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Since Ying Jiao apologized last time, the relationship between the two has no longer been so rigid.

Although Jing Ci is still indifferent to Ying Jiao, at least he won’t confront him tit-for-tat.

At the same time, a piece of news gradually spread in Class 7——

Jing Ci is actually a big scholar, and his previous decadence and scumbag state were all an act.


There are many people who don’t believe it at all. They have not seen Jing Ci attend a class for so long, nor have they seen him answer any questions. Is he still a master? Are they kidding them?

But some people believed it. After all, the person who spread the word was so eloquent that he swore.

It was unknown if there were too idle, or if they were too curious that there was even a post about this on the school’s forum——

[Does anyone know Jing Ci from Class 7? I heard that he is actually doing well in his studies, and that he pretended to hand in blank papers in the exam. 】

First floor:? ? ? The original poster is kidding? Jing Ci? ? Is this the same Jing Ci that I am thinking of?

Eighth floor: It’s 9012, and some people still make this kind of joke. The Jing Ci that I know had a fight with our Qiao Anyan a few days ago, and now he studies well? Ha ha.

(T/n: 9012 was mentioned before, I think it was a bar or something, if it isn’t I have no idea.)

Fifteenth floor: Class seven is indeed a gathering place for demons and monsters, and now such unreliable rumors have come out.

Eighteenth floor: Who is on the fifteenth floor? Say another sentence for class seven? Can’t find you after you approved the vest? Fool, keep your mouth clean.

Twenty-first floor: the main building. Impossible, Jing Ci always handed in blank papers every time.

(T/n: when it says main building it’s talking about the main post.)

Twenty-sixth floor: I also heard about this. It is said that Jing Ci did this to attract the attention of his parents…

Twenty-seventh floor: Hahahahahahaha, I’m so happy upstairs! Is there such a secondary school thing these days? Hahahahaha!


30th floor: Class 7, I think this is a bit true. It seemed that after his teacher had talked with Jing Ci once, he suddenly became enlightened and decided not to pretend.

Forty-second floor: What can this do? The mid-term exam is about to come. When the results come out, will you not know whether it is true or false?

Fifty-fifth floor: Come, come, make a bet, whether Jing Ci is a master or a scumbag, bet here! !


There are many top students in the provincial experiment, and the content of the forum is quite boring. The hot posts are similar to the “provincial experiment guide” and “what should new students in the provincial experiment pay attention to”.

In less than a day, more than 300 replies were received, and the post was topped as a hot post, which has been floating on the homepage, making it hard for people to ignore it.

Jing Ci doesn’t use his mobile phone very much, and doesn’t know this at all. At most, he thinks that the eyes of his classmates look a little strange, but he is not a curious person, and he doesn’t delve into it. He can do his own thing regardless of what others think.

In the past few days, he has sorted out all the knowledge outlines of various subjects, and he has marked out the contents that he has not studied before, and focused on learning. His learned content is divided into categories according to importance, and prepared for review.

There is another imminent thing, the provincial experiment will take two days off at the end of each month, and he has to go home.

Jing Ci only has a general understanding of the original body’s family, and he is worried about being discovered by others.

He was so nervous that he didn’t even notice the increasingly weird atmosphere in the class.

Like the students, the teachers of the provincial experiment will also watch the school forum. In this way, not only can you understand the students better, if there is something discordant, it can also be managed in time.

Because too many people discussed the post about Jing Ci, many teachers also saw it.


The head teacher of one class is a middle-aged woman named Zhang Jing, who is very old-fashioned. She is especially proud of being a class teacher, and looks down upon the students of class 7.

During the lunch break, the teachers were chatting in the office, and some teachers started talking about this post.

“Have you seen that post on the forum? Let alone a student, even I am a little curious, is Jing Ci really pretending? It’s impossible, his grades in the high school entrance examination are obviously a mess.”

Zhang Jing sneered: “Nonsense, don’t you know the virtues of those students in Class 7?”

Teacher Liu takes special care of these calf. The students in his class can train or even beat themselves, but they can’t do anything.

He has a straight-tempered, and his face immediately turned black and didn’t give Zhang Jing any face at all: “The students in our class are pretty good, so I don’t need Teacher Zhang to worry about it.” After a pause, he sneered and added: “Last exam, your class didn’t pass the second class exam again, did Teacher Zhang put too much thought on other places?”

Zhang Jing was trembling with anger, and her voice rose sharply: “Our class just made a mistake!”

Zhao Feng, the teacher of class 2, smiled and said nothing.

Zhang Jing continued: “I know the student named Jing Ci, it’s the one with yellow hair? They say he studies well? Ha, it’s just a joke…”

Once Zhang Jing opened her mouth, she started chattering endlessly, and was trying to rile up Teacher Liu, about how Jing Ci was worthless. If it weren’t for the fact that she was a woman, Teacher Liu would want to slap her face.

Teacher Liu was upset listening to her voice, so he simply left the office with his big water bottle and wandered around to class.

He didn’t take the post on the forum seriously. He taught Jing Ci for more than a year, and he still knew how Jing Ci was in class.

How can a person who has never attended class learn well?

However, Teacher Liu couldn’t help thinking again that the last time he watched Jing Ci work on “Five Three”, he checked the ten multiple-choice questions he had done, and they were all correct.


At the time, he thought it was Jing Ci who had memorized the answer, but now in combination with the posts on the forum, it seems that it is not the case…

Teacher Liu couldn’t help but glance at Jing Ci, who was lying on the table sleeping. What if… is it true?

A stubborn teacher like Liu couldn’t help but wonder, let alone other subject teachers.

So, from this day on, Jing Ci discovered that when he was in class, his teacher always liked to let him stand up and answer questions.

Especially Teacher Liu, the head teacher, once even asked him to do a problem on the blackboard.

Jing Ci didn’t feel surprised, thinking that the teachers were checking his learning attitude, and answered honestly every time.

Little did they know how shocked the teachers were when they saw him say the correct answer.

In the high school science office, Mr. Wang touched his bald head, leaned close to Mr. Liu, and whispered, “Old Liu, I think the post on the forum might be true.”

Teacher Liu didn’t say a word, and took a big mouthful of chrysanthemum tea, with a thoughtful look on his face.

Teacher Wang continued: “You don’t know, I have asked Jing Ci to answer several questions in your class these days. Some of them are a bit difficult, but he actually answered them all!”

Teacher Liu put down the water bottle with a complicated expression: “I also asked him to get up and answer the question. He answered very well…”

Teacher Wang was a little excited and clapped his hands: “Come on, we will solve this case now. Jing Ci must have pretended before. I also asked why he turned in blank papers every time he took the exam. I say that he was just too lazy to write down the wrong answers…”

Teacher Wang: “This kid is also…how can he be rebellious to this level.”

Teacher Liu was a little happy, but he was afraid of being seen by others, he tried to hide it, but the expression on his face was very weird. He slapped the table hard, and said gruffly: “These bear kids now really love to mess around! See how I will deal with him when the exam results come out!”


As he said, he couldn’t bear it anymore, pushed aside his chair and stood up, walked out of the office quickly, and went to class 7 to pull Jing Ci out.

Jing Ci couldn’t figure out why Teacher Liu called him, and stood there honestly, waiting for Teacher Liu’s next message.

Teacher Liu speaks harshly, but in fact he speaks very carefully. He thought of several drafts in his heart, and after thinking about it, he said: “You…I know everything about you.”

Jing Ci was confused and looked at him blankly.

“Take the exam well and show your real strength.” Teacher Liu didn’t dare to say too much, for fear that he might be rebellious, and scare him to want to retract again, and turn in a blank paper in the exam.

Jing Ci still didn’t understand what he meant, but he didn’t dare to ask, for fear of accidentally revealing something wrong, and said: “Yeah.”

“Don’t do this anymore.” Teacher Liu took out his phone, showed him the post on the forum, and motioned: “Now many people know, you…you don’t do this kind of thing anymore.”

Teacher Liu knows Jing Ci’s family situation, and said: “Don’t waste your life trying to do this to your parents. If you want to attract their attention, fighting and dyeing your hair won’t work. If you take first in the exam someday. Needless to say, they will naturally set their sights on you.”

Jing Ci went through the post quickly, and after being surprised, he was shocked.

He originally planned to use this reason of having a Secondary Two illness and deliberately pretending to be silly to attract the attention of his parents to explain his huge changes. This post coincided with his thoughts.

In fact, he has considered whether to make gradual changes.

But Jing Ci is very serious about studying, but he also couldn’t do this, so he would deliberately answer it wrong.

This post helped him a lot.

“Teacher, don’t worry, I won’t do that again.” Jing Ci immediately followed his words and said, “The last time you talked to me, I figured it out.”

“Okay!” Teacher Liu smiled comfortably: “The teacher has remembered your words, and the exam is almost here. Please answer the questions well, and fight for breath for yourself and class 7!”

Jing Ci nodded and agreed.

As soon as he returned to the classroom, He Zhou came up, gossiping: “Why is Old Liu looking for you?”


In the past few days, He Zhou and Zheng Que often come to talk to Ying Jiao, and they will also have a few words with Jing Ci by the way, and the relationship has grown a lot.

“Nothing.” Jing Ci opened his chair: “Just told me to take the exam well.”

“Wow, Old Liu’s news is pretty well-informed.” He Zhou sighed: “He  learned about it so soon.” After that, he came over: “How did you think of this kind trick? It’s so incredible. If it weren’t for the reminder of Brother Jiao, we would not have thought of it.”

Jing Ci’s action of grabbing his book paused, “Ying Jiao?”

“Yeah.” He Zhou gave Ying Jiao a grin, and said: “We thought you were wicked. It should be said that your brain can be guessed by brother Jiao brain…”

It turned out to be Ying Jiao…

Jing Ci turned his head and glanced at Ying Jiao, and met his smiling eyes.

Although he was unintentional, it was big help to himself.

Jing Ci pursed his lips. He doesn’t like to owe favors, otherwise he feels uncomfortable.

He thought for a long time, and finally figured out a way to repay his gratitude.

Therefore, on this day, Ying Jiao received a note from his new table mate for the first time.

【Thanks. 】

Ying Jiao hooked his lips, and he wrote a few words and passed them back——

[Thanks for what? 】

Jing Ci ——

[For speaking up for me, and for not letting them think I was wicked. 】

Ying Jiao shamelessly wanted his credit: [Do you know how good your brother is to you? How will you repay me well? 】

Ying Jiao was itchy, thinking, will he be a little okay later?

Does he want to pinch the little perverts face? He couldn’t stop thinking about the time he pinched his earlobe that day…


Jing Ci took advantage to write back when the teacher turned around to write on the blackboard : [To…]

Ying Jiao lowered his eyes and glanced, the smile in his eyes deepened, and he licked his lips. This little pervert was too cute.

Ying Jiao picked up the pen and was struggling on whether to pinch his face, or pinch his earlobe. Jing Ci passed a note over again——

[I will help you organize a note for each subject. I will write it in great detail, so that you can understand it. We will study hard together and make progress together. 】

Ying Jiao: “…”

Ying Jiao gritted his teeth and almost broke the ballpoint pen in his hand.

Who wants to study hard with him and make progress together? !

He just wants to squeeze his face, why is it so difficult!

The author has something to say: 

Small Theater, Ying Jiao: this little pervert is so fucking cute. Who can stand it!

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  1. About the 9102 thing, I have come across it in other novels too. Apparently netizens will flip the current year, in this case 2019, to tell people that their idea is too outdated with how developed the present is.
    So things like, it’s already 9102 but you still believe in flat earth theory! Lol
    Thanks for the translation!

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