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Hearing that Jing Ci was going to play basketball, Ying Jiao took He Zhou and a few people to a small store to buy water bottles.

The small shop is a bit far away from the basketball court, and there are too many people who came after class ended. It took a few minutes for Ying Jiao to walk to the playground.

He held the Coke he drank in his left hand and Jing Ci’s drink  in his right hand, and stepped onto the basketball court with his lips curled up.

He was wondering how he would tease Jing Ci later, but when he looked up, he saw a man smashing a basketball on Jing Ci’s head.

Ying Jiao threw the water on the spot and rushed over in a rage.

When the relationship between the two of them was not so good, Jing Ci didn’t even let others touch his head, let alone while playing basketball.

Ying Jiao fiercely kicked the sports students head, lifted him up with one hand, and slammed his body with punch after punch: “You’re f*cking looking for death.”

The tall sports student was now like a rag bag in his hand. He was beaten with no power to fight back. He held his head and groaned and begged for mercy: “Stop, stop…”

Ying Jiao turned a deaf ear.

His face was cold, and he acted without mercy, just like an angry beast.


The rest of the special sports students didn’t react at first, and when they realized that their friend had been beaten, they rolled up their sleeves.

As soon as they took a step forward, he was stopped by several people.

“Yes.” He Zhou sneered: “Bullying our Class 7.”

At this time, the boys from Class 7 came over, and when Li Zhou said that Jing Ci had been beaten, they were instantly angry.

There was no need for a few people to call them, and they gathered around consciously.

More than 30 people blocked more than a dozen talented sports students, and the angry eyes were intertwined on them, and the effect was comparable to a death gaze.

They can’t read books. When it comes to fighting, when have they been afraid?

Damn it, their Class 7 was able to rise with Jing Ci, but he was still being bullied under their noses. Who are they looking down on?

Rao is that special student who mainly fights when it comes to business, and has never seen this kind of fight.

You look at me, I look at you, but don’t dare to move first.

The leader said with a dry smile: “Dude, can I ask for your name?”

Ask for a name? He Zhou snorted and ignored him. These seniors thought they were playing together.

Say a fart name, and you’re done!

(T/n: “Say a fart name”= ‘If you say your name’)

Peng Chengcheng took a step forward and fixed his eyes on his two legs. He was already wondering whether to break his left leg or his right leg first.


Only Zheng Que took a look at him, then looked at the man who had been beaten, and sneered: “What’s your problem, wanting to move my brother Jiao.”

Hearing the words “Brother Jiao”, and then thinking of Class 7 mentioned by He Zhou, the pupils of the special students shrank suddenly.

They don’t know who Zheng Que calls “brother Jiao”, but they know Ying Jiao‘s name.

A dozen people suddenly looked forward, just as Ying Jiao raised his head, that highly recognizable face was instantly exposed to the special students.

There were a few talented students who had just been thinking about what the big deal was and were ready to fight, were instantly stunned, swallowed in horror, and took a step back.

It was just that Ying Jiao came too quickly, and started beating people without saying anything, causing them to not see his face clearly.

If they knew that the other party was protected by Ying Jiao, they wouldn’t have dared to even if they were given a hundred courage.


He Zhou cursed in his heart, and as soon as he wanted to say something, he saw Jing Ci walking up with a blank expression holding the basketball, and headed straight for Ying Jiao specialty.

“My brother is soft hearted.” Zheng Que shook his head and sighed: “He is going to persuade them not to fight, old He, do we still fight?”

“Forget it.” He Zhou looked at the stubborn students, and then at Jing Ci: “This matter is related to Brother Ci after all. He is a good student, so don’t cause him trouble.”

“I thought I could move my hands and feet today,” Zheng Que said regretfully. “I say that we should beat him a little longer. He was so courageous, that he even dared to beat Brother Ci.”

He Zhou frowned: “Don’t talk nonsense, Brother Ci is different from us. And you don’t look at Brother Jiao’s style of play. If you fight for a while, would you be able to beat anyone?”


They have been friends with Ying Jiao for more than ten years, but when Ying Jiao fights, He Zhou will still be frightened by his brutality.

At this time, Jing Ci was the best person to persuade him. When Ying Jiao loses self-control, he can accidentally hurt others, but he certainly cannot accidentally hurt Jing Ci.

Zheng Que scratched his head and glanced at the anxious specialty students behind him: “Yes.”

The specialty students also breathed a sigh of relief, although the one who was beaten was their friend. But the one who beat him was Ying Jiao, they dare not go up to persuade him, in case it was regarded as indirectly helping him.

Specialty students secretly thought this in their hearts, it goes without saying, sometimes being a nerd is also good.

With everyone watching expectantly, Jing Ci walked up without delay.

Then they saw what they thought was Jing Ci coming up to persuade him(YJ), but without saying a word, holding the basketball, he just smashed it twice at the head of that student.

(T/n: the one that was beaten up…)

He Zhou, Zheng Que, Peng Chengcheng, the boy from Class 7: “…”

The onlooking special students: “…”

Zheng Que stared at the front with a stunned mouth, stammering: “Old He, am I, am I blind? Is the person who just passed by Jing Ci?”

He Zhou stretched his neck, his mouth was wide open, and he couldn’t speak easily: “Yes, yeah.”

Zheng Que couldn’t believe it: “Brother Ci turned out to be so cruel?”

Peng Chengcheng wiped his face with complicated eyes: “After all, he is the person that Brother Jiao is fond of.”


“No…” He Zhou calmed down and suppressed the shock in his heart: “Wasn’t it that special student that beat him?”

Zheng Que hadn’t recovered yet, he said mechanically: “Okay, it seems like…”

“Hey.” He Zhou sighed. Seeing that something serious would happen if he continued to fight, he had to walk up and say: “You couple…Ah!”

He slapped himself on the mouth hard, and said, “Don’t fight anymore, it’s already over.”

Jing Ci doesn’t like fighting, and after hearing He Zhou’s words, he retreats to the side with the basketball in his arms.

On the contrary, Ying Jiao frowned and ignored He Zhou, and walked over again.

He Zhou desperately held him: “Brother Jiao, it’s over, don’t make trouble for Jing Ci.”

“Let go.” Ying Jiao pulled away He Zhou’s hand, took a step forward, and stepped on the face of that special student, and said coldly: “Jing Ci has obsessive-compulsive disorder, he has to be symmetrical ugly. There are footprints on one face, I will print one more for him.”

He Zhou: “…”

Feeling something was wrong, the physical education teacher who just walked over: “…”

What the hell is this? ! Fighting doesn’t count, and fighting so arrogantly, is he dead as a teacher? !

“You guys from Class 7, and grade 2! And you guys from Class 19 seniors! Fighting, right?! Come over all of you!”

Jing Ci still had a basketball in his hand. He wanted to give the basketball to others for fear of delaying other people playing.


Who knew he had just taken a step, the boys in Class 7 immediately covered their heads subconsciously.

Jing Ci: “…”

Jing Ci raised the basketball: “You…”

The boys in Class 7 held their heads and hid together.

Jing Ci: “…”

Jing Ci squatted helplessly, rolled the basketball to one of them, turned around and followed the physical education teacher.

Five minutes later, Ying Jiao, Jing Ci, and Li Zhou, plus a large group of sports students, entered the second-year science office in a mighty manner.

Teacher Liu has been in a very good mood recently, and has long since stopped drinking chrysanthemum tea to get rid of the fire(anger?). While writing his lesson plan happily, he glanced at the direction of the teacher in charge of Class 11.

Before the holiday, Teacher Liu found the head teacher of Class 11 and told him about Qiao Anyan sending love letters to his male classmates.

Xu is the head teacher of Class 11, and doesn’t know how to talk about this subject, and just talked to Qiao Anyan.

He didn’t find a place where no one was like Teacher Liu, instead he said this directly in the office.

Teacher Liu was thinking about whether to remind him, when the office door was suddenly pushed open, and a large group of people poured in.


One of them was half-dead and held by someone. With a big footprint on one side of his face, he staggered, as if he was about to faint in the next second.

Tut tut tut.(tsk)

Teacher Liu took a sip of rose tea and sighed in his heart, which class of cubs caused trouble again?

Before the tea in his mouth was swallowed, the physical education teacher’s loud voice sounded in his ears: “Students from class 7, grade 2! Come and talk to your headteacher, why did you fight?!”

Teacher Liu almost squirted out his sip of tea. He put down the cup and stood up, looking over with a black face, and finally saw the three of his own students at the end of a bunch of people.

It’s not surprising to see Ying Jiao, but Jing Ci…fighting? !

Did they make a mistake?

Teacher Liu twisted his eyebrows and walked over: “Ying Jiao, you say, what’s the matter?”

Before Ying Jiao spoke, the door to the office was pushed open again, and the principal walked in with a smile on his back: “Why is it so lively? What happened?”

After learning about Jing Ci’s results, the principal was excited and did not sleep well for several days.

If Jing Ci can really enter the national training team, it will not only be of great significance to the provincial experiment and Donghai Province, but also of great help to his personal career.

The five university discipline competitions have been held for so many years, and other provinces even have junior high school students entering the finals. However, Donghai Province can only maintain a minimum number of places each year.


Because of this, the education of Donghai Province has been mocked overtly and secretly, not knowing how many times. In this case, during his tenure as the provincial experimental principal, he brought out a student who could enter the national training team, which is a great achievement.

The principal endured and endured, but could not bear it, and quietly walked downstairs.

Although Mr. Liu had been teaching several times, he didn’t have to worry about giving Jing Ci such a good seed to others, and was personally able to see Jing Ci’s learning status.

But the principal went downstairs during fourth period class in the morning, and it was a coincidence that he ran into class 7 in PE class.

The principal came excitedly, but he did not expect to see an empty classroom. There was no way, so he had to turn back disappointedly and waited for the next time to come.

When passing by the second grade science office, the principal saw a bunch of people inside, as if something had happened, so he followed in to see what happened.

In fact, Ying Jiao didn’t know the cause and effect. Seeing that Jing Ci was beaten, he didn’t worry about finding out the cause, and he just went straight to it.

Fortunately, Li Zhou was clever, even with gestures, to add fuel and excitement, and to describe the bullying faces of the special students clearly and plainly.

The teachers who were originally watching the excitement, but after hearing that the talented student had beaten Jing Ci, their expressions changed instantly.

Teacher Liu and Zhao Feng even had a murderous look in their eyes.


What is the most important thing about the provincial experiment at present?

It is not the upcoming final exam, nor the admission rate, but Jing Ci’s National Mathematics High association.

But now, Jing Ci, who is about to participate in the finals in less than a month, has been beaten!

It was not the arm, the foot, or his back, but his head!

That special student really knew how to pick a spot.

“You mean…” The principal stepped forward and looked at Li Zhou: “He hit Jing Ci on the head?”

Li Zhou is an expert in fanfare. He nodded immediately after hearing this: “Yes, hit him with a basketball.”

Smashed with a basketball!

Basketball smashed!


The whole province’s experiment depends on this person, the whole educational circles of Donghai Province, and even his future! It was only the second day he carefully instructed them to take good care of him, he was smashed with a basketball!

The principal took a deep breath, his eyes slowly sweeping across the group of special students.


The special students felt their backs turn cold, and later realized they became scared.

The principal ignored them, turned to Jing Ci, and asked kindly: “How do you feel now? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

As soon as Jing Ci entered the office, he felt a familiar headache. He swept around the room without a trace, and as expected he met Qiao Anyan’s unkind gaze.

In the previous few meetings, when Qiao Anyan was not malicious towards him, Jing Ci’s head was just aching. But since the last exam, Qiao Anyan has become more and more malicious towards him. So after Jing Ci saw him, his head hurt more and more.

At this moment, his temples jumped violently, and he was trying his best to maintain the apparent calm. Hearing the principal’s question, he subconsciously said: “Headache.”

Headache? !

After hearing these two words, the principal looked at his pale face again, and looked like he was about to faint.

It didn’t break, right? !

This, this final will start soon. What if something goes wrong? !

The principal suppressed the anger and anxiety in his heart, and said to Teacher Liu: “Leave it to me to deal with this matter, Teacher Liu, you first take Jing Ci to the infirmary and take a look.”

After thinking about it, he added another sentence: “Don’t go to the school infirmary, go to the hospital outside.”

“As for you…” The principal turned to the group of special students: “All come with me.”

In the end, they were all kids when they first met the principal at the opening ceremony in their first year of high school. Now they were taken to the office by the principal himself, and they were very worried.


So why did they provoke Jing Ci in the first place? Don’t talk about playing basketball now, they will have a subconscious shadow on basketball all their lives!

The most unlucky person is the beaten up special student. Ying Jiao didn’t hit people in the face, he specifically ‘greets’ the most painful part of his body. Even if he is about to faint right now, there are no scars on his face except for two footprints.

He yelled pain at this time, let alone the principal, I’m afraid even his friends thought he was pretending.

“Come on.” The principal opened the drawer, took out a stack of paper and pen, and sent a set to the special students: “Take it.”

The specialty students looked at him puzzledly.

The principal sat on the chair and said with a smile: “Jing Ci, who was beaten by you, scored 747 points in the test last month. I think you hit him specifically on the head, and you might look down on this score.”

“The teacher thinks you are very good and very ambitious.” He pointed to the specialty student on the far left: “Starting with you, give me the total score of the last exam in turn.”

The provincial experimental high school did not have classes in the last semester, and biology did not start, so the full score is 950.

The specialty students didn’t know what the principal wanted to do, so they reported their scores tremblingly.

They didn’t know what was going on. They obviously didn’t care about cultural classes before, but when they heard Jing Ci’s score, and then thought about their own scores, a sense of inexplicable shame suddenly arose in their hearts.


The principal nodded: “The highest is 290 and the lowest is 189. Since you think that those who take the 747 test can play casually, you must be very confident in your own results.”

“Let’s do this, the teacher has set a goal for you: the total score of the final exam is more than 350 points. Those who fail the test…”

The principal smiled and looked at them: “Don’t get to play anymore.”

When the sports students heard this bad news, as if struck by lightning, they almost passed away.

They would rather be scolded or beaten than this kind of punishment!

It’s terrible, 350 points! Is this something that people can get? !

Thinking about the 747 again, the specialty students realized in an instant that they really provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended.

It’s fine to be violently attacked by Ying Jiao, and now the mental torture has begun? !

“This is the next thing.” The principal appreciated enough of their faces and continued: “Now you can start to write your review. You are all unorganized, undisciplined, and bullied classmates. You don’t need to write too many words, just three thousand words.”

The principal picked up the teacup and drank a sip of water slowly: “After you have written it, I want to check it, and also put it on the school bulletin board. If I see that your review has a lot of similarities, then I would add another two thousand words. Okay, let’s get started.”

Beating someone is refreshing for a while, a quick hit makes a big dent of tears.


The special talents shoulders shrank in the principal’s office, and they tried to write a review with stiff fingers, and then thought of the unreachable 350 points and wanted to run into a wall to commit suicide.

Not to mention beating their heads, they have to take a detour when they see Jing Ci in their entire lives!

This person is simply terrible.

On the other hand, Jing Ci rejected Teacher Liu’s proposal to take him to the hospital, and after repeatedly reassurance that he was not broken, he was able to return to class with Ying Jiao.

The others were on the playground, and Li Zhou didn’t come back either. There were only two of them in the classroom.

While rubbing Jing Ci’s temples, Ying Jiao looked at him up and down, the hostility in his eyes had not completely dissipated: “Where did that force hit you?”

“No, that’s it.” Jing Ci was afraid that he would be worried, and then said: “I dodged it a bit, and I wasn’t hit hard.”


“Fortunately it was not bad.” Ying Jiao pulled the hair from his forehead to the side and sneered: “Otherwise, this matter will never end today.”

Jing Ci pursed his lips and smiled, then raised his eyes to look at him: “My head is healed, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Every time he got a headache, he would get better with a touch, let alone be rubbed by him(YJ).

Ying Jiao took a close look at his face and saw that he hadn’t lied before letting go, and he was in the mood to make a joke.

He leaned back in his chair lazily, and said with a chuckle: “It doesn’t hurt if I rub it?”

Jing Ci didn’t think much about it, plus the fact that this is the case, and then nodded: “Yeah.”

Ying Jiao stared at his right hand thoughtfully, and muttered: “So my hands are so magical?”

“It can ease your pain and make you comfortable.” He suddenly curled his lips and smiled and looked at Jing Ci: “Is this the legendary…”

Jing Ci was puzzled: “What?”

“High-tide hand.”

(T/n: Hide-tide= Climax/Orga*sm hand? idk)

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    Can y’all just appreciate the great principal of this school?

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