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Until he sat in the back seat of Ying Jiao’s bike, Jing Ci’s ears were still red.

He lowered his eyes and breathed a little bit quickly. Why would Ying Jiao say that he missed him?

Is… is he joking with him? probably. Ying Jiao is such a character, not to mention occasional jokes between his friends.

He patted his hot face, stopped thinking about it, and forced himself to divert his attention to other places.

Jing’s family and Ying Jiao’s house are both near the school, not far away.

In less than twenty minutes, the two reached their destination.


This is the second time Jing Ci has been to Ying Jiao’s house. Compared with the embarrassment the first time, he was more embarrassed and nervous at this moment.

“What to drink?” Ying Jiao opened the refrigerator: “Water or juice?”


Ying Jiao noticed that he was a little unnatural, so he sat on the sofa with two bottles of water, patted the position beside him, and smiled: “Talk for a while and then do some homework?”

Jing Ci nodded, sat down and took the water from Ying Jiao, unscrewed it and took a sip.

“Would you like to watch TV?” Ying Jiao picked up the remote control and asked Jing Ci: “What show do you like?”

Jing Ci is not very interested in TV shows, let alone… he raised his eyes to look at Ying Jiao, a smile appeared in his eyes, what if he saw blood on TV again by surprise?

Seeing the smile in his eyes, Ying Jiao instantly understood what he was thinking.

“I can only take what you do,”Ying Jiao took Jing Ci’s shoulders, pressed him into his arms, and retaliated and squeezed his face: “Secretly laughing at me in your heart, right?”

“No.” Jing Ci smiled, tilting his head to avoid it.

Ying Jiao was also reluctant to let go of squeezing, and let go of his hand: “Are you so happy to know my weaknesses?”

“No,” Jing Ci’s hair was messed up, afraid of him misunderstanding, and explained softly: “I’m not laughing at you, I’m just…”

In the movie theater that day, Ying Jiao’s face was weak but he inexplicably cared if he could handle it, came to mind.


Jing Ci pursed his lips and pressed the corners of his lips that wanted to raise uncontrollably.

“That is……”

He just felt that Ying Jiao fainting was inexplicably a little cute.

But he couldn’t say such a thing. After a long time, he didn’t say anything.

“Well,” Ying Jiao nodded, unintentionally embarrassing him, and did not continue to ask: “I know.”

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief. Before he was grateful for Ying Jiao’s understanding, but then he heard him continue: “You know my secret, logically, shouldn’t you take the initiative to reveal your secret to me?”

Jing Ci was taken aback for a moment: “I have no secrets.”


Ying Jiao laughed, this little student really dared to say this, isn’t his existence the biggest secret?

In fact, Ying Jiao wanted to ask about his origin, why he came here, and ask him…will one day leave quietly like when he came.

But when the words came to his lips, he swallowed them again.

It is not easy for him to develop his current relationship with Jing Ci to the present level. If he really asked today, he might scare Jing Ci away from him.

Ying Jiao suppressed the impulse in his heart and raised his eyebrows: “Really not?”

Jing Ci looked down: “No.”

“That…” Ying Jiao curled his lips slightly, leaned close to him, and whispered: “What’s the matter with Qiao Anyan’s Ping An fruit?”

Jing Ci’s brain crashed instantly, and his face flushed thoroughly.


Seeing his reaction, how could Ying Jiao still not understand?

It was not a misplacement or confusion, but Jing Ci deliberately put the apple in the box.

“You…” Ying Jiao’s heartbeat began to accelerate involuntarily, he calmed his breath, his eyes tightly grasped Jing Ci’s face: “Why did you do that?”

When he was caught doing bad things, an unprecedented shame rose from his heart, Jing Ci’s cheeks were so hot that he almost smoked, he lowered his eyes and said nothing.

This time, Ying Jiao didn’t let him go, and asked again: “Why?”

“Because…” Jing Ci stiffened and squatted: “I…I hate him very much.”

Only in this way?

Ying Jiao was dissatisfied with this answer, he turned his eyes, and said: “Then, do you know that there was a love letter he gave me in that Ping An fruit?”

Jing Ci’s breathing suffocated.

Love letter? There was a love letter in there!

Now that Ping An Guo has been given to the teacher, how could Ying Jiao not know?

“I’m sorry,” Jing Ci’s fingers trembled, his mind has become a mess of porridge, he forced himself to calm down: “Will the teacher look for you for this? It’s all my fault, when school starts I will go to the teacher…”

“Okay.” Ying Jiao originally wanted to put out a few sentences, but he didn’t expect to scare him. He took his cold hand and rubbed it, feeling a little regretful: “What’s the big deal, you were scared like this. Old Liu did look for me, but it has nothing to do with me. He let me go after he understood. Do you remember the day when he asked to see us both at noon?”


“Yeah,” Jing Ci was very thoughtful, and Ying Jiao was afraid that he would think more. He deliberately teased: “Just kidding, Old Liu knew that you are Xiaojiao’s wife, so why would he misunderstand that I have a relationship with other people. It’s better to dismantle ten temples than break one marriage, do you understand?”

Xiaojiao’s wife Jing Ci: “…”

Xiaojiao’s wife stood up from the sofa embarrassedly and turned his back to Ying Jiao: “Let’s write and do homework.”


Ying Jiao admired his embarrassment with a wicked look, and then nodded: “Okay.”

The two went to study together.

Jing Ci went downstairs in a hurry, and books were stuffed into his schoolbag. At this moment, he settled down and looked at the messy textbooks. He couldn’t bear it for a moment. He poured out all the contents and started to tidy them one by one.

Ying Jiao took a look at the Olympiad and asked him: “Your competition results haven’t come out yet?”

“You can check the results on the Internet at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.” Jing Ci took out the papers that were written and put them on the table neatly, and said proudly to Ying Jiao: “But the specific situation of the award will have to wait a few more days.”

Ying Jiao didn’t understand: “Don’t they come out together?”

Jing Ci shook his head: “The results are first, and then the first place score, and the list of winners is announced at the end.”

Ying Jiao snorted: “Why is it so troublesome?”

He asked again: “What about after that?”

“After…” Jing Ci paused for a while before continuing: “If you are selected into the provincial team, you can participate in the national finals. There are about two hundred people who can enter the finals in the country every year. Our province… Teacher Zhao said there was only one last year.”

This competition is too fierce, but-

“If there’s only one person this year…”Ying Jiao skillfully turned the pen in his hand and chuckled, “It must be you.”

Jing Ci shook his head: “I won’t know until the results come out.”

Sure enough, this was Jing Ci’s  answer, even if he is now his closest friend, he still has reservations in front of him.


Ying Jiao sighed, turned over the chemistry paper in his hand, decided to take it slowly, at least Jing Ci is now willing to go home with him.

Jing Ci’s homework has been written for the most part since yesterday, and he is quick to do the questions, and he has completed all his work in less than six o’clock. Although Ying Jiao didn’t finish, and couldn’t keep up with his progress, at least there were still a few papers left to do.

The two have been writing for more than three hours. Ying Jiao took a look at the time and replied to Jing: “Go to eat first, then come back and continue?”

Jing Ci packed his books into his schoolbag in order, and refused: “I’m going home.”

Go home? Ying Jiao sneered. He abducted Jing Ci today, but he never thought about letting him go back.

“It’s only six o’clock, why do you want to go back so early?” Ying Jiao’s face was dignified and awe-inspiring, and he couldn’t see how colorful his intestines were in his stomach: “I still have a question to ask you. Anyway, I have a holiday tomorrow, and I will go back later.”

(T/n: I have no idea what he is trying to say here…)

What Jing Ci is most concerned about is the learning situation of Ying Jiao. Hearing what he said, he nodded his head and agreed: “Okay, then I will leave after I finish tutoring you”

The two put on their coats and went downstairs. Ying Jiao took Jing Ci to the Japanese food shop he went to yesterday.

The owner of this shop is Japanese, and the decoration and dishes in the shop are authentic Japanese taste.


Ying Jiao picked up the menu at hand and asked Jing Ci: “What do you want to eat?”

Jing Ci flipped two pages, the price was amazing, and they were all things he hadn’t eaten before. He was afraid of ordering the wrong dishes, so he closed the menu and said, “You can order, I’m not picky.”

“Don’t.” Ying Jiao said helplessly: “You are deliberately embarrassing me, what do you like to eat? Do you like sea urchin rice?”

“I haven’t eaten Japanese food.” Jing Ci didn’t feel embarrassed, and told the truth: “You can order anything you find delicious.”

After Ying Jiao’s fingertips traced the menu, he became more sure about Jing Ci’s family background.

Ying Jiao’s expression remained unchanged, and he nodded and said: “That’s fine, I’ll do it.”

He didn’t point it out directly, but first confirmed with Jing Ci: “Have you eaten raw food before?”


If he hasn’t eaten raw food, he can’t eat more at once, otherwise Ying Jiao is afraid that his stomach will not accept it. He decisively turned over the page of sashimi and ordered a shouxi pot. It’s cold, but it’s just right to eat a pot to warm your stomach.

He flipped it back and ordered a skewered platter, a grilled beef tongue, a pan-fried beef yakiniku, a snow beef short rib, an Okonomiyaki, and a stone pot truffle beef broth.

He only ordered a portion of sweet shrimp as raw food. If Jing Ci had no response after eating it, it meant that he was fine.

After confirming the menu with Ying Jiao, the waiter left, and suddenly there were only two people left in the small compartment.


The privacy of this store is very good, and there are partitions between each table. A protruding cherry blossom lamp was embedded on the pure black wall, and the light softly shone on the table, adding a sense of romance.

Ying Jiao took a sip of tea with satisfaction. The regret of not being able to have a good meal with Jing Ci on Christmas Eve was finally made up today.

“It’s not bad to see the night view from here,” Ying Jiao pointed out the window and said: “You can see the cross-sea bridge.”

Jing Ci followed his gaze and saw a long band of light, as if the Milky Way was hanging in the night, eye-catching and gorgeous.

Jing Ci couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, sure enough, there is a high price. Leaving aside the dishes, this environment is already very attractive.

The food was served very quickly at this restaurant. As soon as the two had said a few words, the shouxi pot was brought up. The waiter opened the fire for them, and put a bowl of raw eggs in front of the two of them, telling them that they could crush them and eat them with the cow tongues.

Ying Jiao, a regular customer, nodded casually, picked up his chopsticks and started stirring, but Jing Ci showed resistance to food for the first time.

“This is a sterile egg,” Ying Jiao used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of cow tongue from the pot, dipped it in the egg bowl and put it in his mouth, and said to Jing Ci: “There is no fishy smell.”

Jing Ci shook his head with a look of embarrassment: “I still don’t want it.”

“It’s okay.” Ying Jiao was just joking around about the inherent impression of raw eggs, so he didn’t dare to try. He put the cow tongue  in the egg liquid and slightly dipped it, and handed it to Jing Ci’s mouth: “Try it.”


Jing Ci hesitated, and shook his head: “I can’t, I can’t eat this.”

“It’s not fishy,” Ying Jiao laughed: “When has your Brother fooled you?”

Jing Ci hesitated for a moment: “Then I will do it myself.”

“Just eat mine, hurry up, I’ve been holding it for so long.” Seeing that Jing Ci’s face was a little unnatural, he said: “We are the only two in the cubicle. What’s there to be embarrassed about, open your mouth.”

Jing Ci opened his mouth to meet Ying Jiao’s smiling eyes.

The fat beef that he tasted was delicious, without the slightest smell of eggs.

Ying Jiao looked at his unfurled eyebrows, and said, “Did I lie to you?”

Jing Ci smiled embarrassedly and nodded.

It seems that every time he was with Yingjiao, he would have a fresh experience.

The weight of the Japanese food is small, but they weren’t much for Ying Jiao. Jing Ci is also a person who can’t stand leaving leftovers. At the end of the meal, both of them are holding on.

In the elevator, Ying Jiao smiled and said to Jing Ci: “Wait until we go back and weigh it-let’s see how many catties we have eaten this meal.”

Jing Ci was in a good mood and spoke a lot more casually: “Do you still have a weight scale at home?”

“Well, I bought an ultrasonic weight measuring instrument when I was bored before, and when I stand on it, height and weight can be displayed.”

Jing Ci was fascinated by him: “Then I want to weigh it too.”

The two returned home and went straight to the measuring instrument.


Ying Jiao stood on it for a few seconds, then glanced at the numbers on the screen, and smiled: “It’s two catties heavier, not bad, this meal is quite worth it.”

Jing Ci waited for the number above to disappear, and stood up, his basic situation immediately appeared on the screen——

Height: 179cm

Weight: 65kg

Jing Ci looked at the top number with some surprise: “I am only one centimeter away to 1.8 meters.”

(T/n: 1.8 meters= 5.9 ft)

He was 178cm before, but he did not expect that in this world he would rise by a centimeter!

(T/n: 178cm = 5.8 ft)

Ying Jiao stared at the screen for a few seconds, then suddenly smiled.

Jing Ci was confused by his smile: “What’s the matter?”

As the saying goes, when one is fed and warmed, one’s sexual desires will come up, Ying Jiao, leaning on the treadmill, looked at Jing Ci’s bright eyes. He really couldn’t help it, and lazily blew a rogue whistle at him, and waved: “You are… destined to be missing 1.”

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Ying Jiao: See, I’m destined for Jing Ci.

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