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Jing Ci turned his face away for a long time, his eyelashes trembled, and he tried to calm down and said, “From, from me.”


“Get up from me…”

Ying Jiao smiled, satisfied, and let go of him compassionately.

Jing Ci sat on Ying Jiao’s bed with no expression on his face, but his cheeks were slightly red, and a dull hair on his head was slightly tilted.

He felt a little uncomfortable, and didn’t know where to put his hands and feet. He picked up the milk tea and held it in his hand, and only then did he feel better.

The phone in his pocket dinged, Jing Ci grabbed the life-saving straw, and looked down.

It was Li Zhou’s text telling him that he had arrived at the dormitory, and asking where Jing Ci was.

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief, stood up and said to Ying Jiao: “My roommate is back, I will go back first.”

Ying Jiao leaned lazily on the railing, and when Jing Ci walked to the door, he stopped him: “We will have dinner tomorrow morning.”

Jing Ci paused, very reluctant.


He couldn’t figure out what went wrong, he obviously wanted to stay away from Ying Jiao, and did so, but now why is he getting farther and farther away from his original intention?

“I…” He tactfully expressed his refusal: “I get up very early.”

“Coincidentally, I get up early every day.” Ying Jiao looked at him with a smile, “You have a bit of a problem with your thinking, you are secretly making progress by yourself, and not letting your classmates follow.”

Jing Ci looked at him in silence, and coldly exposed his lie: “Don’t you often skip class in the morning?”

It is described in the original book that Ying Jiao was very angry when he got up, and no one dared to call him, so they could only continue to sleep.

Ying Jiao’s gaze suddenly paused. It stands to reason that Jing Ci shouldn’t have known this…

He suppressed the doubts in his heart, tilted his head to look at Jing Ci, and smiled: “You really care about me.”

Jingci was so angry that he turned around and left.

Behind him, the voice of Ying Jiao came faintly: “I still think you have changed a lot. When did it start? I think it was…”

Jing Ci gritted his teeth and turned around: “I will get up at six tomorrow.”

Ying Jiao smiled and was satisfied: “Okay.”

In his heart, he became more determined about his incredible guess, and he had taken it for this purpose. If it were the original Jing Ci, I am afraid that he would have been impatient a long time ago.


There are about forty people in a class in the provincial experiment, and the dormitory is uniformly allocated to the class by the school. Because class-to-class gang fights have occurred in the dormitory, even if the dormitory of one class is not satisfied, they will not arrange for people from other classes to come, in order to avoid such conflicts again.

There are very few people staying in Class 7, and only Jing Ci and Li Zhou live in 301.

“Where have you been?” Li Zhou asked as soon as Jing Ci entered the dormitory, “Weren’t you going back to the dormitory?”

“Forgot to bring my key. I went to sit in another dormitory.” Jing Ci replied briefly, fearing that Li Zhou would ask further, he quickly turned off the topic: “Did you see my key?”

Li Zhou was wondering how Jing Ci would have a friend who he could go to their dormitory with. When asked like this, he immediately threw the question behind his mind: “It should be in the drawer. Didn’t you bring the key these days?”

Upon hearing this, Jing Ci opened the drawer and saw a white key lying inside.

He breathed a sigh of relief and put the key in his pocket so as not to forget it tomorrow morning.

“Let’s go, go to the water room to wash.” Li Zhou pulled out a plastic basin from the bed and urged Jing Ci: “Otherwise, the water room will be too crowded when the other class comes back.”

The dormitory of the provincial experiment does not have a separate bathroom. There is a water room on each floor, where students wash themselves. If you take a bath, you need to go to the school bathhouse.


As soon as the two of them finished washing, the large group of self-study students came back.

Li Zhou looked at Jing Ci triumphantly: “You take a look, now you can’t get a spot in the water room.”

He lay on the bed with his legs tilted, found the plug on the wall, charged his phone, and complained to Jing Ci: “Damn, the dormitory is really annoying, I don’t how long I can take this.”

The provincial experiment did not allow mobile phones to be allowed in school, investigations were very strict. The sockets in the dormitories were all pasted. If it is found that any dormitory poked the socket open without permission, points will be deducted.


But this rule is useful for students in other classes, but it doesn’t work for the students in Class 7.

Points are deducted, who cares?

Call a parent? It doesn’t matter. The mobile phones were bought by their parents, if they don’t take it with them, should they just leave it at home? What if they were kidnapped when they were outside? Wouldn’t it be asking for a death wish if you don’t have a mobile phone?

Therefore, the school closed one eye and didn’t care much about the dormitory of Class 7. At most when they are too arrogant, the teacher will paste the socket on again.

“Do you want to charge yours?” Li Zhou asked Jing to: “If not, I will charge it for a while.”

Jing Ci shook his head: “You can charge it, my phone still has battery.”

He doesn’t play games or chat, only having his mobile phone to just check the time, and contact his classmates when necessary.

Li Zhoule said: “That’s great, then I will play games while charging.”

Li Zhou was so immersed in the game that he couldn’t extricate himself, without raising his head, Jing Ci opened the cabinet and became familiar with the things of the original body.

At eleven o’clock, the lights in the dormitory are turned off.

Jing Ci lay on the bed, staring at the box-spring bed above, before closing his eyes for a while.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new life.

Jing Ci had formed a biological clock, and before the wake-up alarm could play, he opened his eyes. He took out my phone and checked the time, and it was less than six o’clock.

He got up lightly, opened the door and went out to wash.

After returning, Li Zhou sat up in a daze. Seeing Jing Ci’s neat appearance, he was horrified: “I-f*ck, are you ready? Are you really planning to be a good student?”

He originally wanted to crumple the quilt into a ball and threw it on the head of the bed. But when he glanced inadvertently at Jing Ci’s quilt that looked like a tofu block. Suddenly he felt ashamed and started to fold the quilt clumsily.


“You can leave if you are done. You don’t have to wait for me.” He yawned and rubbed his eyes: “You can go to the cafeteria early without waiting in line.”

Jing Ci replied and asked Li Zhou, “Should I bring you breakfast?”

Li Zhou had been classmates with Jing Ci for more than a year, he had never enjoyed this kind of treatment. He suddenly felt that Jing Ci’s change was quite good.

He handed his meal card to Jing Ci: “Okay, bring me two potato cakes, a tea egg, and a cup of soy milk.”


After leaving the dormitory, Jing Ci hesitated, then walked to 303 and knocked on the door.

After waiting for a while, no one came to open the door.

Jing Ci guessed that Ying Jiao hadn’t woken up yet, he was tangled for a while, wondering if he should raise his hand and knock again.

A minute later, Ying Jiao wore loose pajamas and opened the door with a low pressure.

“You…” Jing Ci was delighted to see him like this, “I haven’t gotten up yet, then I’m leaving now?”

“Who let you go?” Ying Jiao stretched out his hand and dragged him into the dormitory, pressing him on the bed: “Sit down and wait for me.”

He held the basin and took it to the water room like a zombie.

When he got up, the water room was full of people and it was noisy. As soon as Ying Jiao entered the door, the water room was quiet in an instant, and a boy who stepped aside immediately took his basin and walked away, giving him his place.

Ying Jiao walked over and put his basin in the sink.


The people he had been chatting and fighting around him became honest, shrunk their shoulders, and didn’t even dare to gargle too loudly.

After washing, Ying Jiao became more sober, and simply tidied up, and said to Jing Ci: “Let’s go.”

Jing Ci looked at his messy bed with some entanglement, enduring and forbearing, and finally resisted the urge to rush to tidy it up.

Ying Jiao glanced over his face and slightly raised the corners of his lips.

“Go to a canteen to eat, okay?” Ying Jiao locked the door and turned to ask Jing Ci.

Jing Ci nodded: “Okay.”

He looked at the black t-shirt that Ying Jiao was wearing: “You aren’t wearing the school uniform?”

The provincial experiment stipulates that school uniforms must be worn during school.

Ying Jiao looked down and raised his eyebrows: “Why don’t I wear school uniforms, don’t you know? Who stained my clothes yesterday?”

Jing Ci was not fooled by him: “There are two sets of school uniforms.”

“The other set is at home.” Ying Jiao explained, holding Jing Ci’s shoulders and leading him forward: “Go, it’s okay.”

He reminded him, and he did not listen, so it is not himself who will be punished at this time.

Jing Ci didn’t say any more, broke away from Ying Jiao’s hand, and went out of the dormitory with him.

There are two canteens in the provincial experiment. One canteen is owned by the school. The food tastes good and the price is very cheap. As for the second canteen that was outsourced, not only was the price expensive, but also dark dishes similar to orange fried meat often appeared. Therefore, most students in the provincial experiment will choose one canteen.


The breakfast in the canteen is very rich, including the fried rice, cakes, and pasta.

Jing Ci came when there were not many people in the canteen, and there were only three or two people in line at the window.

“I’ll have fried rice,” Jing Ci looked up at Ying Jiao: “How about you?”

It’s been a long time since Ying Jiao got up so early. At this moment, he didn’t have an appetite, and he glanced at the window with a frown, and said with no interest: “Noodles.”

“Well, let’s buy them separately.”

Jing Ci packed Li Zhou’s rice first, and then went to buy his own rice.

He mixed the fried rice with two pieces of fermented bean curd. After thinking about it, he lined up again and bought a cup of hot soy milk.

When he turned around to find a seat, he saw Ying Jiao at a glance.

He was leaning on a pillar and playing with his mobile phone. Even if he looked like a fool, he was very handsome and dazzling. He was very eye-catching in the crowd. The girls passing by his side sneaked glances at him.

Jing Ci noticed that someone even deliberately walked in front of him twice.

“Eat so little?” Noting that Jing Ci had come, Ying Jiao put the phone in his pocket and glanced at his dinner plate: “Can you be full?”

Jing Ci only got a little bit of fried rice, which is really not much for boys who are growing up.

“I don’t like to eat much in the morning.” Jing Ci sat down and explained, pushing the cup of hot soy milk in front of Ying Jiao: “For you.”

Ying Jiao looked at him in surprise.

Jing Ci didn’t like to owe favors to others, and explained to him stubbornly: “You asked me to drink milk tea last night. I know soy milk is cheaper. I…”

“It’s so sweet,” Ying Jiao looked at him with a smile, and took a sip with a straw. “How did you know I wanted some soup?”


He bought two lotus root noodles and pushed one of them to Jing Ci: “Just eat the soup.”

Jing Ci quickly declined: “No, I can’t finish it.”

“I didn’t give it to you to finish it,” Ying Jiao put the spoon into the bowl for him: “Drink some soup. If you can’t eat the noodles, you don’t need to eat it.”

This kindness is difficult, Jing Ci really couldn’t push it off, so he thanked him, and stuffed it down with a bite of rice and noodles.

He grew up in an orphanage and has never had enough food and no leftovers. Over time, he developed the habit of eating.

Watching him painfully eat, Ying Jiao stretched out his hand to pull his bowl over: “Don’t eat if you can’t finish it.”

“Can’t be wasted.” Jing Ci blocked his hand, and put the chopsticks and lotus root powder into his mouth.

Ying Jiao couldn’t stop him. Seeing that he was eating seriously, he ate up half of the noodles he wanted to throw away.

After breakfast, the two went straight to the teaching building.

Jing Ci was thinking about whether the morning self-study should be spent continuing to summarize the outline, or answering questions. When a violent shout suddenly came from behind: “You! That’s right! It’s you! Stop for me! Which class?! Why don’t you wear your school uniform?!”


The instructor held a big horn, ran towards them quickly, stood in front of Ying Jiao, and asked harshly.

Ying Jiao put his hand in his pocket and lazily said, “Class seven, grade two, my school uniform is dirty.”

“One set is dirty and the other set?” The director didn’t believe it.

“At home.” Ying Jiao glanced aside, and when Jing Ci was about to sneak away, his hands quickly pulled him back: “This classmate can testify for me.”

Jing Ci was stared at by Ying Jiao and the dean of education, and he couldn’t get off the ground. In addition, Ying Jiao’s school uniform was indeed stained with blood and couldn’t be worn, so he nodded and said, “Yes, he’s right.”

The instructor sneered and said to Ying Jiao: “I didn’t know that you are quite popular. At this time, there are even fools who would testify to you.”

He turned to Jing Ci, raised the loudspeaker high, and roared: “Do you think I will believe your nonsense?!”

“Okay, since you are so loyal, stand here with him too, and see how I will deal with you later!”

Fool Jing Ci: “…”

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