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The teachers of the provincial experiment knew the scores much earlier than Jing Ci.

Teacher Liu squatted on the sofa early in the morning, staring at his phone with piercing eyes, waiting for Zhao Feng to report to him.

Finally, when it was almost eight o’clock, he got a call.

As soon as it was connected, Mr. Liu didn’t even have time to say anything polite, and just said with two words: “How much?”

Zhao Feng’s breathing was heavy, and he could no longer suppress the excitement in his heart, and he almost roared: “226! Jing Ci took 226 for the exam!”

Mr. Liu didn’t pay much attention to the National High Federation of Mathematics before, but since Jing Ci entered the competition class, he has learned a lot about mathematics competitions. Hearing this score, he suddenly jumped off the sofa, and dared not to believe it: “How much? How much did you say?”

Donghae Province is famously known to be a weak province in competition.

Generally speaking, in the national five-university subject competition, at least three to five people from each subject in each province can be the finalists. But Donghae Province is a strange flower, and the math competitions occasionally have a few people that slip in every time.


The best example happened a few years ago, when a girl from the provincial experiment was admitted to Tsinghua University after entering the finals.

This year, although the teachers are optimistic about Jing Ci, they did not put too much hope.

After all, Jing Ci has never received systematic Olympiad training, and it can be seen from the last test that there is not much difference between him and Zhou Chao and Jiang Chong.

Unlike Mr. Liu, who is full of expectations, Zhao Feng’s only requirement for Jing Ci in this competition is to feel the atmosphere of the competition, and then stay dormant for a year, and then work hard next year.

When looking at the results in the morning, Zhao Feng was making a cup of hot tea. Knowing Jing Ci’s score, his mind was blank at first, then he lost his mind in ecstasy, poured the whole cup of hot tea into his stomach in one sip, and successfully burned several large blisters in his mouth.

But! Zhao Feng doesn’t feel any pain!

This blister, is it a normal blister? !

This is a blister of joy, a blister of hope!

226 Ah!

Donghae Province has never had such a high score over the years!

There was no need to wait for official notifications at all, and Zhao Feng knew that Jing Ci’s provincial team quota was stable.

Not to mention that this score is in their Donghai Province, even if it is placed in those competitive provinces, they can still enter the provincial team!

Celebrating in advance is absolutely no problem!

Jing Ci is really too amazing! !

“226! It’s amazing, it’s amazing.” Zhao Feng sighed with a big tongue, and suddenly remembered that Jing Ci was a student in Teacher Liu’s class, not his at all, and suddenly said sourly: “Old Liu, you are really lucky. “

At the moment when the score was confirmed, a flower exploded in Teacher Liu’s mind, and he didn’t hear Zhao Feng’s next words at all.


A few days ago, he was still worried about the fact that Jing Ci would not get points in the mathematics college entrance examination.

What is the provincial first prize? With Jing Ci’s level, no matter how bad he does, he can win the national third prize!

“Hahahahaha!” Teacher Liu laughed wildly: “I know that we were striving for success! What do you think? Hahahahaha.”

Teacher Liu was so happy that he didn’t see his wife sweeping the floor, and stepped on the trash on the ground. After being slapped with a broom by his wife, he grinned and calmed down and asked Zhao Feng, “What about the others?”

Zhao Feng didn’t react for a while, and said, “What?”

Teacher Liu was speechless: “I ask you the scores of the other students.”

Zhao Feng: “…”

After a weird silence, Zhao Feng squatted and said: “I…I forgot.”

He didn’t know if Jing Ci had made a good start, but the provincial experiment results in this year’s math competition are unexpectedly good. In addition to Jing Ci’s 226 score, Zhou Chao took 198 and Jiang Chong took 170.

The provincial team line of Donghai Province was 170 last year, so apart from Jiang Chong, Jing Ci and Zhou Chao didn’t stray away. 

When such a happy event happened, Zhao Feng and Teacher Liu didn’t hold back, they posted it on their moments, and talked about it, and this incident soon took a terrifying speed and experimented in the province. It spread among the students.


It’s just in time for the holiday, and the traffic on the forum is much larger than usual.

The Moments and Talks posted by the teachers aroused heated discussions as soon as the screenshots were released.

[F*ck! 226! I took it for real, and I will kneel down to give my knees to Brother Ci. 】

【Is this human being? ! Do you still remember that in the exam of the last competition class, although Jing Ci got the first place in the test, his scores were not much different from those of Zhou Chao and Jiang Chong. It was only a month, and his results were like riding on a rocket! ! 】

[… Let me talk about it under my real name, I have the right to speak on this issue. When brother Ci got first place in the exam, I asked if he had been taught the Mathematical Olympiad before. He said he didn’t. I just thought it was okay, since he was learning, he was not so talented. But then he said that he has been self-studying for several years… Can you understand my mood at that time. 】

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha distressed Zhou Chao ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 】

[This is the legendary talented player, right? ! It’s totally incomparable… when God opened a window for him, he opened a door at the same time. And I… When God closed a door for me, he also clipped my head by the way _(:з」∠)_】

[Let me say one more thing, I thought I failed the exam in this competition, but I didn’t expect to get 198 points. I was about to celebrate with ecstasy. But then our head teacher told me that Brother Ci took 226 in the exam…]

[Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I am sorry, although I am very sympathetic, but I still want to laugh hahaha. 】

[I’m going to witness history while waiting for my brother’s final results.]

[Jingshen Niubi +1, please take me to a large province to fly! 】

(T/n: they are calling Jing Ci god.)


At this time, the Jing family, Jing Miao, who had just spied on the provincial experimental high school forum, carefully cleared the history records, gave father Jing a guilty look: “Dad, where’s Jing Ci?”


When Jing Ci was mentioned, father Jing became angry.

If you don’t go home during the holidays, just stay overnight at someone else’s house. His classmate, who doesn’t know who it is, scolded himself overtly and secretly yesterday!

Father Jing is not a good-spoken person. After hanging up the phone for a long time yesterday, he realized what it means to stop and eat sh*t when the other person said that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

He thought that Jing Ci had changed for the better, but he didn’t expect to be mixed with these messy people!

“I don’t know, what do you care about him? Didn’t you finish your homework?”

“No, then I’ll go back to my room first.” Jing Miao was relieved when he saw that his father had no other emotions on his face except for his dissatisfaction with Jing Ci.

Fortunately, his father should not know Jing Ci’s competition results.

After Jing Miao left, father Jing felt more aggrieved the more he thought about it.

It must be what Jing Ci said to his classmates that made his classmates speak like that.

Is Jing Ci dissatisfied with him, or dissatisfied with the whole family?

Father Jing snorted coldly, and the hand that had originally wanted to transfer Jing Ci’s living expenses suddenly stopped.

Children nowadays are just used to running away from home when they don’t agree with each other, and they also have trouble with their parents. Look at his living expenses, he still dared to rebel? !


What he didn’t know was that after the principal of the provincial experiment heard about Jing Ci’s results, he didn’t care that it was a holiday. He grabbed the vice principal and chatted with Teacher Liu for more than an hour. The central idea was one: this is the case for the results. Outstanding students must be rewarded!

Of course, commendation must be commended, but material rewards are also necessary!

In the past, although provincial experiments had scholarships, they were all aimed at final exams and the amount was not large. The award of prizes in five university subject competitions is something that has never happened before.

It can’t be helped that Jing Ci’s performance is really good.

226 points!

The principal felt that he was a little floating, and he had already begun to fantasize about how Jing Ci would defeat players from other provinces in the finals and enter the national training team.

The more the principal thought about it, the more excited he became. Isn’t it just money? Not to mention that the school paid for it. At this moment, he is willing to ask him for his own reward!

Give it! Give it as soon as school starts!

After talking with the principal and the others, Mr. Liu recalled their conversations, and suddenly realized that Jing Ci might not know his grades, so he immediately clicked on QQ.

However, the previous Jing Ci used to be a bastard, annoyed with Teacher Liu always nagging and deleted him directly.

Teacher Liu:”……”

Teacher Liu laughed and cursed, but he didn’t mind at all. Who hasn’t had a second-degree illness? If he recovers and can become Jing Ci as he is now, he would rather be deleted by him than the rest of the students in Class 7.


He clicked to open the class group, and began to type.

[Liu Shichen]: The results of the Jing Ci mathematics competition have come out, your total score is 226! Congratulations on your outstanding results! The teacher is proud of you. Jing Ci

Jing Ci rarely checks his cell phone, because the class group in Class 7 is too active.

On the contrary, it was Ying Jiao, who found the message on the screen first.

He glanced at Jing Ci who was sitting at the desk reading a book, curled his lips and clicked into the group.

[Ying Jiao]: I saw the news, thank you for your notice.

[Liu Shichen]: Ying Jiao, don’t make trouble for me! What’s up with you?

[Ying Jiao]: Huh? What is causing trouble? Teacher, you misunderstood. Jing Ci didn’t see it. So I answered for him.

If this was He Zhou and the others, he(HZ) would definitely react vigilantly immediately. This person is doing a secret show and he is determined not to chat with him.

However, Mr. Liu was not so vigilant, and had no experience at all. As soon as he saw that Ying Jiao was still active, he immediately typed a reply——

[Liu Shichen]: Is it necessary for you to reply? Your homework is finished, right?

[Ying Jiao]: Finished writing, Jing Ci tutored, and taught the subject by hand.

[Liu Shichen]: What do you mean? Are you and Jing Ci together?

The three words “together” made Ying Jiao feel comfortable and sighed secretly in his heart. As expected, he was his head teacher, speaking at a higher level than others.


[Ying Jiao]: Yes, we two are together. He is next to me, less than twenty centimeters away.

Just as Ying Jiao was wondering whether to take a photo of Jing Ci’s clothes corner to prove his words, Teacher Liu called directly.

“Let Jing Ci answer the phone!”

Ying Jiao was dumbfounded. Although his head teacher speaks nicely, his temper is really a bit grumpy.

He handed the phone to Jing Ci’s ear, and in Jing Ci’s puzzled eyes, he whispered: “Old Liu, he wants to tell you about the competition.”

Jing Ci hurriedly picked up the phone, and said respectfully into the receiver: “Mr. Liu.”

Teacher Liu coughed, and tried to make his rough voice sound a little more kind: “Have you checked the competition results yourself?”

Jing Ci said honestly: “I just checked.”

“The results are very good.” Facing Jing Ci, Teacher Liu did not hesitate to praise him, as if the black-faced spirit yelling earlier was not him: “Don’t wait, the teacher can tell you for sure now, that it would be stable enough for you to enter the provincial team!”

After a short pause, he added another sentence: “Teacher feels very proud to have students like you.”

Jing Ci blushed with praise, a little embarrassed and said: “Thank you teacher.”

Teacher Liu laughed and said, “Go out to eat something delicious today and celebrate. The teacher will tell you in advance that the school will give you material rewards this time.”

This was really a surprise, Jing Ci quickly thanked Teacher Liu.


“Okay, teacher won’t bother you. The past grades have passed. Even if you are happy, you have to seize the time to prepare for the finals. You can’t relax.”

“I know.”

After hanging up the phone, Jing Ci handed the phone to Ying Jiao: “Here.”

Teacher Liu has a loud voice, and Ying Jiao is right next to Jing Ci, listening to their conversation without missing a word.

He stretched out his hand to take the phone, stepped forward and gave Jing Ci a hug lightly.

“Little classmate, congratulations.”

Jing Ci leaned against his chest, listening to his heartbeat, the corners of his lips rose uncontrollably: “Thank you.”

Ying Jiao let go of him, and squeezed his slender fingers between his fingers.

Ying Jiao glanced at the interlocking hands of the two, raised his eyes towards Jing Ci, and chuckled, “You are also my pride.”


At noon that day, Ying Jiao went out before lunch. When he came back, Jing Ci had a box of small square coconut milk cakes in front of him.

Jing Ci suddenly remembered that the first time he ate this kind of dessert, it was after Ying Jiao congratulated him on taking first place, so today…

He looked up at Ying Jiao, who happened to be also looking at him.

The eyes were facing each other, without saying anything, Jing Ci suddenly understood.

He(YJ) knows him and knows that he doesn’t like to celebrate big, so he celebrates for himself in this way.


Jing Ci looked down, opened the box and dug a sip of small square cake into his mouth.

In fact, on Christmas Eve, his wish was not to go to Tsinghua University or Peking University, but to go to the same school as Ying Jiao.

Now, when the new year is approaching, he selfishly has a new wish–

Every time I get a good result, I want to eat a small square of coconut cake.

Jing Ci was immersed in his thoughts and couldn’t help himself, Ying Jiao suddenly said: “You…”

Jing Ci looked up at him.

Ying Jiao chuckles: “Jingshen, are you considered as the title of the gold list now?”

It was the first time that Ying Jiao called his little classmate and his name. Like those on the forum, he called him Jingshen.

Jing Ci’s face was warm, and an inexplicable shame suddenly appeared in his heart: “No, it doesn’t count.”

It’s just a competition, not a college entrance examination.

“Why?” Ying Jiao put his right hand on his shoulder and leaned forward: “I think it’s fine.”

Ying Jiao’s sudden approach made him react a little strange, and his body leaned back slightly. He didn’t want to be led around by Ying Jiao, and looked down and said: “It doesn’t count, if you say it.”

“Then…” Ying Jiao pressed his ears and whispered: “There are two happy events in life, now you have the title of the gold list, what about the other one?”

Jing Ci was in a daze: “What, other one?”

“Wedding night,” Ying Jiao held his hand on the chair, grinning: “May I help you make it up?”

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