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Outside the door, Ying Jiao, who was about to knock on the door, slowly lowered his hand.

He leaned against the wall, thinking of the scene he had just seen accidentally, and the corners of his lips curled up uncontrollably.

Ying Jiao smiled, took out a cigarette from his pocket, just held it in his mouth, did not light it.

This was the first time he saw Jing Ci, who seemed indifferent on the surface, would actually be happy because he got first place.


After the results of the last midterm exam were posted, the whole class was boiled, including Teacher Liu, who couldn’t help but smile for several days.

The students in other classes even ran over to see him excitedly. The name Jing Ci has been dominating the school forum for nearly a month, causing waves of bloody storms.

However, the person in question, Jing Ci, was very calm. From beginning to end, he did not show any particularly intense emotions. He was not affected at all, and he looked calm.

Ying Jiao thought that he hadn’t taken the first place exam of the whole year seriously at all. Unexpectedly, in private, Jing Ci would even collect all the test papers, hiding it behind his back and having fun secretly.

It’s so cute.

Ying Jiao’s heart was itchy, and he couldn’t wait to push the door in immediately, rub him into his arms, squeeze his face, and squeeze his ears.

Several boys walked over from the other side of the corridor, saw Ying Jiao, their backs unconsciously straightened, and they opened their mouths to say hello.

Ying Jiao stretched out a finger to his lips, and motioned them not to make a noise.

Several boys nodded ignorantly, and walked away cautiously with their hands and feet.

Ying Jiao pursed his lips and smiled and glanced in through the glass window of the dormitory door.


Jing Ci had put the iron box containing his victory medal in the closet, and his face returned to its previous appearance.

He pressed the bright phone to check the time, and did not allow himself to indulge in the glory of the past, took out a workbook from his school bag, sat upright at the desk and started to answer questions.

A brief happy moment that lasted for less than a minute, which belonged to Jing Ci himself, ended in this way.

Ying Jiao was taken aback, and two completely different expressions before and after Jing Ci kept changing in his mind.

He suddenly thought of Jing Ci’s polite and polite refusal when he wanted to celebrate Jing Ci before…

Ying Jiao understood it all at once, although Jing Ci had always acted smoothly and calmly in front of all of them. But in fact, he is not like this.

He just habitually hides all the joys, anger, sorrow and joy, feels it, digests it by himself, and does not share it with anyone outside.

Including him.

What exactly has Jing Ci experienced before to develop such a character who cannot open his heart to others?

Ying Jiao leaned against the wall for a moment, then threw the cigarette into the trash can, turned around and went downstairs.

He wants to keep a distance from him, and not let him see his true emotions? Ying Jiao gently grinds his teeth. No matter what it is, he can keep dreaming.

It was almost eleven o’clock in the evening, and the wind roared over the trees on both sides of the road, bringing with it a damp and cold breath.


Ying Jiao couldn’t even get his clothes in time, so he rushed to the dessert shop outside the school, and at the last minute of closing time, he bought a box of coconut milk cube cakes.

In the male dormitory of the provincial experiment, Jing Ci continued to finish the exercise that he did in the morning, and got the correct answer. Li Zhou still didn’t come back. Jing Ci guessed that he was playing in another dormitory.

Looking down at the phone, there was still a period of time before the sleeping bell rang, so he dismissed the idea of ​​calling him.

Jing Ci stood up and stretched his body. While walking around in the dormitory, he searched for Olympiad mathematics papers on the Internet with his mobile phone.

There is a military base not far from the provincial experiment. Signal jammers are used in the base, and even the mobile phone signals with the provincial experiment are not very good, especially in the dormitory buildings.

There are several times when Li Zhou suddenly dropped out of the game in the middle of the game, he often screamed because of this.

Jing Ci waited for a minute before the web page was half loaded. He didn’t want to waste time on this. He was about to hold his mobile phone and walk around the water room to find a better signal, when the door of the dormitory was knocked suddenly.

He walked over and opened the door. When he saw that it was Ying Jiao, he was stunned: “Are you looking for me?”

“Yeah.” Yingjiao walked in familiarly, stuffed the small coconut milk square cake in his hand, and said softly: “Little classmate, congratulations on taking first place in the Olympiad.”

Knowing that Jing Ci would reject it, Ying Jiao lazily leaned against the railing on the bed, and said with a chuckle: “Don’t refuse, since you don’t want to barbecue crayfish, just a box of desserts will do.”

He raised his hand and gently touched the back of Jing Ci’s hand with his hand: “Do you feel it? Just to buy such a thing, your brother’s hands are frozen.”

“Thank you.” Jing Ci smiled embarrassedly and accepted his kindness.

He didn’t open the dessert box first, but put the small square cake on the table. He walked to the bed and pulled out a square blanket from under the quilt, and put it on Ying Jiao’s lap: “If you are cold, just use this.”


The blanket is made of coral fleece, and it looks soft and light when it looks like a thick layer. Ying Jiao shook off the blanket and put it on his body, his smile spreading to the bottom of his eyes.

Desserts couldn’t stay out overnight. Jing Ci put down his phone and tore open the packaging box. First he pushed the box in Ying Jiao’s direction, and asked him, “Would you like to eat it?”

Ying Jiao’s eyes flashed, and he shook his head: “Don’t eat.”

Jing Ci didn’t know that he was suffocating bad things in his heart, so he nodded when he heard that, crossed a small square cake and sent it into his mouth.

The coconut milk small square cake bought by Ying Jiao suits his taste very well.

Jing Ci narrowed his eyes and couldn’t help eating another piece.

Ying Jiao watched him eat two pieces, lifted the blanket on his leg, walked to Jing Ci, bowed his head and said, “Give me a taste?”

Jing Ci nodded quickly, holding the dessert box and beckoning him to take it.

Ying Jiao didn’t move, he lowered his eyes, his eyes fell on Jing Ci’s hand, smiled, took his wrist, and took the fork in his hand.

Jing Ci’s gaze condensed, faintly feeling a little unnatural.


It’s not that he has never had the experience of sharing tableware with others. When he was in the orphanage, three people ate a bowl of rice, not to mention the rare and hard-won desserts.

A group of people ate a big cake, and Jing Ci has experienced countless times when he had shared bites with others.

But he didn’t know what was going on, sharing a fork with Ying Jiao makes him feel particularly uncomfortable.

“I used it,” Jing Ci reminded him that he was about to take the fork back, but was blocked by Ying Jiao raising his hand.

Ying Jiao said in his mind, what I want is what you have used, but on the surface he puts on an awe-inspiring look: “It’s okay, both of us are boys. Do you still care about that?”

With that, he swiftly forked a small square cake and put it in his mouth.

Ying Jiao rarely eats these things, he doesn’t like sweets. The aunt who cooks at home is very good at making Cantonese desserts, but Ying Jiao never lets her make them. Only occasionally when they come to play, they will cook it once or twice.

In this way, he basically didn’t touch it.

But today, he suddenly felt that the coconut milk cube cake tasted really good.

Ying Jiao swallowed what was in his mouth and asked Jing Ci, “Is it delicious?”

Jing Ci nodded and said honestly: “It’s delicious.”

Ying Jiao raised his lips, glanced at the fork in his hand, and said meaningfully: “I also think today’s small square cake is particularly delicious.”


He deliberately emphasized the word “particularly”. Jing Ci didn’t understand it, but he vaguely felt that it didn’t mean anything pure, so he was clever and didn’t ask much.

Ying Jiao didn’t care either. He bowed his head and crossed a small square cake to Jing Ci’s lips: “Here.”

Jing Ci hid for a while, and said unnaturally, “I’ll do it myself.”

“What’s the matter, little classmate?” Ying Jiao caught up with him and smiled: “Why are you still shy?”

He paused for a while and continued: “It’s not that I haven’t fed you before. Wasn’t it good when you ate chestnuts last time.”

As he said, stretched his right hand forward and touched Jing Ci’s lips with the small square cake.

Jing Ci couldn’t open his mouth when Ying Jiao looked at him like this. He hesitated for a few seconds, and finally raised his hand, carefully squeezed the little fork handle, and quickly lowered his head and took the small piece of cake into his mouth.

Ying Jiao looked at the fork in his hand and said thoughtfully: “We…”

As Jing Ci chewed, he raised his eyes and waited for his next words.

Ying Jiao: “Does this count as indirect kissing?”

Jing Ci’s face flushed.

Ying Jiao teased him and was satisfied. Seeing Jing Ci tilted his head down in embarrassment, looking at his bed, the ground, and the ceiling, but not looking at himself.


He chuckled, and while Jing Ci was not paying attention, he rolled the fork in the dessert box.

The surface of the shredded coconut milk cake was sprinkled with pureed coconut. Ying Jiao took the box of desserts all the way, and then pushed it twice towards Jing Ci. The coconut pureed on the small square cake naturally fell off a lot.

After he did this, the side of the fork was immediately covered with small white crumbs.

Ying Jiao didn’t eat any more, he walked around in front of Jing Ci and shook the fork in front of him.

Jing Ci felt embarrassed at first, but when he saw the fork, he suddenly lost all emotions.

The forks presented by the shop are of good quality, one size larger than the ordinary forks, and they are still black, so the bits and pieces of coconut crumbs on one side are particularly obvious.

Jing Ci’s fingers moved involuntarily, and his whole body began to feel uncomfortable.

Ying Jiao glanced over his expression, suffocated a smile, deliberately pretending that he didn’t know anything.

Jing Ci closed his eyes and tried not to let himself think about the fork. He didn’t want to talk to Ying Jiao, lest he would say something flirtatious.

However, it didn’t work. The black fork dipped in coconut frosting kept appearing in his mind, and he couldn’t forget it.


Jing Ci was wondering how to hold the fork in his hand, when Ying Jiao suddenly touched him: “Do you want anymore? If not, don’t eat it.”

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief and nodded: “I want it.”

He stretched out his hand and took the fork to eat the small cake all together.

Jing Ci was reluctant to shake off coconut frosting into the trash can, hesitated for a few seconds, and quickly licked the fork when he put the small square cake into his mouth.

Seeing that the surface of the fork became clean, no longer half black and half white, he finally felt more comfortable in his heart.

Before the bite of the small square cake could be swallowed, Ying Jiao suddenly leaned over.

He looked down at Jing Ci, and lazily blew a rogue whistle in his ear: “Wow, this is not an indirect kiss, it’s a tongue-kiss.”

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