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Jing Ci’s cheeks burst red, and his brain instantly crashed.

Ying Jiao smiled and stretched out his hands to pinch his round and plump earlobes: “What do you say, want to talk about it?”

Jing Ci’s whole body was about to burn, he tightly squeezed the fork in his hand, and after a long while, he turned his head with difficulty: “Don’t make trouble…”

“Who is making trouble with you?” Ying Jiao held Jing Ci’s hand and said solemnly: “I’m not thinking about it just for you, I want you to have two happy events to come at the same time.”

He paused, thoughtfully: “Speaking of which, do you have candles at home? Or I…”

“Stop talking!” Jing Ci was breathing fast, smoking appeared above his head, shaking off Ying Jiao’s hand, and stood up.


Ying Jiao looked at how embarrassed he was that he wanted to find a place to hide in. He endured and endured, but still couldn’t bear it. He stood up and pressed his head(JC) to his chest, and smirked: “Jingshen, how are you so powerful and cute?”

Jing Ci’s heartbeat almost jumped out of his throat. He wanted to retreat, escape, and shut himself in a room with no one. In order to calm down by himself.

But he was reluctant to push away Ying Jiao.

Jing Ci tried his best to put on a cold face, and did not speak.

Ying Jiao lowered his eyes and looked at the top of his dark hair, and his heart was itchy. He had just tested Jing Ci’s bottom line, and planned to stop, but he couldn’t help but move again: “Why can’t you say it, aren’t you my little wife.”


Ying Jiao cocked his lips and waited for his next words.

“Have you finished your math homework?”

Xiaojiao’s wife was stupid, after holding back for a long time, only to suffocate this sentence.

However, it was a one shot kill.

Ying Jiao: “…”

Ying Jiao gritted his teeth, reluctantly rubbed Jing Ci’s head twice, and let go of him: “Okay, I can tell, mathematics is your true love, you can never forget it.”


He sat back on the chair and handed a pair of chopsticks to Jing Ci: “Eat first, and I will do my homework when I finish eating, okay?”

Jing Ci took the chopsticks, put the fork in the dessert box, and nodded.

The aunts of Ying Jiao’s have very good craftsmanship and are good at every cuisine.

In the morning, the aunties saw that Ying Jiao brought his friend back and asked Jing Ci his preferences intimately. When they heard that Jing Ci liked Cantonese cuisine. What was on the table today was the classic Cantonese cuisine, and they also made a Portuguese egg tart.

There were no endless accusations and abuses, his closest people were around, and the meals were all right. On New Year’s Day during the three days of staying in Ying Jiao’s house, Jing Ci was relaxed and comfortable.

During this period, Jing Fu didn’t contact him, let alone mention his living expenses.

Jing Ci didn’t ask or call to ask. He probably guessed what Jing Fuwas thinking, but didn’t intend to bow his head.

Teacher Liu said that the school will give him rewards for this competition. Although he didn’t know how much, listening to Teacher Liu’s tone, it should not be too low.

The final exam is around January 20th, and winter vacation will be held at the end of the month.

It’s better after the winter vacation. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a job as a tutor based on his grades. The tuition fee for each semester of the provincial experiment plus the accommodation fee is less than two thousand yuan, which he can be sure to earn.

And in accordance with the practice of previous years, the provincial experiment will give bonuses to the top 20 students admitted to the city.


With this calculation, although his miscellaneous income does not add up to much, he can still survive if he saves some money.

After calculating this, Jing Ci felt relieved a lot.

Father Jing didn’t wait to see him, and he didn’t want to get involved with the Jing’s family anymore. Now it’s the best state not to disturb each other.

School started on Tuesday, and Jing Ci departed later than expected. Not seeing him, Ying Jiao was very angry when he got up. He(JC) called several times before dragging this person from the bed.

When he went downstairs, Ying Jiao still had no energy, ignoring the eyes of other people in the elevator, lazily leaning on Jing Ci and closing his eyes.

It was not until he left the house and was blown by the cold wind that he became sober a lot, rubbed his face and asked Jing Ci: “What are we eating?”

Jing Ci stretched out his hand to take his key, put it in his school bag naturally, and thought for a while and said, “Eat some hot dry noodles.”

“Okay.” Ying Jiao nodded and stepped onto the bike seat: “Go, there is a hot and dry noodle sauce up ahead that is very good, let’s go try it.”

After breakfast, the two went all the way to school without delay.

They arrived a bit late. When they walked in, there were already half of the people in the class.


Teacher Liu notified the results in the group, so no one in Class 7 was left unaware of Jing Ci’s competition scores. When they saw him coming, Wu Weicheng took the lead in applauding and cheering——

“Congratulations, Brother Ci for entering the finals!”

“Brother Ci is awesome!”

“My brother Ci is so good, applaud.”

In a small classroom, applause, laughter, and congratulations were mixed together, and people passing by in the corridor were provoked and frequently looked inside.

Jing Ci’s heart rose warmly as he heard the words of sincere blessing one after another.

Class 7 is really great.

How lucky he is to be a member of such a class.

Jing Ci thanked them sincerely, and sat in his seat to start reading.

For many people, January is the upcoming winter vacation and Spring Festival. But for Jing Ci, it was an arduous month.

The finals and final exams of the National Mathematics High Federation are almost carried out next to each other.

Fortunately, the venue for this year’s final is in Yangcheng, which is adjacent to Donghai Province.

Previously, Jing Ci’s self-study time was divided into half of the time for textbooks and competitions, but now that he has determined that he will be able to enter the finals 100%, he naturally has to shift his focus to the Olympiad.

After the early self-study started, Teacher Liu came over and strolled around, staying beside him for a while, seeing him doing competition questions, nodded and left.

Now Jing Ci is the hope of the experiment of the whole province, and even the province of Donghai.


Without systematic training, he entered the finals of the National Mathematical High Federation. Jing Ci was the first one in Donghai Province.

After this huge surprise, the principal and all the teachers began to hope that Jing Ci could break another record——

In the finals, they beat only sixty national training teams.

It is shameful to say that the training places are taken over by the competitive province every year, but Donghai Province has never touched the edge.

At first, no one had hoped that they would reach the finals, but unexpectedly, he suddenly appeared as a dark horse.

Although the teachers didn’t say anything, they were all secretly looking forward to it. If Jing Ci really entered the training team, it would be a great event for the entire education community in Donghai Province.

For this reason, the principal also specifically urged Teacher Liu not to let Jing Ci be disturbed by other things. The school has no requirements for him, he can do whatever he wants!

Even if he wants to go to heaven, it is not a problem to find someone nearby to pass him the Diamond Sky Monkey.

(T/n: I’m not sure if they mean Sun Wukong lol)

They only wanted one thing, to make him work harder on the Mathematical Olympiad.

With such close attention, Jing Ci didn’t act arrogant or impetuous, and his mentality remained the same. He walked at his own pace unhurriedly without being influenced by the outside world at all.

Study hard to get out of class and go out for activities as much as possible, as if the person under great pressure is not him.

“Brother Ci!” After third class was over in the morning, Li Zhou ran over with his right hand on his shoulder: “Will you play ball next class?”


Senior two parallel classes have two physical classes a week, Class 7 was more fortunate, and one of their physical classes is in the fourth quarter in the morning.

In this way, he can go to the cafeteria to eat in advance, without running madly or queuing.

Jing Ci just finished a set of competition papers and was about to take a break. Hearing this he was a little eager to try playing: “Go.”

Li Zhou bent over, leaned close to Jing Ci, and said, “Well, there is a class next to ours that also has a physical education class today. Let’s go to occupy the field first, otherwise…”

“Let me.” Ying Jiao stood up suddenly, turned his eyes on Li Zhou’s right hand, and smiled: “I want to go out.”

Li Zhou’s back was cold when he saw him, and he hurriedly withdrew his hands and flashed to the side.

Then he saw that Ying Jiao walked away from the other side unhurriedly.

Li Zhou: “…”

Li Zhou suddenly reacted. Ying Jiao and Jing Ci’s seats were in the middle row, with aisles on both sides. If Ying Jiao wanted to go out and walk directly around him, there was no need to let himself make room for him!

Li Zhou is not a fool either. He usually gets close to Jing Ci, and he has long seen that Ying Jiao’s behavior towards Jing Ci is a bit wrong.

At this moment, he thought about this, and he immediately understood that this is because Ying Jiao is dissatisfied with him.


Li Zhou stood disorderly in the aisle, tears streaming down his heart.

These days, it doesn’t matter if it’s improper for men and women to touch each other’s hands, men and men have to abide by this rule! Is there any justice? !

“Li Zhou?” Jing Ci glanced at him suspiciously, “What’s the matter with you?”

“It’s okay.” Li Zhou wiped his face, and was a step away from Jing Ci: “Let’s go.”

Class started in ten minutes, and generally only a few people played basketball on the basketball court.

Therefore, when Jing Ci and Li Zhou passed, there was no one under the four basketball hoops.

Li Zhou turned around and asked Jing Ci: “Should we occupy the space on the left?”

Jing Ci had no objection, patted the basketball and said, “Okay.”

Two people stood under the basketball hoop, playing ball while waiting for the rest of the class to come over.

But their classmates didn’t come, instead, what they saw was a team of people who came over to play.


Each of these people was tall and big, with slender limbs, and looked very intimidating.

Li Zhou threw a ball into the basket and said quietly to Jing Ci: “It should be the high school sports students. It is said that our school has recruited a lot of students specializing in fencing and swimming this year.”

Jing Ci nodded and didn’t care, and continued to play with Li Zhou one-on-one.

However, they did not look for trouble, but trouble came to them.

There are only four basketball hoops on the playground, and only two teams can play at full play. The special talents had planned well. They dispersed, and the two teams occupied a field, but they didn’t expect for them to be on the ground first.

The leader looked around and saw that there were only two people, Li Zhou and Jing Ci, and they were both thin and nerdy, not threatening at all. He walked over directly, leaning on the basketball hoop, and said: “Can we negotiate, and make space for buddies?”

Jing Ci took the basketball in his hand and said lightly: “Excuse me, we want to play too.”

The leader looked at Jing Ci up and down, and sneered: “Just your height…Forget it, I already said to just leave.”

“Didn’t we come first?” Li Zhou had a violent temper, threw the basketball to the ground, and said angrily: “Aren’t there still three basketball racks left for you to play?”

“How can you say that?” The leader pushed Li Zhou forward and arrogantly said, “What’s wrong with making you leave? Not satisfied?”

Jing Ci pulled Li Zhou behind him, and said indifferently: “Why should we leave?”

“Why?” There was a burst of laughter from behind, Jing Ci turned his head and saw a special sports student turn the basketball in his hand twice and smash it at him.


Jing Ci reacted quickly and tilted his head in time, but the distance between the two was too close. After all, the basketball flew out and hit his scalp, bringing a burst of burning pain.

Jing Ci touched his head, suddenly raised his head to look at that special sports student: “You hit me on the head?”

This special sports student was provoked by his look, and took two steps forward: “Hey, no, who are you staring at? What’s wrong with hitting you on the head?”

Jing Ci glanced at him coldly, took two steps back, picked up the basketball shortly, and walked towards that sports student.

The sports student smiled when he saw this, and said with disdain: “Why do you want to fight…”

Before he could finish a sentence, a strong force suddenly struck from behind, he staggered, plopped and knelt down.

Ying Jiao’s eyes were cold, and he walked over with a vicious expression on his face.

He grabbed the sports student’s hair and dragged him from the ground. The student’s face was deformed by him, his eyes narrowed uncontrollably, and before he could see who was the one who beat him, he was hit on the stomach with a punch.

“Oh…” The sports student body bowed sharply, and the acid in his stomach instantly turned upside down.

Ying Jiao let go, kicked him to the ground again with one foot, slammed his toes on his face, and said coldly, “You want to f*cking try to move him again?”

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