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Jing Ci’s cheeks instantly became hot, and he subconsciously wanted to push Ying Jiao away.

Both hands touched him, and he let go.

At this moment, Ying Jiao was leaning against him lazily and he was pushed off guard, Jing Ci was afraid that he would fall down.

Jing Ci took a deep breath and tried to make himself ignore the person on him: “Don’t always say such things…”

“I just saw that you didn’t understand, so I explained it to you.” Ying Jiao took an inch closer, holding Jing Ci’s hand under the table, and said boldly, “Is there a problem?”


In the wide sleeves of the school uniform, the fingers of the two people were tightly intertwined, exchanging the temperature of each other’s bodies. Jing Ci’s eyelashes trembled, and he forced himself to calm down: “No, there’s no need for an explanation.”

Ying Jiao nodded and readily admitted: “Yes, I was talking nonsense.”

Jing Ci looked up at him.

Ying Jiao chuckled: “Who made you so cute, how can I hold back.”

This time, Jing Ci’s ears turned red.

He moved, wanting to take his hand out of Ying Jiao’s hand.

The early self-study has not officially started, and after studying against the clock for many days, Ying Jiao extravagantly wanted to indulge.

“Don’t move.” He tightened his grip on Jing Ci: “Charge me for a while(like a battery??). How many days have we not seen each other?” He sneered and said: “It’s a special class to be at the same table. It’s like the Cowherd and Weaver Girl.”

(T/n: “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl” is a romantic Chinese folk tale. The story tells of the romance between Zhinü and Niulang. Their love was not allowed, and thus they were banished to opposite sides of the heavenly river.”)

There were classmates who were constantly yawning passing by, and the two of them were secretly holding hands under the table. Jing Ci was a little flustered in his heart, but he didn’t dare to struggle too much, for fear of being discovered, so he could only let him.

“I haven’t asked, when is your birthday?” Ying Jiao took out an exercise book from the bookshelf, and said while flipping through it, looking nonchalant.

Jing Ci blurted out: “February 19th…” Realizing he said the wrong one, he immediately changed his mouth and said, “January 31st.”

In the previous life, the day Jing Ci was sent to the orphanage was February 19, so the dean regarded February 19 as his birthday.

At this time, Ying Jiao asked without warning, and under his inertial thinking, Jing Ci reflexively said this day.

Ying Jiao’s hand turned the book for a while, pretending he didn’t hear the problem in his words, and said naturally, “Only half a month younger than me.”

Jing Ci nodded: “Yes.”

“So you were born to be with me?” Ying Jiao smiled and whispered, “Come to be my little wife?”

Jing Ci’s ears turned red, he broke away from Ying Jiao’s hand, turned around and ignored him.


Ying Jiao smiled and didn’t bother him anymore. He(YJ) found a set of comprehensive paper from the hole inside his table and spread it on the table.

He lowered his head and his eyes fell on the test paper. He seemed to be reading the questions carefully, but in fact his thoughts had already gone elsewhere.

Last time at his house, Ying Jiao looked at his ID card because he helped Jing Ci check his competition results.

He clearly remembered that the date of birth above was January 31st. But when he asked, Jing Ci’s first reaction was February 19th.

So, is Jing Ci’s birthday on February 19?

Ying Jiao silently remembered this day in his heart, retracted his thoughts, and concentrated on writing questions.

Although he still couldn’t touch the secret in Jing Ci’s heart, at least he knew more about Jing Ci today than yesterday. Just like this little by little, in the end, with all his patience, one day, there will be no gap between him and Jing Ci.


Because the final exam is approaching, the teachers of each subject no longer give lectures. During class time, they either went over papers or let students study by themselves. If they had any questions, they could directly raise their hand to ask.

After doing the questions all morning, everyone couldn’t stand it. Fortunately, the provincial experiment is more humane, and it has not stopped physical education like other schools.

As soon as the bell rang for the third period, there was a sigh of relief in the classroom of Class 7.

“Let’s go, Brother Ci,” Li Zhou put his meal card into his pocket and greeted Jing Ci, “Next is gym class, let’s go to the equipment room to get basketball first?”

“Okay.” Jing Ci put down his pen, glanced at Ying Jiao who was still writing questions next to him, thought about it, and said, “Call Wu Weicheng.”

Li Zhou puzzled: “It’s just a basketball, do we need three people?”

Jing Ci insisted on his own ideas, and Li Zhou had no choice but to find Wu Weicheng.


As soon as he left the classroom, Jing Ci said to Li Zhou: “I have something to do later, so I can’t go with you.” Without waiting for Li Zhou to ask, he continued: “If those special students trouble you, you should contact me immediately.”

Only then did Li Zhou understand that the reason why Jing Ci insisted on calling Wu Weicheng was because he was afraid that after he went to the basketball court alone, he would not be able to cope with those special students.

“It’s alright,” Li Zhou smiled warmly in his heart, “I heard Zheng Que say that the special students were all scared by the principal, and now they sit in the classroom all day studying, how can they dare to trouble us.”

Jing Ci shook his head: “Be careful.”

He was a little anxious, and didn’t tell Li Zhou any more, and hurriedly entered the second high school science office.

Seeing this, Li Zhou turned to Wu Weicheng and said, “What is Brother Ci doing, why is he acting so mysterious?”

Wu Weicheng pondered for a while and said, “It should be about the competition. It’s not like you haven’t seen it. Brother Ci has been spending most of his time in a small classroom these days.”

Li Zhou nodded: “It makes sense.” Without thinking any more, he went downstairs with Wu Weicheng shoulder to shoulder.


It was the end of class, except for a few procrastinating teachers, all the other teachers returned to the office.

After Jing Ci entered the door, he first said hello to Teacher Liu, and then he came to Zhao Feng’s desk and said, “Mr. Zhao, I have something to do with you.”

Five minutes later, Jing Ci walked out of the office with a teacher’s meal card in his pocket.


There is a separate teacher canteen in the provincial experiment, and you can only get meals by swiping the teacher’s card.

In fact, the taste of the teachers’ cafeteria is not much better. The only thing that is better than the student cafeteria is that you can order food according to the menu, and you don’t have to wait in line.

During the period before the National Mathematics High School Finals, Jing Ci was in Zhao Feng’s care.

For this reason, Zhao Feng not only often took them to the teachers’ cafeteria to eat, but also opened a small kitchen for them openly. He also repeatedly emphasized to them that if you don’t want to waste time in line in the cafeteria, you can come and borrow his teacher card.

Both Zhou Chao and Jiang Chong had borrowed it, but Jing Ci was born with a character that didn’t like to be indebted to others, and had never asked for it before.

Today is the first time.

When Jing Ci arrived at the basketball court, several boys from Class 7 were playing basketball. Those talented students really didn’t bother them anymore, not only that, but they also deliberately stayed far away from them, as if they had a virus on them.

Seeing Jing Ci come over, Li Zhou walked off the court and asked while drinking water, “Have you finished your business?”

“No,” Jing Ci’s fingertips touched the hard meal card through his trousers pocket, and said to Li Zhou: “I won’t eat with you at noon today, you and Wu Weicheng and the others go.”

“No way.” Li Zhou screwed on the bottle cap and frowned: “Is your competition class still working overtime? Do you want me to order a meal for you?”

“No,” Jing Ci thanked him for his kindness and explained, “I’ll go to the teacher’s cafeteria to eat this time.”

“Okay.” Li Zhou responded simply, threw the mineral water bottle aside, and said: “Let’s go, let’s go up and play a game.”


When class was about to end 20 minutes away, Jing Ci got off the basketball court panting and walked straight to the teachers’ cafeteria.

Ying Jiao went to buy two Oden and came back. He wanted to give it to Jing Ci while it was hot, but who knew that Mrs. Jiao disappeared in a blink of an eye.

(T/n: lmao I’m pretty sure that YJ didn’t really say ‘Mrs. Jiao’ but I found it pretty funny so I’m keeping it there.)

He asked Li Zhou, “Where did Jing Ci go?”

“I don’t know,” Li Zhou casually wiped the sweat from his forehead and replied, “He said he had something to do and left first.”

Ying Jiao frowned, walking in such a hurry, what the hell is going on?

And he(JC) told  Li Zhou, why doesn’t he know how to say goodbye to him?

Ying Jiao was worried and sour in his heart, so he stuffed Oden to He Zhou, took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Jing Ci.

Jing Ci did not reply.

Ying Jiao’s thin lips pursed slightly, he quit WeChat, and was about to call Jing Ci when Jing Ci’s phone number came.

“Come to the teacher’s cafeteria.”

Ying Jiao was worried about him, didn’t even ask why, hung up the phone and ran over without saying a word.

At this point, not a single teacher came to eat in the teachers’ cafeteria. In the empty dining area, Ying Jiao saw Jing Ci sitting in front at a glance.


Ying Jiao put one hand in his pocket and walked over there, “Little classmate, what are you doing…”

He stared blankly at the bowl of Dragon Beard Noodles on the table, and instantly lost his voice.

Jing Ci pushed the noodles towards him and said softly, “Longevity noodles.”

“Happy Birthday.”

Since he missed the time to prepare gifts, he can only express his heart in this way.

In his hometown, longevity noodles are eaten on birthdays.

Although no one has ever prepared it for him, in Jing Ci’s heart, there must be longevity noodles to have a complete birthday.

What he can’t get, he wants to give to Ying Jiao.

Therefore, he(JC) has never asked this from anyone, and this was the first time that he has spoken out for someone else.

In the office, in front of all the teachers of the second year of high school, he tried his best to endure the embarrassment and unnaturalness in his heart, and said to Zhao Feng, “Teacher, can you lend me your teacher card?”

The dining area was quiet, except for the whirring of the high-power air conditioner in the kitchen, with occasional chats and laughter from the kitchen staff.

There is a peculiar aroma of the stir-fryer in the air.

Jing Ci sat upright on the blue dining chair.


His hair was longer than before, softly touching his cheeks, making his face smaller and smaller. The slender and thick eyelashes flickered from time to time, like two little butterflies, occasionally making Ying Jiao’s heart itch, causing ripples after waves.

Ying Jiao stood motionless, his adam’s apple rolling up and down forbearance.

Since his mother died, this is the first time anyone remembers preparing a bowl of longevity noodles for him on his birthday.

“Ying Jiao?” Jing Ci called him cautiously.

“You…” Ying Jiao clenched his fists, desperately trying to restrain the surging emotions in his heart, his voice was hoarse when he opened his mouth.

He closed his eyes and tried to make his voice sound more normal: “Why did you come to the teacher’s cafeteria to buy noodles?”

Jing Ci handed him the chopsticks and smiled embarrassedly: “There are only flat noodles and thick noodles in the cafeteria, but there are no dragon beard noodles. Longevity noodles must be made with dragon beard noodles.”

Although they are all noodles, it can also be substituted. But within the scope of what he can do, he wants to give the best to Ying Jiao.

Ying Jiao took a deep breath, sat down across from him, picked up long thin noodles with chopsticks, and asked him softly, “Where did you get the teacher card?”

“I borrowed it from Teacher Zhao.”

Ying Jiao’s throat choked, and his eyes instantly flushed red.

Just to let him eat a bowl of longevity noodles.

Jing Ci, who is never willing to trouble people and has always been passive socially, how many times did he had to build up the courage before he can do such a thing as asking for help.


Ying Jiao didn’t want to lose his composure in front of Jing Ci, and took advantage of the opportunity to drink soup with the bowl to cover his red eyes.

He has received many birthday gifts, expensive and rare, but on his eighteenth birthday, this simple bowl of longevity noodles is something he wants to keep in his heart forever.

Ying Jiao raised his eyes and took another mouthful of noodles.

Opposite him, Jing Ci is digging a spoonful of bibimbap and putting it into his mouth, his cheeks bulged slightly, and he looks serious and good-looking when he eats.

Such a good Jing Ci, such a good Jing Ci…

Ying Jiao lowered his head and ate his exclusive longevity noodles carefully, how could he not like it.

In the cafeteria, teachers came to eat together one after another, and when they passed by, they would glance at them curiously.

Ying Jiao put down the bowl of noodles that he ate cleanly, not even a drop of soup left, and walked out of the cafeteria side by side with Jing Ci.

On the way back, Ying Jiao changed from his usual hooliganism and became unusually silent.

Jing Ci has always spoken less, and the two walked back silently all the way.

Until they got to the drying yard—


Ying Jiao suddenly held Jing Ci’s wrist and pulled him further inside the yard without any reason.

Jing Ci was puzzled: “You…”

Before he could finish speaking, Ying Jiao suddenly grabbed the back of his head, pressed him firmly against the wall, and kissed him without saying a word.

Large tracts of dried clothes and sheets fluttered in the wind, covering the figures of the two people.

Rapid and searing breathing and a pounding heartbeat intertwined.

His (YJ) teeth hit his lips, and the tip of the nose accidentally bumped together.

Nobody cared.

Ying Jiao rubbed Jing Ci into his arms and kissed him frantically.

This man is his, he thought.

For a lifetime, two lifetimes, and all lifetimes are his.

No matter where he came from or where he will eventually go, he will never let go.

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