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He Zhou looked at him blankly, unbelievably: “Brother Jiao, you… don’t you think you should act normal?”

Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows: “I’m normal. So normal, that I even get to go to the movies with Jing Ci on Sunday.”

“By the way, do you know the name of the movie? “I like you”, Jing Ci picked it.”

He Zhou: “…”

He Zhou said perfunctorily: “Well, congratulations on going to the movies.”

He turned to Peng Chengcheng: “Old Peng, do you want to go to the bathroom for a cigarette after the test?”

Peng Chengcheng nodded and followed him. Although there was no expression on his face, there was a faint sense of fleeing in his footsteps.


Only Zheng Que is an honest person. He looked at He Zhou and Peng Chengcheng who were about to leave the classroom, and also looked at Ying Jiao who was at his seat. In a moment of kindness, politely said: “Brother Jiao, go smoke a cigarette after a test?”

Ying Jiao glanced sideways at Jing Ci, who was walking towards this side with his water glass, frowning: “Who smokes with you? What kind of nonsense are you talking about? What should I do if Jing Ci hears this and misunderstands me.”

Zheng Que: “…”

Zheng Que raised his hand blankly and slapped himself on the mouth, and walked out with a dull look.

Jing Ci was taken aback by him. He stood there and looked at the direction of the door: “What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s going crazy thinking about the exam,” Ying Jiao said casually, and beckoned him over: “What are you doing standing there? You haven’t moved.”

Jing Ci returned to his senses, put the water glass on the table, pulled the chair away and sat down.

Ying Jiao still didn’t digest the excitement in his heart. Just when he wanted to tease Jing Ci and say a few words about liking you, he suddenly turned his head to the side.

“What’s the matter?” Ying Jiao smiled at him and showed his best look: “What are you looking at?”

“Your paper,” Jing Ci stretched out a hand and said lightly: “Bring it to me to see.”

Ying Jiao: “…”

The school bully classmate who had always been indifferent to the world suddenly discovered one thing: he was not afraid of heaven or earth, but he was afraid that after the exam, Jing Ci would reach out and ask him for his papers.

In the evening of this day, the competition class was suspended because of the exam.


After Jing Ci collected Ying Jiao’s papers, he remembered the question Zhou Chao had asked him during the day, and looked up at the time. Seeing that there were still ten minutes before class, he went to the second class and asked Zhou Chao to come out.

“What’s the matter? Something?” Zhou Chao was still at a loss when he saw Jing Ci, not knowing what Jing Ci asked him to come out for.

Jing Ci speaks few words, and his personality is a bit cold. The two of them usually get along with Zhou Chao taking the initiative. This is the first time Jing Ci has taken the initiative to look for him.

Zhou Chao’s heart suddenly became nervous, thinking that something uncontrollable had happened, and when he was thinking about this, he heard Jing Ci say: “I will talk to you about the problem during the day.”

“You, did you come here specifically for this?”

“Yeah.” Jing Ci nodded and said calmly: “I promised to tell you.”

The things he promised today will never be saved for tomorrow, otherwise he will always worry about feeling unreliable.

Zhou Chao was silent for a moment, then sucked his nose, turned his head and ran into the classroom: “Wait, I’ll take out the exercise book right away!”

Because Zhou Chao’s grades are good and his brain is smart, Teacher Zhao always subconsciously omits the simpler steps when lecturing to him. This causes Zhou Chao to sometimes not understand even after listening to his explanation.

Jing Ci is different. No matter who he addresses the topic, he will explain it step by step earnestly, never skipping steps. Even if a simple formula is used, he will write it out.

At the end of the lesson, Zhou Chao was suddenly enlightened, holding the workbook and nodding, sincerely, “I understand, thank you Jing Ci.”

“It’s okay.” Five or six minutes had passed, Jing Ci returned the pen to Zhou Chao: “Then I will go back.”

“Wait! Wait for me! Don’t leave!” Zhou Chao quickly said this and rushed into the classroom.

Jing Ci thought he still had a question to ask, he hesitated, and waited on the spot.


In less than a minute, Zhou Chao came out. Panting, he stuffed a box of duck wings into Jing Ci’s hand: “I’ll give it to you. My mother brought it here today. It is very delicious. It was divided among my class, and there is not much left.”

Jing Ci was taken aback, and immediately declined: “I don’t want it, I’m leaving if that’s all.”

“What kind of friend is this, so polite.” Zhou Chao calmly breathed and waved his hand: “Take it away, I’ll bring it to you next time.”

After speaking, afraid that Jing Ci would refuse, walked directly into the classroom.

Jing Ci held the small box of duck wings, looked down in silence for a while, and then went back to Class 7.

“Go to the store?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and asked when he saw what he was holding.

“No,” Jing Ci shook his head and put the duck wings on the table: “Zhou Chao gave it, do you want to eat it?”

He turned his head and looked at it. Li Zhou and He Zhou were not in their seats, so he had to give up the intention of inviting them.

Ying Jiao’s heart immediately sounded an alarm: “Why did he give you duck wings for no reason?”

“I helped him explain a question.”

Ying Jiao snorted and laughed: “Lecture? What kind of reason is that? To offer nothing is to steal.”

(T/n: not sure what exactly Ying Jiao is saying here)

Jing Ci: “…”

Jing Ci raised his eyes and looked at him, and said seriously: “Don’t say that to others.”

Ying Jiao was already on fire, as soon as he heard the word “others”, the fire was extinguished with a pop.

He reached for a duck wing, nodded and emphasized: “Well, don’t say this to others.”

Zhou Chao didn’t exaggerate. His mother’s duck wing stewed ground was really delicious. As soon as Ying Jiao opened the box, the scent spread throughout the classroom.

Several people familiar with Jing Ci immediately gathered around, rubbing their hands and touching their mouths, salivating.

Jing Ci generously pushed the box over and invited them to eat.

Ying Jiao watched coldly from the side, seeing that the last duck wing was about to be taken away, Jing Ci hadn’t tasted one yet, and immediately knocked out Wu Weicheng’s hand: “Keep one for Jing Ci.”


Wu Weicheng withdrew his hand in a hesitant manner and licked the tips of his fingers: “It’s so delicious, I was confused.”

Ying Jiao glanced at him, did not speak, picked up the last duck wing and stuffed it into Jing Ci’s mouth: “Quickly eat.”

Stupid, didn’t even take a bite first.

The braised duck wings are more flavorful when eaten cold. The unique salty aroma of lomei instantly exploded on the tip of the tongue. Jing Ci took out a paper towel, folded it into a square shape, and held the duck wing-covered end in his hand.

It’s really delicious.

In particular, Zhou Chao’s mother sent it here specially.

Jing Ci cherished the last bite of meat, and felt a little envious in his heart.

After eating duck wings, Jing Ci tidied up his desktop and was about to look at Ying Jiao’s papers. When the phone in his trouser pocket suddenly vibrated several times.

Jing Ci’s mobile phone is usually silent and does not vibrate. Because he knew that he would hand in his paper in advance for the exam today, he agreed to help Li Zhou with his meal, so he adjusted the vibration. If Li Zhou can’t find him in the cafeteria, he can still call him.

Jing Ci took out his phone and tapped it on, unexpectedly found that it was Jing Miao’s message——

[Jing Miao]: What do you think of the clothes that dad bought for me? looks good? [picture]

[Jing Miao]: For dinner tonight, the ribs were specially bought by my dad in order for my growth to develop. [picture]

[Jing Miao]: Do you know why Dad didn’t let you come back at the end of last month? Because I am going to take an exam, he is afraid that you will disturb me, puff.

[Jing Miao]: You see, Dad only recognizes me as a son, and doesn’t want you at all.

Jing Miao lay down on the desk in his room, watching the successful messages one after another, with malicious intent in his heart.

He knows what Jing Ci cares about the most.

From childhood, he robbed Jing Ci of everything. The most successful thing was to grab Jing Fu’s attention and slowly turn Jing Ci into an outsider in the family.


He and Jing Ci are only three years apart. Since young, his mother has been admonishing him that he must not lose to Jing Ci and must be his father’s most beloved son.

He has done the same thing for more than ten years.

Jing’s father’s preference gave him a lot of preferential treatment at home. The food must be the best and must conflict with Jing Ci. The person his dad scolded or even beat must be Jing Ci.

Jing Miao originally thought that his life would go on like this, with good grades and parental love. However, when he saw Jing Ci’s results, he panicked.

He didn’t have time to imagine why Jing Ci would get better overnight, but he knew that he absolutely couldn’t let Jing go on like this, let alone if his father finds out about Jing Ci’s achievements.

Otherwise, he was very afraid that his father would devote his love towards Jing Ci.

After Jing Miao went home, he secretly browsed the forum of the Provincial Experimental High School, and learned that Jing Ci will take a two-day test today and tomorrow.

He knew Jing Ci’s wish that his parents would treat him better, so he deliberately came up with such an idea to stimulate him.

It’s better to let him fail the exam.

Jing Miao thought viciously, and sent another message to Jing Ci——

[Jing Miao: Your mother doesn’t want you, and your father doesn’t like you either. You are so pitiful. 】

As soon as a message was sent, the door of Jing Miao’s room was suddenly pushed open, and Jing Fu came in: “Have you finished your homework?”

“Soon, soon!” Jing Miao hid his phone under the exercise book with a guilty conscience, picked up a pen to write randomly, pretending to study.

Father Jing’s brows frowned, his eyes rolled around on his desk, and then he nodded and left.

Jing Ci watched the incoming messages indifferently, and for a long while, moving his fingers slightly, he directly deleted Jing Miao from his friends.


Seeing that Jing’s father hadn’t noticed anything unusual, Jing Miao was relieved, and wanted to continue to send a few more messages. But he didn’t expect that he couldn’t send any messages anymore, Jing Ci deleted him.

“Sh*t.” Jing Miao cursed in a low voice, then angrily deleted Jing Ci from the left dialog box and started to do his homework.

In the living room, Jing Fu looked at the phone absently, and said to Zhao Jinfeng who was eating fruit next to him: “I think something is wrong with Miaomiao.”

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Jinfeng suddenly became nervous when it was about her son. She put down the fork in her hand and asked, “What happened?”

“When I entered his room just now, I found that he was secretly texting on his mobile phone.” Father Jing frowned and said: “When he saw me, he hurriedly hid his mobile phone, did you think there was a problem?”

“I told you not to buy a cell phone for him, but you still bought it.” Zhao Jinfeng whispered: “This result, what if it’s puppy love?”

Father Jing thought for a while: “Do you know his mobile phone password? When he sleeps tonight, take the phone over and take a look.”

“Of course I know my son.” Zhao Jinfeng replied triumphantly and agreed: “Okay, but I will say this in advance, Old Jing. If you do end up  finding something by then, you have to deal with it well, you can’t let those naughty girls lead our son astray.”

Jing Fu nodded, “Don’t worry.”

Jing Miao was unconcealed in his heart, not only resenting Jing Ci’s achievements, but also worried that Jing Fu would find out about it, so his mind was confused. After he finished his homework, he didn’t preview what he would learn tomorrow like he usually does, and went to bed.

He is at the age where his body is growing, so even if he is thinking, the quality of sleep is particularly good. After falling asleep, the sound of thunder might not be able to wake him up, let alone hearing father Jing tiptoeing around his room.

After getting the phone, father Jing returned to the living room. According to the password provided by Zhao Jinfeng, he turned on Jing Miao’s phone and checked WeChat first, but found nothing unusual.


He thought for a while, started with the background program, and clicked one by one into the apps Jing Miao used recently.

Finally, he found a browser that Jing Miao had browsed many posts today.

Jing Fu looked at the top post and read it slowly.

[Ah, the boss is really good. During the exam today, Zhou Chao asked him an Olympic mathematics problem. After thinking for a minute, the boss immediately found a way to understand the problem, which frightened Zhou Chao. 】

[To be honest, I really think he is not at the same level as us. 】

[I believe that sentence now: Some people get full marks on the test because they only have full marks on the test. 】

[I’m thinking now, if he didn’t hide his strength freshman year, but instead took the exam normally and participated in the competition, what would he look now. 】

Jing Fu’s frowning brows gradually loosened, he looked at Zhao Jinfeng, smiled and said, “A false alarm, nothing serious. Miaomiao was watching the forum of the Provincial Experimental High School. It is estimated that he was stimulated by a classmate who has good grades. “

“That’s good, that’s good.” Zhao Jinfeng breathed a sigh of relief, and finally let go of her thoughts.

When Jing Fu was about to close the browser, he accidentally slid his finger up, and a reply was immediately revealed——

[I really admire Jing Ci, he is too good, and I look forward to his results in this competition. 】


Jing Fu’s actions paused, Jing Ci?

Zhao Jinfeng urged him: “What’s the matter? Put the phone back quickly, or Miaomiao will find that we are peeking at his phone and gets angry.”

“Wait a minute.” Father Jing replied vaguely, and continued to look down.

“Whatever.” Zhao Jinfeng rolled his eyes at him, ignored him, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Father Jing pursed his lower lip. The person in the post that is particularly good at learning is called Jing Ci?

It’s the same name.

How could that bad thing in your own family get such a good result on the test?

He is really stunned.

Jing Fu laughed at himself and slid up indiscriminately.

However, when his gaze fell on the photo below, he instantly froze——

[I secretly photographed a big guy who went to the cafeteria to eat, ah, ah, ah, cold face can not hide the momentum of learning God ah ah ah licking the screen! [picture]】

【Ah, I  really envy the people of Class 7, is there still time to change classes now? 】

Jing Fu’s hands were shaking so badly, he even rubbed his eyes childishly, constantly wondering if he had seen it wrong.

However, when his eyes were opened again, the face of the young boy in the photo was still familiar to him.

His nose is like him, and his eyes and mouth are like that woman.

His son of the provincial experimental students who admired the master of God and the students of the whole school was his eldest son, a failure to make ends meet, his eldest son who has nothing, Jing Ci.

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  1. Hope his dad gets diarrhea lol idc if his wife cheated (goos for her but also whyd he have to leave JC to him? Hes got ahitty arenta thru n thru), the fact that he took it out on his own kid bc of how selfish, immature, and fickle means he woulsve treated OG JC terribly, he has abused both of hia kids,. The younger one thinks love is a conditional thing where you get it as a reward after doing something good. The mom too, you arealready married to him, do you gavw to ruin a kids life like that?

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  2. His father is not a man, but an immature petty child. He gave both of his children emotional damage and was narrow minded enough to purposefully and maliciously neglect his innocent eldest son for the sins his mother made. -He said it himself. He wanted to show Jing Ci that he would amount to nothing. That not even throwing “N-amounts” of money can save him from his deadbeat self.

    It’s not his fault that his father and mother couldn’t get their marriage to work. Both of them are asinine.

    I curse this man to have kidney stones that can’t be diagnosed by any type of medicinal practice. I hope he suffers from the pain of peeing hellfire whenever his bladder spontaneously tells his body to pee.

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