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Jing Ci blushed beet red. He picked up the biology book on the table, and hit Ying Jiao regardless, “Are you sick?”

Ying Jiao easily grabbed his wrist and watched him struggle in his own hands. He smiled: “Yes, do you have medicine? How many days will it last? One day? One week? Or one month?”

Jing Ci became dizzy and forgot that this was a self-study class, so he was about to kick him when he raised his foot.

“Okay, stop making trouble,” Ying Jiao clamped his legs between his legs and chuckled: “Be good, let’s stop making trouble, brother is wrong, brother apologizes to you, don’t be angry.”

Jing Ci took a deep breath, calmed down for a moment, and looked down at his hand: “You let go.”

“Yes,” Ying Jiao was afraid that he would really annoy him, and slowly let go of him. Just as he was about to withdraw to his hand, Jing Ci suddenly stretched out his foot and kicked his calf fiercely.


“Hiss…” Ying Jiao gasped with pain. He shortly rubbed his calf and looked at Jing Ci: “So cruel.”

Jing Ci ignored him and picked up his pen sternly.

Ying Jiao looked at his small red face, trying to put on his best serious look. He couldn’t help but curl his lips slightly.

How come his little classmate is cute, even when angry, he hasn’t forgotten to help him review his papers.

At this time, in the science office of the second year of high school, several teachers were arguing over whether Jing Ci should join the competition class.

Every year, there is a knowledge contest for high school students in mathematics, physics, chemistry and information technology.

From the provincial preliminaries to the provincial semifinals, to the national competition, and finally to the international competition, you will advance step by step.

The performance of Donghai Province is not very good every year. It is at the bottom of the country. Most of the students who can make it to the national competition are three or two students at most.

The provincial experiment has tried hard to get results in the competition, and for this reason, many teachers have been hired outside.

But in the end, it was not only costly and laborious, but it did not get any good results.

Over time, the school leaders were a little disappointed and did not pay as much attention to the competition as before.

Originally, in each competition class of the provincial experiment, there were almost 80 people in each subject. Now not only has it dropped to 30 people, the competition subjects have also changed from five subjects to three subjects in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Information technology and biology are directly removed.


Zhao Feng, the head teacher of class 2, is currently leading the math competition class. He rolled up the teaching plans and stood opposite Teacher Liu. While slapping the table excitedly, he said: “Jing Ci, of course, has to join the competition class. What do you think Old Liu?”

Teacher Liu sat there in silence, took a sip of chrysanthemum tea, without answering.

Zhao Feng was so anxious that he walked around to Teacher Liu and tried to persuade him: “Yes, I know that our school’s performance in the competition is not good, but I how can I not say anything about this. Don’t you think it’s a waste not to participate in the competition?”

He paused, and said with some expectation: “What if he can get the results?”

Hearing this, Teacher Liu raised his eyelids and glanced at him, then sneered and said, “Stop trying to tempt me. Didn’t you say that about Jiang Chong and Zhou Chao? And what were the results? Did they get any results in the rematch?”

Zhao Feng’s face suddenly became speechless.

Indeed, the provincial experiment, and even the shortcomings of the East China Sea Province in the competition are too serious. Every time they were beaten by other provinces, there was no way to fight back.

“I will think again, think again…” Teacher Liu murmured while holding his head.

“But…” Zhao Feng was still not reconciled, and wanted to say something more, Zhang Jing on the other hand suddenly said: “The competition is different from the ordinary exam. Jing Ci’s test results are good this time, but the competition…”

She laughed and said meaningfully: “Let those who have never studied be allowed to participate in competitions? Teacher Zhao, don’t spend so much time on the internet if you are so anxious.”

Ever since Jing Ci passed the first grade exam, Zhang Jing has stopped talking in the office. She occasionally ran into Teacher Liu head-on and felt embarrassed.

Who would have thought that the little bastard who doesn’t learn well and fights every day is actually a real academic prodigy?

Her face that had been beaten some time ago still hurts, and now that she finally has a chance to find her place, how could Zhang Jing easily let it go.

Jiang Chong in their class is a seeded contestant in the math competition. He broke into the provincial semi-finals last year, although his results were not good. But now after another year of practice, he can always be better than before.


Jing Ci, a man who has never studied competition, compares him with Jiang Chong.

Teacher Liu originally didn’t want Jing Ci to participate in the competition. After all, if Jing Ci’s grades can be maintained, he can choose all majors in all universities in China with his eyes closed.

But if he joined the competition class, he would be distracted and his results decline, and then he can’t get a good result in the competition, then he will lose more than he could gain.

Moreover, he was afraid that because of his high grades, the school teachers would expect too much of Jing Ci, which would put him under pressure.

When the time comes and his rebelliousness comes out, Teacher Liu feels that he really can’t bear it.

But when Zhang Jing said this, he changed his mind in an instant.

What happened to the competition before? He hasn’t studied hard for more than a year. Who would have thought that Jing Ci could get first place in the exam?

With his cleverness, he studied for a year and waited until the third year of high school to compete again. Maybe he could really save them the honor of their school.

Teacher Liu put the thermos cup in his hand on the table and said in a deep voice, “I will ask Jing Ci to come over and ask.”

Zhao Feng urged: “Hurry up!”

It just so happened that the chemistry teacher was going to take a stroll in the seventh and eighth classes, so Mr. Liu asked him to call Jing Ci over.

A few minutes later, Jing Ci knocked on the door and came in from the outside: “Teacher, are you looking for me?”

“Sit.” Teacher Liu dragged a chair to his side and motioned Jing Ci to sit down and talk: “I have something to tell you.” He paused, and slowly said under Zhao Feng’s glaring gaze. Are you interested in participating in the competition class?”

Jing Ci’s eyes lit up instantly, and he said without hesitation: “I want to participate in a math competition class.”

In his previous life, Jing Ci was a key figure in a prefecture-level city. Although their high school was very good, the teaching staff still couldn’t compare with the provincial experiment. In addition, at that time, the Education Bureau did not allow schools to engage in the Olympiad competitions, so by the time of Jing Ci, there were no competition classes at all.


Jing Ci could only find books, read, and work on topics in his spare time. He was discovered by the class teacher and persuaded him for a long time.

There was a chance in this life, of course he would not let it go.

Teacher Liu has long discovered that Jing Ci prefers mathematics, and nodded when he heard that: “You can think about it yourself. From tomorrow on, you will go to the small classroom for self-study at night, and the same on Sunday.”

The provincial experiment does not take two days off. The first years and the second years only take half-day off every Sunday afternoon, and at the end of the month will take two days of the end of the month vacation.

For the third year’s, there is only one day off at the end of the month.

One day less class a week, plus no more evening self-study, this means that Jing Ci’s time has been cut a lot.

“I see.” Jing Ci nodded and expressed his understanding: “Thank you, teacher.”

Teacher Liu waved his hand and pointed at Zhao Feng and said, “This is Teacher Zhao, the teacher of class 2. He takes the math competition class. If you have any problems with your studies, please call him.”

Jing Ci greeted Zhao Feng politely: “Hello, Teacher Zhao.”

Zhao Feng smiled at him kindly: “Jing Ci, right? Welcome to join our math competition class.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Jing raised her head from the lesson plan and glanced disdainfully.

Not only her, but other teachers are not very optimistic about Jing Ci. After all, things like the Mathematical competition are completely two different things.

Although Jing Ci got a terrifying score this time, they still had no hope of his results in the competition.


Zhao Feng knows more about Mathematical competition classes than Teacher Liu. He likes Jing Ci, so he said more: “You came a little bit late. The provincial preliminary competition will start in less than a month, but I think that you don’t need this. So don’t worry or stress about it. We will be warming up at that time. What teacher really looks forward to is your grade next year.”

Jing Ci was stunned when he heard the words.

In his world, the preliminary round of the knowledge contest for high school students starts from May to September, and the specific time varies from province to province. Here, the preliminary round was forced to December.

“Tomorrow, our competition class will have a quiz, and you will take the test together. I have no other meaning, teacher just wants to see where you are.”

“I see.” Jing Ci returned to his senses and promised: “I will go to the small classroom on time tomorrow.”

After Jing Ci left the office, Zhao Feng subconsciously sighed: “I don’t know how many points he can score.”

A teacher smiled and said, “Mr. Zhao, you are too anxious. This is not an ordinary exam.”

Zhang Jing inserted a sentence: “After all, this is a competition, and ordinary people can’t handle it.”

Zhao Feng glanced at her and said nothing.

The other teachers who were still going to say a few words, seeing that the atmosphere was a little subtle, closed their mouths and bowed their heads to continue preparing for the lesson.

Jing Ci resigned from the office, and before returning to Class 7, the bell rang for the first night of self-study.

He thought for a while, turned his feet, and walked out. His black ink pens are almost running out, so he has to buy a box of refills from a small shop.

As soon as he walked to the corner of the corridor, his neck was hugged from behind with a hand.

Ying Jiao put his chin on his shoulder and turned his head to look at him: “Where shall we go, little classmate?”

The sleeve of his school uniform jacket was rolled to his elbow, and his exposed forearm was smooth, with a little youthful thinness. Just slanting under Jing Ci’s chin, strong and domineering.

Jing Ci grabbed his wrist, pushed him away, and continued walking forward blankly.

“Ignoring me?” Ying Jiao followed him step by step, and chuckled: “What’s the matter, want brother to coax you?”

Jing Ci glanced back at him, and reluctantly said: “Small shop.”

“It’s a coincidence,” Ying Jiao stepped forward with his two long legs, caught up with Jing Ci in two steps, and walked beside him: “I want to go too.”


He paused, then suddenly lowered his voice, leaning into Jing Ci’s ear and said, “Do you know what I’m going to do in the small shop?”


“Buy what?”

Jing Ci glanced at him inexplicably: “How would I know.”

“Shampoo,” he lowered his head and said meaningfully: “Just buy yours.”

Jing Ci was still too innocent, thinking that he had run out of shampoo, so he immediately put aside the hatred of being molested, and kindly told him the shampoo brand he bought yesterday. Finally, he said: “I checked several times. The evaluation of each website is pretty good.”

Why would Ying Jiao care about this?

He stared at Jing Ci: “Is this a couple set? By the way, what brand of toothpaste and shower gel do you have? Tell me now, so that they can be bought together.”

He paused for a while and chuckled: “At that time, we will both smell the same from the inside out. Hey, say that when someone smells it, do you think that they would imagine the two of us sleep together every day?”

The first evening self-study of the provincial experiment started at 7:00 and did not end until 9:05. After that, there was a 20-minute break.

On the dimly lit playground, there are noisy students who came out after class.

Jing Ci’s face flushed suddenly, he subconsciously looked to the left and right, and he was relieved to see that no one was paying attention to them.

He endured his embarrassment and took a big step to the side. He was far from Ying Jiao and didn’t want to talk to this person at all.


Ying Jiao liked his shameful little appearance. When he saw this, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, and he was about to say something, but suddenly there was a sound of discussion in his ear——

One person said: “You said the Jing Ci from Class 7, is his grade true? How did he suddenly get so good in the exam?”

Another person answered, “Who knows, some of our subject teachers have been talking about Jing Ci every day during this period, and I almost vomited when I heard it.”

He paused and turned to the person next to him: “Hey, Jiang Chong, what do you think?”

Jiang Chong was the second place in this midterm exam, and his total score was 25 points less than Jing Ci.

From the time his prospect was gone, the first one was not his, or Zhou Chao from class 2. The score difference between the two has never been greater than 5 points.

Jiang Chong was silent for a while, and said unclearly: “Who knows, but logically speaking, with his grades, he should join the competition class? But several teachers have not moved up till now…”

When they heard him say this, one person suddenly said, “Yeah, it seems that the teacher doesn’t care about him very much. I think he just had dog-sh*t-luck this time. Who knows how many points he can get in the next exam?”

Another person said: “Jiang Chong, stand up for yourself, and take the number one again next time for the exam. You see, during this period of time, those people from Class 7 have been rustling their tails. When you brush the forum, all the people in their class are talking about it.”

Jiang Chong believed in himself: “I made a mistake this time, if I didn’t make a mistake…”

He smiled: “Jing Ci is nothing.”

Ying Jiao didn’t mean to overhear, but it was just a coincidence, because Jing Ci had just avoided him, and the distance between the two people and the people in front of him instantly narrowed, and he heard the conversation clearly from beginning to end.

Ying Jiao’s face gradually cooled down instantly.

Since childhood, he has heard countless times other people talk about him and his family’s ruinous things. Ying Jiao has always treated those people as farting and didn’t care at all.


But he couldn’t bear to hear others criticize Jing Ci.

Only he knows how difficult it was for his little classmate.

Encountering such an unthinkable thing, but can’t tell anyone, can only bear it silently.

At the beginning, he just liked to bully him, like watching that cold face be stained with various emotions.

But he didn’t know when he started to feel more and more distressed for him.

Seeing him live cautiously and seriously, like a little hamster, changing a little here and a little there, and working hard to build his own life, Ying Jiao feels that his heart will be melted.

He knew that Jing Ci was very clever, and his grades were so good that he couldn’t just explain it with diligence.

But after two months of understanding, he saw more of Jing Ci’s hard work and persistence.

“Jing Ci is nothing.”

What is he then?

Ying Jiao sneered and walked towards the few people.

Jing Ci also heard the conversation between those people, but he didn’t get angry, but found it a little funny.

Except for the time when he first adapted to his identity, this was the first time anyone looked down on him in terms of performance.

Jing Ci pursed his lower lip, thinking with amusement, if he suddenly walked over now, how would the people in front of him see him react, but from the corner of his eyes he caught a glimpse of Ying Jiao.

Jing Ci saw that his expression was not right, and was afraid that he would fight with others in the past, and quickly grabbed him.

“It’s okay, wait for a while.” Ying Jiao broke away from him, and stepped in front of the few people.

Jiang Chong and the others walked along the way, when someone suddenly came to block the way, their expressions didn’t improve. But when they saw who the person in front of them was, the fire in the hearts of several people instantly went out, and they quickly swallowed the words to their lips, wanting to take a detour.

“Did I let you go?” Ying Jiao grabbed Jiang Chong by the collar and pulled him in front of him, and said coldly: “What did you just say? Come, repeat it to Dad.”


Jiang Chong’s face was pale, and he couldn’t say a word tremblingly.

“What’s the matter?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and looked at him: “Weren’t you feeling pretty happy just now? Dumb?”

Jiang Chong was stared at, and his whole body was cold, and he broke out in a cold sweat: “Brother Jiao, brother Jiao…”

The other two people were also full of horror, looking like they wanted to run but didn’t dare.

Ying Jiao looked down at him and sneered: “Don’t play pheasant for yourself, want to get first place in the exam? Catch up with those 25 points first.”

“Joining the competition class is great, isn’t it?” Ying Jiao smiled: “Don’t worry, no stone will shine anywhere.”

He loosened Jiang Chong’s collar, took Jing Ci and walked two steps forward, turning his head back to Jiang Chong, who was still standing there and dared not move: “Keep working hard, I wish you another second place in the next exam. “

“I’m so good-tempered now,” Ying Jiao suddenly said with emotion on the way to the small shop: “I didn’t beat them up like I used to.”

Jing Ci’s expression was dazed, he didn’t know what he was thinking of, and only after hearing his voice did he come back to his senses, raised his head and looked at him blankly.

Ying Jiao was shaken by his cute look, took the opportunity to rub his head, and then quickly put his hand down, pretending that nothing happened: “Little classmate, if I wasn’t here just now, would you be like this? Just forget it?”

He sighed: “What can you do without me.”

“It’s just a few words,” Jing Ci looked down and said softly: “I don’t care, the results don’t have to speak for themselves.”

“Why is it so soft,” Ying Jiao grabbed his shoulders, and brought him to his side: “Where did your momentum go when you raised a broomstick against others?”

When mentioning this, Jing Ci pursed his lips in embarrassment: “He didn’t hit me on the head.”


Ying Jiao laughed, he is either not stupid or stupid, it only happens when someone hits him on the head.

He was about to take the opportunity to educate Jing Ci a few words, when he heard Jing Ci’s faint voice: “Ying Jiao.”

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Ying Jiao lowered his head, looked at him with a smile, and waited for his next words.

“I…” Jing Ci moved his lips and paused for a few seconds before continuing: “I have joined the math competition class.”

Ying Jiao was startled, and then the corners of his lips became higher and higher.

This was the first time Jing Ci took the initiative to tell himself about him.

Ying Jiao was in a good mood, and felt that the tree with a crooked neck on the side of the road was cute. He tried his best to restrain his urge to hug Jing Ci and rub him, and said with a smile: “Our little classmate is amazing, I will ask you to eat oden to celebrate later.”

The weather has turned cold, and it is best to eat a few skewers of oden at this time.

“No.” Jing Ci shook his head: “Don’t spend money indiscriminately.”

“I want to eat.” Ying Jiao took out his phone, called up the payment page, walked into the small shop, and remarked back to Jing Ci: “You stay with me, don’t refuse anymore, it’s a deal.”

It was the end of class, and there were so many students buying things in small shops. You push me, I stepped on your foot, the small space was crowded with people, everyone rushed to the counter desperately, no one would let anyone else have space.

But as soon as Ying Jiao came in, the students who recognized him dodged, for fear that they would accidentally offend the school bully and break their legs with their heads.


Ying Jiao walked to the front easily, bought Jing Ci’s shampoo plus two oden, and brought Jing Ci a box of refills, the whole journey was less than three minutes.

“Here.” Ying Jiao stuffed Jing Ci’s a portion of oden into Jing Ci’s hand, and protected him from the crowd: “What are you looking at with your phone, eat quickly, and it will be cold later.”

Jing Ci put his phone in his pocket, picked up a bamboo stick, and stuffed a steaming beef ball into his mouth.

At the same time, Ying Jiao’s cell phone vibrated, he took out a look, and Jing Ci sent him a WeChat red envelope.

“You…” Ying Jiao didn’t receive the red envelope. He put down his phone and looked at Jing Ci, helplessly: “You really treat me like this?”

It’s been so long, why are they not familiar yet, or do they have no feelings.

Jing Ci walked with him in the direction of the teaching building. Hearing the words, he said seriously: “I can’t always take advantage of you.”

Indeed, Jing Ci has always been like this, as long as others treat him kindly, he will always find a chance to return, as if he was afraid of owing someone.

Suddenly, Ying Jiao’s heart felt like he was hit by something, aching.

Ying Jiao turned to look at Jing Ci.

He was eating beef balls, his cheeks bulged into a small round bag, his well-shaped lips moved, his eyes filled with satisfaction.

His little classmate, never willing to owe favors, and on a cold night, a hot beef ball can make him happy. What kind of environment did he grow up in to develop such a personality?

Ying Jiao wanted to know, he wanted to know all about Jing Ci, but–

He sighed regretfully, and it would be very difficult for Jing Ci to not be wary of him.

Take your time, he has time anyway.

The next morning, when Jing Ci arrived at class, Ying Jiao arrived.


He was sitting on the seat, holding a paper bag in his hand, and was scooping out things.

Hearing the movement, Ying Jiao raised his head, saw Jing Ci, and suddenly smiled: “What a coincidence, I was just about to call you.”

Jing Ci pulled out his chair and sat down on his seat, wondering: “What’s the matter?”

“Here,” Ying Jiao took out a handful of chestnuts and put it on his table: “Let’s eat, He Zhou and the others found this shop when they skipped class last night. They deliberately picked this up in the morning to buy it. The taste is okay.”

Jing Ci thanked him and put the chestnuts inside his desk.

Upon seeing this, Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows: “Don’t like it?”

“No,” Jing Ci opened the pencil case, took out a pen, replaced it with the black ink he bought last night, and opened the Mathematical book on the table: “You can’t eat when you study early.”

Ying Jiao was dumbfounded, and he said helplessly: “Occasionally, it’s okay to eat once, I will help you watch out and ensure that Old Liu will not find out.”

Jing Ci shook his head, rejected his proposal, and lowered his head to read.

Now that he has decided to participate in the math competition, he must work harder on it. Although Jing Ci is confident, he is never conceited.


He had bought these books for a while, and Jing Ci has read about a quarter of them. He found the previous progress, took out the bookmark, concentrated and began to study seriously.

After reading a page, he held the pen and was about to draw out the key points on it, when a peeled, warm chestnut suddenly came to his lips.

Jing Ci looked up subconsciously: “You…”

Ying Jiao took the opportunity to put the chestnuts into his mouth and smiled: “Let’s eat, it’s cold now, this thing is so cool, it won’t taste good by the end of class.”

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