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After saying the unclear sentence at noon that day, Ying Jiao never tried to tease Jing Ci.

Therefore, he had a very happy and content resignation that weekend.

He has finished his homework, and he has read the key points in the book many times. So he took out his newly purchased books, sat in the classroom and read one after another, immersing himself in the study.

At this time, in a teaching office, the teachers of the second year of high school are gathering together, working overtime to correct the test papers.

Teacher Liu’s child’s illness is still not healed, and was an hour late in the afternoon. The other teachers chatted while approving the papers.

“This time the difficulty of the paper has been specially increased. I don’t know how many points the students can get.” Zhao Feng, the teacher of class 2, just finished a math paper, turning the pages and shaking his head: “Half of this semester has passed, some students’ hearts are still floating, wait until the score comes out and give them a fright. As for the one I just approved, what kind of answer is this!”


“Yes,” Sun Dongan, the teacher in charge of class 3, answered: “Seeing the scores in the exam, it still…”

Halfway through his words, he stopped abruptly.

The teachers in the office turned to see him one after another: “What’s the matter?”

“Teacher Sun, what did you see? Why are you so surprised?”

“This…” Teacher Sun pointed at a paper with bright eyes: “I just approved a completely correct math paper!”

He said excitedly: “Although I don’t know how well the multiple-choice questions are answered, the rest of the questions are all correct.”

The subject of this exam was given by the provincial experiment teacher himself. The provincial experiment teacher was cruel and stubborn, and specifically asked difficult questions. The difficulty of this set of papers is much harder than that of the city’s unified exam.

However, there are a lot of experimental students in the province, and every test will give a lot of full marks. How can it make Teacher Sun so excited that he doesn’t know whether it is full marks??

The other teachers are a little confused.

Zhang Jing glanced at Sun Dongan disdainfully: “It’s just a full score in mathematics.”

Only the teachers of the key classes and parallel classes are so rare and weird. Seeing the full score paper, they are just as excited as anything else.

“No.” Teacher Sun picked up the sealed stack of test papers on the table and explained: “I have finished all the stacks of test papers. It didn’t even have more than fifty points before. This is the last one, full score! Don’t you think it’s strange?!”

“Are there students who can get full marks in the back of the examination rooms?”

When Teacher Sun said so, the other teachers immediately became interested and came together to take a look.

“Not a student in our class, this handwriting is unfamiliar.”

“It’s not like our class.”

“It’s weird, which class is that from?”

Several teachers were secretly guessing. When Teacher Wang, who teaches chemistry in Class 7 suddenly exclaimed, “I have the same situation as Teacher Sun.”

He shook the paper in his hand: “Except for multiple-choice questions that Old Zong hasn’t checked, but the rest are full marks.”


Teacher Wang already had a vague guess in his heart, and his excited words were unsatisfactory: “No one else in the same examination room as this student has a score of more than 100!”

Hearing this, other teachers rushed over.

Sure enough, it was the same as Teacher Wang said.

A bright light flashed in a teacher’s mind, and suddenly thought of the post on the forum, his eyes widened suddenly: “Could it be…”

He swallowed dryly, and finally said the name with difficulty: “Jing Ci from class 7, right?”

As soon as his voice fell, Zhang Jing coldly snorted, “Impossible!”

How could a small bastard in Class 7 take the exam so well? !

The other teachers didn’t believe it, they all knew the post, but no one took the content of the post seriously.

A teacher said: “Anyway, the stack of papers is finished, should we take it apart and have a look? We are guessing here, maybe we got confused when grading.”

Sun Dongan nodded and said, “I think so, or just take it apart?”

Several other teachers nodded one after another.

There is no problem with opening names in advance for the exams in school, besides, this stack of papers is so small, and there is nothing to do.

Under the gaze of all the teachers in the office, Sun Dongan slowly opened the sealing line and pulled out the math paper.

When the eyes were focused on that name, all the teachers in the office lost their voices collectively.

The teachers’ eyes widened, mouths open, heavy breathing, and some even rubbed their eyes childishly.

Impossible, fake, how could it be him? !

For a while, the office was extremely quiet, and silence fell.

For a long time, Zhang Jing screamed in disbelief and broke the peace in the room: “How is this possible?!”

Although she didn’t believe it, she couldn’t help it. On the neat paper, there were a few words clearly written in the name of the class column—

Grade 2, class 7, Jing Ci.


At the same time, Teacher Wang also took apart the sealing line.

“My God!” Zhao Feng, who has always been serious, clutched his chest and made an unbelievable expression: “Yours is also Jing Ci?!”

The souls of the other teachers were all shocked by this name, and it took a while to clam down and rush towards the paper.

“Really Jing Ci? He actually pretended to be?! I’ll leave.”

“Now that child is really… give it another look, am I right?!”

“I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it, I really didn’t expect it.”

A teacher has already had his appetite full at the moment. He grabbed Jing Ci’s math paper and said excitedly: “Quick! Find out his other papers and answer sheets! See how much the total score is?!”

His proposal received unanimous responses from other teachers.

When the names are too many, it may be a bit difficult to find someone else’s papers, but Jing Ci is the last one in the last examination room. Their goal was particularly obvious and it is relatively easy to find.

Teachers gossiping is also very accessible. In less than ten minutes, they rushed to put the papers and answer sheets of Jing Ci’s on the table.

The answer sheet has already been read, and now only the Chinese and English papers are left without a grade.

“Hurry up!” The other teachers urged the teacher who approved the papers: “Hurry up and see what his total score is!”

The two teachers were rushed by a bunch of people. They emptied their heads and finished the papers. When the scores were added up, everyone was stupid.

“The only deduction for Chinese is two points for the composition.” The teacher of the Criticism Chinese papers has a complicated expression: “I still think the full marks are too much, so I deliberately deducted them.”

The teacher criticizing English looked dull, looking at the test paper and muttering, he had already begun to doubt his life: “I can’t even find the point of deduction…”

The teacher of the second class, Zhao Feng, keenly grasped the key point. With trembling fingers, he put all the Jing Ci’s papers together, and finally came to the conclusion: “In other words, Jing Ci’s math, English, and science have full marks, and only language was deducted two points?”

Other teachers: “…”

“Impossible!” Zhang Jing couldn’t accept this fact at all. She slapped the table and stood up, and said with convincing words: “It must be cheating! He must be cheating!”

Zhao Feng rubbed his face and said faintly: “Cheating? Teacher Zhang, you just call a student in the last examination room, give him all the exercise books and books, let him open the exam, and you can see if he can get full marks.”


Zhang Jing was speechless.

All the teachers who had some thoughts in their hearts were speechless.

Indeed, without real strength, cheating will not get a full score.

No, the school still has surveillance. To know what is going on, you will know at a glance when you call up the monitor.

Suddenly, the office fell into deathly silence.

Teacher Liu’s son just started elementary school this year. Some time ago, he caught the flu. After treatment for a period of time, the symptoms of fever and runny nose disappeared, but he always coughed. He went to several hospitals but failed to cure it, making Teacher Liu exhausted and had to ask for leave again and again.

Once again from the hospital, Mr. Liu handed his son to his wife, called a car by himself, and hurried to the school anxiously.

He worked overtime last night and approved a few more stacks of papers. He didn’t eat any food this morning, and rushed through his schedule for the whole morning, and finally the task was almost completed.

But he still has a lot to do next.

The mathematics he teaches needs to calculate the total score, plus he is the head teacher, and when the results of all subjects are available, he still needs to do data analysis.

These are nothing, Teacher Liu is used to it. But the thought of facing those sympathetic or gloating eyes from all over the office after the results come out, Teacher Liu felt uncomfortable.

At the school gate, Mr. Liu paid and got out of the car, went upstairs all the way, and walked towards the office.

Before entering the door, he deliberately put on a cold face. In this way, those teachers who come to him with different purposes will have to weigh them when they speak again.

Poor Teacher Liu, who is at the bottom of the exam every time, has already figured out a way to survive in the office amidst cynicism.

Today, however, something seems to be wrong.

Teacher Liu stood at the door, looking back at the other teachers who were staring at him with shining eyes, thinking back and forth.

What happened?

Did their class get the worst score in history?

No, this is just the beginning of grading papers, how could it be possible to get results so quickly?


Did something new happen in their class?

Teacher Liu coughed, cleared his throat, and walked in, as he was about to say hello to others, all the teachers in the office immediately gathered around——

“Teacher Liu, you can count it!”

“Come on, let us show you something! I’m sure you won’t believe it.”

“Hurry up, where’s the paper? Who has it? Bring it to Teacher Liu!”


Teacher Liu took the papers handed over by the teachers with a dazed expression, turned it over a few times, and his face immediately turned black.

Okay, now the people in the office are beginning to unite and come together to squeeze him out? !

They actually used several full marks to stimulate him!

Why should he care about this? !

Teacher Liu snorted coldly, and said gruffly: “What’s the matter, mathematics, English and Physics are both full marks, and Chinese are also a little bit close to full marks, what’s wrong?!”

Zhao Feng pointed to the upper left corner of the test paper and reminded him: “Teacher Liu, look at the name.”

Look at the name dry-fart!

Not his student.

Teacher Liu was so angry that he rolled his eyes in his heart. When he looked over, he had already thought of what words to use to this group of teachers in his heart.

However, these sharp words were all blocked in his throat when he saw the familiar name in the upper left corner.

Teacher Liu’s eyes widened, and he chewed the words “Jing Ci” Grade 2, class 7.

His mind hasn’t reacted yet, but his hands have already begun to move quickly to scroll through the papers, looking at the names on them one by one.

Jing Ci it’s all Jing Ci!

“Jing Ci?” Teacher Liu still couldn’t believe it: “Jing Ci in our class?!”

Zhao Feng nodded: “Yes.”

Zhao Feng smiled and looked at Teacher Liu: “Does it feel incredible?”

The answer to him was a long hiccup from Teacher Liu.

Poor Teacher Liu was holding a few papers, adding additions and subtractions in his mind, and he was abruptly frightened by the total score.


On Monday morning, the students from Class 7 yawned and swayed over to study in the morning.

Zheng Que rushed to Jing Ci as soon as he walked in, and said excitedly: “When I just passed the office, I heard the teacher say that the grades came out!”

Li Zhou heard his words as soon as he walked in, and he covered his head with a whine.

Zheng Que didn’t know why he reacted like this: “What’s wrong, isn’t this a good thing? Anyway, Jing Ci will definitely be in the top three hundred.”

There were thousands of tears in Li Zhou’s heart, and he dragged Zheng Que to the last row, grabbed his head and said: “Do you know what time Jing Ci came out at each exam?”

“What time?” Zheng Que asked intently before guessing.

“Less than eleven o’clock!” Li Zhou lay on the table: “This beast must be a fool, he handed it over after answering.”

“What?” He Zhou also came. He was still dozing off, and he suddenly became sober when he heard Li Zhou’s words: “Then the first three hundred…”

Li Zhou shook his head.

He Zhou has a big mouth. He couldn’t hold it back when he heard the news that was like a bolt from the blue. He went to tell others who had friendship with him.

As a result, the early self-study ended, and all the students in Class 7 knew that Jing Ci had no hope of the top 300 in this exam.

He Zhou found someone to watch at the door, secretly took out his mobile phone, and found the post on the forum.

In just a few days, the number of replies to the post has exceeded the 900th floor.

[816th floor: Check in on Monday! I have got the exact news, and I will announce the results later in class, I’ll wait for the host to show his face. 】

【Floor 822: Hahahahahaha for the first time I am looking forward to the announcement of the results, I just want to see if the faces of those in Class 7 hurt. 】

[Floor 850: Where are the people in Class 7? Didn’t they have a good time at first? Didn’t they firmly believe that Jing Ci was a master in learning? Now that the results are coming out soon, where are you guys? 】


[Floor 876: Hey, I suddenly start to feel sorry for the fools of Class 7…]

[The 931st floor: I remember that there was a sand sculpture on the first few hundred floors saying that Jing Ci would definitely be able to make the top 300 this time. Didn’t he say that if he didn’t make it, he would go grab Feng Mao’s bald head?】


“What’s going on?” He Zhou said with a toothache on his face: “Could it be…Could it be that we just lie down and let them laugh at it?”

“Otherwise?” Li Zhou sighed and pointed to the screen of the phone: “Did you see it? The sand sculpture who said he was going to grab Feng’s bald head was me. Who is the most miserable?”

Peng Chengcheng: “…”

Zheng Que is a real learning dumbass, and had blind trust in Jing Ci. The matter has reached this point, and he still didn’t give up: “But Jing Ci said, he will definitely be able to make the top 300.”

He Zhou heard this and patted his shoulder: “Old Zheng, you are always so innocent, this is what is good about you.”

The class suddenly sighed. Except for Jing Ci and Ying Jiao, they didn’t feel anything. The rest of them were frowning and didn’t even go to the toilet.

The first class in the morning was a math class. Teacher Liu wore a suit for the first time. His bulging muscles were about to break his sleeves.

He held a stack of papers and walked in vigorously.

He Zhou pointed his finger and raised it, then turned to Zheng Que and said, “Did you see that? Old Liu is already crazy.”

Teacher Liu walked up to the podium, put the paper on the podium, pinched two pieces of paper and shook it underneath: “The results of this exam have already come out. All of them are printed on paper. Look at it after class!”

“The mathematics results will be announced below! Those who are named will come up and get their own papers!”

“Zheng Que: 9 points! Among our classmates, I am most convinced by Zheng Que! Do you think you can get dozens of points blindfolded?”

“He Zhou: 68! The number is quite lucky, I’m not sure if you are lucky when you go home.”

“Ying Jiao: 70! You have a good relationship with He Zhou, and even the scores are good for both brothers!”


Teacher Liu usually announces scores from high to low, but today it was unknown what was going on, he started to announce from the lowest first.


After all names were called out in a circle, all the students in the class got the papers except Jing Ci.

“What’s the situation? Where’s your paper?” Ying Jiao frowned: “I’ll go up and see it for you?”

“No,” Jing Ci shook his head, he probably knew what was going on.

Sure enough, Teacher Liu cleared his throat and continued: “The last paper is for Jing Ci, 150 points!!!”

Class 7 exploded!

“I-f*ck!!! How many points???” He Zhou rubbed his ears incredulously, “Are my ears stuffed with earwax? How many points did Old Liu say that Jing Ci scored in the math test?”

Zheng Que’s eyes were dull, and he unconsciously responded to He Zhou: “I… I seem to be deaf too, 150 points?”

Even Peng Chengcheng, who has always been calm, opened his mouth: “1, 150 points? What is the full score in mathematics? 250?”

“What?” Zheng Que’s eyes widened: “So I remembered wrong? The perfect score for math is 250?!”

He Zhou wiped his face, turned his head and said angrily: “I think you two are 250!”

Under the shocked or sluggish gaze of the class 7 students, Jing Ci came to the stage very calmly and took away his own papers.

As soon as he returned to his seat, the paper was taken by Ying Jiao.

Ying Jiao flipped through the paper repeatedly, yes, every question was right, 150 points, full marks.

He looked at Jing Ci with complicated eyes.

He knew that this little pervert had good grades, but he didn’t expect it to be so good.

He returned the paper to Jing Ci, his eyes fell on the big ’70’ on his paper, and his eyes dropped slightly.

Teacher Liu still said from the podium: “Seeing Jing Ci, he is your role model! 150 points of mathematics, given the difficulty of this test paper, there are not many supernormal classes!”

However, no one listened to him at all below. Jing Ci’s paper was like a holy relic. It passed from the middle row to the front row and then to the back row. It was worshipped by everyone in Class 7, and then returned to his hands.


Li Zhou was the first person to sober up. He calculated this in his heart. Since Jing Ci can score 150 in mathematics, his score won’t be too low in other subjects.

Zheng Que thought about it with him, and directly raised his hand to ask Teacher Liu: “Teacher! What about Jing Ci’s other subject scores? You can announce them together!”

Originally, what Teacher Liu hated most was the announcement of the results, but today, no one in the school is looking forward to this link more than him. In the morning, he even urged the faculty and staff to post the red list as soon as possible.

“Ah,” Teacher Liu’s lips curled up: “Since you are looking forward to it, I will announce it together now.”

The students in Class 7 waited with bated breath.

“Mathematics has a perfect score of 150.”

“English has a perfect score of 150.”

“The total score is 300.”

“Language…” Teacher Liu paused, glanced at the audience, looked towards Jing Ci, and said pretentiously: “The language is not good, it’s a bit of a hindrance, only 148.”

Knowing his total score, Jing Ci was finally relieved.

He never understood why his college entrance examination was so bad. In the previous world, he almost always occupied the first place with perfect scores for every joint and unified examination in the city, while the second one could not turn around at all.

Jing Ci felt that his answers on the college entrance examination papers were particularly good, and he found no errors in the answers. Who knew that after the results came out, they directly gave him a blow. Now that he knew that his level had not regressed, he finally let go of his mind.

Class 7 was quiet for three minutes, and then it exploded again.


“Damn it!!! How many points are there??!!!”

“Mom!!! Where’s the calculator? Use me to calculate the total score!!!”

“Aren’t you fucking stupid?? Wouldn’t it be enough to subtract 2 points from the full score!! A total score of 748??! F*ck!”


In this class, no one in Class 7 attended the class seriously except Jing Ci, and they were all talking about his score.

At the urging of Teacher Liu, after the class 2 ended in the morning, the red list for this exam was finally posted.


Because of the post on the forum, the second-year high school students were very concerned about the test results. After hearing that the red list came out, they rushed to find Jing Ci’s name from behind.

And the students from Class 7 stood on the far left of the red list, staring at the top dumbfounded–

1: Jing Ci 748

2: Jiang Chong 723

In the provincial experiment, a place where students gather, Jing Ci can get rid of the second place by 25 points. Jing Ci is still the first person in history.

The students in other classes were blinded, and they couldn’t find Jing Ci’s name. Some people couldn’t help but whispered, “Maybe he passed a blank paper again this time, so it doesn’t count as a grade?”

He Zhou was waiting for such a fool to deliver themselves to his door. Hearing this, he immediately waved at the mumbling person: “Come on, come and see who is number one on the red list.”

He Zhou is also considered the number one figure in the provincial experiment. That student didn’t dare resist, so they walked over.

In their heart, they thought to themselves, whoever could be the first, it is always either Jiang Chong from Class 1, or Zhou Chao from Class 2.

However, when his gaze fell on the top name, his chin fell to the ground with a click: “Jing Ci?! Jing Ci was ranked No. 1 in the whole school?!”

When this voice went down, the entire students around the red list were silent for a moment.

After seeing enough of everyone’s unbelievable expressions, He Zhou swayed to the horizontal bar.

“Ah! It’s so cool!!” Zheng Que laughed, “This is the happiest day since I was alive!”

“Jing Ci…” Peng Chengcheng’s expression was complicated: “It’s really amazing.”


Peng Chengcheng’s character is cold and hard, getting compliments from him is something good.

He Zhou also sighed: “Tell the truth, this result really scared me. When I first listened to Li Zhou’s comment on Jing Ci finishing his comprehensive papers in two hours, I was stunned in my heart. I thought it was over, but I really didn’t expect this.”

Zheng Que sighed: “Who would have thought that there was a big boss hiding beside us, Jing Ci’s hand is really awesome.”

Several people kept talking, and their worship of Jing Ci had reached its peak.

Only Ying Jiao did not participate. He leaned against the wall and smoked quietly.

“What’s wrong with Brother Jiao?” He Zhou touched Peng Chengcheng with his elbow and whispered, “It’s been like this since first period.”

Peng Chengcheng raised his eyes and glanced at him, then shook his head: “I don’t know, maybe something happened at home again?”

Only Zheng Que was heartless, disregarding the cold face of Ying Jiao, and leaned over and said: “How about it, brother Jiao, how does it feel to be at the same table with a big brother? Tell us about it, let us scumbags feel it!”

Ying Jiao flicked his cigarette, raised his eyes and glanced at him.

Yes, Jing Ci is a master of learning, and these people are collectively called scumbags.

Between the two, there is almost a gap between the red list.

Ying Jiao spit out a cigarette ring, squeezed out the remaining half of his cigarette and threw it into the trash can. Ignoring Zheng Que, he turned around and left.

Zheng Que still wanted to ask, but after being slapped by He Zhou, he quickly closed his mouth.

Since the test results came out, Jing Ci has become the object of everyone’s attention, and his seat has almost become a tourist attraction.


Fortunately, he is at the same table as Ying Jiao, no one dares to touch Ying Jiao’s things.

When Ying Jiao came back, the people surrounding Jing Ci immediately dispersed. Jing Ci finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s so busy…” Ying Jiao leaned in and said with a chuckle: “Little classmate, you did a good job in the exam and made our Class 7 proud. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Jing Ci smiled at him and accepted his kindness.

“Busy little classmate, do you have time to tell me about “Pipa Xing” now? I don’t understand some things.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Ci glanced at Ying Jiao with some surprise. This was the first time Ying Jiao took the initiative to learn: “Of course.”

He drew out-language documents from the bookshelf, turned to the page of “Pipa Xing”, line by line, and began to seriously talk to Ying Jiao.

The youth’s faint voice rang in his ears. This time, Ying Jiao not only listened to the voice, but also remembered the content in his heart.

At the same time, the post on the forum ushered in a new wave of replies.

[Floor 988: When books come into use, you hate it less, and one less sentence to deal with! It was a surprise to see the second-year science red list. 】

[Floor 990: What can I say besides sleeping in the through? ! Damn it! I feel that I have witnessed history! 】

[Floor 1000: What’s the situation upstairs? What’s wrong? Did the sand sculptures from Class 7 really grab Feng Mao’s bald head? ? ? 】

[Floor 1007: Brothers of One Thousand Floor…Are you living in the Neolithic Age? The news is too late…]

[Floor 1012: F*ck, f*ck! ! ! Is Jing Ci’s achievement true? ! Isn’t it cheating? ? ? ! ! 】

[Floor 1013: The brother upstairs should be sober, okay? All have been admitted to the provincial experiment, so use more brains. Can such a result be made by cheating? ? 】

[Floor 1028: I went to see the red list and came back, took photos to give back to society. [picture]】

[Floor 1029: F*ck! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 】

[Floor 1030: Damn it! ! ! ! ! ! ! 】

[Floor 1031O: I… I’ll be more civilized. I took a big kick! ! ! ! ! 】

[Floor 1032: F*ck F*ck! It turns out that the sand sculptures have always been us, and not Class 7…]


Jing Ci fought a beautiful turnaround for Class 7 with a score of two points. Overwhelming a group of top students in supernormal classes and key classes, disregarding the crowd.

All the people who used to ridicule them on the forum disappeared, and the people who said that if Jing Ci’s total score could exceed 200 points they would live broadcast also disappeared, replaced by a shock of admiration.

Jing Ci’s past results, including the senior high school entrance examination results, were all turned up and posted on the forum.

Except for the high school entrance examination score, which has a few hundred points, the other large and small examinations all have zero points. The 748 set off this time is particularly shocking.

This wave of operations made Jing Ci an instant celebrity in the provincial experiment.

After coming out of the red list, there are countless people who deliberately or unintentionally probe their heads outside class 7 every day and want to see him.

The students in Class 7 now walk outside with their heads high, with glory, as if they were the first person who scored first in the whole year.

Even the principal and the deputy principal were alarmed.

There are countless good high schools in Donghai Province. Although the comprehensive strength of the provincial experiment has always been ranked first, its status has been somewhat unstable in recent years.

Foreign languages ​​in the new area have sprung up in recent years, robbing a lot of students from the provincial experiment.

Last year, the enrollment rate of foreign languages ​​exceeded 85%, catching up with the provincial experiment.

Not only that, but Foreign Languages ​​also offers international classes to train foreign students. With this alone, many wealthy parents have changed their children to foreign languages.


Now suddenly there is a top student who can exceed the second place by 25 points. How can this not make the principal not anxious?

The principal even talked to Teacher Liu about this, and specifically emphasized that they must pay attention to the mental health of the student Jing Ci, try their best to meet his needs, and report to the school in time if something happens.

The child finally wanted to improve, but he must not be allowed to retract again.

Teacher Liu is proud of the spring breeze these days, and feels that he is ten years younger, and he is full of energy in everything. Hearing what the principal said, he immediately understood.

It’s just that he was a little confused.

Teacher Liu hesitated, and said to the principal: “Should you tell his parents about Jing Ci’s test results this time?”

The principal already knew Jing Ci’s fabricated excuse, and shook his head quickly when he heard the words: “Let’s not, don’t act rashly. If you want to tell Jing Ci’s parents yourself, our school wouldn’t be able to bear it.”

This bear kid dared to pretend even when taking the high school entrance exam. It’s really uncertain how the college entrance exam will go.

Back then, all he lost was a test paper, but the school lost a science champion!

“Okay.” Teacher Liu also felt that this was better, and nodded in agreement.

As a result, Jing Ci’s achievements were so concealed.

“Damn,” Li Zhou, who was at the center of attention in the cafeteria again, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said to Jing Ci, “I don’t think I can eat with you anymore.”

The feeling of being stared at where you go is really terrifying.


Jing Ci calmly put the plate on the table, and methodically picked up the spoon to eat: “It’s fine, just pretend that they don’t exist.”

“I think so too!” Someone watched Li Zhou’s movements of eating chicken legs quite gently, and he lowered his head and whispered: “But it’s really not good.”

Jing Ci smiled: “Then let’s eat quickly and go back after eating.”

Li Zhou nodded hurriedly.

The two ate lunch quickly, and as soon as they walked out of the cafeteria, they ran into Ying Jiao’s group who came out of the small shop.

Recently, Ying Jiao hasn’t gotten into trouble, so he is willing to learn, and Jing Ci has become much refreshed.

“Have you finished eating?” Ying Jiao walked over, took two cups of milk tea from Zheng Que, stuffed it with the label on it to Jing Ci, and gave the other cup to Li Zhou.

Li Zhou was flattered holding the milk tea, just about to decline, he was swept away by He Zhou’s eyes, and immediately did not dare to speak.

Seeing Jing Ci wanted to refuse, but before he could speak, Ying Jiao said: “If you don’t want it, I would be embarrassed to ask you for another lecture in the future.”

“It’s okay.” Jing Ci said seriously: “As long as you have any questions, you can come to me at any time, you don’t need to do these.” With that, he put the milk tea back into Ying Jiao’s hands.

Ying Jiao took advantage of the situation and shook Jing Ci’s hand, and said with a chuckle, “So good to me?”

Jing Ci looked slightly unnatural when he tried to smile: “Everyone is a classmate…”

“Classmates?” Ying Jiao looked down at the hands between the two and said meaningfully: “So many people are watching, you and I are holding hands and pulling on the playground, if I didn’t know any better, I thought we were… “

Before he finished speaking, Jing Ci shook his hand abruptly as if he had been burned.

Ying Jiao raised the corner of his mouth, held his wrist, and put the milk tea in his hand again: “Take it.”

Behind, Zheng Que looked at Ying Jiao and his empty hand, with a dazed expression: “Wait…Jing Ci’s cup of milk tea was bought by Brother Jiao, but what about Li Zhou’s milk tea? It’s mine…I also added a pearl specially, what’s going on?”


He Zhou patted him lovingly on the shoulder: “Plastic brotherhood, no milk tea. Don’t think about it, go back and drink more hot water.”

A few people walked to the classroom together.

Jing Ci is now in full swing.

He is good-looking, coupled with a schoolmaster halo and an unbelievable showmanship, he was the ideal first love in the heart of a proper little girl.

From the cafeteria to the classroom alone, many girls deliberately passed in front of him, and some of them walked in front several times.

Ying Jiao walked next to Jing Ci, and watched one girl after another staring at Jing Ci, her eyes glowing, her gaze was obsessed, and she looked excited and looked ready to rush over and give him a kiss. Ying Jiao’s smile gradually disappeared.

He kicked a small stone beside him and dragged Jing Ci to his side.

Jing Ci looked at him inexplicably.

“The sun over there is too big, it’s too hot.”

It turned out to be like this, Jing Ci was stunned, smiled at him gratefully, and walked with him again.

After returning to the classroom, Ying Jiao opened the notes that Jing Ci had arranged for him as usual as he did a few days ago.

He doesn’t have a good foundation, Jing Ci’s notes address this point, and the more detailed he makes later.

Jing Ci has a good memory, solid knowledge, and is very good at mastering them. Sometimes he remembered the things he learned in the first year of high school that were handwritten.

In this way, the notes of Ying Jiao became thicker and thicker, and more and more things were learned.

Jing Ci saw that he started reading as soon as he returned to his seat, remembering that he just said he didn’t want milk tea, so he was embarrassed to ask himself questions, so he leaned in and said, “Is there any question today?”

He lay on the table, tilted his head slightly, and from Ying Jiao’s view, he just happened to see clearly his lightly blinking eyelashes.


Suddenly, Ying Jiao’s heart felt like being slapped by something fluffy, itchy and swelling.

He turned around, and took advantage of the opportunity to get the exercise book, and seemed to touch Jing Ci’s eyelashes with his fingers unintentionally.

When the most fragile part of his face was touched, Jing Ci closed his eyes subconsciously and leaned back.

“Do you have something in your eyes?” Ying Jiao turned around and asked, pretending. While Jing Ci was still closing his eyes, he held up his face: “Let me see.”

The boys are full of firepower, and even if the weather turns cold these days, the palms of their hands are still warm. It pressed tightly against Jing Ci’s skin, causing his cheeks to heat up.

“It’s okay…” Jing Ci turned his head to avoid it: “Don’t touch it.” But his head was held tightly by Ying Jiao’s hands, and he couldn’t move at all.

“Hiss…Don’t move.” Ying Jiao smiled, but the expression on his face was very serious: “Let you stop moving. Is it a small thing to touch your eyes? Let me see.”

“It’s okay.” Jing Ci just felt that something swayed in front of his eyes just now. All the movements were subconscious, and Ying Jiao’s movements were very light, and they didn’t touch him at all.

Ying Jiao didn’t listen to him, he used his hands hard, raised his face slightly, and leaned over.

He leaned very close, so close that Jing Ci even felt his hot breathing.

Jing Ci raised his eyes, his eyelashes trembled for a moment when their eyes were facing each other, he hurriedly looked away.


As if he was pleased by his performance, Ying Jiao laughed. Just as he was about to say something, a loud shout of excitement came from the door of the classroom: “Jing Ci! There is a beautiful woman looking for you!”

Jing Ci woke up, and quickly pushed away Ying Jiao.

With a ridiculous smile on his face, Chen Miaomiao ran to Jing Ci: “It’s a real beauty, she still has a pink letter in her hand. She is looking for you with a blushing face. Go out and have a look.”

Ying Jiao’s eyes gradually dimmed.

Chen Miaomiao didn’t notice it, but kept urging Jing Ci: “Go, she must have come to send you a love letter!”

Jing Ci is not good at dealing with this situation. He doesn’t plan to fall in love. Instead of giving others illusory hope, it is better to refuse to the end.

He shook his head: “I don’t know people from other classes. I won’t go out, you can just help me bring it back.”

Chen Miaomiao said anxiously: “How can this work, I…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Ying Jiao suddenly held Jing Ci’s waist with one hand, and pressed his back with the other, and pressed his upper body against his lap.

Jing Ci froze for a moment, and then began to struggle hard: “What are you doing?”

“Don’t move! Otherwise, you have to go out if you are seen,” Ying Jiao held him down and sneered: “Do you know what will happen next? You will be forced to accept the love letter, and you can’t even refuse it. Oh, maybe be coaxed in the corridor and agree to the girl, and then old Liu will find out and then he will call you to the office every day to talk to you.”


“At that time, all the teachers in the office and all the students in the school will know. Jing Ci, who took the first place in the exam, feels that it is great to be the first, and he has begun to fall in love…”

Jing Ci’s body suddenly stiffened, and he didn’t dare to move anymore.

Ying Jiao put his hand on the back of his head, raised his eyes and looked at Chen Miaomiao faintly, and he was very comfortable: “Go, tell the girl that Jing Ci is not in the classroom.”

Chen Miaomiao was shocked by his operation, shook her head blankly, and stammered: “But… but she knows Jing Ci is there.”

“Oh,” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows, and gently rubbed Jing Ci’s hair, and said with a faint smile: “Then tell her that Jing Ci is on my lap and there is no time to go out.”

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