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Jing Ci was one step behind Ying Jiao, and silently remembered the way in his heart as they walked.

When the provincial experiment refurbished the teaching building, the playground was enlarged. After two people walked for a long time, they could still feel the slightly soft plastic runway under their feet.

The end of evening self-study was not over yet, so there were not many people on the playground, and it was quiet, and even the buzzing of the washing machine in the laundry room could be heard.

Ying Jiao looked at Jing Ci sideways, and sneered, “What are you doing so far away?” Before Jing Ci could refuse, he was dragged to his side by his wrist.

He measured Jing Ci’s wrist with his fingers and raised his eyebrows: “So thin?”


Jing Ci shook off his hand, his handsome face particularly cold under the streetlamp: “Can you not keep your hands and feet to yourself?”

He vaguely felt that something was wrong. Although the original book was written from the perspective of the protagonist, Ying Jiao didn’t make many appearances, but Jing Ci did not forget that he hated the original owner.

And now, he actually asked himself to go back to the dormitory with him. Isn’t this something a good friend would do?

“Hands and feet?” Ying Jiao lazily pushed back the hair on his forehead: “This is so called using your hands and feet?” He curled his lips, and suddenly reached out and rubbed Jing Ci’s earlobes, and sneered: “What’s that called? Are we sleeping together?”

Jing Ci’s ears were very sensitive, and when he pinched them like this, they felt as if he had been hit by an electric current.

His cheeks flushed, not only was he angry but also ashamed, he slapped Ying Jiao’s hand, raised his arm and rubbed his ear hard, and said angrily: “You are crazy!”

Keep your distance away from him.

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” Ying Jiao grabbed his back collar and pulled him back to his side. Seeing Jing Ci’s angry appearance, he dumbly said, “Don’t be angry, or should I let you touch it back?”

He leaned forward and put his face in front of Jing Ci, “Knowing that you have been coveting me for a long time, you can get what you want tonight.”

Ying Jiao chuckles: “How is it, how is your brother treating you?”

“Who wants to touch you!” Jing Ci pushed his face away forcefully, “Can’t you go?”

“Go.” Ying Jiao chuckled, and stepped unhurriedly, just keeping on the same pace as Jing Ci, neither forward nor backward.

Yu Guangli, Jing Ci has adjusted his expression. He pursed his lips slightly, his face is handsome, his nose is high, and the arc is very beautiful.

Ying Jiao twisted his thumb and index finger unconsciously, that little pervert’s earlobe was quite soft.

The two walked through the playground and headed straight for the grove. Jing Ci frowned, feeling that the road was not right. The grove was right next to the school infirmary. He walked by during the day and didn’t see the dormitory building.

He couldn’t help but raised his head and asked Ying Jiao: “Are we going back to the dormitory?”


“Go and buy something first.” Ying Jiao took out his phone, pressed it twice, and called up the payment page, and smiled at the young lady in the milk tea shop: “Two cups of milk tea, one cup of oatmeal, one cup…”

He turned his head to look at Jing Ci: “What kind of flavor do you want?”

The young lady in the milk tea shop was not very young. Ying Jiao smiled at her and her face suddenly blushed: “Okay, okay, hot or cold, is the sweetness normal?”

There was a message from the cell phone, and Ying Jiao opened the message, and answered without looking up: “The oats should be cold, less sugar, and the rest…” He pointed to Jing Ci: “You ask him.”

“I don’t want it.” Before the young lady could ask, Jing Ci refused.

Ying Jiao sighed, “You are still angry, didn’t I already apologize to you?” He put down his phone and looked at Jing Ci: “Hey, this little student, I found that your temper has become quite rigid recently.”

Jing Ci’s eyelashes trembled, and stubbornly explained: “I’m not angry, and my temper has not changed…”

“The other cup will be the same,” Ying Jiao turned his head and said to the young lady, aware that he was trying to cover up something, and knew clearly: “Okay, let’s take it to dissipate the heat. There is no air-conditioning in the dormitories, and it’s hot to death”

Soon, Jing Ci was stuffed with a cup of cold milk tea in his hand.


The damp cup pressed against the palm of his hand, instantly dissipating the heat in his palm, Jing Ci clenched his hand slightly, for a while, peeled off the straw, and gently inserted it down.

Since childhood, this is his first time drinking milk tea.

He used too little force and did not completely pierce the milk tea cover, only leaving a small hole in it. The light brown milk tea overflowed from the small holes and soon covered the milk tea cover.

Jing Ci poked it down with a straw, and the milk tea immediately popped up more.

He was holding the straw in one hand and the milk tea in the other, standing there a little dazed, not knowing where he went wrong.


Ying Jiao snatched the milk tea in his hand, regardless of the liquid that flowed down, held the straw and pushed it hard: “Be more vigorous.”

With that said, he handed it to Jing Ci: “Drink.”

“Thank you.” Jing Ci thanked him again, and took a sip while biting his straw.

The sweet, oat-flavored milk tea slipped into his mouth, Jing Ci’s eyes lit up, it was delicious.

“Isn’t it too sweet?” Ying Jiao carefully looked at his expression, “Give you a cup of normal sweetness?”

“No.” Jing Ci shook his head quickly.

He raised his eyes, and smiled at Ying Jiao, licking his lips with the fragrance of milk tea: “It’s delicious.”

Jing Ci rarely showed such a cheerful expression. On this day, Ying Jiao had seen his cold face, and the panic under his calm surface, but it was the first time he saw him smile.

He was startled, watching the little tip of his tongue licking his ruddy lips, he suddenly felt a little itchy in his heart.

F*ck it.

Ying Jiao rubbed his face and threw the thought out of his mind: “That’s good.”

The milk tea shop is not far from the dormitory. When the two people arrived at the boys’ dormitory, the dormitory teacher had just opened the door and saw someone coming back early, so he looked down at his watch.

Ying Jiao didn’t care either, and walked in with Jing Ci swaggering, and went up to the third floor.

Along the way, Jing Ci kept thinking about words and sentences in his heart, trying to get his dormitory number from Ying Jiao’s mouth. However, before he could speak, he was taken to 301’s door.

“Your dormitory.” Ying Jiao lifted his chin, “open the door.”

He said this so happily, Jing Ci was taken aback, and then he reacted and hurriedly reached out and touched his pocket.


However, he flipped through the pockets of his clothes and his trousers again, stupefied that he could not find the door key.

“Wow, little classmate,” Ying Jiao glanced at his movements, raised his eyebrows and blew the hooligan whistle: “It’s very scheming. First you didn’t bring your key, and now will you go to my bedroom next?”

Jing Ci glanced at him, took two steps back to show his innocence, and said indifferently, “I’m here waiting for Li Zhou to come back.”

“Don’t.” Ying Jiao laughed, pulling him forward, “Everyone else went back to the dormitory, and to leave you standing by the door, knowing that you don’t have your key. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that you were intentionally marking your territory.”

He took out his key, stopped at door 303, opened the door halfway, and said, “Come in.”

Having just drunk Ying Jiao’s milk tea that he brought, Jing Ci was embarrassed to refute him and had to walk in the door.

Ying Jiao’s dormitory has a large space, a typical quadruple room, but three of the beds are empty, and only one bed has a bedding, which is obviously Ying Jiao’s bed.

Jing Ci looked away quickly after only one glance. So shameless, Ying Jiao’s bed was too messy. The quilts were piled up randomly, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

He remembered it was said in the original book that the provincial laboratory’s internal inspections were very strict. Even if a piece of paper fell on the floor of the dormitory, points would be deducted by the dormitory teacher. But what about Ying Jiao? The school rules are like decorations.

“Sit.” Ying Jiao pointed to his bed and took out a bottle of water from the box beside him, “Drink or not?”

“No need.” Jing Ci swallowed the milk tea in his mouth and raised the milk tea cup to Ying Jiao, “I drink milk tea.”

Ying Jiao nodded, didn’t force him, unscrewed the water bottle, poured some water, and sat next to Jing Ci.


The bed in the provincial experiment was not made of wooden planks, but a box spring. As soon as Ying Jiao sat down, Jing Ci felt that the bed underneath trembled, and he couldn’t help but give way to the side.

Ying Jiao squinted his eyes, took a Rubik’s Cube from the bed and played with him, and asked casually: “I heard that you have moved on?”

Jing Ci was taken aback. Too much happened that day. He almost forgot the name he said casually. After thinking about it for a moment, he blocked his mouth with Ying Jiao’s words: “It was you who told me to stay away from you.”

Ying Jiao grit his teeth lightly, this person reacts quite quickly.

“How come you sound a little reluctant the more I hear you,” he said with a small smile: “If I don’t say…”

“No.” Jing Ci interrupted him, afraid that he would say something messy, “I just want to study hard.”

Ying Jiao snorted: “Study hard? Then Xue Jinxing…”

Before he could finish his words, there was a howling of wolves in the hallway. I don’t know which class of students were madly complaining about their head teacher.

The provincial experimental dormitory was installed with wooden doors with cracks exposed on the sides. It was not soundproof. Ying Jiao sat in the dormitory and heard their conversation clearly.

“F*ck, our head teacher is the problem. He asked us to buy a tutorial book, buy a few! It is better to go out to hang out with a few girls if I had any money.”

Another clicked his tongue: “Didn’t your class buy one a few days ago, and you have to buy it again this time?”

The voice at the beginning said: “Yeah, don’t you think it’s ridiculous? It seems to be Xue Jinxing’s “Complete Solution”. It was obviously voluntary at first, but now it’s mandatory again.”

“Xue Jinxing’s set of books is normal. Several teachers in our class have recommended them.”

Ying Jiao: “…”

Jing Ci didn’t expect that there would be high school students who didn’t even know Xue Jinxing, the corners of his lips were raised high, and he turned his face to laugh.


Ying Jiao gritted his teeth, turned his face back, and said fiercely: “It’s funny, isn’t it? Huh?”

Jing Ci pursed his lips and said nothing, but the corners of his eyes were smiling.

Ying Jiao stretched out his hand and squeezed his face, “Smile again, you dare to smile again? !”

Jing Ci pursed his lips and tried to suppress the smile on his lips. Inadvertently staring at Ying Jiao, he finally didn’t hold back his gaze, and laughed out loud.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it, hahaha…” He shook his head while avoiding Ying Jiao’s hands while pushing him.

Jing Ci usually doesn’t have any expressions, and is even a little bit cold. With such a smile, he suddenly seemed a lot softer.

The bit of embarrassment in Ying Jiao’s heart disappeared instantly, and his heart felt as if he had been harassed by feathers, itching.

He let go of his hand, and with force, he directly pressed Jing Ci under his body, and looked at him condescendingly: “Very funny?”

“No, no,” At this moment, the embarrassed person changed to Jing Ci, and he stretched out his hand to push Ying Jiao: “You get up…”

Ying Jiao didn’t see Jing Ci’s surprise in his eyes. He grabbed Jing Ci’s wrist and pressed it on top of his head, his tongue pressed against his cheek, and a bit of evil appeared on his handsome face instantly: “Get up? Where do you want to get up from?”


What did he need to say? Jing Ci opened his mouth, but vaguely felt that something was wrong when he spoke.

He frowned and emphasized again: “Get up.”

The hooligan Ying Jiao strength came up, and reached out for a yard after taking an inch. Not only did he not get up when he heard his words, but he pressed Jing Ci tighter: “Say, where do you want me to get up from?”

Jing Ci has never had such close contact with others before, and his face was slightly unnatural: “Don’t make trouble.”

“Who is making trouble with you?” Ying Jiao raised his lips badly: “Be reasonable, little classmate, if you don’t make it clear by yourself, how can I know if you don’t tell me?”

He lowered his body slightly, and said softly, “Say, where do you want me to get up?”

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