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Originally, if this matter were somebody else, it was estimated that it would be taken as a joke.

But Chen Miaomiao is a stubborn girl, but she is still a bit afraid of Ying Jiao.

After hearing Ying Jiao’s words, before her brain could reacted, her body had already subconsciously made an action——

She turned her head and walked to the door of the classroom, and mechanically repeated his words aloud outside: “Jing Ci is on Brother Jiao’s lap, there is no time to go out!”

When her words came out, everything was quiet.

The air seemed to be frozen. Whether people were playing cards, games, or chatting, Class 7 looked at Ying Jiao and Jing Ci like sunflowers that found the sun.

(T/n: idk what the last sentence means, but it sounds funny as hell so I’m leaving it there)

Even the people in the hallway stopped and looked intently into the classroom of Class 7.

After a brief silence, Class 7 exploded.


The boys slapped the table frantically and whistled and howled, while the girls screamed while clutching their chests, almost overturning the ceiling with their loud voice.

The girl holding the love letter’s face stagnated, and then she crumpled the love letter into a ball, stuffed it into her pocket, turned and ran away quickly.

Jing Ci straightened up swiftly, touching his tousled dull hair, looking at Ying Jiao in disbelief: “Are you crazy?!”

“How I’m I crazy?” Ying Jiao leaned back on his chair lazily, curled his lips, and said pretentiously: “If I wasn’t doing this for you, how can you get rid of that girl?”

“But…” Jing Ci faintly felt that something was wrong, but he was able to solve complicated math problems and had no experience with these twists and turns. He lowered his eyes unnaturally and stretched out his hand to fix his hair: “You can’t say that.”

“It’s okay,” Ying Jiao had taken advantage of this and was satisfied, and said, humorously: “We two boys, what’s wrong with sitting on our laps? Isn’t this a normal thing?”

Jing Ci’s hand movements paused, raised his head and emphasized word by word: “I didn’t sit on your thigh.”

“Just making an example,” Ying Jiao chuckles: “Really, it’s very normal.” He beckoned to He Zhou and motioned for him to come over: “If you don’t believe me, ask He Zhou?”

“Ah…hahaha,” He Zhou smiled dryly, and nodded hard under Ying Jiao’s death threat: “It’s normal, boys take off your pants together-it’s all normal.”

Jing Ci has never seen such a scene before, he felt embarrassed at first, but now he blushed when He Zhou said this.


Ying Jiao twisted his eyebrows and looked at He Zhou, dissatisfied: “Are you so obscene? What are you talking about.”

He Zhou: “…”

He Zhou was so angry that he pointed to the tip of his nose: “Am I wretched?”

For whom is he brazenly saying this? !

The river hadn’t crossed, so he was in a hurry to demolish the bridge! He Zhou was so angry that he flung his sleeves and left.

Ying Jiao turned to Jing Ci, and continued to flicker shamelessly: “You see, everyone thinks it’s nothing.”

Jing Ci has never had a particularly close friend. After listening to Ying Jiao’s explanation, he believed it to be true. He reluctantly left those questions behind and nodded.

“I have a few questions to ask you,” Ying Jiao took out a workbook and put it in front of Jing Ci: “The answer is a bit unintelligible.”

Jing Ci’s attention was instantly diverted, and he said sternly, “Which question? Show me.”

He didn’t notice that the other students in Class 7 looked at them both, and were bright as light bulbs.

In the corridor, the foreign classmates who listened to the ears also expressed emotion in their hearts about Ying Jiao in Class 7. Everyone who yells about sitting on thighs knows it, it’s incomparable.

Jing Ci’s popularity in school is high, and Ying Jiao is not a low-key person. This matter was spread, and slowly it was a thousand miles away from the original version.


In the end, there was another rumor in the provincial experiment: There is something indescribable between the new learning master Jing Ci in grade 2 and the school bully Ying Jiao.

Since it is with the school tyrant, not the school flower, then the imaginable space is huge.

Regardless of whether it is true, there are indeed fewer girls who come to give Jing Ci a love letter, and the hot eyes that can burn people on the road are gone.

Jing Ci’s life finally returned to peace. At most, when he was with Ying Jiao he was discussed privately.

But no one dared to discuss this in front of Ying Jiao, and Jing Ci didn’t know anything.

After seeing that Ying Jiao really started to study, Jing Ci took more detailed notes for him. Sometimes he would write down and tell him what learning materials were suitable for him.

Ying Jiao really did not find it easy for him to sit down and study honestly, several times he just wanted to drop his pen and leave.

But whenever he thought of the huge gap between himself and Jing Ci, and then saw the meticulous and comprehensive notes at hand, he couldn’t say the two words, and quit.

The state of Ying Jiao caught the attention of Teacher Liu. After observing for a few days and finding that he was not doing a show, Teacher Liu was pleased and secretly called Jing Ci out.

First, he praised his performance in this exam, and then asked him if he could adapt to the teacher’s lecture schedule.

Jing Ci nodded, indicating that everything was fine.

“That…” Teacher Liu remembered the principal’s explanation, endured heartache, and said with difficulty: “If you want, you can transfer to an extraordinary class.”

The provincial experiment is divided into liberal arts and sciences in the first semester of high school, and will be reclassified at the same time. Once divided into classes, it is difficult to transfer classes.

Jing Ci’s results were so good that even the principal was alarmed, and deemed him a special case.

After saying this, Teacher Liu’s heart was bleeding. Their class 7 finally had a contender, and in the end everyone was trying to rob him.

But Mr. Liu couldn’t do it without notifying Jing Ci.


If Jing Ci can maintain such results, it is most appropriate to go to an extraordinary class.

Jing Ci shook his head and refused: “No, I don’t want to go.”

Jing Ci is a very slow person, and now he has finally joined the group of Class 7 and he doesn’t want to change places. What’s more, he has basically learned all the content the teacher said, and it is more efficient to review it by himself than to listen to it again.

“Well, you can do it by yourself.” Teacher Liu desperately suppressed the corners of his lips, and after laughing three times in his heart, he changed the subject: “Has Ying Jiao been very motivated to study these days?”

Jing Ci was stunned for a moment, thinking of his performance with Ying Jiao these days, he affirmed: “Yeah.”

Teacher Liu asked again: “You made him the notes he read?”

Jing Ci nodded: “Yes.”

Teacher Liu is a little worried: “Will it be a waste of your time?”

“No,” Jing Ci explained earnestly: “When taking notes, I can also check the omissions and fill in the vacancies, which is equivalent to reviewing it again.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Teacher Liu breathed a sigh of relief.

He has been worried that Ying Jiao will affect the study of Jing Ci, and has wanted to change his seat back several times, but now it seems that he made a difference.

Ying Jiao did not affect Jing Ci, but Jing Ci affected Ying Jiao.

“Then teacher, please do one thing,” Teacher Liu looked into Jing Ci’s eyes, and said, “If you have time, help him learn more.”

Teacher Liu has read the archives of Ying Jiao and knows his grades in elementary school. He has always felt that he is a pity. But helplessly, every time he talked to Ying Jiao, he would be pulled elsewhere without a trace.


Now it’s hard to see that there is hope for Ying Jiao to change for the better, so how could Mr. Liu be willing to let it go.

Jing Ci froze for a moment, and then solemnly promised: “I will.”

In the classroom of Class 7, Zheng Que took a bottle of Coke and drank most of the Coke. He moved Jing Ci’s chair back and sat down: “Brother Jiao, we aren’t going to self-study tonight, right?”

Ying Jiao stopped him and frowned, “Don’t sit down.”

“What’s the matter?” Zheng Que kept the posture with his waist bowed and his ass hanging in the air, turning his head awkwardly: “There is something dirty on the chair?”

Ying Jiao wrote an answer in the exercise book and lazily said: “Jing Ci doesn’t like his stuff being moved.”

Zheng Que: “…”

Zheng Que looked at him fish-eyedly: “Brother Jiao, don’t you think you’ve been too much lately?”

Ying Jiao sneered, raised his eyes and glanced at him: “What happened? Don’t look at me from your perspective, you don’t understand.”

Zheng Que: “…”

Zheng Que was speechless: “Go ahead, just be happy. Tonight in 1982, are you going?”

“Don’t go.” Ying Jiao frowned and looked at the next question. He tried several methods and failed to answer it.

“Is it alright, Brother Jiao,” He Zhou came over: “We’ll let you go alone. Will you be okay?”

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao unscrewed the mineral water bottle and took a sip, still thinking about the question: “Go ahead.”

He Zhou glanced at the exercise book on his desktop, his toothache: “No, you really want to be a good student?”

After the exam, Ying Jiao suddenly had a convulsion, and suddenly began to study.


At first, He Zhou and the others thought he was pretending, but they didn’t expect he would really persist day by day.

Ying Jiao wiped the drops of water on the corners of his lips and sneered: “What good student? Don’t stamp me blindly.”

“Then you are…”

He Zhou was pushed aside by Ying Jiao before he could finish a sentence.

He Zhou wanted to protest, but when he turned his head and saw Jing Ci coming in from outside, he immediately stepped aside.

“Fuck,” Ying Jiao still couldn’t answer the question. He rubbed his temples and slapped his pen cursingly.

Why break a few questions and make them so complicated?

Jing Ci had just been instructed by Teacher Liu, and when he saw this, he turned to him: “Do you have a headache?”

“Yes,” Ying Jiao leaned back in the chair lazily, and looked at him with his lips curled: “Little classmate, what should I do, you help me rub it?”

Jing Ci had gradually gotten used to his teasing, so when he heard this he just ignored him. He lowered his head and took out a bottle of Fengyou Essence and handed it over: “Here.”

This was given to him by Li Zhou a few days ago, saying that he saw many students in supernormal classes using it. Worried that Jing Ci was missing out, he bought a bottle along with it.

Yingjiao took it and raised his eyebrows: “How do you use this stuff?”

He unscrewed the bottle cap, put it under his nose and sniffed, then raised his eyebrows: “I‘ll pass, it smells so bad.”

“It’s not like that,” Jing Ci pursed his lips and smiled and instructed him: “Put it on your finger, and then apply it on the temple. It is said to work well.”

“Really?” Ying Jiao heard the words, and erected the bottle down. He moved too much, and most of the Fengyou essence in the bottle disappeared all at once. The green liquid followed his fingers and sparsely fell to the ground.

Jing Ci felt a little distressed: “This is too much, put less.”

Ying Jiao was suffocated in his heart, put Fengyou essence on the table, and said: “Why don’t you do it, can you help me?”

Jing Ci looked at the small puddle of liquid on the ground, tangled, and nodded.


He couldn’t bear to waste it, so he didn’t pour it out of the bottle anymore. Instead, he stretched out a finger and rubbed it against Ying Jiao’s hand that was soaked, “You lower it.”

Ying Jiao lowered his head obediently, and consciously tucked up the hair on his forehead.

Jing Ci carefully rubbed one temple for him, and then turned to the other side.

Ying Jiao looked down at his serious appearance and chuckled, “Hey, little classmate.”


“He Zhou asked me to skip self-study in the evening to go out and play.”

Jing Ci’s movements stopped and looked up at him: “It’s not good to skip class.” He paused, and added: “Your task today has not been completed yet.”

With Ying Jiao’s current situation, it is not suitable to follow the teacher. Jing Ci not only explained to him the knowledge in the textbook, but also chose an additional exercise book for him to do. There is a certain amount every day, and will help him to correct it after finishing it.

Finding any errors will be written down in a notebook, and would focus on it.

After both temples were wiped, Jing Ci stopped his hands and screwed on the lid of Fengyou essence: “Okay.”

Ying Jiao looked at him softly: “Thank you, little classmate.”

Jing Ci took out a tissue and wiped his hands, and said lightly, “You’re welcome.”

After hesitating, he asked Ying Jiao: “Are you really going to skip class?”

“How could I?” Yingjiao turned his pen skillfully: “Am I that kind of person.”

He raised his eyes to look at He Zhou and Zheng Que, curling his lips, and said in a sulky manner: “Did you hear that, our little classmates won’t let me go, so I won’t go.”

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Ying Jiao: I’m kidding. I never skip classes. I’m different from He Zhou and the others.

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