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Ying Jiao is in good health and has strong firepower. Even if he was wearing a sweater with a thin layer, Jing Ci can still feel the heat on his body, warmly surrounding him.

There were noisy voices in the playground, the light rain in the sky was still intermittently underground, and the students around him came and went, laughing, talking, or rushing.

Ying Jiao embraced him with one hand, and held the umbrella with the other. The small space under the umbrella was not invaded by wind or rain.

Jing Ci was stunned for a few seconds, and then gently stretched out his hand to push Ying Jiao away: “Can you let go?”


“Let’s go.” Ying Jiao pulled him back again, fearing that he was really angry and would run outside in the rain, he didn’t dare to tease him anymore, and said in a high-sounding voice: “I’m afraid that you would be cold.”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes slightly and looked at his shoelaces: “It won’t be cold anymore when we go back early.”

Ying Jiao choked, and his words were cut off.

He smiled, and said helplessly: “Okay, you are reasonable, you are right.”

No matter how big the playground of the provincial experiment is, the dormitory building is only a few minutes away. Soon, two people stood at the door of the dormitory.

Ying Jiao handed the bag he was carrying to Jing Ci: “Go in.”

Jing Ci was startled: “Aren’t you going in?”

“I’m going home.”

“You… didn’t you say you were staying tonight?”

Ying Jiao opened the shoulder strap of his school bag and hung it on his arm while saying: “No, there is something to do when I go back tonight. It was only because you didn’t have an umbrella. Okay, go up.”

He waved to Jing Ci: “Brother is leaving, see you tomorrow.”

Jing Ci pursed his lips. Seeing that Ying Jiao was about to turn around, he hesitated and said to him: “Be careful on the road.”

Ying Jiao paused, and then the corners of his lips twitched little by little.

Jing Ci climbed to the third floor and stood at the door of his dormitory. As soon as he reached out to push the door, the door was pulled open from the inside.


Li Zhou was taken aback when he saw him: “I was just leaving, this is really a coincidence.” He shook the umbrella in his hand: “If you didn’t come back, I was going to pick you up.”

Jing Ci thanked him, put the schoolbag on the only table in the dormitory, adjusted the angle a few times, and then stopped until it seemed pleasing to the eye.

Li Zhou circled him around, and the more he looked, the more he felt something was wrong.

He stretched out his hand and touched Jing Ci’s body, wondering: “You didn’t bring your umbrella? Why are you not wet at all?”

Jing Ci was holding a basin, he paused when he heard his words, and said vaguely: “I shared one with others.”

“Oh,” Li Zhou’s gaze fell on his face, envious and jealous: “It’s good to be handsome, was it a girl who asked to share her umbrella?”


Thinking of Ying Jiao’s well-defined water chestnut face, Jing Ci’s lips curled slightly and did not answer.

Li Zhou consciously discovered the truth, lay down on the bed and sighed and said: “Nowadays girls all look at their faces, but it’s a pity that they don’t understand the truth. Not only do they want a boyfriend, but they also want a handsome one.”

Jing Ci was walking out with the basin. Hearing his words, he didn’t explain anything, but changed the topic without a trace: “There are also people who look at talent.”

Li Zhou: “…”

Unfortunately, he has no face or talent.

He threw a fierce look at Jing Ci, wrapped his arms around his neck, and said viciously: “You dare to say that again?”

Jing Ci smiled: “Didn’t I tell the truth?”

“Okay, you!” Li Zhou pressed his hand to knock him down.

At this moment, the door of the dormitory was suddenly pushed open, and a few boys from Class 7 who were also staying came in.


Seeing the actions of the two of them, a boy immediately pulled Li Zhou away: “What are you doing? What’s the matter with you?!”

Wu Weicheng pushed Li Zhou aside and glared at him: “You! Stay away from our Jing Ci’s head! Do you understand!”

Wu Weicheng is the squad leader of Class 7 and the only one who can enter the top three hundred and fifty before in Class 7. He is pretty good in other subjects, math alone, he is just like Chen Miaomiao, and not good at it.

Every time he took the exam, he couldn’t do the ten big questions at the back. He was often called to the office and scolded after the results came out.

Ever since he saw Jing Ci score a perfect score in the math test in the mid-term exam, he always came over to ask Jing Ci questions.

People in Class 7 even joked that he and Chen Miaomiao had to give Jing Ci a pennant at the end of their term.

Wu Weicheng’s personality is very outgoing. After the two people got acquainted, he brought a few boys from Class 7 to Jing Ci’s dormitory from time to time. Sometimes he held a workbook and asked a few questions by the way.

He is tall and strong, and he has the same figure as Teacher Liu. Everyone else wears a L, while he wears a XXL. Li Zhou has no power to fight back. He was lifted and put aside like a chicken.

“I don’t care about brain fans!” Li Zhou took a sip and muttered softly.

Several other boys sat down beside him, put Li Zhou’s shoulders on them, and joked: “Fortunately, Jing Ci is not a girl, otherwise he would be entangled by Old Wu in this life.”

Wu Weicheng hissed and frowned: “What are you talking about.”

After taking a look at Jing Ci and seeing that he didn’t care, he was relieved.

Previously, because the original body chased Ying Jiao too much, the people in Class 7 all came to a conclusion that Jing Ci liked boys.


But since Jing Ci changed for the better, he has never been entangled with Ying Jiao anymore. On the contrary, Yingjiao often makes some jokes with him. People in Class 7 didn’t know if he really liked Ying Jiao from their interactions, or if Ying Jiao really wanted to raise his grades, or just deliberately making trouble.

They have been curious for a while and haven’t seen anything, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

It doesn’t matter if he likes men and women.

Since he likes men, there is only one boy he likes in the school, and none of them are like Ying Jiao. So they are not worried at all. If he likes women, it’s nothing to them.

But people carefully still avoided making such jokes with Jing Ci, lest he is unnatural.

Several boys smiled and made a begging gesture at Wu Weicheng.

They came, and Jing Ci didn’t feel that it would be good to wash again. He put the basin by his feet and stayed to chat with a few people.

Wu Weicheng calculated the time and said, “It’s so fast. Tomorrow is Saturday.”

“What’s going on Saturday.” Li Zhou curled his lips and sighed on the folded quilt: “No holiday.”

“Yeah,” the boy next to him said: “I’m so envious to see other schools are off, and my dad too. I’m not fit for studying, but he wanted to put me in the province to experiment, and my major is not right. “

Jing Ci smiled and didn’t participate in the conversation. He pulled out a bag of French bread from the drawer and threw it to them.

He is often hungry after coming back at night, so he prepared a few bags of French bread in the bedroom. This stuff is cheap and can be kept for a long time, and eating a few when you are hungry can make them feel a lot better.

A few boys were not polite with him, took one by one, tore it open and put it in his mouth.


They are all sixteen or seventeen years old, and everything can fit into their stomachs.

After the boy finished eating, he just wanted to put the packing bag on the bed. Jing Ci gave him a light look. The boy unconsciously threw it into the trash can.

“The school bathhouse will open tomorrow,” Wu Weicheng said while eating, “Are you going to take a bath?”

In summer, boys usually wash in the bathroom.

But now the weather is getting colder, and if they use cold water, you will get sick. Even if the firepower is strong, they dared not spoil themselves so much.

Jing Ci thought for a while and nodded: “I’ll go.”

The provincial experiment strictly controls the students that stay at school, and they are not allowed to leave the school at all. The school’s bathhouse is only open on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s not in summer, and they must choose these two days if they want to take a bath.

Several other people agreed: “Go.”

“Then you bring everything with you tomorrow morning. We won’t eat at noon and go straight to the bathhouse.” Wu Weicheng swallowed the last bite of bread in his mouth and said: “Otherwise, you won’t be able to grab the faucet.”

Jing Ci nodded: “Okay.”

Although it is also possible to go out to wash on Sunday afternoon, half a day is taken every week, which is very valuable. Most students will choose to go to the bathhouse on Saturday.

So noon on Saturday is the most crowded time for the provincial experimental bathhouse.

“At that time, no one will allow ink marks,” Wu Weicheng looked at several boys and warned: “As soon as the bell hits, get out of class, we will immediately rush out to grab a spot. Did you hear?”

Li Zhou glanced at him: “Is this necessary for you to say? It’s as if you haven’t been there before.”

Wu Weicheng ignored him, turned to Jing Ci, and treated him very differently: “You take your time. I will help you occupy a spot.”

Jing Ci laughed: “No, I’ll just go with you.”

When Jing Ci first came, he was really not used to the atmosphere of robbing everything in the provincial experiment, but after staying for a long time, he gradually accepted it. Sometimes he went to the cafeteria faster than Li Zhou.


A few people just agreed.

The next morning, Jing Ci wrapped shampoo, towels and other bathing utensils in plastic bags, stuffed them into school bags, and carried them back into the classroom.

The opaque plastic bag he used was put inside his desk when he got to his seat, so even if Ying Jiao was at the same table with him, he didn’t find it.

Until the third class ended, Wu Weicheng shouted in the classroom with a loud voice: “Hurry up to leave when class is over! I think there will be a lot of people in the bathhouse today.”

Several boys faintly responded, and Jing Ci nodded along with it.

At that time, Ying Jiao and He porridge were coming back from outside.

Seeing this scene, the smile on Ying Jiao’s lips gradually disappeared.

He looked at He Zhou blankly: “Am I hearing things, or are they joking? Why did Jing Ci also respond?”

He Zhou’s hair stood up when he saw him, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and said, “Wash, take a bath?”

He wanted to wink at Wu Weicheng, but instead of looking at him, Wu Weicheng ran to Jing Ci and Li Zhou and said, “I brought a bath towel, I can help you rub your back at that time.”

Jing Ci pointed inside his desk: “I also brought it, I can also help you rub it.”

Ying Jiao sneered, walked over and pushed Wu Weicheng aside.

Wu Weicheng was furious and was about to get angry. But when he saw Ying Jiao he ran back to his seat in a desperate manner.

Ying Jiao took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down: “Don’t go with them, I will take you out tomorrow.”


Jing Ci shook his head and turned a page of the Olympic Mathematics book in his hand: “I have already said I’m going.”

Ying Jiao almost couldn’t hold back from squeezing his face twice.

He’s so courageous. He wants to take a bath with a group of wild men today. What about tomorrow? What can he do tomorrow?

Ying Jiao grinds his teeth lightly, very good, he is not to blame, these people are forcing him…

Wu Weicheng, who was lying on the table, felt his back go cold inexplicably. He raised his head blankly and glanced around, then he inadvertently scratched his hand twice and continued to lie down.

In the fourth class in the morning, was Teacher Liu’s math class.

Class 7 had just conducted a quiz yesterday, so Mr. Liu did not teach a new lesson in this class, but started to talk about the test paper.

Jing Ci still got a full score as usual, so there was nothing to say. However, he was proud of Ying Jiao, his grades improved a lot, and he got a few compliments from Teacher Liu.

The previous basic questions, Mr. Liu, spoke very quickly, and basically they were all done in one go. When the final part of the big question was reached, Mr. Liu talked very carefully.

Knowing the level of his classmates, he could almost say that he broke the topic into pieces, and waited until the last big topic was finished, just for the bell to ring.


As soon as Wu Weicheng heard the bell, he instantly grasped the plastic bag in his hand and stared at the classroom door vigorously. He left his chair and was about to rush out when Teacher Liu gave the order.

Teacher Liu didn’t delay the class either. He put down the chalk in his hand and said, “Okay, then this class will now end…”

Before he finished speaking, Ying Jiao suddenly raised his hand: “Teacher.”

Teacher Liu was taken aback and looked at him: “What’s the matter?”

Ying Jiao played the paper in his hand, and said with a serious expression on his face: “I don’t understand the last big question.”

Wu Weicheng, who was ready to go, staggered and fell back onto his chair.

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