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On the LCD display hung on the wall of the box, played a song with a passionate melody. Two boys held the mic, raised their necks, roared with emotion, and were very engaging.

Other people who played Truth or Dare also stared at the rotating beer bottles on the coffee table. No one paid attention to where Jing Ci and Ying Jiao sat.

Jing Ci was stunned for a moment, his face flushed instantly.

Ying Jiao smiled, laid his head on his shoulder lazily, and looked up at him: “Why don’t you answer when I talk to you? Want me to say it again?”

The tips of Ying Jiao’s hair gently rubbed the skin of his neck, causing a tingling itch. Jing Ci’s body trembled, and he reached out to push Ying Jiao away, but forgot that he was still holding soy milk in his hand, just as he opened his hand, and the soy milk bottle fell onto the sofa.

Jing Ci quickly reached out and picked up the cup, only to realize that the soy milk was finished and it was unknown when.

His hands trembled slightly, trying to stay away from Ying Jiao, but he was at the edge of the sofa, and there was no place to move at all.

Jing Ci let go of his breath, trying to calm his heartbeat, and said coldly: “You move aside.”

Ying Jiao’s eyes rolled around on his flushed cheeks, smiled, and moved voluntarily, and didn’t go to tease him again.

He reached out and took the empty bottle in Jing Ci’s hand, called the waiter, and gave him a new bottle.


In the following time, Jing Ci was a little absent-minded. Instead of participating in the truth and dare game, he nestled in the corner holding a bottle of soy milk, taking a sip and occasionally being in a daze.

After ten o’clock, the girls left one after another.

The boys hadn’t played enough yet, and a few people suggested that they should play all night. He Zhou didn’t want to go home either, otherwise his mother would have to grab him and ask him about his studies, and he agreed very simply, and went to the front desk to extend their time.

After drinking another bottle of soy milk, Jing Ci has completely sorted out his emotions, and there is no strangeness on his face anymore. He looked down at the time, it was almost eleven o’clock.

Jing Ci pays great attention to rest and eye protection. When the sleeping bell rings at 11 o’clock every day, he will inevitably go to bed. He didn’t even read a book while lying on the bed with a flashlight.

He was already a little sleepy at this moment, but seeing everyone else looked in high spirits, he was too embarrassed to sleep with his eyes closed.

Quietly holding back the yawn that came to his mouth, Jing Ci raised his finger and rubbed his eyes, silently memorizing mathematical formulas in his heart, in order to make himself more awake.

Ying Jiao has been paying attention to him all the time, and he can see his small movements.

He turned sideways slightly, took out his phone, and sent a message in the group——

[Jiao]: You play, I will leave with Jing Ci first.

He Zhou was drinking Coke and felt the phone vibrate. When he took it out, he almost spewed it out.

Is it finally coming?

He Zhou hesitated for a moment, weighing his words, and sent a message–


[Uncle He]: You and Jing Ci? When you go home, Jing Ci is also going home?

[Jiao]: No, me and Jing Ci are going to my house.

【Peng Chengcheng】:……

[Uncle He]: You… tell the truth, am I thinking too much, or do you have any impure thoughts in your heart?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Jiao, are you serious?

Ying Jiao sneered, picked up his jacket with one hand, and typed with the other——

[Jiao]: Eat more walnuts, and have less dirty thoughts.

[Jiao]: Bye.

[Uncle He]: Are you sure you won’t be a beast, and take advantage of him at night that is not human?


[Jiao]: Get out.

Ying Jiao put the phone in his pocket and pushed Jing Ci, who was about to close his eyes: “Go, go back to sleep with Brother.”

Jing Ci looked up at him.

“No,” Ying Jiaofu said helplessly: “I mean, let’s find a place to sleep.”

It still sounded wrong.

Ying Jiao squatted in his heart and smiled: “Anyway, just go to sleep, you know?”

In fact, Jing Ci didn’t think so much at all.

Jing Ci grabbed his school uniform and shook his head: “I’m not sleepy, no need.”

“Not sleepy?” Ying Jiao laughed, he was nodding his head like a chicken pecking rice, not sleepy yet.

“Let’s go.” Ying Jiao held his wrist and pulled him to his feet.

The people in the room looked at them suddenly.

Ying Jiao smiled at them and said, “I have something to do in my house. I’m going back with Jing Ci. You guys have fun.”


Several boys nodded one after another–

“It’s okay, it’s okay, take it easy, Brother Jiao.”

“That’s it! Let’s continue singing!”

“Bye Brother Jiao! Bye Jing Ci!”

Ying Jiao took Jing Ci and walked out of the box.

Jing Ci didn’t want to pull with him in front of his classmates. He waited until the box door was closed before he broke away from his hand.

“I’m not going back,” Jing Ci looked down slightly: “I’m going to stay with them all night tonight.”

Ying Jiao stretched out his hand to wrap his shoulders, and walked forward with him: “All night, but what about tomorrow? Let’s go, and stay at my house for one night.”

“No.” Jing Ci went out under Ying Jiao’s arm. He refused, with a very firm tone: “You go back, pay attention to safety, I’m going in.”

Ying Jiao looked at his back, sighed in his heart, and roughly understood what he was thinking.

Jing Ci looks easygoing, but in fact he is a person who keeps himself and other people far away, and going to other people’s homes to sleep is too intimate for him.

“Don’t go to my house,” Ying Jiao caught up with him in two steps: “Shall we find a hotel?”

He dragged Jing Ci outside: “If you don’t sleep tonight, you won’t be energetic tomorrow. The math league will start soon. One day will be lost if you waste a day.”

Jing Ci was about to push his hand away for a moment.

Ying Jiao continued: “Sleep well tonight, keep your spirits up, let’s go back to school together for self-study tomorrow afternoon, okay?”

“Wait,” Jing Ci patted the back of his hand and motioned for him to let go.

Still not agreeing?

Ying Jiao was dumbfounded. How could this temper be so stubborn?

He just wanted to say something more when he heard Jing Ci say: “My school bag is still in the box.”


Ying Jiao immediately understood that he agreed.

“You wait for me here, don’t run around.” Ying Jiao raised his hand and pulled the school uniform zipper upwards: “I’ll go in and help you get it.”

It was almost half past eleven when the two left KTV.

It was the first time he slept with Jing Ci. Ying Jiao wanted to find a hotel with a better environment. Even if it is not five-star, at least it should be four-star.

However, there is no such place around the school. There are only small hotels with multicolored lights upright, and one glance almost blinded him.

Ying Jiao walked around the road with Jing Ci, but couldn’t find a star hotel, so he reluctantly picked a hotel and walked in, asking for a twin room.

“What’s the smell?” As soon as Ying Jiao entered the door, he frowned, and turned to Jing Ci: “Do you smell it?”

“You…” Jing Ci looked at him and stopped talking.

“What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t your house nearby?” Jing Ci opened a small slit in the window and used ventilation to let out the musty smell in the room, and asked Ying Jiao: “Aren’t you going home?”

He just wanted to ask when he was at the front desk, but Ying Jiao’s speed was too fast. Before he could react, the two had already entered the door.

Ying Jiao: “…”

Oops, careless.

Jing Ci turned on the bedside lamp, put his school bag upright on the bedside table, turned his head to Ying Jiao, and said proudly: “Is there something in your house? It’s almost twelve o’clock now.”

“Then what…” Ying Jiao said vaguely: “It’s okay.”

Then quickly changed the subject: “Do you have a change of clothes?”

When he asked, Jing Ci remembered that he had no change of clothes after taking a shower.


“Wait for me,” Ying Jiao turned around, took a room card and put it in his pocket: “I just saw a convenience store nearby.”

Before Jing Ci could answer, he hurried out.

The convenience store is downstairs and is open 24 hours a day. It only took less than five minutes for Ying Jiao to return with a plastic bag.

“Yours.” He put things on the bed, took out a blue bag from the plastic bag and threw it to Jing Ci: “Go take a shower.”

Jing Ci took a look at it. It was a pack of disposable underwear.

His cheeks were hot, and he couldn’t even bother to ask why he didn’t go home. He hurriedly entered the bathroom, and when the door was closed, his feet slipped accidentally.

Ying Jiao couldn’t help but laugh, until he heard the patter of water in his ears, he took a cigarette out.

In view of his last experience, he didn’t dare to stay in the house. If he couldn’t control it at that time, he would have scared Jing Ci away, and that would have been bad.

Ying Jiao stood in the corridor and smoked a cigarette, then went to sit on the sofa at the front desk and played with his phone for a while. He estimated that Jing Ci was almost finished, and then returned to the room.

He came right at time, Jing Ci just finished washing, and was wiping his hair with a towel. Seeing him, the movement of his hands paused, and he turned slightly: “I’m done.”

“Okay, then I’m going.” Ying Jiao took out another pack of disposable underwear from the plastic bag, turned and went into the bathroom.

Jing Ci looked at the blue packaging bag he had opened next to him, and endured from asking him how he bought two packs. But then he suddenly remembered the conversation he had with Ying Jiao that day, there was a moment of silence, then he angrily pursed his lower lip, and quickly tucked the package of underwear into the innermost of his school bag.


When Ying Jiao came out, Jing Ci’s hair had been blown dry, and he handed the hair dryer to him: “Here.”

The thing that Ying Jiao is most impatient with is blow drying his hair, but the person who passes the hair dryer is Jing Ci, so it’s a different matter.

He turned it on to the hottest level, blew it twice, touched his hair that was no longer dripping water, and turned off the hair dryer.

“Go to sleep.” Ying Jiao hung the towel on the hanger and smiled at Jing Ci: “You’re already sleepy.”

Jing Ci was startled: “How did you know?”

Ying Jiao pointed to his eyes: “I saw it.”

With that said, he walked to the door and turned off the headlight above his head, leaving only two bedside lamps.

The room darkened suddenly, Jing Ci lifted the quilt, and was about to get into the bed. When Ying Jiao suddenly said, “Do you have any special sleeping habits?”

Upon hearing this, Jing Ci turned his head in doubt: “Huh?”

He thought that Ying Jiao was worried that he had bad sleeping habits and promised earnestly: “Don’t worry, I don’t snore when I sleep.”

Ying Jiao almost couldn’t hold back: “Who asked you this?”

He paused, and said naturally: “I’m asking if you have the habit of sleeping naked.”

Ying Jiao looked at Jing Ci: “If you have any, feel free to do so, I don’t mind at all.”

Jing Ci: “…”

Jing Ci got into the quilt angrily, and a few seconds later muffled: “I don’t have one.”

Ying Jiao smiled and continued: “You see I’m so generous, shouldn’t you be more generous? Can I sleep naked?”

The ball on the bed that was adjusting its posture froze instantly. A few seconds later, Jing Ci stretched out a hand from the quilt and turned off the bedside lamp.


After Ying Jiao teased enough, he was in a good mood, took off his shoes and went to bed, and was about to turn off the lights, when suddenly there was a loud bed creak sound next door.

(T/n: In case you couldn’t tell, they are doing bedroom exercises…)

The noise was so high and the sound was so intense that Ying Jiao thought he was the one being beaten.

Ying Jiao: “…”

Ying Jiao coughed and asked Jing Ci: “Did you hear that?”

Jing Ci hadn’t even watched a movie about that stuff before, and to suddenly hear such a scene, he was still with Ying Jiao. He was embarrassed and shy at once, and almost didn’t burn up.

He nodded stiffly: “I heard it.”

Ying Jiao frowned, and couldn’t help but swear: “F*ck, isn’t this broken hotel soundproof?”

It’s not just them, other rooms also hear this voice.

After a while, coughing and heavy footsteps sounded in the corridor, obviously reminding the pair of men and women to settle down.

However, it was better not to remind, this reminder made the people next door actually call out even louder.

Jing Ci’s face was red and he was about to bleed.

He got up to tear a small piece of roll paper, crumpled it into a round ball, and stuffed one in his ear. Seeing Ying Jiao looking over, he said awkwardly: “You… do you want one too?”

If he knew this would happen, he would rather lay the floor in the ktv box.

“Don’t do this stuff,” Ying Jiao rolled over and got out of bed, taking out the toilet paper from his ears: “It’s not good for your ears, don’t worry, Brother has a way.”

He snorted, picked up the phone and unlocked it with his fingerprints.

Ever since he was a child, no one except Jing Ci could bear him, not to mention that they still deliberately disturbed other people like this.


With Ying Jiao’s temper, Jing Ci very much doubted that he would just knock on the door, and then say something to let the family do things quietly.

He quickly got out of bed and stopped him: “Don’t go, let’s bear it…”

“Don’t worry.” Ying Jiao opened a music software, typed in the search box, and said: “Don’t underestimate your brother, or do you still need to go out to treat them?”

He stood at the door, turned his phone to maximum volume, and clicked the play button.

A second later, a crisp child’s sound pierced the entire third floor——

“What’s the name of Dad’s father?

Dad’s father is called Grandpa.

What is the name of father’s mother?

Dad’s mother is called Grandma.

What is the name of Dad’s brother?

Dad’s brother is called Uncle.”


Just then, the countless methods that people tried in order to stop the loud cry of the bed, suddenly stopped.

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Ying Jiao: To tell you the truth, I’ve always had the habit of sleeping naked. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you.

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