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If this were left in the past, Teacher Liu would have thrown a piece of chalk and beat him up for disrupting the end of class.

However, Ying Jiao has performed too well in the past month. Not only is he willing to study hard, but his grades have also improved.

Teacher Liu glanced at him with satisfaction, then picked up the chalk again: “Then I’ll tell it again, and those who don’t understand should seize the opportunity to listen.”

As he turned around, he said: “Did you see? As a student, you should be like Ying Jiao, work hard, and ask if you don’t understand! You must all learn from Ying Jiao.”

The other students in Class 7 were numb: “…”

If anyone doesn’t understand, just ask! They want to leave now! !


I’m afraid that the foundation of Ying Jiao is too poor, and he still didn’t understand. This time, Teacher Liu spoke more carefully. By the time the three small questions were finished, six or seven minutes had passed.

He looked up at the time, quite a bit reluctant to stop, his eyes turned to Ying Jiao, and asked kindly: “Understand?”

His phone vibrated at the same time, Ying Jiao ignored it, and nodded at him: “Understood, thank you teacher.”

“That’s okay.” Teacher Liu put down the paper in his hand: “This class is over here, and now dismissed.”

After speaking, he picked up the things on the podium, opened the door and walked out of the classroom.

The bathhouse has been delayed for so long, and there is no need to go to the bathhouse. It is estimated that it will take a long time to go to the cafeteria. The students in Class 7 stood up sadly and were about to go outside. Zheng Que suddenly said with a loud voice: “Don’t go out. Brother Jiao will treat you at noon today.”

He shook the phone in his hand: “The meal has been ordered, your favorite, Yue Wei Xuan.”

Yue Wei Xuan is a Sichuan restaurant near the school. The dishes are delicious and the ingredients are fresh. People in Class 7 often choose it for dinner. But this restaurant does not deliver meals alone, only accepts group orders, so that every time they want to eat, they have to wait until the holiday.

Ying Jiao put one hand on the back of the chair and said with a smile: “I’m sorry, I wasted everyone’s time.”

The people in Class 7 were still a little emotional, but when they heard this, they instantly became happy.

There are ready-made ones, who would be happy to squeeze in the cafeteria? Not to mention that the cafeteria’s meals are already full.

The few boys who wanted to take a bath were no longer entangled in the matter of taking a bath, and happily put down the things in their hands.


Why should they take a shower in advance? It’s not like they can’t save some time and wait till Sunday afternoon in order to have a meal!

But now that someone invites them to dinner, why don’t shouldn’t they go.

“Where? What the brother Jiao said can be understood.”

“Brother Jiao, you don’t have to go out later, we can pick it up when the meal is delivered.”

“It’s all trivial things, Brother Jiao is spending a lot of money.”

A brave student came over, smiled and leaned over: “Brother Jiao, in the future, save all your questions to fourth class to ask, we don’t mind.”

The other boys also spoke: “This suggestion is good.”

Ying Jiao laughed at them and ignored them.

He turned to Jing Ci and whispered softly: “I delayed your bath, are you not angry?”

Jing Ci shook his head and said seriously: “If you don’t understand, you must ask.”

Ying Jiao warmed up, how come this little classmate is so good.

“Should brother take you out to wash at night?”

“At night?” Jing Ci was taken aback for a moment: “I can’t go out at night.”

As he packed the books on the table, he said, “Tomorrow, I will do it at school.”

“Don’t,” Ying Jiao even did such things as deliberately letting the teacher drag the end of class, because he was afraid that he would take a bath with a group of wild men. How could he let this go to waste: “There are too many people in the school bathhouse, and there are often power outages.”


He scared Jing Ci: “Last time someone in our class was half-washed, and the foam on his head was not washed away, there was no water, so he had to run back with his jacket wrapped in his head.”

Jing Ci’s movements were stopped.

Ying Jiao saw the opportunity, and continued: “There is more than an hour between dinner and evening self-study. I know a place that is close to school and there are very few people. You can wash it when you go.”

“Brother has a way to go out, don’t worry, you won’t violate the rules, how about it?”

Jing Ci still did not agree.

Ying Jiao took a deep breath and used his talking skills: “Our school’s bath house has been used for many years. The faucets in the same row are uneven. One is a bit higher there and a bit lower there, which is particularly ugly.”

Jing Ci couldn’t help but imagined the scene, and suddenly his whole body began to feel uncomfortable.

He hesitated, and finally nodded and agreed: “Okay.”

Ying Jiao raised his lips and was satisfied.

Behind them, He Zhou patted Wu Weicheng’s shoulder pityingly: “Squad leader, there are a million possibilities in an instant.”

What kind of dreams does he have that he wanted to take a bath with Jing Ci and rub his back. Their brother Jiao has never done this before.

The child hasn’t been killed yet, it’s purely dog-shit-lucky.

Wu Weicheng was heartless and immersed in the joy of being invited to eat. He almost forgot about taking a bath. Hearing this, he rubbed his ass, and subconsciously said: “Should we still go or should we continue to wait?”

He Zhou: “…”

He Zhou: “Ignorance is true happiness.”

Wu Weicheng glanced at him inexplicably. Just as he was about to say something, Zheng Que suddenly said, “Here is the meal! Here is the meal! Come over to get it with me!”

With this sound, the boys suddenly stood up and rushed out. Soon, the sound of laughter and running came from the corridor.


There are not many people in class 7, just forty people, and the meals for forty people moved in magnanimously. The scene was particularly spectacular. The students in other classes who watched looked sideways, guessing in their hearts what happened to their class.

Because of Jing Ci, Class 7 is now the subject of hot discussion on the forum.

The boys in Class 7 weren’t in class, so it was unknown who posted it on the forum.

[I just met people from Class 7 ordering a group meal, what are they doing? 】

[First Floor: [Picture][Picture]]

[Second floor: Even Class 7 is capable of doing this kind of thing. Feng Mao explicitly forbids ordering meals outside. If he is caught, he will be criticized. 】

[Fifth floor: When did those in Class 7 care about this? But I heard that Jing Ci entered the math competition class yesterday. Is it because of this that they are celebrating? 】

[Eleventh floor: It should be because of this. 】

[Thirteenth floor: Isn’t it? Is it worth it to enter our school competition class? People in Class 7 are so unique and weird. 】

[14th floor: Upstairs there seems to be a yin and yang sentence there, what happened to our school competition class? Although we can’t compete in the national competition, we should compete in the provincial competition. 】

[20th floor: I feel that Jing Ci shouldn’t participate in the competition, after all, the preliminary competition will start immediately, and he has never studied. 】

[25th floor: It seems like the 20th floor doesn’t know what is going on. Jing Ci is now really good and his grades are really good, I am convinced. But it feels like he made the wrong choice this time. Others have practiced for so long. But he who has never studied competition shouldn’t participate. It is better to wait for next year. 】

[33th floor: It is said that the math competition class took an exam last night. Guess how many points Jing Ci can score? 】

[37th floor: Visual inspection will not exceed 20 points, after all, it is a novice. Jiang Chong from class 1 said so at first. In the end, he placed 2nd in the exam. I laughed so hard at that. It is estimated that Jing Ci is not as good as him. 】


[40th floor: Ah, ah, ah, Jing Ci, my male god! None of you are allowed to say bad things about him ah ah ah ah ah ah! What’s wrong with twenty points! If the question is difficult, let alone getting third, he can get second place with no problem! 】

[41th floor: Is the upstairs stupid? What is the use of the second and third place? Autonomous enrollment is not considered at all, and the college entrance examination does not add points. In our school, the second prize and third place = no results, do you have a problem? 】

[50th Floor: Don’t make any noise, anyway, the results will definitely come out tonight, and I’ll watch it again when the time comes. 】

[66th floor: Squatting on the test results of Jing Ci, to be honest, I am a little curious, after all, we have not seen such a god in our school for a long time. 】

Jing Ci was originally the focus of the students’ attention. After this post came out, they were guessing how many points he had on the test. They guessed every number from zero to twenty.

The landlord is also boring, they even put out a poll. Those that guessed 0-10 points accounted for 95%.

People from Class 7 checked the forum when they were eating, and saw this post. Several people got together and discussed for a long time, but they still didn’t tell Jing Ci.

Even these scumbags know the difference between a competition and an ordinary exam. Instead of letting Jing Ci know and adding pressure, it’s better to keep it secret. Their class finally has someone who can learn, but they have to take good care of it.

Several people discussed with each other, and all the members of the class group were invited to warn everyone not to leak their mouths.


The original body was kicked out of the class group because he always bothered Ying Jiao in the group and said some sticky words. Jing Ci didn’t use his mobile phone much after passing through, so he forgot to add it.

Ying Jiao finished eating a chicken wing and saw that the phone was on. He glanced down, saw the content of the message, smiled, and buckled the phone screen.

After eating Ying Jiao’s meal, the seventh class suddenly felt that the school bully was not so scary.

Such a loyal person shouldn’t break people’s legs for no reason.

Thanks to this meal, Ying Jiao got a wave of favorability.

After the fourth class in the afternoon, the other students ran to the cafeteria to eat, while Ying Jiao walked to the school gate with Jing Ci.

The provincial experiment stipulates that even day students are not allowed to go home for dinner in the evening. So at the moment, the school gate is quiet.

The school guard was sitting in the small pavilion, shaking his head and listening to something.

Ying Jiao asked Jing Ci to wait for him outside, knocked on the door and walked in.

The two said a few words, and Ying Jiao took out a pack of cigarettes and handed it up. The doorman refused for a long time, but had to accept it, and said with a smile: “You kid will cost me my job, go early and return early before Feng Mao comes back.”

“I know, thank you.” Ying Jiao thanked him, took his bicycle at the door, and patted the back seat: “Little classmate, come up and sit down.”

Jing Ci used left hand to carry the plastic bag, jumped up, and asked Ying Jiao: “Is it quite far?”

“Not far,” Ying Jiao pushed hard, and the bike rushed out: “I’ll bike faster, I’m afraid you are in a hurry.”

Ying Jiao didn’t lie to him, it’s really not far away.

But what they went to was not the bathhouse that Jing Ci imagined, but an apartment building.

“Where is this?” Jing Ci watched Ying Jiao lock his bike and walked around, wondering: “Aren’t we going to the bathhouse to take a shower?”

“No,” Ying Jiao pressed the upward elevator, and said, “It is a bath, but it’s not a bathhouse, but my house.”

“No,” Jing Ci frowned, wanting to retreat: “I can go to the bathhouse.”


“Go to some bathhouse,” the elevator door dinged open, and Ying Jiao dragged him in and pressed the 22nd floor: “It’s not convenient at all for so many people to squeeze around. It just so happens that my home is near the school. It’s right to come to my house for washing.”

He paused, afraid that Jing Ci would be uncomfortable, and continued: “Don’t worry, there is no one else in my house. I live alone.”

Jing Ci was slightly startled.

How can Ying Jiao live alone? Where are his parents?

The novel is described from the perspective of the protagonist. In the early stage, he focused on his career. Ying Jiao as the other protagonist only had a few appearances either fighting or pretending to be forceful, and he had not been described in depth at all.

Therefore, Jing Ci did not know his family situation.

He didn’t ask too much, fearing that he would accidentally run into something that shouldn’t be crossed, nodded, and followed Ying Jiao into the door.

Ying Jiao’s single apartment had a typical large area but only one bedroom.

The closet, kitchen, toilet, and bathroom were all there. Ying Jiao opened the refrigerator, took out two bottles of mineral water, and handed Jing Ci a bottle: “Drink some water.”

Jing Ci took it, unscrewed the bottle cap and took two sips.

“Go,” Ying Jiao wiped the drops of water on his lips, led him into the bathroom, and pointed to the faucet. “Turn to the left for hot water, and the right for cold water. When you wash later, let the water flow first. The water comes out cold first.”


“You can take a bath if you want. The bathtub is clean,” Ying Jiao pointed to the row of toiletries above: “Shampoo and shower gel are all here, you can use it as you like.”

Jing Ci put the plastic bag he had brought on the shelf, and said to Ying Jiao with some embarrassment: “Thank you, I bought it myself.”

Ying Jiao chuckled: “What’s the trouble with this, I wanted you to come to my house.”

He paused and asked Jing Ci softly, “Did you bring spare underwear? If you didn’t, I have a new one.”

Jing Ci looked down and said unnaturally, “I brought it all.”

Ying Jiao smiled: “Alright, mine is probably too big for you to wear, and it’s not appropriate.”

He swept around in the bathroom. Seeing that there was nothing to say, he raised his foot and walked out: “Okay, you can wash.”

Jing Ci nodded and was about to close the door when Ying Jiao suddenly reached out and jammed the door frame.

He lowered his head slightly, looked at Jing Ci with a smile, and said softly: “Little classmate, do you need brother to come help you rub your back later?”

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The author has something to say:

 Small Theater-

Ying Jiao: I’m kidding. Wu Weicheng can rub it. So why can’t I?

Ying Jiao’s inner side: He came to my house, happy.

WCBL: It was a bit annoying to keep changing the chat floors, so I am leaving them as they are.

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