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Jing Ci was originally the focus of the whole class. After being entangled by Ying Jiao, almost everyone in the classroom focused on two people.

The boys in the back row frantically slapped the table, and whistled loudly.

The girls also leaned together to bite their lips, and their eyes were piercing.

Jing Ci’s cheeks were hot, embarrassed and shy, he stared at Ying Jiao fiercely: “You let me go!”

Ying Jiao hummed and laughed: “What’s wrong? Didn’t I say you can hold it?”

Jing Ci immediately retorted: “I don’t want to!”

He Zhou looked at him tremblingly for a long time, and finally couldn’t help it. He pulled Ying Jiao’s sleeve carefully: “Brother Jiao, Jing Ci has to take an exam in the afternoon.”

Ying Jiao gave him a cold look: “And I won’t take the exam?”


Can it be the same?

Before He Zhoi said these words, Zheng Que said on the side: “Yes, yes, brother Jiao, let’s talk about anything after the exam. Jing Ci was bullied by the old witch today…”

Ying Jiao looked at him suddenly: “Who?”

Zheng Que honestly told the scene that happened in the morning, and said: “You don’t know, if Jing Ci didn’t put it away quickly, half of the paper will be discarded.”

“It’s really promising,” Ying Jiao’s right hand pressed hard, and looked at Jing Ci lightly: “What did I say this morning? Wouldn’t you say a word after being bullied?”

He grinds his teeth gently: “They will have to mess with me.”

“It’s nothing,” Jing Ci struggled for a while, seeing that he couldn’t get rid of it, he didn’t move at all. Speaking of Zhang Jing, his tone was still calm: “After the results come out, use the results to speak.”

“You are magnanimous.” Ying Jiao sneered, shook Jing Ci’s hand with his fingers, and let go.

“There will be another time…” he said vaguely: “Look at how I can clean you up.”

Jing Ci didn’t understand what he meant, and was too lazy to delve into it. After Ying Jiao let go, he shook the somewhat numb fingers he was holding, and then lay on the table to make up for lost sleep.

In the afternoon, it was time for the exam for mathematics. This time the invigilator in the Jing Ci examination room was not Zhang Jing, but two male teachers.

After getting the test paper, Jing Ci wrote his class name as usual before starting to browse the questions.

The test papers are not difficult, and it was even simple for Jing Ci.

Jing Ci picked up the pen and started to answer the question with confidence.


Coincidentally, this time Zhang Jing happened to be the invigilator in Ying Jiao’s exam room.

Zhang Jing still said the following–

“You give me an honest test! If I find someone cheating, it would be too light to just record a small warning!”

“For those that don’t usually work hard, what’s the use of hard work during exams!”

He Zhou and Yingjiao were in the same examination room. As soon as Zhang Jing appeared, he secretly swore badly.

At noon, Ying Jiao’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot when he heard what Zhang Jing had said to Jing Ci before.

He Zhou was still thinking about it at the time, but fortunately, they usually don’t meet Zhang Jing, that old witch. Never thought that people are not as good as the sky. It is so coincidental that Zhang Jing became their invigilator.

When he saw Zhang Jing looking down and counting the test papers, He Zhou cupped his waist and slipped quietly to the side of Ying Jiao, looking at him with a complex expression: “Brother Jiao, take it easy.”

Ying Jiao looked at him with a smile and said nothing.

“What are you doing?” He Zhou was fat and wide, with very obvious goals. Zhang Jing had sharp eyes and saw him at a glance. She was furious: “Do you want to take the exam? Get out if you don’t want to take it!”

He Zhou glanced at her coldly, walked back to his position, and energetically pulled the chair away. He moved too much, and the table he was using moved. The legs of the table rubbed against the ground, making a harsh sound.

“Who are you throwing things to see?” Zhang Jing immediately came to him like a cockfight: “Which class are you in? What attitude!”

He Zhou squinted his swollen eyes and looked up at her: “Class 7, what’s wrong?”

Zhang Jing sneered: “Why can’t you pull the chair properly?”

He Zhou smirked: “Yeah, how about I get up, and the teacher can show me a demonstration?”

“You!” Zhang Jing flushed with anger, pointed at He Zhou, and just about to swear, the male teacher who was supervising the exam with her came over: “Forget it, Teacher Zhang, it’s time for the exam.”


Zhang Jing didn’t want to bear it, but on second thought, many of these students in Class 7 have a big background. There is nothing wrong with saying a word or two. If she really makes a big deal about this little thing, it will not end well.

She cast an angry look at He Zhou, and reluctantly raised her foot back to the podium.

Ying Jiao and their class 7 occupied a lot of people in this examination room. These people read math papers like they were reading a book. They filled out multiple-choice questions indiscriminately, picked a few simple ones, and slept on the table.

The atmosphere in the examination room is very peaceful.

Zhang Jing sat on the podium and stared at it, not relaxing for a second.

Ying Jiao raised his eyes and glanced at her, tore off a small piece of paper from the draft paper, bit off the cap and wrote a few words on it.

Zhang Jing stood up, consciously finally caught a cheating person, stepped on high heels arrogantly, and stooped down to pick up the little piece of paper.

The corners of Ying Jiao’s mouth were slightly raised.

He Zhou was obliquely behind him. He had seen his movements long ago, and he was suddenly anxious.

He thought to himself whether Brother Jiao was stupid and laughed when he was caught cheating.

But is now the time to laugh? !

Shouldn’t he rush up and grab the note first before talking? !

He Zhou was spinning around in that anxious state, but Zhang Jing was very satisfied.


She finally caught a typical example. These poor students are accustomed to doing this, if they had met her earlier, she would clean up them until they were obedient.

As Zhang Jing thought this, she unfolded the paper ball.

Then the next second, her face turned green.

The paper strip is not very tightly crumpled, and there are not many wrinkles on it. On the white and smooth paper, there were five big characters with a black water-based pen: Whoever reads this is stupid.

Zhang Jing paled with anger and trembled all over.

“You…” She pointed to Ying Jiao, her lips trembled and she couldn’t say a word.

The male teacher who was proctoring the exam with her also walked over.

“What’s wrong? Really cheated? Hey, Teacher Zhang, don’t…” The following words stopped abruptly when they saw the content on the note.

He looked at Ying Jiao with a complicated complexion, and was speechless.

“You…” Zhang Jing finally calmed down a bit, and asked Ying Jiao angrily: “Which class are you in? What’s your name? Stand up for me!”

Ying Jiao sat still on the chair and smiled at Zhang Jing: “Ying Jiao, class 7, grade 2. What’s the matter? If there’s nothing. I’m going to continue the exam.”

Zhang Jing almost squirted out a mouthful of blood. She shook her hands and slammed the note on Ying Jiao’s table , shouting hoarsely: “Is this yours? Is it?!”

“Yes.” Ying Jiao continued to smile: “Teacher, I didn’t cheat.”

Yes! Didn’t cheat, but scolded her!

Zhang Jing stretched out her hand towards Ying Jiao: “You, get out for me!”

Ying Jiao ducked away from her hand and raised his eyebrows: “Why?”

Zhang Jing wanted to say something, but the door of the examination room was suddenly pushed open, and Feng Mao walked in with a few teachers.


When he was touring the examination room, he heard Zhang Jing’s roar from far away: “What happened?”

“Director!” Zhang Jing suddenly seemed to have found a backer. She ran to Feng Mao and handed the note to him: “Look! Look! Is this what students in Class 7 should be doing in the exam room?!”

“Okay, they were caught for cheating, right?” Feng Mao took the note and glanced down with a sneer, “Let me see what was written on the note…”

Before Zhang Jing could stop him, he squinted his eyes and said slowly: “Whoever reads this is stupid…”

“Whoever reads this is stupid?!”

Feng Mao’s face was also green.

For a while, silence filled the classroom.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of laughter rang uncontrollably from all directions, and the teachers behind Feng Mao couldn’t help but turn their heads to hold back their laughter.

He Zhou blushed with a suffocated smile, and gave a thumbs up to Ying Jiao sincerely.

It’s still his brother Jiao.

“Who’s it?! Who wrote this?!” Feng Mao gritted his teeth: “Stand up for me! I…”

“My, what’s the matter?” Ying Jiao stood up, raised his eyes and glanced at him: “Did I cheat?”

The moment Feng Mao saw his face, his eyelids jumped.

Why is it him again? !

Why is it still him? !

Why is it always him? !

Zhang Jing was still babbling in her ears: “Such students must be punished! What is the exam…”

Feng Mao wanted to slap her with his backhand!

Even if you see it by yourself, show him the note!

Isn’t this deliberately cheating him? !

Feng Mao took a deep breath and looked at Ying Jiao: “You… come out.”

“I haven’t finished my paper yet,” Ying Jiao lazily leaned against the wall: “What if I can’t finish it and lower the average score of our class?”


Feng Mao said, the average score of your class still needed to be lowered!

But he was always inexplicably helpless against Ying Jiao. After hesitating for a few seconds, he let the matter go down with Zhang Jing disbelieving gaze: “Okay, then you have to take the exam and stop doing these little tricks. Yes. But this is not over, I will tell this to your head teacher!”

After speaking, as if being kicked by a dog, he turned around and left.

Ying Jiao sat down, turned the pen in his right hand leisurely, stared at Zhang Jing angry face, smiled provocatively at her, and threw Zhang Jing into fury.

“Hahaha! Didn’t you see that Zhang Jing’s face was green at that time? How did that song go? ‘I heard the rain dripping on the green grass’, ha ha ha.”

He Zhou was a person who couldn’t hide his emotions. After the exam, he returned to the classroom and told Zheng Que and the others about the matter.

“Hahahahahahaha, damn it, it’s too much.” Zheng Que clutched his stomach and said with a smile: “Zhang Jing is estimated to be blown up with anger, hahahahaha, it’s amazing.”

Peng Chengcheng couldn’t help it anymore, and grinned wildly.

When the others in Class 7 heard about it, they laughed hysterically.

Jing Ci was originally doing a question quietly in his seat. Hearing Ying Jiao’s awful operation, thinking about the appearance of him lazily throwing a note, his lips slightly curled unconsciously.

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