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The warmth in Jing Ci’s heart vanished instantly, and he blushed and stared at Ying Jiao: “You, don’t talk nonsense!”

Ying Jiao looked at him in surprise: “When did I talk nonsense? It seems that you forgot. Come here, brother will help you remember.”


“The dark sky was far and night, and the colored lights in the box were flickering. Under the watchful eyes of more than twenty people in the class, I pressed you onto the sofa…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was smashed by a workbook.

Jing Ci couldn’t bear it, gritted his teeth and said: “Shut up!”

Ying Jiao easily blocked the exercise book, held it in his hand, and raised his eyebrows: “Wow, you won’t recognize it after we kissed, little classmate, are you such a scumbag?”

Jing Ci felt suffocated: “We didn’t, we don’t have a relationship!”

“Just kidding,” Ying Jiao dropped the exercise book on the table and turned around: “At that time, more than half of the class could testify. You said we didn’t kiss?”

As he said, he reached out and knocked on He Zhou’s table behind him: “Old He, let ask you something, the day we had dinner…”

Before the following words came out, Jing Ci tightly covered his mouth with his hands.

He Zhou was playing a game with Peng Chengcheng head-to-head and saw the posture of the two of them. He lowered his head again blankly, grabbed a copy of “Five-year College Entrance Examination and Three-year Simulation” and put it up in front of his face, making a do not disturb appearance.

However, his face was so big that the pages of the book couldn’t cover it at all. From Ying Jiao’s perspective, he can even clearly see the corners of his mouth twitching…

“Huh?” Ying Jiao grasped Jing Ci’s wrist, pulled his hand down, looked at He Zhou, smiled: “Old He, I’m asking you when we had dinner…”

“Don’t ask!” Jing Ci’s ears were red, and he tried his best to resist the heat of his face, and then emphasized in a low voice: “Don’t ask!”

“How can you not ask questions of principle?” Ying Jiao’s face was not red or flustered, his expression was extremely natural, and he turned around again: “Maybe I remembered it wrong.”


He paused, and added: “But asking He Zhou is not reliable. Who else was there that day? Old Zheng, Old Peng, Wu Weicheng…all have to be asked.”

Jing Ci: “…”

Ying Jiao looked at his flushed little face and smiled, “So, did we kiss or not?”

Jing Ci took a deep breath, his face was almost spontaneously hot. He lowered his eyes to Ying Jiao, gritted his teeth and said: “Kissed, kissed.”

“Really? Do you want to check again?”

Jing Ci closed his eyes, fearing that he would really ask, and said, “Really! Kissed!”

Ying Jiao was finally satisfied, rubbed his head and let him go.


Since sharing their secrets, the relationship between Jing Ci and Ying Jiao has become much closer than before.

In the past, almost all the interaction between two people was Ying Jiao taking the initiative. Except for learning, Jing Ci rarely speaks to Ying Jiao.

But now, during the break between classes, Jing Ci occasionally chats with Ying Jiao. Although he gets teased by him, and was still shy, he never got angry anymore. Even if Ying Jiao smokes fiercely sometimes, Jing Ci will still remind him.

“Does it smell?” Ying Jiao bowed his head and sniffed himself: “Did it hit you?”

“No, it doesn’t smell.” Jing Ci put down the pen in his hand: “I saw it when you gave He Zhou cigarettes.”

Yesterday it was a whole box, but now the box was empty.

Ying Jiao laughed: “Just a couple of days.”

He is not addicted to cigarettes, but he is a little anxious about his results coming out today. It’s not as good as the ladies chirping to others, he can only hold it in his heart, and use a cigarette to vent.


Ying Jiao took out the cigarette case and wanted to smoke again.

Jing Ci glanced at him, Ying Jiao coughed, unscrewed the mineral water bottle, took a sip of water, and threw the cigarette inside his desk: “Don’t worry, don’t smoke.”

Jing Ci’s gaze stayed on his hand for a few seconds. He raised his head and glanced at the time. There are still seven minutes before class. If he hurries up, there will be time…

He pushed away the chair and went out.

With Jing Ci not around, and Ying Jiao is even more uncomfortable. He looked around, looking back to find He Zhou and the others to chat to divert attention, only to find that several people were getting together, whispering not knowing what they were doing.

Ying Jiao reached out and knocked on their desktop: “What are you looking at?”

“Cough, cough, cough,” He Zhou thought it was Teacher Liu who came, and almost threw his phone out of fright. He patted his chest in horror and said, “My heart is about to be frightened by you. There is nothing new, so I just go to the forums everyday. “

Because it has been confirmed that today’s results will come out, everyone is discussing on the forum now. Among them, there are a lot of posts about Jing Ci, and He Zhou also looks at this.

[If you get clear results, the red list will be posted later, waiting to see Jing Ci’s  ranking. 】

[Waiting for what rank? It’s not the same as me, I just wait for the score. 】

[Ah I met Jing Ci in the cafeteria this morning! He was in front of me when I held my tray. Seeing that there were so many things in my hand, he gave me his spot! ! Is Jing Ci treating me a little differently? 】

[…Don’t make trouble upstairs, Jing Ci has always been like this, when we receive hot water in our class, he lets the girls go first. 】

[There is one of the three major illusions in this world: He likes me. This girl, are you going to make me laugh to death? Hahahahaha, it is impossible for Jing Ci to fall in love, absolutely not! Don’t you see how many girls’ hearts died at the door of our class 7. 】

[Ah! Does anyone know what type of girls he likes? ?】

[Is there a  caveman upstairs? 】

[A  caveman? 】

【What happened to you guys?…What’s wrong with the question I asked? 】

[It is said that there is something indescribable between Jing Ci and Ying Jiao, um…]


[Puff, fake. Don’t be brainwashed by this. Who is Ying Jiao, if there is something between them, it wouldn’t be spread as rumors. 】

[It seems to be…]

[Ahhh no one is allowed to make rumors about my husband! ! ! Jing Ci is in my bed! 】

“Give me a look.” Ying Jiao was too lazy to take out his phone, and directly reached out to He Zhou.

He Zhou remembered seeing people calling Jing Ci as their husband and brother, fearing that Ying Jiao would get angry after seeing it, he subconsciously hid the phone behind his back, and said with a smile: “It’s… just some daily posts, there is nothing to see.”

Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows, he didn’t want to see it that much before, so he couldn’t look at it anymore when He Zhou concealed it.

Ying Jiao stood up, held He Zhou with one hand, grabbed the phone directly with the other, and looked down slowly.

The more he looked at his face, the colder his face became. He was so frightened that he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said: “It’s all nonsense, nonsense, don’t look at it Brother Jiao.”

With that, he wanted to grab the phone back, but was avoided by Ying Jiao.

He Zhou was too anxious, and whispered: “All girls are like this now. What is the saying? “ As long as my brother is handsome, I’ll be there anytime. Calling Jing Ci as their husband is just a way of appreciating his face. There is no other meaning.”

Ying Jiao frowned and raised his head: “What is pure about appreciating his face, are you saying that Jing Ci has no talent?”

He Zhou: “…”

That’s what he is focusing on? !

He Zhou took a deep breath: “I misspoke.”

“Then what… can my mobile phone be given to me?”

There is no place for Ying Jiao to vent, this post annoyed him. He rolled up his sleeves, clicked on the screen, and was about to log into his account to fight, “Rumor? I will let them see today if Jing Ci and I are just a rumor.”

He Zhou almost fainted, thinking about whether to go out and grab his phone directly, when Jing Ci came back.


Ying Jiao paused and buckled the screen of the phone. He was about to ask where Jing Ci had gone, when Jing Ci took out a bag of coconut candy from his pocket.

He tore open the package, first divided some to He Zhou, Li Zhou and the others, and finally turned to Ying Jiao, and put all the rest on his table.

“For me?”

Jing Ci gave a faint hum.

“Why do you suddenly remember to buy sugar?”

Jing Ci’s answer is still very simple: “I want to eat.”

“Want to eat?” Ying Jiao chuckled, glanced at his empty table, and nodded: “Well, you want to eat, but you didn’t keep a piece for yourself.”

Jing Ci was startled, and when he looked down, he suddenly discovered the mistake he had made.

Ying Jiao eeled off a piece of candy and asked Jing Ci: “Bought it for me specifically?”

Jing Ci’s ears were red, and he was silent for a few seconds before nodding slightly.

“Why did you buy this for me?” Ying Jiao stuffed the peeled candy into Jing Ci’s mouth, rubbed his lips with his finger, and whispered: “You are sweet enough, and you went to buy sugar?”

Jing Ci pushed the sugar cube aside with the tip of his tongue, automatically blocked his swear words, and looked down and said, “I heard that it would be better to eat a candy when you want to smoke.”

Ying Jiao was taken aback, and the smile in his eyes slowly overflowed.

What kind of luck is this for him to meet such a big baby.

(T/n: Another baby…)

Ying Jiao returned He Zhou’s phone, and peeled another piece of candy in it, only to feel sweetness in his heart.

The people in the post can only be scornful online.

It is him who sits next to Jing Ci every day. He is the only one who can make Jing Ci go to buy sugar in person.

After third class ended in the morning, Jing Ci went to the bathroom. Not long after he left, He Zhou came back yelling.


He Zhou’s figure slammed the door, and the glass on the door shook several times. Ying Jiao frowned, and just when he about to say a few words to him, He Zhou exclaimed excitedly: “The results are here! Our Jing Ci is still number one!”

The attention of the students in Class 7 was immediately attracted, and they gathered around and asked–

“How many points?”

“Was it high enough to crush those in the extraordinary class?”

“What about the score? Did you read it?”

He Zhou sighed, and the students of Class 7 suddenly felt their hearts raised.

Was Jing Ci’s score not much higher than second place this time? It can’t be right?

He Zhou ost the appetite of a group of people, and then slowly said: “Hey, It’s a step back from last time. This time he only got 747 this time, which is only 15 points higher than the second place Zhou Chao.”

Class 7: “…”

A group of people reacted, and they immediately beat He Zhou.

He Zhou laughed and rushed out of the siege, panting and ran to Ying Jiao: “Brother Jiao is amazing, your total score is 488!”

488, 88 points more than the last exam.

Ying Jiao’s heart finally let go, he finally lived up to the notes that Jing Ci wrote so hard.

Zheng Que put his arm around He Zhou’s shoulders, blowing rainbow farts to Ying Jiao: “My brother is still my brother Jiao, do a row!”

(T/n: I have no idea what Zhen Que means by that last sentence. “干一行像一行”)

Peng Chengcheng also gave him a thumbs up.

He Zhou grasped for breath, still a little bit unable to believe that Ying Jiao would make such a big improvement. He pulled a chair, sat next to Ying Jiao, and asked, “Brother Jiao, how did you learn?”

Ying Jiao stuffed a piece of coconut candy into his mouth, leaned back on his chair, curled his lips and said, “In the past month, I have realized a truth…”

The trio pricked up their ears and listened attentively to what he was about to say.


Ying Jiao: “Only after working hard can I know how important talent is.”

He Zhou, Zheng Que, and Peng Chengcheng: “…”

You shouldn’t expect this old hooligan to speak human words!

He Zhou rolled his eyes at him, stood up and was about to leave, when he heard Ying Jiao say again: “Of course, it’s not just talent.”

He Zhou sat down again, and he nodded.

“What else?”

Ying Jiao glanced at Jing Ci’s seat: “Jing Ci’s fate is good.”

“What?” He Zhou was confused by what he said. He couldn’t figure out how Ying Jiao’s test can also be related to Jing Ci’s fate.

He looked at Ying Jiao with ineffable words: “No, Brother Jiao, be honest. What does this have something to do with Jing Ci’s fate? Don’t talk nonsense.”

Ying Jiao raised his eyes and glanced at him: “How can it not be related?”

He Zhou got on bar with him today. He patted the table and stood up, and said loudly, “Then how is it related?”

Ying Jiao chuckled: “Wang Fu.”

(T/n: I have no idea what wàng fū means T-T. But I think he means that Jing Ci’s fate is to be his husband?? Idk)

He Zhou, Zheng Que, and Peng Chengcheng: “…”

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