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The music continued to circulate on the third floor. In the solidified atmosphere, the next door was silent for a full minute, and then there was the sound of a chair slamming.

They seemed to be using this way to express their dissatisfaction.

“Oh no,” Ying Jiao smiled while holding his mobile phone: “Was it my fault?”

He turned to Jing Ci: “Lend me your mobile phone. I might have gotten them today. But believe it or not, do you think I won’t hold two cell phones at his door?”

Jing Ci: “…”

Jing Ci really believes that this kind of thing can definitely be done.

“Don’t go,” Jing Ci was afraid that he would go out to cause trouble, and stepped to the door a few steps, blocking the door: “Go to sleep, it’s silent now.”


Seeing Ying Jiao stretched out his hand, as if he was about to hold the doorknob, he was anxious, grabbed the phone from Ying Jiao directly, and pressed the pause button: “Listen, there is really no sound.”

Ying Jiao looked down at him, Jing Ci didn’t feel embarrassed wearing little clothing. He was still wearing his school uniform pants on his legs. Only his upper body was covered with a thin white sweater, revealing a nicely shaped collarbone.

The beautiful clavicle just flashed past his eyes, as if he was deliberately inviting him to taste it.

Ying Jiao’s eyes darkened, he clenched his fist and turned his head to restrain himself.

He felt that after tonight, he could play the role of Liu Xiahui.

(T/n: Liu Xiahui is a kind of person that has ‘transgressed and abased themselves’.)

Jing Ci saw that Ying Jiao didn’t speak, thinking that he had not given up the idea of ​​continuing to provoke the next door. After thinking about it, he turned around and hung up the chain lock at the top of the door.


“Okay,” Ying Jiao’s throat tightened, he coughed, turned around, turned his back to Jing Ci, and said: “You go to bed first, and I will see if they still keep quiet.”

Jing Ci: “…”

Jing Ci couldn’t understand where his persistence came from, but he was not a talkative person. After confirming that Ying Jiao would not go out, he nodded and went back to bed.

The floor of this small hotel is inlaid with tiles, and there is no carpet. Ying Jiao was standing at the door wearing thin disposable slippers, and the chill quickly spread from the soles of his feet to his body.

The coldness restrained the heat of the body just right, until the reaction that he had disappeared completely, Ying Jiao then looked down and gently breathed out with a guilty heart.


The next door seemed to have been afraid of the sound of parents, grandparents. Even if the music stopped, they were still as quiet as a chicken.

Ying Jiao put away his phone and walked to the bed.

Jing Ci was lying flat with his eyes closed, as if he was really ready to sleep.

Ying Jiao endured and endured, but he could not bear it, and walked to the head of the bed.

Jing Ci opened his eyes seemingly, and tilted his head slightly to meet Ying Jiao’s smiling eyes. He bent his elbows to support his upper body, and looked at Ying Jiao: “Do you need…something?”

“It’s okay.” Ying Jiao stared at him intently, and gently pressed Jing Ci who wanted to sit up.

On such a quiet night with only the two of them, Ying Jiao could hardly restrain the turbulent emotions in his heart.

He moved his fingers and said softly: “I just want to say good night to you.”

Jing Ci was taken aback, his eyelashes trembled, and he calmly said, “Good night.”

“Go to sleep.” Taking advantage of him, Ying Jiao gently rubbed his head, smiled, turned around in the bed, and turned off the bedside lamp.

The whole room was plunged into darkness, Jing Ci remained motionless. For a long time, he slightly raised his hand and touched the place where he had just been touched by Ying Jiao.

At six o’clock the next morning, Jing Ci woke up on time.

Ying Jiao was still asleep, and the quilt was crumpled up and piled on his waist and abdomen, revealing two slender, straight legs. His facial features were three-dimensional, even when lying flat, his outline is still deep, and his expressionless face looks a bit cold.

Jing Ci got down to the ground lightly, went into the bathroom and turned on the faucet for a small flow, and made do with some washing, cleaned up and walked out.

Ying Jiao’s sleep quality is excellent, and he still hasn’t woken up.

Jing Ci glanced at him, put on his shoes and went out with his wallet.


Because it is near the school area, there are a lot of snacks on this street.

The breakfast stalls were next to each other. Jing Ci left several stalls, and finally bought two pork rice rolls and two char siu buns. After thinking about Ying Jiao’s meal, he added another siu mai, and then he returned to the hotel. 

Ying Jiao still didn’t wake up, frowning slightly, as if he was annoyed by the sound outside.

Jing Ci hesitated, but did not call him.

He folded the quilt neatly, and packed all his belongings into his schoolbag, so as not to fall down when he left, so he picked up a portion of rice noodles and planned to eat at the small bar at the front desk.

Just as he got up, Ying Jiao sounded in his ear with a low hoarse voice: “Why did you get up so early?”

He sat up and leaned against the head of the bed, his eyes still a bit unable to open, and asked Jing Ci: “What time is it?”

Jing Ci glanced at the phone: “Six forty-one.”

Ying Jiao rubbed his eyes and sat on the bed for a few minutes, and then got out of the bed, and his head slowly became clear.

He walked to the bed and opened the curtains, and at a glance, he saw the breakfast on the table and was surprised: “You bought it?”

Jing Ci nodded: “Go wash.”

Ying Jiao opened the bathroom door and turned back and smiled: “So sweet.”

Jing Ci ignored his teasing, glanced at his messy quilt and the pillow that was about to fall under the bed, moved his fingers, hesitated for a few seconds, and walked over to tidy up the bed.

After washing, Ying Jiao was completely awake. He sat next to Jing Ci, broke off the disposable chopsticks, and handed it to him: “Eat, it will be cold later.”

Jing Ci only took a box of rice rolls: “I’ll give you the rest.”

Ying Jiao remembered his habit of not eating too much in the morning, and did not refuse: “Okay.”

After eating breakfast, Ying Jiao was about to ask Jing Ci where he would go next. He glanced at his bedside and was startled.


He remembered the first time he took Jing Ci to resign back to the dormitory. At that time, even though Jing Ci felt very uncomfortable, he never mentioned the mess of his bedside.

And now…

Ying Jiao’s gaze swept across the square quilt that was stacked on the bed, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

The environment of this small hotel is really not very good. After eating, the two did not stay in the room much. They simply cleaned up and checked out and left.

Ying Jiao was very familiar with this, and took Jing Ci to a cafe with a better environment.

“Write here?”

“Yes.” Jing Ci nodded, took a look at the menu on his head, picked the cheapest red bean milk tea, turned around and asked Ying Jiao: “What do you want?”

Ying Jiao didn’t answer the question and asked, “What about you?” After a pause, he added: “There are too many types, so I’m picky.”

Jing Ci didn’t think so much, and honestly said: “Red bean milk tea.”

“Okay.” Ying Jiao nodded and turned to the clerk: “I want two cups of red bean milk tea, hot and less sugar.”

After speaking, he walked in front of Jing Ci, blocked Jing Ci behind him, and directly took out his mobile phone to scan the QR code to make payment. A series of actions were performed smoothly without any pause.

“You…” Jing Ci wanted to take out his mobile phone to transfer money to him, and Ying Jiao held his hand helplessly: “Come on, have I paid you for breakfast?”

He looked down at the unclaimed red envelope on WeChat, which was the accommodation fee sent to him by Jing Ci, and put away his mobile phone: “You are so polite, do you dislike me?”

Jing Ci blurted out: “No.”

“That’s it.” Ying Jiao walked to the other side of the bar, took two cups of milk tea in his hand, raised his chin and pointed at the large innermost table: “Let’s go there.”

The school area is different from other places, but it will be deserted on weekends. At this moment, there were not a few people in the cafe, except for the light music in the shop, there was no other noise.


Two people sat facing each other, with a paper in front of them, and then lowered their heads to answer questions.

Jing Ci brushed through the  paper very fast, and when he finished writing one for Ying Jiao, he started to make a second one.

Even if Ying Jiao knew Jing Ci’s level, he was still shocked by him.

He sighed in his heart, put aside his distracting thoughts in his mind, and tried to focus his mind on the paper.

After studying desperately for more than a month, Ying Jiao has made amazing progress, and some simple questions can basically be done. Of course, he still has left too much to learn on the complicated ones.

After writing, he took Jing Ci’s paper and checked the ones he got wrong, circled out all the inconsistencies, and saved them to study when they were finished, and then continued to work on the next one.

The two of them just wrote this all morning, with Jing Ci, and Ying Jiao unknowingly was driven into the state, and they both didn’t go to dinner until one o’clock.

After the meal, the two of them found a small shop nearby to sit for a while, and when the school opened at 2:30, they went back to the dormitory.

Although only the third years will need to go back to school tomorrow, many sophomore students have come back in advance.

When Jing Ci and Ying Jiao went to the classroom for self-study, they met many people.

“Are these people crazy?” Ying Jiao asked: “If you have any holidays, would you come to the school to study?”

Jing Ci tilted his head and glanced at him.

Ying Jiao said that he is different from those nerds.

Other people study just to learn, and he…

Ying Jiao looked at Jing Ci, he was doing great things for his future.


The third day after the end of the month holiday is the monthly exam.

It was the same as the previous rules, and it was the same rules for the first and second years. The only difference is that Jing Ci flew from the last examination room to the first one.

After the last Olympiad test, no one doubted the authenticity of him being first place anymore.

Now, there are no more posts on the forum to discuss whether he can get first place, but directly discuss how many points he can get away from second place this time.

[First floor: I saw Jing Ci in the hallway. His calm attitude and calm expression amazed me. Attached a candid shot [picture]]

[Third floor: Ah, ah, ah, ah, my god is so handsome! 】

[Fourth floor: Ah, I shall take a bite of the photos of the big guys, bless me with a high score in the exam this time! 】

[Tenth floor: Can you guess whether Jing Ci can be the first one this time? 】

[Eleventh floor: Do you need to ask? I bet that Jing Ci can get 15 points away from second place this time! 】

[Thirteenth floor: 15 points are unlikely. Our school has always been the most difficult in midterms. I think it’s a little difficult for the boss to score when the question is simple.]

[Twentieth floor: I bet about 10 minutes, I think, compared from the last time. 】

[Thirty-third floor: Don’t pretend to be forced, Jiang Chong also got a high score of 735, okay, the maximum is 7 or 8 points, no more. 】

[Fortieth floor: It’s not always certain who pretends, class one is on the 33rd floor, puff. Zhou Chao’s results are also good, but he has never been as high-profile as you. 】


In the classroom of Class 7, Ying Jiao packed up his stuff for the exam later, and turned to Jing Ci: “Little classmate, what do you think of my exam results this time?”

Jing Ci thought he was nervous, he was not good at comforting others. After thinking about it, he said, “You have been studying very seriously recently, and you will definitely make progress.”


Ying Jiao helped him pull up the pencil case: “You believe so?” He smiled, “Do I get a reward if I pass the exam?”

Jing Ci was startled: “What do you want?” He frowned and thought: “The math workbook I picked for you is almost done, otherwise I…”

Ying Jiao: “…”

Ying Jiao took a deep breath and interrupted him: “You accompany me to watch a movie.”

Afraid of Jing Ci’s refusal, he added: “A combination of work and rest can help us learn better, otherwise…”

Jing Ci made a promise in front of Teacher Liu, and was afraid of Ying Jiao reverting back to his old state, and quickly said: “Okay, I’ll go.”

The corner of Ying Jiao’s lips rose, and opened an app with a successful smile on his face: “Let me see what movies are available this week…”

The smile at the corner of Ying Jiao’s mouth gradually disappeared.

Popular movies, from top to bottom, are: two gunfight movies, three fighting movies, a ghost movie, and a youth romance movie.

The corners of Ying Jiao’s mouth twitched without a trace. Other men might like this kind of blockbuster movie, but… even if he likes it, he can’t watch it because he gets dizzy…

(T/n: Ying Jiao can’t stand the sight of blood, just in case you forgot…)

What kind of luck is this?

This kind of movie configuration has been rare for a few years, and he just caught up with it.

But if he told Jing Ci directly that you want to take him to the youth romance film, would Jing Ci find him strange?

Ying Jiao decided to risk it.


He handed the phone to Jing Ci, and said nonchalantly: “You choose, we will look at whichever you want.”

Jing Ci took the cellphone and looked carefully one by one. Every time his finger rests on a movie, Ying Jiao feels more nervous.

The school bully’s reputation weighs a ton of burden and refuses to take the initiative to remind Jing Ci of his weakness. But he was also afraid that he would faint and make a fool of himself by choosing the wrong movie, which would affect his image in Jing Ci’s mind.

“Have you chosen?” Ying Jiao coughed and asked Jing Ci.

Jing Ci raised his eyes to look at him.

“Which one do you want to watch?” Ying Jiao asked again.

The time span between the two sentences did not exceed two seconds.

The corners of Jing Ci’s lips curled slightly, he lowered his eyes and said lightly: “Look at this.”

Ying Jiao breathed out slowly, raised his eyes to look, and was stunned.

Jing Ci chose that youth romance film.

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