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Jing Ci and Ying Jiao didn’t stay in the school infirmary for too long. They took a bottle of iodine cotton ball, and after listening carefully to the school nurse’s instructions, they went back to class.

Teacher Liu was writing on the blackboard when they were standing outside the classroom. Ying Jiao waited for him to finish writing his sentence before knocking on the door and shouting: “Report.”

Teacher Liu glanced at the door and said, “Come in.”

Ying Jiao opened the door and let Jing Ci go first, and he followed up. As soon as he closed the door, he heard Teacher Liu say: “Ah, you came back so fast, has your wife’s strict control been cured?”

The students in Class 7 burst into laughter immediately, and the noisy boys even whistled.

Ying Jiao: “…”

Ying Jiao smiled and looked in He Zhou and the other’s direction. He Zhou felt guilty. He quickly took the book and put it in front of his face, shrinking his shoulders and pretending that he did not exist.


Teacher Liu didn’t think much about it. He had already learned that Ying Jiao fell because of He Zhou. It was just a joke. These little boys in their own class usually do so much more, there is nothing they can’t do.

Last year the school organized a social practice activity. At the end, a group of people took a group photo. He took a lot of photos of several boys hugging each other and kissing each other, not to mention having a strict wife.

“Where is it.” Under the gaze of the whole class, Ying Jiao was still irritated. He curled his lips and smiled: “You should ask Jing Ci if it’s cured or not.”

As soon as his voice fell, the roaring underneath became louder, and some people even clapped their hands.

“Niubi Niubi! My brother Jiao is Niubi!”

(T/n: Niubi- “You are amazing”)

This time, the speechless person became Teacher Liu.

He was wrong, he shouldn’t have said anything, and give Ying Jiao the opportunity to play!

Teacher Liu threw down the chalk, and said impatiently: “You are panting when you say you are fat. Go to your seat and sit down!”

(T/n: I have no idea what Teacher Liu is trying to say here)

Jing Ci was the only person in the class who didn’t understand the situation. He looked at Teacher Liu and Ying Jiao confusedly. He didn’t know what was going on.

Ying Jiao leaned back in his chair and kindly explained to him: “The teacher said you are my little wife.”

He raised his eyes and glanced at Teacher Liu, and said thoughtfully: “We are now officially recognized as CP.”

Teacher Liu: “…”

Shut up! He didn’t say sh*t!

Jing Ci: “…”

Jing Ci staggered and almost knocked over the table.


Teacher Liu was so angry that his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and he slapped the desk and shouted: “Ying Jiao, shut up! Are you not in class?! I’ll let you do the questions on the blackboard!”

How can he be afraid of this? In any case, he is now a qualified person who can solve mathematics.

After finally being able to show off in an upright manner, he didn’t want to let it go. However, seeing Jing Ci’s unnatural face next to him, his adam’s apple moved, and he endured it in the end.

(T/n: Ying Jiao showing off his wife is what he means here)

Forget it, his wife is thin-skinned.

After class, Teacher Liu left with a book in his hand.

Jing Ci still knew nothing about what had just happened, and Ying Jiao shamelessly dumped the pot on He Zhou: “Didn’t I tell you that I asked He Zhou to ask for leave for both of us? He had a bad mind and deliberately told Old Liu that I was going to the school infirmary because my wife was strict.”

Seeing He Zhou’s incredulous gaze, Ying Jiao continued: “That’s why Old Liu said that.”

Jing Ci… Jing Ci’s ears were red, and he glanced at He Zhou blankly, and was silently angry.

He secretly decided not to lend his homework to He Zhou for two days.

He Zhou was stunned by the flying pot, and after reacting, he rushed forward angrily to expose Ying Jiao’s ugly face.

Ying Jiao rolled up his sleeves methodically and said to himself: “I don’t know if it is because of the fall, this hand is always itchy…”

He raised his eyes to look at He Zhou, and smiled: “Old He, what do you think?”

He Zong suddenly came to an emergency brake, the fat on his face trembled, and then he silently returned to his seat, not daring to say a word.


From this day on, the name of Jing Ci by the students in Class 7 has changed.

Originally, they all called him by name, but now they all call him brother Ci.


He is the boss’s brother, so wouldn’t he also be their brother?

On the provincial experiment forum, others are still discussing the provincial preliminary contest of the five universities.

[I don’t know if Jing Ci can get number one, when will the result come out? 】

[Number one is sure to be stable. If our school’s top players can’t get first place. Then other schools are in vain. Now it’s up to us to see whether we can make it to the finals. 】

[Ah ah ah ah pray for my male god, he will definitely make it to the final! When the time comes, let the people from other schools see that there are some great people in Donghai Province, okay? ! 】

[I’m speechless, where do you have so much confidence in Jing Ci? Have you forgotten about Jiang Chong back then? 】

[Indeed, it was said last year that Jiang Chong would definitely enter the finals, but look what happened? 】

[Compare Jiang Chong with Jing Ci? It’s not a number of ranks, okay? Jiang Chong fell out of the top five in the school this month. 】

[My brother will definitely make it to the finals! ! If he doesn’t enter, I’ll live broadcast and eat sh*t! 】

[…This style of text is so easy to recognize from Class 7. In other words, why are you calling him brother Ci? Were you guys not happy with Jing Ci before? 】

[Because Brother Ci is now our boss. 】

【? ? ? What the hell? What does that mean? What about Ying Jiao? 】

[Wife is strict, hehehe! 】

【? ? ? Does anyone understand? ? 】

【I do not understand……】


In the end, they were all students who could score high marks in the Chinese exam. Although they are not clear on some words, they can look through the context and analyze them according to only one clue.

What does this strict wife have to do with Ying Jiao?

The people in Class 7 are calling brother Ci again.

Therefore, Ying Jiao’s so-called wife is…Jing Ci?

Wow, is Class 7 so exciting?

Although other people dare not mention Ying Jiao openly on the forum, they dare to privately.

As a result, the relationship between Jing Ci and Ying Jiao spread more and more widely, that even Zhou Chao began to call Jing Ci, Brother Ci.

“Brother Ci, here!” After the competition class was over, Zhou Chao took out a packaged apple from his schoolbag and stuffed it into Jing Ci’s hand: “Ping An Guo.”

(T/n: “The apple, pronounced “ping guo” in Chinese, is also called “ping an guo” when it is sold during Christmas. With this reason, people in China often give apples to each other as giving it means wishing safety and peace.”)

Christmas is coming soon, and the school’s small shop has prepared early.

Not only was there a Christmas tree at the door, Christmas decorations were hung on the door, and oranges and apples were packaged. They were sold to students with the nickname “Ping An Fruit” for five yuan each.

High school students are in their adolescence. Who doesn’t have a crush in their hearts, but most usually hide and dare not express them, but when it’s finally Christmas, how can they not find an excuse to send a Ping An fruit towards their crushes.

Even if the other party does not know what they like, they will be happy when the gift is given.

Of course, students who don’t have anyone they like should also buy it. After all, there are not many close friends. So even if Ping An Fruits are sold ten times more expensive than usual, sales are still particularly good.


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and Jing Ci has received a lot of Ping An fruits for the past few days..

At the beginning, he recorded the other party’s name silently. If someone gave him an apple, he would return an orange. If someone gave him an orange, he would send an apple back.

But as Christmas got closer and closer, every time he came back, he would see a few more Ping An fruits on his table, and he didn’t know who gave it.

When he asked the people around, they also didn’t know.

Later, when he received too many Ping An fruits. Li Zhou made a big box for him and put it under his table, and now the box is almost full.

“Thank you.” Even if his friend’s kindness is received many times, he will be happy. Jing Ci smiled at him and accepted his kindness.

“What are you polite?” Zhou Chao grinned and waved his hands, and the two returned to the bedroom together.

After Jing Ci entered the door, he unzipped his schoolbag and put the apple that Zhou Chao had given him on the table.

Li Zhou leaned over upon seeing this: “How can one person receive so many Ping An fruits?!”

There was a box in the classroom, but now they are all taken to the bedroom!

Li Zhou wondered: “I don’t see any girls that you are close to. Why is everyone giving you Ping An fruits this Christmas?”

Jing Ci didn’t know what was going on either.

He had the same grades and looks in the last world as he is now, but he was like a transparent person in class, and few people took the initiative to speak to him.

Jing Ci is not an affectionate person, so he didn’t have a close friend in his previous life.

However, after coming to this world, the situation is completely opposite.

His classmates are very enthusiastic, and the teachers treat him very well. Even other alumni who are not in the same class are always willing to mention him in the forum.


Jing Ci had also thought about this question. It stands to reason that the current world is a book. The protagonist and supporting roles have been set, and the corresponding luck for everyone has also been assigned.

He is wearing a villain cannon fodder, shouldn’t he be subconsciously rejected by the whole world? Why is the actual situation completely opposite?

There are many unsolvable mysteries in Jing Ci’s mind, but he lacks a key to open it.

“By the way,” Li Zhou picked up a Ping An fruit and looked at it, and then asked him, “How did you get so many apples and oranges? It’s estimated that you won’t finish eating them all by the time they spoil?”

Jing Ci was also a little worried, and said helplessly: “I can only eat quickly.”

However, the next day, Ying Jiao solved this problem for him.

These days, Ying Jiao is a little frustrated. Those crazy bees and butterflies are usually on the forum, even if they express feelings for Jing Ci. They actually dared to find their way into his class!

Simply outrageous!

He looked at the box of fruit in the middle of the seats of the two of them, and sneered: “Little classmate, your popularity is quite high.”

Jing Ci pursed his lower lip in embarrassment: “Nonsense.” He fiddled with an apple, worrying: “I have to eat it quickly, or it will spoil.”

Ying Jiao knows his habit of not wasting food, and felt moved in his heart, he suffocated his jealousy: “The weather is so damp, I can’t imagine how bad it will spoil when the time comes.”

“Ah.” Jing Ci felt distressed just thinking about it, he frowned unconsciously: “What should I do?”

Ying Jiao’s goal was achieved, and he leaned into Jing Ci’s ear and whispered, “Brother will help you deal with it?”

“How to deal with it?”

Ying Jiao said: “I’ll distribute it to the teachers. After all, it is a holiday for the teachers. Let the teachers also have fun.”

Jing Ci’s eyes lit up: “Okay.”

It is not good to forward gifts from others to other students, but there is no problem with giving them to the teachers.


After he finished speaking, he reached out and wanted to pick up the box. As soon as he lowered his head, he was caught by Ying Jiao.

Ying Jiao flicked on his forehead, chuckled and rolled up his sleeves: “With me, can you do this job?”

He bent over, picked up the box of fruits and placed it on the table, and greeted Zheng Que: “Old Zheng, come and help me go to the office to pass out fruits.”

Zheng Que was playing a game with headphones on, but he didn’t hear him. He Zhou and Peng Chengcheng were not in the classroom. So Ying Jiao could only go and ask him.

Jing Ci took a peek at his back, then looked at the pile of Ping An fruits under Ying Jiao’s seat, his eyes fell on the top pink apple.

These days, Ying Jiao has received a lot more Ping An fruits than him. He doesn’t care about anything else, but only this pink one…

Jing Ci lowered his eyes and hesitated for a second, then quickly bent over to pick up the apple and put it into the box with a guilty conscience.

When this pink apple was delivered, Ying Jiao was not there, but he was there. He remembered that the classmate who helped bring it said that it was given by Qiao Anyan.

It was the first time he did this kind of thing, Jing Ci’s heart beat so fast that his palms were slightly sweating. It doesn’t matter if he was considered despicable or scheming, but he just doesn’t want Ying Jiao to accept Qiao Anyan’s things.


Ying Jiao brought Zheng Que with him.

Zheng Que was curious: “Brother Jiao, why do you want to send Ping An fruits to the teachers?”

They haven’t done this in previous years.

Ying Jiao glanced at him: “Do you still have a conscience? The teacher teaches us regardless of whether it’s winding or raining, you should know how hard it is to teach us knowledge, so why can’t I give them a gift during the holidays?”

Zheng Que: “…”

Zheng Que stared at him blindly, and while walking toward the door, he complained: “Okay, you have a high level of consciousness. We are not qualified to be successors to socialism except you.”


Ying Jiao ignored him, and glanced down at the Ping An fruit in the box. He didn’t find anything off. He was angry and said, “Are you all elementary school students? Ping An fruit is also given out for Christmas. Huh- there’s another one? There’s a pink apple wrapped, it’s really childish and naive.”

Zheng Que opened the door and waited for him for a long time, and finally couldn’t bear it, “Brother Jiao, can’t we go in?”


Ying Jiao went to the office with a box of Ping An Fruit, and shared it with the teachers one by one with Zheng Que. In an instant, Mr. Liu became the envy of everyone in the office.

When the two of them left, the teachers looked at the beautifully packaged Ping An fruit on the table and said with emotion: “I say that the students in class 7 have high EQ.”

“No, after all, the home environment is different. You have been exposed to these since you were young. And look how good I turned out.”

“Bless old Liu, those little boys in our class would never do this.”

Teacher Liu was very happy when he heard it, but he still pretended to be nonchalant, and said gruffly: “Any blessing is a scam by the merchants. When I go back, I’ll tell them not to spend money like this in the future.”

All the teachers that heard this in the office rolled their eyes in their hearts.


After finally solving the obtrusive things, Ying Jiao was in a good mood. After returning back to class, he took out a Ping An Fruit from his school bag and handed it to Jing Ci.

Jing Ci was taken aback for a moment: “Give it to me?”

Didn’t you just say that sending Ping An Guo is childish?

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao put his hand on his chair and raised his eyebrows: “Don’t you think my Ping An is different from other people’s?”

Jing Ci held it for a long time, but still didn’t see the difference, he was silent and said nothing.

Ying Jiao stretched out a slender finger, fiddled with the outer packaging of Ping An Guo, and sneered: “They use a pink wrapping, while I choose red. How mature and stable is it comparable to those naive ghosts?”

Jing Ci: “…”

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