, and looked at the other red tide insect swarms that seemed to have lost their souls, knowing that everything should be over.

    The commander of this operation stepped forward expressionless and pressed a red button. In the next moment, the space fortresses in the star ship team sent out a circle of white light. This circle of white light was different from what the star fleet scattered before. It was only maintained not far from the star ship, but spread away from a very long distance.

    All the red tide bugs that were swept by this white light in the starry sky were instantly turned into ashes. The entire starry sky was like a piece of red paper, with a hole in the middle, and then the sparks around the hole spread out in circles. The intact red parts first turned into carbon black and then into voids. In just a few minutes, they originally spread all over the starry sky, Like an endless sea of insects, it was washed away, and the whole starry sky became open and clear.

    And in those two star regions, countless races who were watching the live broadcast, looked at the broadcast in the sky, and were speechless for a while. 

    Obviously there is this kind of method, which can easily get rid of the red tide insects that are all over the starry sky, but the Zhizu just used the previous method, using the method that caused the entire red tide insect group to suffer the most painful torture, sure enough it is to vent their anger.

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