One hour of study time per day.

  ”This question is so difficult!”

  Chen Xi’s complaint immediately attracted his exclusive private tutor, the noble master Jin Yi.

  ”Which one? I’ll explain it to you.” Jin Yi said softly, glanced at the question Chen Xi was confused about, and then began to explain it carefully. He was clearly responsible for the mastermind of the entire Zhizu, and the affairs that he had to deal with every day were worthy of being dealt with, but he explained the knowledge that each Zhizu was born to input into the database and then automatically integrate them. But he was now patient and meticulous.


  But even if there is a master-level tutor like Jin Yi, the universe knowledge is profound, let alone what Chen Xi encountered today is particularly complicated, so he frowned for a while, and after thinking for a while, he felt a sense of awakening. Under the entanglement, he put his wrist under his chin and rub left and right unconsciously. In the end, he felt that the silky satin bracelet on his wrist was too comfortable to touch, so his lips moved up unconsciously, sometimes tangled. When he got up, he squeezed the bracelet directly and contemplated his eyebrows.

Chen Xi, who was immersed in the puzzle, didn’t realize that since his lips were attached to the bracelet, Jin Yi’s explanations suddenly became less and his sitting posture changed more frequently.

  Chen Xi finally solved the problem after a bitter and arduous battle. The whole person was filled with excitement, and he looked up to share his joy with Jin Yi, but when he saw Jin Yi’s expression. He paused, and looked at Jin Yi and said strangely: “Why do you look like this, I haven’t kissed you yet.”

  Jin Yi coughed dryly, “Well, you have solved the problem, then I’ll leave if it’s okay.”

  However, when Jin Yi said this, it made Chen Xi feel that something was wrong, it was wrong, this was too wrong. When did his own partner not ask for a reward after helping with the counseling, and just left.

  Even after thinking about it carefully, when he was being just tutored, it was a little bit wrong, and it was too quiet and honest. According to the usual situation, he would have to play some small games for a long time. It was called to increase fun and learn efficiency. In fact, it was to earn sweetness for myself.


  Too many things weren’t adding up to each other, causing Chen Xi to say decisively: “Wait, you are not allowed to go.”

  Jin Yi, who had turned around, froze there suddenly.

  Regardless of today’s study plan, Chen Xi ran directly to Jin Yi and looked at him suspiciously, “Are you hiding something from me?”

  Jin Yi: “…”

  Chen Xi raised his eyebrows. He doesn’t want to talk, that’s fine, but he doesn’t want to tell me. So what’s wrong?

  Chen Xi immediately surrounded Jin Yi, looked up and down, turned into detective mode, trying to find every clue.

  Jin Yi, who was ordered not to leave, could only helplessly stop in place and be watched by Chen Xi circle after circle.

  After observing a few laps, Chen Xi found nothing, he couldn’t help but frowned in confusion. He didn’t find anything wrong. Strange, could it be that he was thinking wrong?

  But with my own intuition and understanding of Jin Yi, this shouldn’t be!

  Seeing that Chen Xi hadn’t noticed anything, Jin Yi could not help but quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He was about to open his mouth to ask Chen Xi again to leave, when he saw Chen Xi lower his head in distress, and then his eyes couldn’t help but look at the bracelet on his wrist, and couldn’t help but chuckle.

  Sure enough, after a moment, Chen Xi raised his head and fixed his gaze towards Jin Yi, with a hint of suspiciousness and uncertainty in his tone: “It won’t be…this bracelet is made of your hair, so there are still your senses on it. You can feel every touch.”


  Jin Yi completely froze there, not knowing what to say for a while.

  Chen Xi knew that he had guessed right when he saw Jin Yi’s expression. He couldn’t help laughing for a while, “Okay, okay, I know, why are you so nervous, I won’t say you are playing a hooligan.”

  Hearing Chen Xi’s words, Jin Yi obviously relaxed a little, but his face was still full of helplessness. In addition, this secret that had been hidden for a while was finally revealed, and there was still some shame in the end, so Jin Yi could only ask again: “If it’s okay, I’ll leave first.”

  ”Yeah, it’s okay, let’s go.” Chen Xi said broadly.

        However, when Jin Yi was about to walk out, Chen Xi’s voice came from behind, “By the way, since the senses of this bracelet are connected with you, I will kiss it more when I miss you in the future!”

  The pace of Jin Yi’s departure was unstable for a moment, and then quickly speeded up and left. The whole figure seemed to have a sense of running away.

  After Jin Yi left, Chen Xi smiled and collapsed on the soft sofa. Really, it was fun to molest his shy partner.

  Jin Yi blushed, so cute!

  --The end--

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12 thoughts on “TLC-(78)

  1. It was a sweet and cute little story, I can see why people compared it to I’m not Human, though there’s still enough differences in the style (though that could also be different translators) that I wouldn’t think it’s from the same author under a pseudonym. Thank you for translating all of it ♡

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  2. Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to translate this wonderful and very floofy novel. Like I said in the previous chapter, I really enjoyed reading it and seeing Chen Xi and Jin Yi’s relationship grow.

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  3. Thank your for the translation of this fluff! You and the author is a spark of light, a ripple, a warmth and hue of my lonely grave. No matter how hard life brings you, please remember you were able to give life meaning to someone such as me. Stay awesome, stay strong!

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  4. I binged all night reading this novel which is worth it. This is truly funny sweet and fluffy for me. I love Jin Yi’s eating vinegar 🤭😆 I’m gonna miss it. Thank you so much for translating this novel. Such a good work, please keep up ur spirit and work🥰❤️❤️

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  5. Ahhhh…. It’s very very Good!!!
    I really love the nice life Chen Xi has. But I also love his adventure!
    And I Love Jin Yi’s sweet and possessiveness!!!


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