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He Zhou stood up expressionlessly and put the chair back in place: “Sorry I asked.”

Peng Chengcheng lay down on his side without saying a word, and silently stretched out his hand to cover his exposed ear.

Zheng Que… Zheng Que stared at Ying Jiao dullly for a few seconds, then rubbed his face, and sighed to the sky: “I’m still too young…”

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Ying Jiao glanced at them a few times: “Would I be able to get this score without Jing Ci?”


He Zhou always felt that something was amiss, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong, wrinkling his face, and was confused: “That’s right…”

Ying Jiao turned his pen around, and sneered: “That’s not right.”

“No!” He Zhou finally found a logical loophole, proudly refuting Ying Jiao loudly: “What a shit husband! What kind of husband are you!”

(T/n: so I’m guessing that wang fu does mean husband…? Idk)

He rolled his eyes at Ying Jiao: “Wow, shameless!”

Ying Jiao didn’t know what he thought of, and squinted his eyes and smiled: “Don’t worry, sooner or later, it will be in a Hukou book.”

On the playground, Jing Ci and Li Zhou came back from the bathroom. Halfway through, they heard someone discussing–

“Go, go, the red list is posted!”

“Wow! Then let’s go and see!”

“There are four minutes before class starts, hurry up!”


“Let’s take a look too!” Li Zhou’s eyes lit up, and he ran forward while dragging Jing Ci: “I was chatting with others on the forum because of your score this morning!”

Jing Ci quickened his pace and followed him, trying to calm him down: “It was posted just now, there must be a lot of people going to see it, we wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“How is that possible!” Li Zhou panted and stopped outside the crowd. He lifted up his school uniform pants, rubbed his hands, and said with confidence: “There is no place in the world where I can’t squeeze in!”

He turned his head and looked at Jing Ci: “Don’t go in and wait for me outside. I’ll help you see the results, so you can remember every point clearly.”

Jing Ci looked at the black hair  in front of him, and his heart moved: “It’s okay, I want to see it too.”


“Oh~” Li Zhou joked with him as he squeezed forward and dragged a long tone: “It turns out you can also be nervous about your grades.”

Jing Ci smiled without explaining.

Li Zhou moved left and right, finally found a gap near the right side of the red list, and immediately seized the opportunity to rush in.

With this, Jing Ci was also able to see his name on top of the red list.

After confirming his rank and score, he did not withdraw, but looked towards the lower right corner.

Jing Ci wanted to find Ying Jiao’s name from the back, so that it would be easier to find. However, when he saw the last place on the red list, he was immediately stunned.

519 Qiao Anyan: 199

Although Jing Ci couldn’t remember how many points Qiao Anyan got in each exam and how many places he improved after his rebirth, he remembered Qiao Anyan’s rapid progress in his studies, and would improve in the next exam, which surprised the people who despise him.

And now, from Qiao Anyan’s rebirth to the present, two exams have been taken. But he was in last place again, what is going on?

Was it that his own transmigration affected the progress of the entire book?

But this explanation didn’t make sense. Although he and Qiao Anyan repelled each other, there was no intersection between the two. What’s more, academic performance is different from the plot, which is not something he can influence.

Then why is this happening?

Jing Ci was analyzing this in his mind, and Li Zhou’s loud voice suddenly sounded in his ears: “Jing Ci! Number one! You are still number one!”

Li Zhou flushed with excitement. Regardless of the people around him, he shouted to Jing Ci: “Total score is 747!”

When Li Zhou called out Jing Ci’s name, everyone around him suddenly glanced over.


It’s a pity that Li Zhou and Jing Ci were thinking of something in their hearts, and didn’t notice.

Li Zhou pushed aside the two people who were standing by and squeezed over to Jing Ci: “How many points did you score last time? Wasn’t it 748? Wow, this time you took a stepped back, 1 point less than before!”

The people around who were listening to them with ears erected: “…”

Your mother! ! Taking a 747 is considered taking a step backward? !

Can they take off their shoes on the spot and plug this person’s mouth with socks? !

“Normal.” Jing Ci came back to his senses, didn’t ponder about Qiao Anyan’s affairs any more, and replied with Li Zhou, and started looking for Ying Jiao’s name again.

“Let’s go, what are you doing?” Li Zhou was satisfied after reading Jing Ci’s score. He was holding back his energy and wanted to go back to the classroom to use the forum. 

“I’ll look at it again.” Jing Ci replied vaguely, speeding up the browsing.

Li Zhou thought he was worried about the people behind him, so he leaned into his ear and whispered: “Don’t worry, Zhou Chao scored 15 points worse than you in second place.”

Jing Ci just wanted to say that he didn’t care about it, but when he saw the next name, the corners of his lips instantly curled up.

480 Ying Jiao: 488.

Although the test questions this time are simpler than last time, the total score has increased by 88 points in one month, which is already quite remarkable.

Li Zhou was still urging him. Jing Ci had seen what he was looking for and further delay, he followed him out of the crowd.

“Quickly, quickly!” Li Zhou took the lead and walked fast: “Next class is Old Liu’s, I dare not look at my phone. You just… Jing Ci? What’s wrong with you?!”

Li Zhou looked at his pale face for a moment, was stunned for a few seconds, and then immediately walked back: “Are you uncomfortable?”


There was a sharp pain in my mind, the pain made his temple twitch. Jing Ci instantly seeped out in cold sweat, and his ears buzzed. It wasn’t until Li Zhou asked for the third time that he could hear his words clearly.

“It’s okay.” Jing Ci gritted his teeth and resisted the pain, trying his best to keep his face calm.

He took a sigh of relief, looked around, and saw Qiao Anyan not far away.

“What’s the matter with you?” Li Zhou asked with concern: “Should I take you to the infirmary?”

Seeing Jing Ci didn’t answer, he was too anxious, and followed his gaze: “What are you looking at? Fuck, Qiao Anyan? What is he looking at you?”

Obliquely in front of them, Qiao Anyan was staring at Jing Ci with a gloomy expression, his eyes seemed to want to eat him raw.

This time in the examination room, his golden finger failed again, even if he tried his best to fill in all the papers, he was still in last place.

If the person in first place was someone from the top students in the extraordinary class that he is familiar with, such as Zhou Chao, Jiang Chong and others, Qiao Anyan’s mental state would not be out of balance to this point.

However, the first place in the exam was Jing Ci, who was once as depraved as him.

Why is he able to improve, when he is clearly reborn, but he still couldn’t go to the right path.

The most important is……

Qiao Anyan clenched his fist, Jing Ci snatched Ying Jiao’s attention, and some people even said on the forum that there was ambiguity between the two of them.

That was the white moonlight he couldn’t get for in his two lifetimes, how could he be defiled by someone like Jing Ci.

It would be great if there was no Jing Ci, and it would be great if Jing Ci were still the same as before…Qiao Anyan’s malice kept rising.

Jing Ci’s headache seemed to explode, and his breathing gradually became heavier.

Seeing this, Li Zhou decisively supported him: “The next class won’t start. I’ll send you to the school infirmary.”


Many people around were secretly paying attention to Jing Ci. Seeing that something was wrong at this moment, they didn’t even care if Jing Ci recognized them or not, so they gathered around——

“What’s the matter? Do you need our help?”

“Jing Ci, are you sick? Let me ask your class teacher for leave for you.”

“What’s happened to your face, don’t go to class.”


Under the care of the students around him, Jing Ci’s headache gradually eased.

Not an illusion.

Jing Ci felt it carefully, but it really didn’t hurt that much.

He and Qiao Anyan repelled each other, and Qiao Anyan’s targeting would cause him a physical headache. Can other people’s sincere concern offset these pains?

Jing Ci’s brain was spinning fast, and he guessed right. His and Qiao Anyan’s positions were on opposite sides. Although he didn’t know the reason for entering this book, it was definitely not accidental!

“It’s okay, I just have low blood sugar.” Jing Ci was relieved for a while, feeling a lot more comfortable, explained to the people around him, rejected their offer to send him to the school infirmary, and sincerely thanked them. Then he and Li Zhou went back to class together.

“Are you okay?” Although he looked much better, Li Zhou was still a little worried. After hesitating for a while, he considered what to say, and then asked vaguely: “You…do you have any physical problems?”

In fact, Li Zhou wanted to ask if he had any chronic diseases. He was afraid that it would not sound good, so he changed his wording.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.” Jing Ci pulled his chair out and sat down, raised his head and smiled at him: “It’s really low blood sugar.”

Li Zhou recalled that his pale face and the cold sweat on his forehead were indeed compatible with low blood sugar, and told him: “In the future, buy some chocolate or something and put them in your pocket, and eat it in case you feel unwell.”


Li Zhou wanted to say something else, the class bell rang, and he could only trot back to his seat.

“Are you not feeling well?” Ying Jiao raised his hand and touched his forehead. After touching the cold sweat on his hand, he frowned, “Is this hypoglycemia?”

Jing Ci moved his lips and told the truth: “My head hurts a bit, but it’s much better.”


“Have a headache again?” Ying Jiao took a paper towel and wiped him off, pulling his sweaty hair aside, rubbing his temples, and asking: “Where does it hurt, tell me about it.”

Originally, Jing Ci’s head still felt some pain, but after Ying Jiao rubbed him a few times, it didn’t hurt at all.

So did he guess wrong last time?

For him, the touch of Ying Jiao is even better than the care of those classmates.

Is it because Ying Jiao is also one of the protagonists in this book, or is it some other reason?

“Speak.” Ying Jiao became even more worried when he saw that he hadn’t spoken for a long time, so he poked his face lightly and asked again.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Jing Ci raised his eyes and smiled at him, and threw the used tissues into the trash bag hanging between the two desks.

“Really okay?”


Ying Jiao carefully observed his face until he was sure that he hadn’t lied before he let go.

But he wrote this down in my heart, and when he had time, he would take Jing Ci for a full-body examination.

Teacher Liu was delayed by something, the class bell rang for a minute and he still hasn’t come. Jing Ci put the math book neatly on the table, turned his head towards Ying Jiao and said proudly: “By the way, I saw your total score. Congratulations, you did a good job in the exam.”

Ying Jiao’s lips involuntarily rose into a smile, just thinking that for this sentence, his persistence this month is worthwhile.

“So you agreed to go to the movies with me?”

Teacher Liu opened the door and entered, Jing Ci didn’t say a word, and nodded with his lips pressed.

After school on Saturday night, Ying Jiao quickly went home and didn’t even bother to eat dinner. He went straight into the cloakroom and started picking clothes.


With the goal of turning himself into a walking aphrodisiac, he must try to discipline himself.

(T/n: not sure what he exactly means here)

However, the brands and clothes he usually likes are all like Cinderella who has lost the magic blessings at midnight, and he didn’t think they were perfect.

In front of the mirror, Ying Jiao changed set after set, took countless photos and sent them to the group, and tossed He Zhou and several people one by one. It was not until 12 o’clock in the evening that he picked the most satisfactory set.

However, as soon as he lay down on the bed, he regretted it.

Wearing his school uniform can barely be considered as a couple’s clothes for the time being. What if tomorrow he wears casual clothes and Jing Ci wears his school uniform, wouldn’t he not touch the edges of being lovers at all?

No, he can’t wear casual clothes!

Therefore, within two seconds, Ying Jiao overthrew these results that took the whole night, and went to school in his school uniform the next day.

After school was over, looking at Jing Ci’s school uniform, Ying Jiao couldn’t help but praise his wits in his heart.

The two choose a movie theater not far from the school.

Because the experimental students are on vacation on Sunday afternoon, the seats are basically full.

Ying Jiao took a sip of Coke. On the surface, he was calm and watched a movie, but in fact he didn’t know what to do for awhile.


It is said that it is easy for two people to get closer when watching a love movie together.

The atmosphere is rendered in place, anything can be done, from holding hands to learning how to kiss is possible.

How about there is a word called movie theater play.

As long as the time is right, there is no mouth that can’t be kissed!

It’s a pity that this is not a ghost movie. If it were a ghost movie, he would be able to comfort Jing Ci by holding him in his arms when he was scared, just like it was shown in the TV series. It can not only increase the physical contact between two people, but also show their boyfriend power.

The more Ying Jiao thought about it, the more he was ready to move. In the end, he was already a little uncontrollable.

He stared at the big screen, waiting for the moment when the hostess acted intimately, waiting for the opportunity to move.

Sometimes, however, the facts are always very different from what you expected.

It was the first time he watched a movie with Jing Ci. He didn’t hold his hands as he imagined, let alone kiss his lips.

Ying Jiao’s perfect idea ended when the cannon fodder smashed the male protagonist’s head with a brick.

With a bang, blood flew across the screen. Ying Jiao’s face was pale, his head was dizzy, and he plunged into Jing Ci’s arms.

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Ying Jiao: Don’t ask, don’t ask if you are looking for death again.

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