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Jing Ci didn’t understand his meaning, but after being repeatedly questioned. His temper came up too, and he didn’t speak with a cold face.

Ying Jiao hit him with his knees, and said lazily, “I asked you, speak.”

Jing Ci said, you don’t believe it.

Seeing that the time was running out, he didn’t want to continue to spend time with Ying Jiao, and said irritably: “Then what do you want me to do, how can I make you believe it?”

Ying Jiao looked at him impatiently, feeling quite novel in his heart.

Ying Jiao asked the school doctor for a stack of paper and a pen, and threw it to Jing Ci: “Write me a letter of guarantee.”

Jing Ci: “…This is not necessary.”

Ying Jiao smiled, and said: “You can do it without writing…”

Jing Ci raised his eyes and waited for his next words.

Ying Jiao looked at him with a smile: “From now on, you must report to me wherever you go, who you talk to, and what you say. For example, before going to the toilet, you must tell me whether it’s number one or a number two, and how long it will take. Once you timeout, you must explain the reason clearly so that I can analyze whether you took the opportunity to reveal this matter.”

After a pause, he continued: “When necessary…I will personally check whether your reasons are reasonable.”

Jing Ci looked at him incredulously.


“What’s the matter, little brother.” Ying Jiao smiled and said: “When you wrote love letters to me before, one after another, but you are still unwilling for one letter of guarantee?”

He rolled his eyes: “You want me to write your handwriting?”

Jing Ci said with a face: “…Okay, I will write.”

He unscrewed the pen cap and began to write word by word in accordance with Ying Jiao’s wishes.

Ying Jiao glanced at it. On the light red striped school self-printed stationery, the juvenile’s handwriting was exquisite, simple and easy, and extremely beautiful. It seemed that he had made great efforts.

Ying Jiao’s eyes gradually deepened.

“It’s done.” Jing Ci put down his pen and handed the guarantee to Ying Jiao, “I’m leaving if nothing else.”

Ying Jiao noticed that Jing Ci didn’t put the pen down casually, and put it down, forming a right angle with the desktop.

He glanced at Jing Ci thoughtfully and waved at him to indicate that he could leave.

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief, without a trace of nostalgia, and quickly walked out of the school infirmary.

Ying Jiao withdrew his gaze from his back and glanced down at the guarantee paper in his hand.

After so long, Jing Ci had never written a love letter to him before.

The provincial experimental campus is very large, which is divided into two parts as a whole.

One part is a newly-built teaching building for first years, and for second years and other schools, and the other part is a courtyard house with difficult conditions for the third years.

Jing Ci circled the two parts before finding the school gate.

There are many small shops outside the school, one in two rows, densely packed together. Jing Ci only took a look and found a few barbershops. He looked at the sign and walked in.


It was time for class, and there was no business in the shop. When he saw him, a barber brother immediately greeted him and asked him whether he wanted a haircut or a perm dye.

Jing Ci stretched out his hand and gestured over his head: “Cut it short and dye it black. How much does it cost?”

Those who do business around the school know that he was sent out by the teacher when he heard Jing Ci’s request. The haircut brother is not surprised, and said with a smile: “One-stop package for hair dyeing and cutting, there are 98, 198, and 298.”

Jing Ci didn’t even want to say: “I want 98.”

The hairdresser tried to persuade him: “Don’t use 98, use 198. The portion of 98 is not good for your hair. Your hair looks smooth. It would be a pity if your hair got damaged by the dye.”

Jing Ci was unmoved, and firmly said: “I want 98.”

Anyway, if it really damages his hair, he can reduce the length. it’s just a few centimeters short.

“All right.” The barber guy fastened his bib and said to him in the mirror: “What kind of hairstyle does this little handsome boy want?”

Jing Ci didn’t quite understand these things, he didn’t care, and he said casually: “You can figure it out as you cut it, just make it so that my teacher doesn’t feel that it is out of line.”

The barber chuckled, “Okay, then I’ll watch it as I cut.”

Generally speaking, students who dye their hair in high schools like this kind of hair are trouble makers, and they regard their hair style as more important than life. This is the first time he has seen such a Buddhist.


The hairdresser looked in the mirror and sighed in his heart.

People with such a face have to care about their hairstyle. In terms of facial features and face shape, even a shaved head can have a coquettish style.

The haircut guy is very considerate. Taking into account the teacher’s preference, he cut off most of Jing Ci’s yellow hair, exposing his ears, leaving little bangs on it, which is a very neat hairstyle.

After finishing the dyeing and blowing Jing Ci’s hair clean, the haircut brother looked at the effect in the mirror and became jealous.


The dyed black hair is very thick, like ink, which looks a bit abrupt to ordinary people, but it doesn’t feel inconsistent when placed on Jing Ci.

He has a good face and can hold up any color.

Jing Ci didn’t take a close look at his new look. He glanced at his glasses and saw that his hair was black and short, and looked like a normal person, so he paid the money and walked out of the barber shop.

It was almost seven o’clock in the evening. Jing Ci bought a fish-flavored shredded pork rice bowl for eight yuan, and hurriedly returned to school after eating, just in time for the first night of self-study.

The provincial experiment emphasizes science rather than literature, and there are 12 classes in science. Among them, the first and second classes are supernormal classes, the third to sixth classes are important classes, and the remaining six classes are parallel classes.

The liberal arts class has one supernormal class and two important classes less than the science class. The total number of classes for the whole year is 21 classes.

There are many classes and many teachers, and an office simply cannot fit. It just happened that the school had just built a new teaching building with enough space, so the office of the arts and science teacher was separated.

Jing Ci had come out of the science office on the third floor before. When he was standing in the corridor, he noticed that the closest to the office was the supernormal science class: the second (first) class of high school.

If sorted by class, the second and seventh high school class should be on the same level.

As he thought, Class 7 was in the middle of the third floor.

It was quiet all the way from the first class, including the eighth class next to the seventh class.

After all, with the teaching quality of the provincial experiment, just picking a random person out of the parallel class may become a seedling of the key university.

But here in Class Seven, the style of painting has changed suddenly.


Unlike other classes, most of the students in Class 7 come in through relationships, are basically from good backgrounds, and are not thinking about learning at all.

So when the other classes are studying hard, Class 7 is almost like a wild horse. It can’t cover up the movement in the house through the door, and it is as lively as a temple fair.

In the classroom, He Zhou stood up holding the book “Five Years College Entrance Examination and Three Years Simulation”, turned his head and cursed and said: “Sh*t, Li Shi is so insidious, he only picks on Brother Jiao.”

Zheng Que was playing games with his mobile phone, and said with disdain: “So what? It’s not Brother Jiao’s fault.”

He Zhou: “Do I care about the result? It’s the process! This process is very irritating, don’t you understand?” Then, he pulled Peng Chengcheng next to him, “You agree, Cheng Cheng?”

Peng Chengcheng said with a sullen face: “You wanna try to call Cheng Cheng again?”

He Zhou raised his hand and surrendered: “Slip of the tongue! A mistake! We are fighting against Lishi on behalf of Brother Jiao, Lao Peng, where is your focus? Your mental awareness is not high enough.”

Peng Chengcheng glanced at him: “Higher than yours.”

He Zhou is a short fat man, and Peng Chengcheng made sure to hit his sore spot.

He Zhou was furious. He jumped up and was about to beat Peng Chengcheng. Zheng Que just ended the game and put down his phone to stop him: “What? What are you doing?! Were you not talking about Brother Jiao doing Lishi?”

Ying Jiao was playing with the square letter paper he had folded in his hand. Hearing this, he opened the letter paper and said, “Don’t use this word, thank you.”

He Zhou covered his mouth and smirked: “What’s the matter, brother Jiao, what were you thinking?”

Ying Jiao glanced at him thoughtfully, “I’m thinking, the game console that was confiscated by Lao Liu in the morning…”

He Zhou’s smile gradually disappeared, and he pointed towards Ying Jiao angrily: “Are you still a man? Brother, this is a terrible way to fight!”

Ying Jiao leaned back, leaned against the wall, curled his lips and smiled: “Well, let me listen to another one.”

He Zhou was thoroughly fried, and he had to stand up and go to Ying Jiao.


At this moment, the door of the classroom was suddenly pushed open. He Zhou was so scared that he trembled all over. It was too late to turn around. He was in a hurry and said seriously to Zheng Que: “Old Zheng, I lost my pen, help me pick it up.”

After waiting for a long time, no one responded. He Zhou was so angry that he cursed internally, and his tone increased a little: “Old Zheng?!”

Zheng Que ignored him, staring at the front blankly, and muttered: “You say, If I cut my hair to this hairstyle too, can it have the same effect?”

The person here is not Teacher Liu, but Jing Ci.

He had a neat short black hair cut, completely revealing that good-looking face. His back is no longer bowed, and no longer slumped. He stood upright on the podium just like a little school grass.

He Zhou turned his head and was taken aback, and told the truth: “You can’t, Lao Zheng, have a clearer self-awareness. You have to change your head if you want to achieve this effect.”

The other students in Class 7 were also shocked. After a moment of silence, Class 7 exploded like water dripping from a pan.

“Fuck, is that Jing Ci? Why did he suddenly become so handsome and lively?”

“Was Jing Ci so handsome?”

Who in Class 7 doesn’t understand Jing Ci? It was like 502 had become fine all day, seizing every opportunity to stick to Ying Jiao. To Ying Jiao’s friend, he nodded and bowed his waist and murmured, while facing other people, he kept a sullen face all day long. If someone accidentally touched him, he could curse for a long time.

But now, all the wretched energy and heavy yin aura on his body disappeared, and he looked refreshed and cold, and he was so handsome that they couldn’t close his legs.

“F*ck, F*ck, I’ve confirmed this look in the eyes, I will cut it tomorrow too.”

“I thought I was dreaming.”


Jing Ci didn’t pay attention to the discussion of his classmates, he was worried about how to find the seat of the original body.

He thought that if there were any vacancies in the class, it must be his own, but his thoughts were too simple, the evening self-study in Class 7… a large row of seats were vacant.


Jing Ci had no choice but to stand still without expression, trying to get a hint from below.

“No,” He Zhou wondered: “What is he doing standing there? Showing off his new hairstyle?”

Zheng Que tisked: “Maybe it is, deliberately showed it to Brother Jiao.”

The less talkative Peng Chengcheng also nodded and agreed.

Only Ying Jiao smiled and appreciated the embarrassment under that cold face for a while. When Jing Ci’s gaze swept over, he quietly pointed to an empty space in front of him, seemingly unintentionally.

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief, grateful. After getting off the podium, he walked straight over and sat down.

He Zhou opened his mouth wide and shouted with a weird face: “Jing Ci, why don’t you go back to your seat instead of going to someone else’s seat?”

Jing Ci stiffened, turning his head to look at Ying Jiao in disbelief.

The corners of Ying Jiao’s lips curled, he buried his head in his arms, and laughed wildly.

This little pervert is really interesting and fun.

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