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Zhou Chao stretched out his hand to cover Jing Ci’s mouth viciously: “Shut up for me! Don’t talk!”

They sat in the second row of the middle row, almost under the teacher’s nose, their movements were too loud. Teacher Zhao took a look at Zhou Chao’s movements and immediately slapped the table and snarled: “Zhou Chao, what are you doing?! Stop for me! Are you so happy to score so little!”

Zhou Chao burst into tears immediately.

If he had scored like this in the past, he would have been praised by Teacher Zhao fiercely! But now…

He glanced at his classmate’s table and unknowingly grabbed it.

Since the new student is super, why should he resign!!

The others in the competition class also had stiff faces and dull eyes, and even began to doubt life.

Jing Ci took the highest score in the class?

How can this be? !

Not to mention that he had never been exposed to Mathematical Olympiad before. In the second year of high school, who doesn’t know the Jing Ci of class 7.

Fighting, skipping class and dyeing his hair yellow, he dares to do anything except studying!

However, this is the kind of person who first took first place in the whole year, and now he took first place in the competition class!

He has always been a top-notch person no matter where he went, and now he can’t help but begin to question his IQ in his heart.

Jiang Chong was even more dumbfounded, his cheeks were hot, and he could barely look up.

He stared at the test paper on the table, his eyes filled with disbelief.

He only got 75 points, but Jing Ci got 82!


He has never studied Mathematical Olympiad.

Forget about catching up–

Jiang Chong closed his eyes, his hands trembling slightly.

Now that Jing Ci has started to learn Mathematical Olympiad with them, can he surpass him in this life?

The school tyrants are also gossiping, especially when such shocking things happen. Before the first night of self-study was over, the news that Jing Ci Olympiad had taken the first place in the competition class was posted on the forum.

[80th floor: Damn it! Get Lao Tzu’s Italian knife! I want to cut my knees! ! 】

[89th floor: What a fuck? ! This is unscientific! How the hell is this possible? ! 】

[90th Floor: Everyone! 82! ! ! Jing Ci never studied Mathematical Olympiad, right? ? If he has learned this, won’t he go to heaven? ! Ahhhhhh, I suddenly felt that I could look forward to this year’s National Math League! 】

[99th floor: I don’t know what to say! Oh my god, I kneel down and hand a marker to the boss. 】

[108th floor: Seeing that 95% of the people in the main building who choose Jing Ci can only score 0-10 points, I think that they suddenly feel inexplicably slapped in the face…]

[120th floor: Fuck is the highest evaluation… I offer my knees to god. 】

[138th floor: This man is terrible… I am convinced…]


While the forum posts kept refreshing, Qiao Anyan, who was memorizing words, suddenly got stuck in the classroom of Class 21.

The tip of his pen shook countless times, but he just couldn’t figure out how to spell the words he memorized before.

He slammed the pen with a cold expression, and slammed the desk irritably.

After the midterm exam, Qiao Anyan discovered a secret. As long as he wants his brain to get better, he can really do it.


He tried for a week, circulating this idea in his mind every minute and every second.

Gradually, his unconscious mind is much better than before. Although it is not as good as the beginning of rebirth, at least the teacher’s lecture is understandable.

Knowing that his golden finger was still there, it hadn’t disappeared, but something went wrong for some reason, Qiao Anyan was relieved.

Although he was not very old when he died, the little link in his stomach had long been returned to the teacher.

(T/n: not sure if he means ‘link’ or something else)

Not to mention that he started in high school, even if he started in junior high school, he couldn’t keep up with the teacher’s progress.

He doesn’t have a good mind, and he has to learn things several times. Qiao Anyan really doesn’t have the time or the patience to learn things slowly.

He pinned all his hopes on the golden fingers brought by rebirth, but unexpectedly, there was a problem with his golden fingers.

Qiao Anyan clenched his fingers, pushed the textbook aside, tried his best to calm himself down, and began to repeat his obsessions in his heart day after day.

At this time, in the science office of the second year of high school, Teacher Liu finished preparing for tomorrow’s class, picked up the phone and swiped the forum, unexpectedly saw this post. He had long learned about Jing Ci’s achievements from Zhao Feng, but he was still inexplicably in a good mood when he saw the post.

Teacher Liu put down his phone, took a sip of chrysanthemum tea, glanced at Zhang Jing as if accidentally, and coughed fiercely.

Teacher Wang, who teaches chemistry, has a good relationship with him. Hearing his cough, he immediately turned around and said, “Old Liu, have you caught a cold?”

“Sort of,” Teacher Liu rubbed his temples and sighed: “I’m getting older, and my resistance is not good, and my brain is not working well.” He stopped for a while and asked Teacher Wang: “Right, how much did Jing Ci score this time in the Mathematical Olympiad? Why did I forget.”

Teacher Wang glanced at his grinning mouth, and said helplessly: “82.”


“Hey,” Teacher Liu put the chrysanthemum tea in his hand on the table, walked around in front of the office, shaking his head and sighed: “This score is not good, the national competition is still a bit dangerous.”

Zhang Jing took a deep breath and squeezed the pen in her hand.

Teacher Liu carried his hands on his back and said solemnly: “Tomorrow I have to go and have a good talk with him! According to the general examination, the maximum score is 120 points, and at least 90 points are considered as passing!”

With a click, Zhang Jing accidentally tore a piece of the lesson plan in her hand.

Teacher Liu returned to his seat and sat down, leaning on the back of the chair, thinking for a while and then saying: “Old Wang, you don’t know, Jing Ci looked cold and indifferent, but in fact he is actually very enthusiastic. He wrote all the notes that Ying Jiao in our class uses now!”

He paused and continued: “Well, I am entangled with this, and I am afraid of delaying his study, and it is difficult to dispel his enthusiasm. How can this kid be so sensible, and he knows to share the burden for his teacher…”

Zhang Jing couldn’t listen anymore, put the pen on the table with a sullen expression, and walked out of the office quickly.

Teacher Liu looked at her walking away, and laughed three times in his heart. It felt cool like drinking ice-cola in dog days.

In the small classroom of the competition class, Teacher Zhao announced the completion results, holding the paper in one hand and the chalk in the other, and began to talk about the topic.

Jing Ci followed his thoughts and went through his own mistakes from start to finish, and found several places that shouldn’t be wrong.

He pursed his lips, picked up the pen, and drew down the key points. He planned to find a few more questions of the same type after he goes back, so as not to make the same mistake again.


There is no rest time between the two self-study classes in the competition class, and he can only go to the toilet halfway through.

After Teacher Zhao finished the test paper, he talked about a new section. His time was just right, and the last sentence was finished, and it was just the end of the second night of self-study.

“Let’s end this lesson.” Teacher Zhao patted the chalk on his hands, with a solemn expression: “Next month will be the provincial preliminary round of the National Mathematical League. It’s a national competition, and you hardly have a few days to breathe…”

He paused, and his eyes slowly swept over everyone: “I said this in order not to pressure you, but to remind you. You have spent so much energy and so much time this year, and not just walking through the process. I was very dissatisfied with the test results yesterday. Go back and think about it.”

“The people sitting here are the top students among the top students in our province. You should be able to understand what I mean. Okay, class is dismissed!”

Teacher Zhao walked out of the classroom with a book in his hand, and other people in the class also went out one after another.

Jing Ci was not in a hurry to leave, he put his test papers in the clip evenly, and then he began to tidy up other things on his table unhurriedly.

“You go back first,” Zhou Chao said carelessly, throwing his school bag on his back and looking at him: “I have to go to the laundry room to get my school uniform later, do you want me to bring you something on the way back?”

There is a laundry room next to the provincial experimental store. Many students are too lazy to wash their clothes, so they send their clothes to the laundry room to wash them.

“No, I don’t need anything.” Jing Ci thanked him for his kindness and walked out of the classroom with him.

Zhou Chao walked in the opposite direction, Jing Ci closed the door, and was about to turn around when a person suddenly rushed over.

“My word!!” Li Zhou hooked his neck with his arm, his face flushed with excitement: “Why are you so good?! This time you’re the first one again hahahahahaha!”

Zheng Que also rushed forward, blowing a rainbow fart at Jing Ci: “Too much to give us the seventh squad leader’s face! Do you want my knee?! Give it to you! Give it to you!”


Seeing that the smile on Ying Jiao’s face was fading, He Zhou quickly pulled the two men away from Jing Ci: “What are you doing? Jing Ci can stand the pressure of both of you?!”

“Cough,” Zheng Que scratched his head embarrassedly, let go of his hand, and Li Zhou also retreated to the back hesitantly.

Ying Jiao reached out and took Jing Ci’s schoolbag, and said with a chuckle: “Little classmate, congratulations, it’s amazing.”

Jing Ci shook his head, just when he was about to speak. Peng Chengcheng suddenly took out a silly string spray from behind, and sprayed wildly at him blankly.

Jing Ci was immediately confused by this.

Ying Jiao gave Peng Chengcheng a cold look. Peng Chengcheng pulled the corners of his lips stiffly: “I haven’t sprayed it before, so I wasn’t sure if I could do it.”

“Get all of them on the side.” Ying Jiao twisted his eyebrows and pushed Peng Chengcheng away, holding Jing Ci’s face to help him pick up the string: “Did it get in your eyes?”

“No.” Jing Ci stretched out his hand and pulled off a few strings: “It doesn’t matter.”

Zheng Que also followed and helped him. He didn’t care if he was beaten by Ying Jiao, and he smiled and jumped to the side.

“I’ll treat you tonight, to celebrate taking first place,” Ying Jiao looked at Jing Ci, his eyes soft: “What do you like to eat? Barbecue or crayfish?”

Zheng Que was gearing up next to him, eager to try: “Ahhhhh! A few bottles of beer!”

“No need,” Jing Ci tactfully refused, his face was the same as usual, and not as if he had just taken first place in the test: “I was just lucky this time.”

“How can you not use it!” Before Ying Jiao could speak, Zheng Que suddenly rushed to the front of Jing Ci a few steps, and while walking back, he said: “First place is as valuable as gold! First place in the math competition class! We must be high until dawn to deserve this valuable 82 points!”


“It’s nothing,” Jing Ci bent down and threw the string in his hand into the trash can, his tone calm: “It’s just a test.”

He turned his head to Ying Jiao with a smile, and said sincerely: “Thank you, I understand it, but don’t waste it.”

“Wow,” Zheng Que pulled He Zhou, pointing to Jing Ci and exclaimed: “I see, this is the real academic bully! Look at this calm energy! What is first place? We don’t care at all!”

He Zhou wanted to say a few words, but suddenly there were a few earth-shaking firecrackers in his ears.

Unsuspectingly, he was frightened and shivered, and the fat on his face trembled.

“Fuck, scared me to death, who the hell is setting off firecrackers so late!” He patted his chest and let out a long breath: “Sick.”

He wanted to look at the other people’s reactions, but when he turned his head, he saw Ying Jiao walking behind Jing Ci.

“Scared?” Ying Jiao patted Jing Ci on the back: “It’s alright, it’s nothing, don’t be afraid.”

He changed Jing Ci’s schoolbag to be carried on his shoulders and stretched out his hands to cover his ears: “Brother will cover it for you.”

Jing Ci hurriedly declined: “No need…”

“Don’t move,” Ying Jiao took the opportunity to rub his ears and smiled: “It’s only a few sounds, but there will definitely be more later. It’s too loud, what if the sound hurts your ears.”

He lowered his eyes to look at Jing Ci’s profile, pressed his knees gently against his legs, and said in a low voice, “Listen, don’t be stubborn with your brother, let’s go.”

He Zhou: “…”

An old hooligan! He can still take advantage of it!


He Zhou took a deep breath, looked at Ying Jiao, and said without a smile: “Brother Jiao, I was scared just now.”

“Oh,” Ying Jiao glanced at him blankly, and closed Jing Ci’s ears tightly: “Are you a Nian beast? You are afraid of firecrackers setting off.”

(T/n: The Nian beast is a Chinese mythology and it said that the Nian beast is scared of loud noises and bright lights, etc)

He Zhou: “…”

He Zhou was so angry that he turned around and walked towards the school gate. He must have been crazy to want to accompany Ying Jiao to the dormitory tonight!

How many lives!

Peng Chengcheng looked at Ying Jiao, who looked like a human-shaped ear muff, and looked at the back of He Zhou fat and flesh. After a moment of silence, he also dragged Zheng Que away.

There were only three of the group of people who were frolicking just now.

Li Zhou looked at Ying Jiao and Jing Ci tremblingly. He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt the bleakness of a single dog in his heart.

After finally returned to the dormitory with difficulty, fearing that Ying Jiao would come to visit in a while, Li Zhou grabbed a few packets of butter melon seeds, and forgot to say goodbye, and ran to find Wu Wei.

(T/n: Wu wei- ‘doing nothing’. )

Ying Jiao didn’t follow to their dormitory as he thought. He handed his schoolbag to Jing Ci and went back to his dormitory.


Jing Ci thanked him and closed the dormitory door.

He didn’t change clothes first, but took out the blue clip that contained the test papers from his schoolbag, and drew out the Mathematical Olympiad volume issued today.

Then he took out the key of the cabinet, opened his cabinet, and took out a cookie box from the bottom.

What’s in the box is not cookies, but stacks of square, neatly arranged paper. It is the papers of the last midterm exam, with every subject.

Sitting on the bed, Jing Ci took out the mathematics paper, took out a pen from his school bag, and wrote a line on it: the first place in the Olympiad at the end of November (very dissatisfied with the score).

After he finished writing, he put the pen aside and hovered his eyes on the three words “first place” for a few seconds, took out the other test papers in the box and read them one by one, and the corners of his lips slowly hooked up.

Jing Ci glanced at the door of the dormitory, and listened to the movement outside with his ears erected. He estimated that Li Zhou would not be back for a while. He didn’t conceal the emotion on his face anymore, shook the iron box holding the stacks of paper, and smiled secretly. A pair of eyes were shining, full of light.

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The author has something to say: 

Small Theater-

Ying Jiao: I’m not coquettish enough to let my little classmate not hide their emotions in front of me. Let me make a big move next time——

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  1. Im worried, the OG protagonist said he has clearer mind after rebirth plus our baby getting headache… I hope that b*tch isn’t sucking our baby’s brain cells.

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  2. Im worried, the OG protagonist said he has clearer mind after rebirth plus our baby getting headache… I hope that b*tch isn’t sucking our baby’s brain cells.

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  3. About what Qiao Anyan said regarding returning the link in his stomach to the teacher, it’s usually used to imply that one has forgotten what they have studied in school and hence returned the knowledge the teachers had instilled in them back to the teachers.

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