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The effect of this documentary education film obviously served its purpose. The Zhizu starship team broadcasting began to return, and after the screen in the sky gradually faded and disappeared, the races of the two star regions did not speak for a long time, and were still immersed in shock and still had lingering fears. 

    It wasn’t until another moment later that the races that were on the same planet as Caro realized afterwards that the red tide bug was exterminated? ! 

    In the future, red tide insects will no longer invade their homes? ! 

    They looked at each other and saw the excitement and joy in each other’s eyes. 

    The nightmare of this star field that lasted for so many years is finally over! 

    Many people couldn’t restrain themselves and hugged and celebrated with their relatives and friends, but the palpitations and shocks brought to them by the pictures on the previous day were still there. Even though they were happy and excited, at this time they only dared to hug each other and whispered. 


    While some were silent, restrained, and weeping for joy, there was a person who appeared to be out of place, and that person was Fangs. 

    Fang’s face was white as paper at this time, making people worry that he might faint at any time. 

    For real, all the red tide bugs were exterminated? ! 

    The Little cuties fellows are way too fierce, right? ! 

    But now the more important issue is that looking at when the little cutie left that day, the red tide bug didn’t bite the little cutie at all, but even if the red tide bug that didn’t bite the little cutie, it was still wiped out. In the way that the entire insect swarm was tortured, what would happen to him, who really hurt the little cuties feelings when he mocked him? ! 

    If this was discovered, he will definitely be miserable! 

    Fang thought carefully and nervously. The ground was no longer safe. During this period of time, he had to find an underground cave to hide, and wait until the little cuties comrades were gone before he could come out. Then, he must never appear in front of Little Cutie again, and must not let Little Cutie remember those past events.

    The only pity was that he was a little reluctant to bear apart from eldest brother. Once little cutie leaves, his eldest brother will also follow him, but there is no way he can’t bear it anymore, he doesn’t want to be killed by his eldest brother. 

    After thinking about all this, Fang called Carlo, intending to tell him a few words, and then fled to the underground cave to hide. 

    Carlo’s response to Fang’s greeting was half a beat slower. Even when Fang spoke to him, he was a little bit dazed, as if his mind wasn’t there at all. 

    Fang looked speechless when he looked at Carlos, and said again: “Have you remembered what I said?” 

    Only when he saw Carlo nodded blankly did Fang swiftly turn and left, praying in his heart: Brother, you must be strong. After the little cutie leaves, go to the underground cave and notify me to come out, don’t forget about me. 

    Carlo didn’t react much to the departure of his good brother, and it could even be said that he didn’t notice it at all. He raised his head again and looked at the sky that had returned to normal. His silver-gray eyes were full of loneliness.


    The red tide bug was finally resolved. Of course he was happy. Little cutie’s companion named Jin Yi, gave him his word, and let him see the destruction of the red tide bug with his own eyes, but also let him see the gap between him and the little cutie.

    When they picked up Little Cutie that day, he knew that there was a huge gap between him and Little Cutie, but the scene of them destroying the red tide bugs that appeared in the sky made him understand the gap between him and Little Cutie was countless times wider than he originally thought, it was simply a mountain. 

    He and Little Cutie were people who had never had a chance to meet. After Little Cutie really left, they should never see each other again. 

    He had made this guess in his heart. 

    However, it still made him uncomfortable. 

    Little cutie said that he would come to him again. 

    He might feel uncomfortable for a while now, but when Little Cutie really comes to say goodbye to him, he will smile and say goodbye to Little Cutie. 


    When Carlo was depressed, all the planets in the Star Beast Domain that played the “educational documentary” were silent. 

    This incisively and vividly showing the power and coldness of the intellectuals has obviously achieved its due effect. Some races that were originally on their own, stayed by themselves, and some races that quietly gave birth to some small thoughts because of how peaceful it was, those small thoughts were all gone.

    After all, once they thought about it, they might end up the same way as the red bugs on the broadcast. After being severely tortured, the clan will be destroyed directly, so no matter how small their thoughts are, it should be put out for safety.

    Even the races that were rebellious and fled to the edge of the Star Beast Territory in the early years were still silent on that remote star. Why does the Zhizu want to put these pictures above them? Is this a threat? This must be a threat. 

    But the point is that they are really threatened by this, and now even some races who used to secretly speak harsh words do not dare to speak at all, even if they originally thought whether to give up this planet and run. They didn’t dare to have the idea of ​​going to a farther place. After all, no matter how fast they run, can they run faster than a starship? What would they do if they provoke the Zhizu tribe and make them unhappy, and then destroy them all. 

    Among the scared races, there is only a small group of people whose concerns are completely different from those around them. Their focus is not on worrying about this, but on the fact that the red tide bug has been wiped out. 

    So, has the culprit that invaded their homeland were forced out, and their plan to find a new homeland has been resolved? !


    Shock, surprise and disbelief, repeatedly hit their hearts, making them unable to calm down for a long time. 

    It wasn’t until a long time that Kas finally recovered his calm and said in a deep voice: “Everyone, we can go home.” 


    The companions who came out with Kas responded in unison, their eyes flashed with excitement and longing. 

    Finally, they can go home. 



    In just a few days, the starship team of the Zhizu not only destroyed the nest of the red tide insects, but also cleared that the starship team had destroyed the insect king and floated on the star on the way back. The remaining red tide insects in the domain, within a short time, the entire star field became solemnly clear, and the traces of the red tide insects are no longer. 

    When the two starship teams rejoined and everything was ready, were free to leave at any time.

    In the past few days, Chen Xi, who had been pressed into the starship to eat and drink, was finally released to bid farewell to his friends in this star field.

    The starship of the Zhizu race came again. Although the scene was not as big as the first time, it was still eye-catching. When a huge dark shadow appeared above the clouds, all the races on this planet were instantly quiet. In the face of those cold races with dark red eyes, if they were instinctively jealous last time, then this time they were truly fearful. 

    In the huge shadow of the sky, after a while, many objects and figures flew down from the sky, and one of them was the aircraft that Chen Xi was riding in. 


    The aircraft that Chen Xi was riding in easily found Carlo. Of course, Carlo hadn’t moved from his position for so many days, and he still stayed where Chen Xi left last time. 

    Chen Xi didn’t notice this, but this didn’t go unnoticed for Jin Yi and Bin Lan.

    As soon as the aircraft landed, Chen Xi waved at Carlo happily, and then jumped out from the open hatch, but before he landed on the ground, he was firmly supported by Jin Yi and Bin Lan, on the left and on the right, and took a small step of less than half a meter just were the battle had taken place.

    After Chen Xi landed steadily, he waved to Jin Yi and Bin Lan to indicate that he was okay, and trotted over to Carlo, “Carlo, I came to see you, how are you doing these days?”

The person who he had been thinking about finally appeared in front of him, not to mention that this might be the last time. Carlo’s eyes stared at Chen Xi, and said: “I’m fine.” 

    After a while, there was a pause, after all. Under the eyes of the cutie’s partner the other party helped them eliminate the red tide bugs, Carlo could not say anything to little cutie, so he talked about the resettlement of the ethnic groups in the past few days, because the red tide bugs have been solved, the fugitive teams, mixed by many races, don’t have to be forced to flee. Some races want to go back to their home stars. Some home stars have already been eaten up, and some races that know that they can’t go back begin to choose suitable places on this planet and want to settle down in Anza.

    Chen Xi listened carefully to what Carlo said, nodding his head from time to time. 

    And Carlo actually doesn’t care what he talked about. In short, as long as he can talk to the little cutie, he will be very happy. He privately wants this time to last longer. 

    It’s a pity that no matter how trivial things are, he eventually finished talking. When Carlo has said all the things he can think of, he couldn’t help being silent. 

    After Carlo finished speaking, Chen Xi said, “Actually, I’m here to say goodbye today.” 

    Carlo paused, “Well, I know.” 

    “I want to give you something, stretch out your hand.” Chen Xi was somewhat mysterious when he said this.

    Carlo looked down at Chen Xi, he was really cute, his pure and bright eyes, and his  dark and soft hair, even if he no longer looked like he was wearing a transparent ball when he first saw him, he is still cute enough to make people feel foul. The mysterious face really made people want to hold his heart out to him, Carlo forced his mind to calm down, and stretched out his hand obediently. 


    With a slightly cool touch, Chen Xi put a small cloth bag into Carlo’s hand. 

    “This is?” Carlo moved his hands slightly, even if he didn’t see the contents inside, he could feel that it was small fragments. 

    “It’s seeds, these improved seeds will provide a lard yield of food. With these, you won’t be short of food.” 

    Carlo felt his heart shake, feeling the weight of his palms sinking suddenly.

    “These seeds are very powerful, so you must make good use of them. It is best to find an experienced person to plant a few rounds to harvest enough seeds before starting to expand.” Chen Xi talked uneasy, for fear that Carlo will not pay attention and waste these artifacts, in fact, the value of this small bag of seeds to Carlos and others is slightly lower than that of eliminating red tide bugs. But as long as they are used well, they don’t need to worry about food. 

    These seeds, of course, weren’t what the Zhizu wanted to give to Carlos and others, but Chen Xi persuaded them softly and hard. In order for Jin Yi to agree to improve several food seeds in this star field, he had to pay a high price, at least with dozens of kisses.

There is also a kind of nutritious and digestible food among these kinds of seeds, which is especially suitable for the baby. Chen Xi has not forgotten the baby who was carried on the back by the teenager, the cute baby like Masha, of course, must be full. 

    Carlo gently held a small bag of seeds in his hand, not daring to use any force. He looked at the bright smile on Chen Xi’s face, and couldn’t help smiling bitterly in his heart. You really can always bring out something that I can’t refuse. 


    Finally, Chen Xi and Carlo had another conversation, until he noticed that Jin Yi looked at him frequently, and then reluctantly said goodbye to Carlo. 

    “Carlo, I’m leaving, goodbye.” 

    “Ah, good-bye.” Carol smiled at Chen Xi, knowing that they might never meet again. 

    However, knowing that Chen Xi is by his clan, by his partner, and in places where he can’t see, will live better than by himself, this is the greatest comfort. 

    After a formal farewell, Chen Xi returned to the aircraft. 

    Then the hatch closed and the aircraft lifted off. 

    Carlo looked up at the sky that was getting smaller and smaller, and said softly: “Thank you, my little cutie.” 



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