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Zheng Que’s heart is the biggest among the rest of the people. In normal times, he would be too lazy to understand how Ying Jiao and Jing Ci showed affection. During those times, it is better to lower his head and play a game.

But today he had something in his heart, and he was a little unhappy. He wanted to divert his attention. He was the first one to speak out, and he was stunned by Ying Jiao with two sentences unexpectedly.

Zheng Que sat down again, dug a big mouthful of mashed potatoes and stuffed it into his mouth, depressed.


Ying Jiao chatted with Jing Ci for a while, only to feel refreshed, and took a piece of Okonomiyaki, and just wanted to put down his phone and continue eating. Seeing Zheng Que’s depressed face, he paused, turned on the phone again, made a few private messages and sent them to Zheng Que.

Zheng Que didn’t understand it for a while, he thought that he was about to perform a show operation again, and asked vigilantly: “Brother Jiao, what does this mean?”

“The code for the door lock.” Ying Jiao took a sip of hot grapefruit black tea, and said casually: “Have you been to my house in Cenyue Bay? It’s the code for the door lock there.”

Zheng Que’s throat choked and his eyes almost turned red.

His parents had a bad relationship. They had a big quarrel for three days and one small quarrel for five days. He actually went home tonight, but he couldn’t bear the quarrel in the house and the sound of falling objects, so he ran out again.

He didn’t want to stay in that house for a second.

“Brother Jiao, I…” Zheng Que sucked his nose, his lips moved, and he wanted to say something. But they mostly just mess around with each other, and those emotional words can’t be said at all.

“Eat.” Ying Jiao interrupted him and said lightly: “You can live there as long as you want. Don’t worry, it’s my mother’s house, and it has nothing to do with my family.”

Last year, Ying Jiao and Zheng Que made an appointment to play in the villa in Haoyue Bay. Unexpectedly, Ying Shengjun came over with a woman midway.

Although Ying Jiao kicked his father out in the end, his mood was almost ruined.

“Thank you, Brother Jiao.” Zheng Que read the password silently several times, remembering it in his heart, and thanked Ying Jiao.

Ying Jiao nodded and said nothing.

On the other side, after chatting with Ying Jiao for a while, Jing Ci felt much better. He packed up his things, like last time, after lying on the bed and writing most of his homework, he went to the bathroom and took a shower before going to bed.

The next day, there was a meeting between the relatives of the Jing family, and the place was in the Jing family.

Father Jing’s parents have passed away long ago, and there are no other people in their family. So Zhao Jinfeng’s relatives came.


Zhao Jinfeng was a local, and her family conditions are quite good. When Jing Fu bought the house they now live in, the down payment was given by Zhao Jinfeng’s family.

She has three sisters in total, and they are not too far apart in age, and the children they give birth to are only four years apart at most, which is barely the same age.

At around nine o’clock in the morning, Zhao Jinfeng’s sisters came with their husband and children.

Jing Fu and Zhao Jinfeng had already bought the vegetables, and they were busy in the kitchen. But even so, Jing Fu hadn’t forgotten to call out Jing Ci and let him accompany Jing Miao in the living room.

Jing Miao had a good relationship with his cousins, and soon chatted with him, deliberately ignoring Jing Ci aside.

The voices of a few people continued, from time to time they came together to whisper something, glancing at Jing Ci’s eyes unceasingly, with mockery in their eyes.

Jing Ci was too lazy to deal with their little tricks, sitting on the end of the sofa silently reviewing the mathematical formulas in his heart.

One of Zhao’s sisters glanced at him, and whispered to her sister: “Look at that, he finally looks a little normal this time.”

Sister Zhao snorted: “Like an embroidered pillow, and a straw bag, what’s the use of just looking good.”

(T/n: It doesn’t tell me which of Zhao Jinfeng’s sisters are talking…so just bear with me.)

Zhao Jinfeng’s sister took a kiwi fruit and said while peeling it, “Yes, it’s the same as his mother. Speaking of his mother, let me tell you that I ran into that woman on the road last time.”

Third Sister Zhao likes gossip the most, and immediately joined the conversation after hearing this: “What’s the matter?”

Sister Zhao took a bite of the kiwi fruit, and said, “You don’t know, that arrogant woman, tsk tsk. Wearing a red dress and carrying a Prada. Protruding past me, holding her daughter in one hand and her husband in the other. She seemed to be going to a jewelry store to buy a necklace.”

Once women gossip, they will forget the occasion, and the voices of several people will involuntarily become louder.


Jing Ci was by the side, listening to their conversation clearly.

From passing through to the present, this is the first time Jing Ci has heard of the original owner’s mother.

“She is doing well now.” Third Sister Zhao said with a sour tone: “There is no way, if you are good-looking, men will eat that set.”

Second Sister Zhao still had a cold face: “It’s nothing more than a good skin with a black heart. She cheated before her child was a year old. Is this kind of woman still a person?”

“You said that her mother is cruel. They are in the same city and not far away from each other. She never let her son live in her house for a day, nor did she buy anything for her son.”

Third Sister Zhao listened with gusto, and when she was about to say something, she suddenly met Jing Ci’s eyes.

She coughed awkwardly, and quickly changed the subject.

Around twelve o’clock, all the food on the table was ready. The men sat together pushing cups and exchanging cups, while the women secretly showed off their husbands and children.

The children of Sister Zhao’s family are very competitive. Sister Zhao’s son has just passed the local 211 exam this year. The sons of Zhao Jinfeng’s two sisters are the same age. They are in the first year of high school in two key high schools in the city, and their grades are not bad.

Sister Zhao took out a paper towel and wiped the corners of her mouth, proudly: “I am saying this out of experience of people who I encountered. When you children go to college, you must pick an ordinary one, otherwise you will suffer a great loss if they take the postgraduate entrance examination to find a job in the future.”

She glanced back and forth between Jing Ci and Jing Miao, and said, “Miaomiao’s grades are good, and I hope you continue to be like your brother. Jing Ci…”

(T/n: She was talking about Jing Miao’s cousin and not Jing Ci.)

She smiled meaninglessly: “Auntie doesn’t ask you too much about grades, just don’t trouble your parents.”

Zhao Jinfeng choked abruptly, and quickly winked at Sister Zhao.


She is the person who has seen Jing Ci’s change, and Jing Ci’s grades have improved, which made Zhao Jinfeng feel aggrieved and panicked during this period of time.

Who would have thought that when a little beast like a second-rate boy really made up his mind and started working hard, his grades would be so good?

Originally, the two children in the family crushed Jing Ci in every aspect of his birth. But now, let alone Jing Miao, even her eldest nephew, who was admitted to 211, was hanged before Jing Ci.

After all, this kind of thing is not a good thing, Zhao Jinfeng didn’t tell her sisters, but she didn’t expect that the car would overturn at this moment.

Sister Zhao didn’t understand what she meant, and continued: “You see, you talk so little, how will you find a job when you graduate from high school? You don’t need a personality to be a waiter.”

Jing Ci lifted his eyelids and glanced at her, and took away the last braised duck wing she liked.

Sister Zhao who stretched out her chopsticks one step behind: “…”

Second sister Zhao also said: “Your aunt is right. If nothing else, your brother entered the top 50 in the last exam. After that, 985 University will definitely not be far away from reach. If you can’t study well, you can always go somewhere else..”

“Second sister!” Zhao Jinfeng’s face flushed red, and she couldn’t listen anymore: “Stop talking.”

“What’s the matter, Jinfeng?” Sister Zhao slowly put on disposable gloves, took a big bone, and glanced at the unnatural face of Father Jing, and said: “You are thinking too much, worrying about this and that, but some words are not spoken directly, the child will not understand. Just like Jing Ci, if he was in a situation where he could not find a job after graduating from high school…”

Zhao Jinfeng took a deep breath and interrupted her: “Second sister, Jing Ci has a good grade.”

After saying this, the eyes of the people all over the table turned to her instantly, with sympathy in their eyes.


Sure enough, it’s hard being a stepmother. With Zhao Jinfeng’s temper, it’s hard for her to say that Jing Ci’s bad grades are good.

(T/n: Zhao Jinfeng’s family think that she is lying, and think that she was forced to say this.)

Sister Zhao just wanted to say something, father Jing put down his chopsticks and said embarrassingly: “Eldest sister, second sister, Jing Ci is now doing well.”

Zhao’s eldest sister and second sister Zhao didn’t believe it.

Third Sister Zhao burst out laughing, and she straightens her face: “Really? How many places has he taken in this exam?”

With the virtue of this little beast, it’s more like it has changed from last place to second to last. Perhaps, because the day of the first to last examination was thinning.

The people over the table all looked at Jing Fu.

Father Jing wiped his face, trying to make his face look natural, and said embarrassingly: “Jing Ci was the number one in the school last time and participated in the National Maths League.”

As his voice fell to the ground, suddenly one after another gasps sounded on the table.

“How can this be?”

“Really, is it true?”

“No. 1 in the provincial experiment of the whole year?”

Jing Fu nodded stiffly.

The three sisters of the Zhao family turned flush like ducks with their necks pinched, and couldn’t utter a word.

The juniors in their family are even more so, each staring at Jing Ci, their jaws falling to the ground.

In the second half of the dinner, the atmosphere was strange and quiet. After lunch, the three sisters of Sister Zhao did not stay to chat and have afternoon tea or something like they did in the past. They all retreated quickly and made excuses.

Father Jing and Zhao Jinfeng’s faces were even hotter, and even Jing Miao felt uncomfortable, so he excused himself to his father and ran out.

Only Jing Ci went back to his small room as if nothing happened, and put his finished homework in his school bag. When he unzipped the zipper, his hand accidentally touched his phone inside.


Jing Ci hesitated for a few seconds, took out his phone and pulled up the WeChat interface, slightly lost in thought.

He didn’t know what Ying Jiao is doing now, did he do his homework well…

As he was thinking, his phone buzzed suddenly, and perhaps as luck would have it, and it happened to be a message from Ying Jiao.

[Jiao]: I can’t do some questions.

Jing Ci quickly replied——

[Jing]: Which question? Take a picture for me to have a look.

[Jiao]: I prefer you to tell me in person.

Jing Ci was taken aback for a moment, then he thought about it and replied——

[Jing]: Then you save it first.

“I’ll tell you after school starts” This sentence was still being typed, when Ying Jiao’s message suddenly came in.

[Jiao]: Little classmate, do you come to my home to do your homework?

Jing Ci’s fingertips paused, and his typing stopped.

Does he want to go to Ying Jiao’s house to do his homework?

For some reason, Jing Ci suddenly felt a little nervous.


His message flickered in the input box, Jing Ci’s finger stayed on the message boxes, and did not move for a while.

[Jiao]: Coming?

Jing Ci was still hesitating, when suddenly Father Jing suddenly pushed the door and walked in: “What are you doing hiding in the house? After break, you don’t know how to come out and talk to your mother for a while, why are you so ignorant!”

Jing Ci closed his eyes, his heart was crossed, and he typed——

[Jing]: Come.

[Jiao]: Go downstairs.

[Jiao]: Go downstairs now.

Jing Ci’s heart beat fast, his hand crooked, and his phone fell onto the bed with a bang.

When Father Jing saw this, he was immediately angry: “Okay, you’re still playing on your phone! Didn’t you hear me talking to you?”

Jing Ci hurriedly stuffed his textbooks into his schoolbag. For the first time, he didn’t put them in the order of size. He said to Jing Fu: “I’m going to my classmate’s house to do my homework.” Then he rushed out of the room.

Father Jing walked out and snarled, “Are you going to contact your fox friends again? Don’t go! Stay at home!”

Jing Ci squatted down to change his shoes: “I made an appointment with my classmates.”

“What appointment…” Before father Jing could finish his sentence, Jing Ci opened the door and walked out. The anti-theft door banged, isolating his voice in the house.

Jing Ci pressed the schoolbag on his back with his hand, and ran downstairs quickly. The closer he got downstairs, the faster his heartbeat.


Standing in front of the heavy door of the unit building, Jing Ci took a deep breath before pushing the door open.

Ying Jiao was sitting lazily on his bicycle. Hearing the movement, he raised his head and smiled at Jing Ci: “You moved quite fast.”

The wind blew his open blue jacket, the white shirt inside was close to his body, and the thin waistline could be vaguely seen.

In front of him, there is a black hole in the corridor of the unit building. But behind him, the sun shone brightly.

“You…” Jing Ci’s throat tightened, and he finally uttered a word: “How do you know that I live here?”

“Last time you showed me the exercise book you bought on Taobao, and I saw it.” Ying Jiao put away his phone, walked over, and naturally reached out to take his school bag and hung it on the handlebar.

Jing Ci asked again: “What are you doing here?”

“It’s okay.” Ying Jiao smiled and patted the back seat of the bicycle: “Get on.”

Jing Ci didn’t move, but stared at him steadily.

“Okay.” Ying Jiao smiled and compromised: “I can see that something is going on.”

“What’s the matter?” Jing Ci immediately became nervous. It must not be a trivial matter to make Ying Jiao come to his house specially during the holiday? Is it related to his family?

It was windy outside, and Ying Jiao pulled up the zipper of (JC) his jacket, rubbing his thumb lightly across his chin. He looked into Jing Ci’s eyes and whispered: “I really missed you, I couldn’t help it.”

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