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At 7:10, the provincial experimental bus arrived at Tunghai University.

At 7:30, Jing Ci put his schoolbag in the bus according to Teacher Zhao’s instructions, and walked into the examination room with only the necessary tools for the examination.

At eight o’clock, the qualifier of the National Mathematical League officially began.

After getting the test papers, Jing Ci first filled in the necessary school names and scanned the papers from beginning to end in accordance with his habit. In his mind, he had a general understanding of the difficulty of the test.

The full score is 120 points. Generally speaking, the difficulty is only slightly higher than that of the college entrance examination. But Jing Ci was unlucky and found a number theory problem in the solution.

Number theory can be said to be a stumbling block. Many contestants will just give up when they see number theory, leaving time for other problems.


Compared with the gloomy faces of other contestants in the examination room, Jing Ci was fairly calm. Number theory was also difficult for him, but it was not impossible.

He looked up at the wall clock on the wall, picked up his pen and started answering the question. As long as he has enough time set aside, he feels that he can solve this problem completely.

The time for math competitions is very tight. Although the amount of questions does not seem to be large, because of the difficulty of the questions, it consumes a lot of time.

Jing Ci had looked for many competition papers before, and had already figured out how long each question should take. He calmly finished filling in the blanks, skipped the number theory, and worked on other solutions first.

Jing Ci answered questions smoothly, and in the end he wrote the answer perfectly for number theory.

But for the qualifiers, the most important thing is not the first exam, but the second exam which is a total of 180 points.

Although there are many points in the second test, there are actually only four questions.

Each one is a real problem, without sufficient strength, it is completely impossible to expect to hit good luck altogether.

Before coming, Teacher Zhao had already told them. The points of each question in the second test are very high, so as long as the problem-solving steps involved are correct, they will be awarded points, and they must be required to write the problem-solving process completely.

Jing Ci kept this sentence in mind, thought for a while, picked up the pen and was about to calculate on a separate sheet, when his head suddenly hurt without warning.

This feeling is too familiar. Jing Ci was familiar with it, he immediately understood that this is a malicious attack from the protagonist in the book.


But before, it was obvious that he would only hurt when he saw Qiao Anyan. Why is it like this now?

The idea that Jing Ci had just thought of in his mind disappeared instantly, his fingertips trembled, he closed his eyes, and tried to calm himself down.

This pain is nothing, and it’s not uncommon when it hurts more. When he was a child, he was stabbed with needles and kicked secretly by the amiable deputy dean. He insisted on surviving in the orphanage and became the pride of the orphanage.

There is nothing he can’t get through.

In the short eighteen years of his life, Jing Ci experienced abandonment, violence, mockery, and darkness that normal people did not go through, and he understood the truth from a very young age——

Your eyes will deceive you, your ears will deceive you. Your experience will deceive you, your imagination will deceive you, but mathematics will not.

For so many years, Jing Ci has worked hard to study and tried his best to change his destiny. This belief has not changed even in another world.

Mathematics is his closest partner.

It gave him hope, gave him confidence, gave him a bright future, comforted him and accompanied him when he was depressed and anxious.

All the emotions he can’t express can be vented with mathematics.

No one can mess with him during his math exam, and neither can the protagonist of the world.

Jing Ci exhaled slowly, enduring the heart-wrenching headache, and started reading the question again.

He doesn’t know how to solve this kind of headache or the time being, but on the day when the results came out, other people’s concern can relieve his headache, and this gave him an idea.

As long as he keeps going high and gaining more people’s approval, will one day Qiao Anyan’s restraint on him will fail?


Jing Ci drew a three-dimensional geometric pattern on the paper with difficulty, calmed down and continued thinking about his ideas.

As his mind gradually concentrated, the impact of the headache on him became less and less, and in the end, it was even negligible.

At the same time, in the classroom of Class 11, Qiao Anyan looked at the mobile game interface in disbelief and muttered: “What, what’s going on?”

The face of his desk classmate was also full of shock: “Why are you so lucky today? Obviously, we were able to draw prizes every time before. This time we both got so much gold, but we didn’t get anything?! What the hell!”

“Who knows.” Qiao Anyan frowned impatiently.

After rebirth, he felt more and more unhappy.

Even if the golden finger fails from time to time, even the good luck that comes with it is gone now.

He threw the phone inside his desk irritably, and slumped down with a gloomy expression.

What went wrong?

And in places invisible to the naked eye, the luck that Qiao Anyan had forcibly plundered from others in order to reverse his life in his previous life is disappearing little by little.

At Tunghai University, as soon as Jing Ci wrote the last number on the answer sheet, the bell rang.

The two invigilators immediately stood up, with serious expressions, told them to stop answering the questions, and collected the papers as quickly as possible.

Jing Ci packed up his things, followed the crowd out of the classroom, and came to the gathering place for the provincial experiment.


Zhou Chao had already arrived one step ahead of him, and he was full of frustration. He said: “It’s over, I’m over! The question is too difficult, I think I can’t even pass the qualifiers!”

“No.” Jing Ci comforted him: “I also find it difficult, don’t think too much.”

“I hope so.” Zhou Chao sighed, and while walking on the bus, said: “My mother told me in advance and said that this was the last time she let me participate in a competition.”

“Huh?” Jing Ci didn’t quite understand.

“She asked me to focus on studying in my third year,” Zhou Chao found a place to sit down and turned his head and said, “She’s afraid the competition will delay my college entrance examination.”

Indeed, if you can’t get results in both competitions, it is better to give up and just take the college entrance examination.

Jing Ci couldn’t persuade him this time, so he could only remain silent.

Fortunately, Zhou Chao just wanted to vent. He glanced at teacher Zhao who was surrounded by a few students, and whispered in Jing Ci’s ear: “I’m afraid Mr. Zhao will come over and ask how I did in the exam. I’ll pretend to sleep first, don’t call me.”

Jing Ciren smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

Jing Ci was also a little tired, and the fight against the will of the world just consumed all his energy. When he suddenly relaxed at this moment, he felt exhausted all over.

He barely cheered up, took out his phone and looked at it. There were a lot of WeChat messages, all from Ying Jiao.

[Jiao]: The physics paper is finished [Picture]

[Jiao]: Waiting for you to come back.

[Jiao]: I brought you a small square cake with coconut milk and put it inside your desk.

[Jiao]: I didn’t sleep at noon, and did a few math problems.

[Jiao]: Have you finished the exam?

[Jiao]: Talk to brother after the exam.

A smile appeared on Jing Ci’s face involuntarily, and the depression he felt after being targeted by Qiao Anyan was swept away, he reached out to type, and returned a message to Ying Jiao——

[Jing]: The exam is over, I am preparing to go back.


Seeing Mr. Zhao’s eyes drifting from time to time, he quickly put his phone back in his school bag, put one hand on the protruding outline of his shirt, and fell asleep leaning on the back of his chair comfortably, and didn’t know when they had arrived at school.

“You can really sleep.” Zhou Chao pushed him awake, pointed outside and said: “Go, let’s go to the second canteen for dinner.”

“Second Canteen?”

“Yeah.” Zhou Chao nodded, “Ms. Zhao said that the school will take care of lunch at noon today. The second canteen was privately contracted and can open at any time, so we can only go there.”

“Okay.” Jing Ci felt more comfortable after taking a nap. He carried his schoolbag and went to the second canteen with Zhou Chao.

Xu Shi knows that they are all students who are valued by the school leaders. The staff in the second canteen did not dare to be unreasonable, and the food they served was very normal.

Jing Ci received a portion of fried pork rice with cauliflower, plus two oranges.

The taste is indeed incomparable with a canteen, but it is better enough. Jing Ci ate a whole plate of food in one breath, and then he felt that he had come back to life.

“Go back,” Zhou Chao put down the spoon almost at the same time as Jing Ci. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and stood up with a face of death: “You must face what you should face.”

The two took the plates to the recycling area and walked to the classroom together.

When passing by the basketball court, a shout suddenly came not far away: “Jing Ci!”

Ying Jiao threw the basketball in his hand aside, and walked towards him: “Have you come back?”

Jing Ci looked at the familiar people on the basketball court, and then he realized afterwards his class was currently in gym class.


Zhou Chao looked at them enviously, but it was a pity that gym class of their super-long class had been canceled long ago, and he could only return to the classroom with a bitter expression.Ying Jiao stretched out his hand and took Jing Ci’s schoolbag naturally, and asked him, “Have you eaten?”

“Yeah.” Jing Ci nodded, “I ate in the second canteen.”

“Second Canteen? How can you go there to eat?” Ying Jiao frowned and touched his stomach: “Are you full?”

“I’m full.” Jing Ci shrank back, stood near the basketball shelf, said hello to a few people in Class 7, then turned to continue to say to Ying Jiao: “The school took care of food, so we can only eat in the second canteen. The taste is not bad.”

Not bad?

Ying Jiao didn’t laugh, since he has never eaten the food in the second canteen.

He stretched out his hand and rubbed Jing Ci’s hair, and said softly, “So easy to feed?”

Jing Ci pursed his lips and smiled, watching him hang his school bag on a bar to the side, stretched out his hand and said: “I’m not a picky eater.”

Ying Jiao’s heart was softened by his smile. Just as he was about to say something, Zheng Que suddenly shouted from behind with a loud voice: “Brother Jiao, can you still fight? Jing Ci, come join us!”

Jing Ci’s eyes lit up instantly.

No boy would dislike this kind of hearty sport. In the previous world, he would occasionally play on the basketball court alone. After coming here, by mistake, he hasn’t even touched a basketball.

Ying Jiao noticed his look and asked, “Want to play?

Jing Ci nodded.

“If you want to play, wait another ten minutes,” Ying Jiao unscrewed the bottle cap and drank coke: “You just ate, It’s not good for your stomach.”

Jing Ci listened to him: “Okay.”

Ten minutes later, Ying Jiao went on the court with Jing Ci.

A few people just played casually, not strictly in accordance with five-on-five as in regular ball games. If anyone joins, they can continue to play if there are fewer people.

It’s just that Zheng Que’s skills are good, and Zheng Que is very happy to be with him in the first team. That’s why he specifically called him.


Ying Jiao scored three goals in a row, and Jing Ci also scored one. He Zhou was outraged by the two of them. He threw his school uniform jacket out and rubbed his hands: “Come on, go on!”

Ying Jiao raised his eyelids and glanced at him, then passed the ball to Jing Ci.

Zheng Que, who was warming up his hands and waiting to catch the ball: “…”

It’s getting worse, playing basketball is so strange!

Jing Ci moved toward the basketball hoop while dribbling the ball. He Zhou knew that he couldn’t guard against Ying Jiao, so he turned to Peng Chengcheng and Wu Weicheng, and blocked them.

He is too big to be able to hold two people. Jing Ci dodges left and right to no avail, jumping up and trying to pass the ball to Ying Jiao who was closest to him.

He Zhou subconsciously jumped up and stretched out his hand to block it.

It’s a pity that he overestimated his balance. Instead of blocking the ball, he bumped into Jing Ci.

How could Jing Ci’s small body withstand his impact, he flew out several steps in an instant, and was about to fall down.

Just as he was about to fall, Ying Jiao rushed over and grabbed Jing Ci and pulled him forcefully.

It’s a pity that Jing Ci’s body gravity was too large, and instead led them to both fall.

At the moment when he was about to land, Ying Jiao’s brain hadn’t reacted yet, and his hands had already hugged Jing Ci hard, shielding him tightly in his arms, and making a solid cushion for Jing Ci.


Seeing that they fell, He Zhou walked over tremblingly: “Brother Jiao, Jing Ci, are you both okay?”

“I’m okay.” Jing Ci calmed down for a moment, then replied to him. He was well protected by Ying Jiao, and he didn’t get hurt at all.

“Ying Jiao, are you hurt anywhere?” Jing Ci lifted his head from his arms, propped his hands on the ground, and was about to get up, but suddenly felt something wrong.

His body froze in an instant, as if frozen, he kept his head up motionless, his face slowly and slowly getting hotter…

Ying Jiao really didn’t think about anything at first. Seeing that Jing Ci was about to fall, he rushed over by instinct.

But when two people’s bodies rubbed together tightly, things started to go wrong.

Jing Ci had just exercised vigorously, and he clung to his arms obediently, panting against his ears, wet-hot breathing brushed over his neck, almost seducing him.

A seventeen/eighteen-year-old boy, is terribly energetic, and holding the person he likes wholeheartedly in his arms, Ying Jiao couldn’t even feel the pain, and got hard almost immediately.

For a moment, Ying Jiao’s mind was blank. The sound of the playground and basketballs were all thrown aside by him.


He just wanted to madly press Jing Ci under his body, tearing open his clothes, and shackling his hands. Biting him, kissing him hard, and doing excessive things to him…

“You…” they were all boys, of course Jing Ci knew what it was.

He was embarrassed and shy. He didn’t get up, nor didn’t he stay. He froze, and was at a loss: “How could you…”

Everything around has become a set piece, as if they were the only two left between heaven and earth.

Ying Jiao’s adam apple rolled a few times. He stared at Jing Ci, and there seemed to be a fire burning in his eyes: “What’s wrong with me?”

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The author has something to say: Your eyes will deceive you, and your ears will deceive you. Your experience will deceive you, your imagination will deceive you, but mathematics will not – Lucian Evans.

(T/n: I tried searching up Lucian Evans but for some reason I keep getting ‘Lucien Evans’. I have no idea if this is actual quote from someone or I’m just dumb.)

WCBL: I’m sure that mostly everybody has heard of the jjwxc situation(if you haven’t just go see the novelupdates forum). I will not be locking up anything or deleting any of translations(because my translations are MTL, so I am not worried of my translations being stolen). I will be continuing to update for now, but if this novel does receive a Eng translation from jjwxc themselves I might drop this project entirely (depending of how well the translations are), and this goes for any future projects that I had in mind as well. I’m not sure how this will go, and I am still thinking of what I can do to make this fair for you readers, but this is the best that I can do. So thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that I will still have the opportunity to share my translations on this website in the future.

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