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Jing Ci was the last one to enter. After entering the classroom, Ying Jiao didn’t even need to look at the location map on the blackboard, and walked towards the last position in the north row, with Jing Ci’s name and student number on it.

Ying Jiao put his schoolbag on the table for him, watched him take his supplies out one by one, and said: “I’m taking an exam in Class 21, if you have something call me.”

Jing Ci thanked him for his kindness and nodded in agreement.

Seeing him sitting upright in his position, a smile appeared in Ying Jiao’s eyes. He pulled the chair beside him and sat down next to Jing Ci. Although he knew he was not afraid, he still told: “Don’t worry about Li Shi and the others, the exam will soon be over, don’t think about it.”


Jing Ci smiled at him for the first time: “I won’t.”

“That’s good.” Seeing him bending his lips, Ying Jiao was also in a good mood: “Little classmate, come on, Old Liu is counting on you to be overbearing.”

Class 7 has been ridiculed in the forum these days, and everyone hopes that Jing Ci can help them fight for their breath.

Yesterday, Ying Jiao even saw Zheng Que, holding a Jade Guanyin on his neck, praying for Jing Ci.

The same is true for the other students in Class 7. If Ying Jiao hadn’t stopped them, they would have sent a pair of red socks to Jing Ci.

Although Ying Jiao doesn’t know the specific results that this little pervert could do, based on his observations these days, the top three hundred should be a breeze.

Jing Ci, who has been fighting for the reputation of Class 7 emphatically, nodded: “I will work hard.”

Jing Ci likes the small group of Class 7 very much.

Although the students in Class 7 love to play and do not like to learn, even every self-study class is like herding sheep. But they were very measured, and they didn’t do whatever he wanted in the school by relying on the power of their family, and at best added some innocuous little trouble to Teacher Liu.

Not only that, Class 7 is the most united class Jing Ci has ever seen.

His previous class was the best of the school, but the relationship between his classmates was very weak. Apart from studying, everyone would be overtaken by the people around him.

It’s not like Class 7 at all, with a strong sense of collective honor.

After the post on the forum was circulated in the class, and then in the self-study class, a vacuum zone appeared around Jing Ci.


Those who liked to play poker stopped playing poker, and the chatters closed their mouths. Everyone spontaneously didn’t bother him in order to make room for him to learn.

“Okay, don’t stress.” Ying Jiao stood up and chuckled: “Just do what you did before, I’m leaving.”

Jing Ci nodded, and after watching him leave, he lowered his head and began to silently recite the text in his heart.

The first examination was Chinese, and the last examination room was the invigilator of the first class teacher Zhang Jing.

When all the students in the examination room arrived, Zhang Jing held a stack of test papers, stepped on her high heels, and walked in with another male teacher.

She stood on the podium, glanced condescendingly at the students below, and introduced herself: “I am the head of class 1, this time I will supervise everyone.”

She paused, a staid face full of sternness: “I’m not like other teachers, who would turn one eye and close one eye to poor students. In my examination room, as long as I see someone cheating, I will not show any mercy!”

She stretched out two fingers, licked her finger, and while counting the papers, she sternly said: “Your grade score means nothing. If you studied poorly, you only got yourself to blame! Do you think you can copy now after college entrance exams?”

“Clean up everything that has nothing to do with the exam, don’t score too badly and no cheating!”

After speaking, she looked up at the wall clock on the wall, and sent the numbered papers one by one.

“Damn.” Zheng Que was in front of Jing Ci. He handed the last paper to Jing Ci and cursed: “The old witch dared to say that our morals are bad? Who is cheating? Bah.”

Zhang Jing’s ears were so good that she looked at them when she heard the movement.

Jing Ci hissed at Zheng Que and motioned to him not to speak and take the exam.

Zheng Que’s lips moved, but he still held back.

After getting the test paper, Jing Ci looked through it first.

The basic knowledge is very simple, the reading questions are not difficult, and the final composition is a material composition.


He picked up the pen and quickly filled out the basic questions while conceiving the composition in his head.

He just finished writing the correct pronunciation in front, when the sound of high-heeled shoes came near.

Then, Jing Ci’s paper was taken away. Fortunately, he responded quickly and stopped writing in a timely manner, otherwise half of the paper would be ruined.

Jing Ci frowned and raised his head.

Zhang Jing glanced at the name on his desktop, reached out and pulled out the draft of the Jing Ci under the test paper, and looked through it page by page, for fear of missing what he had written in it.

Jing Ci pursed his lips slightly and said lightly: “Teacher, please return my notebook to me.”

Zhang Jing’s hand paused and looked down at him.

“I still have to do a question.” Jing Ci stared at her without evasiveness: “If you suspect that there is something in the book, take it away, and find me something else to answer.”

All the candidates in the class looked at him, their eyes gleaming with gossip.

Zhang Jing sneered and threw the draft back to his desk with a snap. She glanced at Jing Ci lightly, turned around and left.

She was too affected by the post on the forum.

For a student like Jing Ci, even if he was asked to open the exam, he couldn’t find the answer.

Seeing Zhang Jing’s contemptuous eyes, Jing Ci was not angry, nor did he feel looked down upon.

He picked up the pen again, put the draft paper back in place calmly, and continued to answer the questions.

There is no need to care about anything with her, just wait for the results to come out, and let the scores do the talking.

Jing Ci’s mood was not affected at all. When there were forty-five minutes before the end of the exam, he finished answering the papers, checked the papers and found that there was no problem, then handed in the papers and left the examination room.


He went directly to a cafeteria, because he came out early, and there was no one in the cafeteria at the moment.

After Jing Ci finished his meal, he bumped into Li Zhou who had just come in.

When Li Zhou saw him, he almost broke the meal card in his hand. He held Jing Ci’s shoulder in horror, and looked up and down nervously: “Why did you come out so early? Was your paper torn, or did you meet Li Shi? “

Jing Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, broke away from his hand, and motioned for him to start eating.

Li Zhou ordered a few dishes indiscriminately, and sat opposite Jing Ci with his dinner plate: “What’s the matter? You not saying anything doesn’t put my heart at ease.”

“It’s okay,” Jing Ci looked at him amusedly, and took a sip of rice. “After I finished, I handed in the paper.”

Li Zhou confirmed in disbelief: “You finished? We’re all the questions answered?”

The more he thought about it, the more he felt unreal: “You really didn’t turn in a blank paper this time?”

“No,” Jing Ci swallowed the rice in his mouth and stuffed the spoon into Li Zhou’s hand: “Hurry up and eat. I have answered all the questions. If there is no accident, I will definitely be in the top three hundred.”

Li Zhou was relieved and heaved a sigh of relief: “You scared me to death.”

After the two had eaten, they went straight back to the classroom.

Because of the exam, the tables in Class 7 were all opened to each other, even if they were at the same table and at the front and back, the distance between each other was quite far.

There were people standing around Jing Ci’s seat. As soon as he entered the door, the students from Class 7 hulled around like a bird returning home.

The study committee member is a pretty girl named Chen Miaomiao. She squeezed everyone away with great strength and seized the most advantageous position around Jing Ci, and asked excitedly: “How is it? How did you do in the exam?”

Chen Miaomiao is usually very attentive to learning, but Xu Shi didn’t find the right method, and she always couldn’t improve her grades.

During this period of time, she came to Jing Ci and asked many questions, and she has successfully transformed into Jing Ci’s fan girl.

Jing Ci recalled the test paper and smiled: “It’s good, it’s okay to enter the top three hundred.”

“Ah ah ah ah!” Chen Miaomiao excitedly held Jing Ci’s hand and shook it desperately: “Jing Ci! Class 7 is relying on you! If you don’t fight for the steamed bun, you must refuel!”

As soon as Ying Jiao entered the door, he saw this picture, and the smile on the corner of his mouth went down.

He Zhou and Zheng Que in the back looked at each other, and their hearts sank.


Ying Jiao usually has a good temper and usually doesn’t get angry easily. But once the fire broke out, it was like a cracking of heaven and earth, and no one could hold it.

He Zhou swallowed dryly, looking for words to try to divert Ying Jiao’s attention: “Then what… Brother Jiao, where shall we go to play during the end of the month?”

He tremblingly grabbed Ying Jiao’s arm, and forced a smile: “How about going all night in 1982? It just so happened that Old Zheng’s birthday is coming soon, so let’s celebrate it in advance.”

Ying Jiao calmly looked at the hands that Jing Ci and Chen Miaomiao were holding. After a long while, he snorted, pushed He Zhou away, and walked straight over.

As soon as he came over, the classmates who were chatting around Jing Ci suddenly quieted down. There was a boom in the next second, as if birds and beasts fled back to their seats.

Only Chen Miaomiao was overwhelmed with excitement, and still silly holding Jing Ci’s hand before she could react.

Ying Jiao looked at her calmly, with a faint expression: “You are so excited about the math test in the afternoon. It seems that you can pass this time.”

Ying Jiao is vicious, and specifically pokes at other people’s pain points.

Chen Miaomiao’s mathematics is a big problem, and she has never passed it. No matter how many teachers are invited to make up lessons, it is useless.

Chen Miaomiao’s smile disappeared instantly, she gave Ying Jiao a fierce look, let go of Jing Ci, and ran away angrily.

From now on, Jing Ci is her only male god!

This vicious and cruel person was expelled from the male god!

Chen Miaomiao angrily ran away, Ying Jiao turned to Jing Ci, held his wrist, and pulled him to his side with a cold face.


“What are you doing?” Jing Ci struggled subconsciously before he could react, “Let go of me.”

Ying Jiao sneered: “You were laughing so happily…are you that happy to be held by a girl?”

Jing Ci’s cheeks were slightly red, and he raised his eyes to retort: “I’m not, don’t talk nonsense.”

Ying Jiao ignored him.

He raised the hand that had been held by Chen Miaomiao, and put it on his hand over it blankly. He looked at Jing Ci’s eyes, slowly and very hard, he squeezed his fingers one by one between his fingers, clasping his fingers.

“You…” Jing Ci shook the hands of the two clasped together, shy and angry: “Let go of me…”

Ying Jiao sneered, and glanced in Chen Miaomiao’s direction harshly, “What? She can hold it, but I can’t?”

Jing Ci was anxious: “It’s not…”

“Then why are you moving?” Ying Jiao raised a long leg, hooked a stool and sat next to Jing Ci, raised his eyelids and glanced at him: “Be honest.”

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