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Jing Ci’s face flushed suddenly.

He hurriedly put down the hem of his clothes, pulled the zipper of the school uniform all the way up, and glared at the boy in front of him: “What nonsense are you talking about! You have no self, self…” Jing Ci felt speechless, so he had to raise his neck and said, “I wasn’t doing that!”

The boy looked at his red face and said lightly: “Let’s talk about it, what new tricks are you playing this time?”

Jing Ci didn’t know what the relationship between the original body and this person was, so he pressed his lips and didn’t speak.


“I told you a few times to stop pestering me, eh?” The boy leaned over at him, his voice was very soft, but his tone didn’t fluctuate, he sounded cold: “What’s the matter? You want to step on my bottom line twice to see my reaction?”

He lightly patted Jing Ci’s face with a lighter, and smiled: “I really have a good temper as a father.”

“I heard that you still tell people everywhere that you are my ex-boyfriend? Come and talk, when did we date?”

“Heh—” He lowered his eyes, and his thick eyelashes couldn’t stop his sharp eyes: “I suggest you find someone else, Dad is not interested in you, understand?”


There is no need to think about it now, Jing Ci knows who the person in front of him is.

The attacking protagonist in the original book, Ying Jiao.

No wonder the original body stalks and chases without IQ, this face is indeed too good.

Seeing that he only looked at himself and didn’t speak, Ying Jiao’s eyebrows frowned, pressed his hand against his face slightly, and emphasized: “Did you hear clearly?”

The metal shell of the lighter was pressed on his face and there was a slight pain. Jing Ci suddenly recovered and nodded without hesitation.

“Don’t worry, I will stay away from you from now on.”

As a cannon fodder with a miserable future, he is eager to separate himself from the characters involved in the plot. There is no logic in this sweet text, who knows what kind of plot will be derived from this pit essay in order to let the attacker and the receiver be together.


Ying Jiao thought that Jing Ci would be as reckless as before, but he did not expect that he would agree to it in one fell swoop.

He raised his eyes slightly, was this little pervert trying to tempt him, or was he really ready to give up?

“You…” He wanted to say something more, but suddenly a group of people rushed in from outside.

The first person was tall and big, wearing a basketball uniform, with his exposed arms, his muscles bulging high, and looked full of strength.

Seeing the two of them, he slammed the basketball in his hand against the wall, and said with a smile: “Hey, isn’t this brother Jiao, why did you hide in the bathroom?”

The basketball was thrown, and bounced back fiercely, and was about to hit Ying Jiao. He stretched out his hand carelessly and easily clasped the basketball. Only then did he lift his eyes, and glanced at the muscular man: “Who are you?”

“Ying Jiao! Don’t be shameless!” The muscular man yelled with anger with contemptuous eyes: “I’ll tell you! One day when I am stronger than you, the provincial experiment’s final decisions won’t be taken care of by you!”

Li Shi, Jing Ci raised his head quickly.

In the original book, a scumbag was in the same class as Jing Ci, and his family spent money to let him enter the provincial experiment. However, less than a month after school started, he forced a girl in the same class to jump off the building in the dormitory.

Fortunately, the girl was rescued in the end, and Li Shi was expelled from it.

A year later, presuming that this matter had been forgotten, the Li family put Li Shi back into the provincial experiment again, and started studying from the first year of high school.

Ying Jiao took out the cigarette and lit it on, and lightly bit the cigarette holder: “Li Shi?”

“Yes!” Li Shi sneered: “What, are you scared? Those who have been interrupted by Lao Tzu over the years can’t be counted on both hands! If I didn’t quit school, which onion would you count?!”

He pretended to be fierce and evil, but in fact he was a little nervous in his heart.


He once saw Ying Jiao beating people with his own eyes. The smiling teenager pressed another person in the swimming pool. He didn’t let go even when the other person struggled and begged for mercy, and he watched him gradually lose his strength and choke on water.

The coldness and cruelty that came out of his bones made Li Shi dream about this scene in the middle of the night, and feel afraid when he remembered it.

Not only that, a year ago, Li Shi also heard that Ying Jiao had beaten a teacher. Not only did he not receive any punishment, but he was able to go to school normally.

This time, if it wasn’t for the bargaining chip that he couldn’t refuse, he wouldn’t come to this person at all.

Today’s opportunity seems to be a coincidence, but in fact he has been waiting for a long time.

He knew the time had come from the moment he saw Ying Jiao. No matter how powerful Ying Jiao is, it’s hard to beat four hands with two fists. What’s more, there are a total of eight people on their side, all of them are good fighters, and even pressure can crush him.

Ying Jiao sneered and let out a puff of cigarette lazily: “I don’t know.”

“Fuck your mother!” Being ignored over and over again, Li Shi’s fear was instantly replaced by anger, and he pointed his finger at Ying Jiao: “Be aware, and call me brother Li, I…”

Ying Jiao kicked him to the ground, and lifted him up with one hand against the concrete wall: “Fuck-who?”

He was so cold and brutal, he no longer saw the laziness just now. He lowered his eyes and slammed a fist on Li Shi’s lower abdomen: “Come on, repeat it to Dad. Who are you going to fuck?”

Li Shi yelled in pain, and resisted indiscriminately on all fours. Ying Jiao stopped his hands and kicked him hard on the knee.

Li Shi’s knees softened, and he knelt down with a thump, his forehead slammed against the wall, his eyes rolled in pain.

Ying Jiao grabbed his hair and forced him to raise his head, almost deforming Li Shi’s facial features with great strength: “Speak, fuck-who?”

Li Shi raised his head to meet his eyes, those eyes were dark and cold, as if embedded with ice that has not melted for a thousand years, just a single glance made Li Shi feel cold sweat.


“Are you, are you all dead?” Li Shi shivered all over, trembling, and finally yelled out a word.

Ying Jiao’s movements were too fast, and the people Li Shi had brought did not react at all, and they were still standing there in a daze. Hearing Li Shi’s stern shout, just as they woke up from a dream, they remembered that they should go up and help.

It’s just that the brutality and cruelty that Ying Jiao showed just now has suppressed them, and when they looked at each other, they didn’t dare to rush forward first. After a while, they gritted their teeth, and they went all together.

Ying Jiao threw Li Shi on the ground like a broken sack, and stepped on his face: “It’s just right, it’s easy to work together.”

A group of people fought together instantly.

A boy on Li Shi’s side had a unique vision, and he could tell at a glance that Jing Ci was a soft persimmon. He turned around, and gave up besieging Ying Jiao with his companions, and came directly at Jing Ci.

Jing Ci didn’t have much fighting experience, and he couldn’t react well. He suffered several blows on his head and face.

When no one touches his bottom line, Jing Ci’s temper was very good.

He grew up in an orphanage, and he had encountered many unfair things since he was a child, and he couldn’t care about them one by one at all. Jing Ci never paid attention to anyone who scolded him or provoked him a few times.

But Jingci has an inverse scale, it’s a death sentence if someone touches it.

That is his head.

Since he was a child, he has listened to a lot of chicken soup poured from the dean, and carved into his bones the saying that “reading changes fate”. He has also heard that a child in the orphanage suffered dementia after his head was broken. From then on, he protects his head airtight.


Over the past eighteen years, relying on this clever head, he has taken first place in the exams every time, seeing that he will be successful, and he will be admitted to his ideal university, but then he suddenly passed through.

It doesn’t matter if he crosses, Jing Ci is a sensible person, and he calms down after a moment of panic.

Anyway, that was in the past, and he is not afraid.

But now, someone hit him on the head, several times!

Jing Ci stared at the boy, and took a step forward.

Obviously there was no expression on his face, but the boy actually saw the murderous intent from it, and he was suppressed for a while.

Ying Jiao glanced at the situation on Jing Ci’s side and frowned.

Although he didn’t want to look at Jing Ci, he obviously involved him in this matter today, and he couldn’t do such a thing as turning a blind eye and leaving.

A punch knocked the last person standing to the ground, and Ying Jiao turned and walked over.

Then he saw the person that usually bullies the weak and fears the strong, and not dare to say anything back towards difficult people, pick up a mop next to him, and press the mop head precisely and without hesitation on the boy’s face.

The mop had just finished mopping the bathroom. It was stained with black, yellow. The sour taste was comparable to nuclear weapons. The boy froze for a while, then he kept his mouth with his hands, bending his waist and retching wildly, his expression almost collapsed.

Ying Jiao: “…”

Jing Ci looked at the boy coldly, like a little fierce beast that finally tore his sheepskin, holding the mop and slamming it on the boy’s face: “Do you dare to hit me on the head? You dare to hit me on the head?!”

The boy’s tears and saliva mixed up and his face was muddled. Almost vomiting his heart, liver and lungs, and was already unconscious.


Ying Jiao walked over to Jing Ci, Jing Ci held the mop and turned his head vigilantly.

“Cough,” Ying Jiao pressed his fist to his lips and cleared his throat. Seeing Jing Ci’s defensive appearance, the corners of his mouth slightly cocked. He pointed to the mop in his hand and said, “Lend me this.”

Jing Ci hesitated and handed him the mop.

Ying Jiao held the mop, glanced at the group of people lying on the ground, and took out the strongest Li Shi from the group of people who were groaning and moaning in pain.

In Li Shi’s horrified gaze, he stepped on his lower abdomen with one foot, learning from Jing Ci’s movements, and slamming the mop on his face: “What did you say to me, huh?”

The fishy smell came, and Li Shi was struggling desperately as he felt nauseated. In his struggle, a few strands of cloth reached into his mouth. Li Shi felt nausea and opened his mouth. When he was about to retch, he heard Ying Jiao say coldly in his ear: “Dare to vomit, I will let you eat it again.”

Li Shi shivered, and finally couldn’t bear the double attack of physics and chemistry, and collapsed: “I, I was wrong, Brother Jiao, let me go…”


“You don’t understand, do you?” Ying Jiao stepped on his chest and slammed forward with the mop, and said word for word: “I asked you, you want to-fuck-who?”

“Fuck, fuck-me…” Li Shi was shaking violently, his voice mixed with crying: “Fuck-me, fuck-me.”

“Tsk,” Ying Jiao raised his lips coldly: “It’s ugly, no appointment.”

He touched Li Shi’s face with his shoes, lowered his eyes and said indifferently: “I hate others saying those three words to me.”

Li Shi nodded desperately, trembling in response: “I, I will never…”

“Good.” Ying Jiao pushed the mop, took two steps forward, paused, and turned around to say to Jing Ci: “Let’s go.”

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Ying Jiao: this little pervert is not quite right

Later –

Ying Jiao: You see the beautiful, powerful and smart man is my wife!

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