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After returning to the starship, Jin Yi glanced at Chen Xi, who was depressed, and said calmly, “So reluctant?”

    However, Chen Xi was not deceived by Jin Yi’s calm tone, and almost immediately threw himself into Jin Yi’s arms, “No, how can I be reluctant to bear it, my favorite dear is here, how can I be reluctant to bear others!” 

    Just kidding, no one can ignore this signal from the vinegar king! 

    If one is inattentive, the perfect ending he just played for Carlo may be over in an instant. 

    However, although the vinegar king likes to be jealous, one thing is good, that is, that he is very coaxing. After paying the price of a few kisses, Jin Yi’s expression calmed down, and he obviously no longer cared about Carlo’s affairs. 

    And Chen Xi was distracted by this, and the original parting emotions were all dissipated. He looked at the beautiful and unfamiliar scene of the starry sky displayed on the Starscape Wall, and withdrew into Jin Yi’s arms and said: “Go back, I miss home a bit.” 


    Jin Yi heard the words, and his eyes showed unspeakable distress. He tenderly bowed his head and kissed Chen Xi, and said with affection, “Yes, we will go home now.” 

    Because of Chen Xi’s words of homesickness, The huge starship team on the return journey once again activated the highest speed, using the speed just like the time they came, and sailed towards their star field. 



    Three months later, Chen Xi has been home for more than two months. Since returning home, Chen Xi has found that his home is still the best, whether it is a space base, his own residence, or the people around him. 

    As the so-called little love wins the newly-weds, especially after this kind of loss and regaining, Jin Yi simply spoils Chen Xi so much that he doesn’t know how to spoil him, and the two are so tired and crooked to a higher level. 

    Happy times always go by very quickly, Chen Xi almost felt that it didn’t take long before it was time for Jin Yi to upgrade the main brain accessories.

    When Jin Yi said this his expression was serious, and there was a trace of worry hidden in his golden eyes. 

    In fact, if it weren’t that he was afraid that a new mastermind would take the stage, Chen Xi would definitely be snatched away, Jin Yi wanted to step down as the mastermind, so that he could stay with Chen Xi every day and stay with him. 

    Chen Xi touched Jin Yi’s eyes, and of course he understood what Jin Yi was worried about. He stood on tiptoe and kissed the corner of Jin Yi’s lips, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t go out to play when you upgrade the accessories. I’ll be there in the base, waiting for you to come back.”

Since knowing how small the chance of encountering spatial fluctuations in a normal space is, Chen Xi has also developed a sense of distrust of his magical luck, so it is safest to stay at home. 


    After receiving Chen Xi’s guarantee, Jin Yi felt a little relieved. He bowed his head and kissed Chen Xi’s forehead, and said softly: “Be a little bit patient these days. The Entertainment Development Department has developed many new games. You can watch it, and see if you like it. I will accompany you when my accessories are upgraded.” 

    “Okay, okay, you go quickly, I won’t let you go if you don’t go.” 

    Listening to Chen Xi’s small, self-willed tone, Jin Yi smiled helplessly, took Chen Xi into his arms and rubbed him, and finally turned away cruelly. 


   After Jin Yi went to upgrade the accessories, Chen Xi felt empty and exhausted as always, but he still remembered what he said to Jin Yi, and the fluctuations in the space were terrible. This time it was a red tide bug, who knows what the next one will be, or if he could even come back, so even if the chance of encountering space fluctuations again is small, he still stays at home obediently, and even listens to Jin Yi’s advice to try and play those entertainment developments.

    When Chen Xi was playing a game, the bedroom door was knocked gently, and then Bin Lan walked in with a dinner plate full of delicate snacks. 

    Looking at Bin Lan’s meticulous display of snacks, Chen Xi felt helpless. If he remembers correctly, this is Bin Lan’s third afternoon tea. 

    However, alas, his previous events must have frightened them, so he bears it! 

    In this way, during the time when Jin Yi was upgrading his accessories, Chen Xi received more than ten meals a day, snacks, afternoon tea, and fruit platter. A few days later, after Jin Yi finally upgraded his accessories, Chen Xi’s tears almost poured out into Jin Yi’s arms. You finally came back. 

    Jin Yi’s embrace is obviously very useful, his eyes are full of smiles, “Miss me so?” 

    Chen Xi nodded vigorously, “Yes! I really did!” If you didn’t come back, you would see a 200 kg version me.


    Jin Yi knew that Chen Xi was excited, and he deliberately said: “How were you when I was away? Have you encountered anything unhappy?” 

    Chen Xi shook his head, “No.” 

    Jin Yi was disappointed in his heart. It seemed that he couldn’t take this opportunity to transfer Bin Lan away from Chen Xi. 

    As if he could perceive the main brain’s thoughts, Bin Lan’s orange eyes looked at Jin Yi coolly, and when they moved back to Chen Xi, they became full of gentleness again. 

    Jin Yi completely ignored Bin Lan’s cold eyes. Well, although Bin Lan was asked to see Chen Xi more during the main brain accessory upgrade, he also had his instructions, but it didn’t prevent him from wanting to kick Bin Lan away from Chen Xi through this incident. 

    Eliminating dissidents does not require morals. 

    After Bin Lan left, the two-person world was restored in the room. Jin Yi said to Chen Xi: “Put out your hand and I will give you something.” 

   Chen come he felt that these words were a little familiar. 

    No longer thinking about it, Chen Xi obediently stretched out his hand in front of Jin Yi, his white and tender hands were slender and beautiful, and he was pampered at first glance. 

    Chen Xi, who was waiting for Jin Yi to give him something, did not see Jin Yi making any movements. Strangely, he saw the long blond hair that Jin Yi draped behind as if being blown by the wind, slowly flying up. Then some hair drifted towards him, climbed up on his wrist, and wrapped intimately around his wrist. 

    Chen Xi shivered with ticklishness. He wanted to withdraw his hand, but he was afraid of pulling Jin Yi’s hair, and said, “What are you doing…” 

    Before the voice fell, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help widening because of the entanglement. The hair strands on his wrist suddenly broke silently after winding a circle. The short strands floated back behind Jin Yi again, while the strands of hair wrapped around Chen Xi’s wrist were gathered together and became a beautiful golden bracelet.


    Chen Xi curiously touched the bracelet made of hair strands on his wrist, and found that although it looked like a bracelet, it still felt the silky touch of golden hair strands. Like Jin Yi’s hair, he felt comfortable and numb. 

    “This is?” 

    “This is a space stabilizer, a new feature of this accessory upgrade.” Jin Yi touched Chen Xi’s hair, then bowed his head and kissed him, “With this, you can lock the space around you, and I will never be afraid of you suddenly disappearing.” 

    Chen Xi opened his eyes in surprise when he heard that such a small bracelet was actually a space stabilizer. After all, he knew how big a real space stabilizer was. Since his return, the entire space base has been filled with space stabilizers, but the space stabilizers that require large-scale equipment to move are actually condensed into this small bracelet at this time, which can be carried around. It is incredible. 

But thinking that this bracelet is a part of Jin Yi’s hair, that is to say, it is part of the main brain accessories, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a little worried. He nervously said: “Would it be a problem if you gave this to me, isn’t this your hair?”

   “It’s no problem, upgrade the mastermind accessories, mainly to upgrade this feature, after all …… “Jin Yi said, and gently looked at Chen Xi, and said:” Only when you are by my side, I can safely play the role of the main brain.”

    Under Jin Yi’s gentle gaze, Chen Xi’s face couldn’t help flushing. 

    Jin Yi got closer to Chen Xi again, stretched out his hand to embrace Chen Xi, and gently pressed Chen Xi’s head to his chest, and said in a low voice, “Promise me, never leave me, okay? This time, I was really scared.”

    Hearing the solemnity in Jin Yi’s words and the rare fragility in those words, Chen Xi also promised with extra earnestness: “Well, I promise you that I won’t leave you. I will also use this bracelet. I will wear it forever and never take it off.” 


    Jin Yi’s face finally showed a smile upon hearing Chen Xi’s words, and the room was full of warmth in an instant. 

    Chen Xi’s heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up again. 

    He leaned in the arms of his beloved, listening to the heartbeat of his beloved partner, and suddenly couldn’t help     saying : “Jin Yi.” 


   “Have I ever told you that I love you so much.” 

    Jin Yi suddenly lowered his head, the originally beautiful golden eyes burst into bright light. 


    Seeing Jin Yi’s surprise, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile, and said again: “I love you!” 

    “Bao, baby, you say it again!” 

    “No, it’s your turn.” 

    “I love you Chen Xi, I love you, I love you, love you, love you…”

    Chen Xi couldn’t help laughing and fell into Jin Yi’s arms. Finally, he buried his head in Jin Yi’s arms, listening to the heartbeat that made him feel at ease, and said in his heart: Thank you, Jin Yi, thank you for letting me have a home in this strange world, and let me no longer feel lonely, and let me know the beauty of falling in love. 

    Thank you for letting me meet you. 



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