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Jing Ci stared at Ying Jiao in a daze.

He seemed to have done something so naturally. After saying a word, he continued to lower his head and peel the chestnuts.

The slender fingers slightly pressed firmly, and they were gently snapped from the opening, and the chubby chestnut flesh was exposed.

“Silly?” Seeing Jing Ci stared at him blankly, Ying Jiao chuckled, stretched out his hand to poke his cheek: “Quickly eat, it’s alright. Look back, everyone is eating breakfast.”

The touch on his cheeks made Jing Ci regain his senses. He turned his head a little flustered, chewed the chestnuts in his mouth twice, and said vaguely, “Thank you.”

“What’s the thank you for,” Ying Jiao Shi laughed, and handed him the peeled chestnut meat: “You read the book, I’ll help you peel it.”

“No,” Jing Ci swallowed the chestnut meat in his mouth and shook his head: “I’ll do it myself.”


“Be obedient, don’t be polite with me,” Ying Jiao took a paper towel from inside his desk and spread it on the table. While talking to Jing Ci, he put the peeled chestnuts on it: “The competition is about to begin, your time is now tight.”

Knowing that Jing Ci had joined the math competition class, Ying Jiao deliberately checked it out and learned that the math competition had already started registration in mid-to-late December, and it was only one month away.

He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I can recite the text and peel chestnuts without delay, otherwise I’ll give you a live performance?”

Ying Jiao has worked very hard recently. Jing Ci has listed to him all the content that needs to be recited from the first year of high school to the present, and he has almost finished memorizing it.

Without waiting for Jing Ci to speak, he continued: “What’s the first sentence of Changsha in Qinyuanchun? Can you start it off for your brother?”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes, the corners of his lips curled slightly: “Independent cold autumn…”

Ying Jiao continued without pause: “Go north of Xiangjiang, Juzizhoutou…”

(T/n: not sure if any of this is correct)

Jing Ci lowered his head and continued to answer the question.

On his desk is his favorite math book. Outside the window, the morning sun shines in through the glass, casting a lot of light and shadow in the classroom.

The breeze moved the white curtains of the window, and the voice of Ying Jiao reciting gently came from his ears.

On hand, the chestnuts he gave were sweet and soft, within reach.

After deciding to go to the competition class, Jing Ci still had classes during the day, but instead of sitting in his seat for self-study after supper, he packed up his things and prepared to go to the small classroom.


The small classroom is in the second teaching building, which is farther away from the dormitory than the teaching one. Jing Ci went to class first, he didn’t know if the teacher would make them leave early, so before leaving, he went to Li Zhou’s seat on purpose so that he could go back to the dormitory without waiting for himself after school.

Li Zhou readily agreed.

When Jing Ci arrived in the small classroom, there were already a few people sitting there sparsely.

It was too early for class time, everyone was not studying, but chatting together, suddenly seeing his face, they all looked over.

Jing Ci is now considered a celebrity in the provincial experiment. After recognizing him, there was a faint contempt from below.

Jing Ci ignored the discussion, stood calmly in front of him, looked down, picked a front position, and was about to walk over. A handsome boy with black-rimmed glasses suddenly waved at him: “Jing Ci!”

“Huh?” Jing Ci stopped and looked at him.

“Come here and sit down,” the boy took away the schoolbag on the chair next to him, and randomly stuffed it into the hole of his desk: “I have no one at my table.”

It doesn’t make any difference to Jing Ci where he sits, not to mention that he was kindly invited.

Jing Ci nodded and sat down, “Thank you.”

“Hehehe,” the boy laughed excitedly, and introduced himself familiarly: “My name is Zhou Chao, and I have long wanted to know you.”

Zhou Chao scored third place in this midterm exam, with a total score of 720, in class 2.

“You’re really amazing,” Zhou Chao looked at Jing Ci admiringly: “How did you get a full score on the test? The third question of the last big question in physics, It took awhile to figure out the answer, but my answer was still wrong.”


“It’s nothing,” Jing Ci shared his test experience with Zhou Chao: “I usually check the questions after I finish the questions, and sometimes I can find the mistakes.”

“Then I will do the same next time, I’m just impatient to check it.” Zhou Chao scratched his head, looked around, and leaned over to Jing Ci and said in a low voice: “I knew that I would come to the competition class. I didn’t expect you to come too. I chose mathematics, but our school competition results are not good…”

Jing Ci turned to him and listened carefully.

Zhou Chao continued: “Last year, our entire province won the first prize in the mathematics competition. It seems that there were only 30 people. Our school accounted for one-third, but…”

He paused, stretched out his hand to compare, and his voice became lower and lower: “Just one person entered the national competition. He was a senior in our school. He went from primary school to college in the Mathematical Olympiad. He wasn’t good at physics and chemistry. At least three people in these two subjects entered the national competition.”

(T/n: Olympiad is basically the Olympics but with just exams)

Zhou Chao shook his head: “So Mr. Zhao has been drinking chrysanthemum tea every day to reduce the fire. I’m afraid that we will be wiped out in this year’s national competition.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Ci nodded thoughtfully.

He remembered that in his previous life, there were about fifty places for the first prize in the annual mathematics competition in their province. In comparison, Donghae Province is really much weaker in terms of competition.

The two of them were talking, and a group of people headed by Jiang Chong came in.

Zhou Chao’s seat is in the second row of the middle row, which is very conspicuous. As soon as Jiang Chong stepped into the classroom, he saw Jing Ci next to him, and stopped in a moment.


After returning home last night, he trembled for a long time, for fear that Ying Jiao would bring someone to the dormitory to beat him. It was easy to survive one night, but when saw that Ying Jiao hadn’t moved, he just gave him a little warning.

Unexpectedly, he never saw Ying Jiao again, but saw Jing Ci in the small classroom.

Thinking of what he said last night, Jiang Chong’s face suddenly became hot.

He hurriedly looked away, stiffened and walked quickly to his seat.

He kept trying to find face for himself. Even if Jing Ci came to the competition class, he was about to start the competition. He was a person who had never studied Mathematical Olympiad before, and he could only get little results.

Although he lost in the mid-term exam, he will definitely win it back in the competition!

As soon as Jiang Chong sat down, Teacher Zhao arrived.

He glanced down, his eyes staying on Jing Ci for two more seconds. While flipping through the papers, he said: “A new classmate in our class came over today, and everyone has seen it. I won’t introduce you, after all I believe no one in our provincial experiment doesn’t know Jing Ci, right?”

Zhao Feng smiled: “To welcome the new classmates, let’s take a test today.”

He divides the paper in his hand into three parts, and sends it to the students who sit first in each row in turn: “Pass it back, this is a simulation competition, and the time is 100 minutes.”

They are all top students among top students, and Zhao Feng did not specifically emphasize examination discipline. After the papers were sent to each student, he turned around and reminded a few students who still had books on their desks, and finally stopped by Jing Ci, and said kindly: “Don’t be under pressure, if you can’t answer well It doesn’t matter, teacher just wants to see where you are.”

Jing Ci nodded, indicating that he knew.

After saying what he wanted to say, Zhao Feng was afraid to interrupt him from answering the question, so he didn’t stay by his side anymore and quickly walked onto the podium.

After getting the test papers, Jing Ci didn’t rush to do the questions, but browsed them first.

This set of test papers has a full score of 120 points, with eight filling-in-the-blank questions and three answering questions.


In his previous life, Jing Ci did not systematically study the Mathematical Olympiad, but he often taught himself because of his interest. After being discovered by the class teacher, he did not use the self-study class to read Mathematical Olympiad anymore, so the few questions above were completely unfamiliar to him.

Jing Ci is not nervous, but a little excited. The more the new question type, the more it can arouse his interest.

With a high concentration of energy, Jing Ci couldn’t even feel the passage of time until Teacher Zhao announced on the podium that the time was up and asked them to put down their pens.

“Stop writing,” Teacher Zhao collected the test papers and rationalized: “When you are in a formal competition, you have to stop writing when you are told to. You know what will happen if you want to write more? Your results can be invalidated.”

Having said that, Teacher Zhao sighed. Sometimes, he really didn’t want to take math competition classes anymore. Every year he has to work hard, and he can’t get results every year.

“Okay, let’s start the lecture below. If you have to go to the bathroom, go and return.” Teacher Zhao put the papers and opened the book in his hand. In front of the writing on the blackboard, he deliberately glanced in the direction of Jing Ci, and saw that he and Zhou Chao were reading a book, and then turned around with confidence.

Compared with Teacher Liu, Teacher Zhao’s rhythm is more suitable for Jing Ci. He listened to this class with great gusto, and was still a little bit unsatisfied by the end of class.

The same is true for Zhou Chao. He zips up his schoolbag and asks Jing Ci as he walks out, “Are you living on campus?”

Jing Ci nodded: “Yes.”

“Hey? Me too!” Zhou Chao’s eyes lit up suddenly, “Shall we go back tonight together? Which dormitory do you live in?”

“Okay,” Jing Ci opened the door and signaled Zhou Chao to go first: “I live in 301, how about you?”


“That’s pretty close.” Jing Ci glanced back and saw that there was no one in the classroom, so he turned off the lights and closed the door carefully.


After doing all this, he turned around and was about to move forward. When he raised his head, he met Ying Jiao’s smiling eyes.

He was taken aback: “Why are you here?”

Ying Jiao walked over, reached out his hand to take his schoolbag, and carried it on his body: “Come and send an umbrella to our little classmate.” He pointed to the window in the corridor and motioned Jing Ci to look outside: “It’s raining.”

Jing Ci looked through the glass window, it really rained. The rain is not heavy but it is pattering. In the winter, it is easy to get sick when getting wet.

Jing Ci looked down and asked softly: “Are you staying at school tonight?”

Ying Jiao let out a “huh” and stretched out his hand to drag Jing Ci to his side, reminding him: “Be careful, there is someone in front.”

Jing Ci nodded to indicate that he knew it, and then looked back: “Zhou Chao, let’s go.”

Ying Jiao frowned and followed his gaze. Where did Zhou Chao come from?

“That…” Zhou Chao was hairy when he was seen by Ying Jiao, he swallowed dryly, and hugged the schoolbag in his arms tightly: “You go first, you go first, I saw my roommate, I’ll wait for him. “

Going back to the dormitory with the school boss is really challenging his courage, he chooses to sneak! !

“That’s okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jing Ci didn’t think he was lying , smiled at him, and walked out of the second teaching building side by side with Ying Jiao.

The moment they left the building, Ying Jiao opened the umbrella in his hand and took Jing Ci’s shoulders and brought him to his side: “Get closer to me.”

Jing Ci moved his fingers, and didn’t push him away as before.


It was already near the end of November, the temperature has dropped a lot, and it will be even worse if it rains again.

In front of Ying Jiao and Jing Ci walked two girls who shared an umbrella. One girl shrank her shoulders and shouted: “It’s too cold, too cold! I’m freezing to death.”

Another girl echoed: “I’m too cold, what kind of weather is this. There’s no autumn in summer or winter!”

The first girl spoke loudly: “I think I can’t hold on to the dormitory anymore, damn it!”

The other girl thought about it, tightened the umbrella in her hand, and moved her elbow in her direction: “Come on, hold me, it won’t be cold anymore!”

Upon hearing the words, the first girl immediately moved over and hugged her arm.

“Hey, lightly, the umbrella was crooked by you…”

The girls were still talking in low voices, behind, Ying Jiao had a panoramic view of the movements of the two of them, and raised his lips with interest.

He looked sideways at Jing Ci, and asked with a chuckle: “Little classmate, are you cold?”

Jing Ci wasn’t as playful as he is, and he nodded honestly after hearing his words: “It’s a bit cold.”

Winter, especially when it rains, is like a chemical attack that you can’t resist it no matter how much you wear.


Ying Jiao smiled slightly, raised his right hand holding the umbrella slightly, stretched his left hand forward, took Jing Ci’s arm, turned around and pulled hard——

Unprepared, Jing Ci staggered and fell directly into his arms.

The small raindrops fell on the umbrella, making a pattering sound. Under the wide umbrella, Ying Jiao put his arms around Jing Ci, unzipped the zipper of his school uniform jacket to wrap him, and whispered in his ear: “Brother, it won’t be cold anymore.”

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