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Jing Ci’s back was against the hard cement wall, his fair and slender neck was forced to be raised high, his neck was stretched and straight, and his raised adam’s apple rolled up and down, fragile and attractive.

Ying Jiao’s breathing was hot and heavy, pressing down on him, and his kiss was fierce and ruthless.

After a brief blank in his mind, Jing Ci suddenly returned to his senses and began to resist fiercely.

However, Ying Jiao seemed to feel no pain. He didn’t care about the strength hitting on his body. He clasped the back of his neck with both hands, raised his face, and kissed him forcefully.


Jing Ci’s legs were weak, and he desperately clenched his fists to keep himself awake, and finally accumulated enough strength to push Ying Jiao away.

His cheeks were flushed, his chest heaved violently, and his voice was panting: “You… are you crazy?”

Ying Jiao looked down at him.

Jing Ci’s lip color was originally a natural pink, but now it was kissed bright red, with a thin layer of water on it.

Ying Jiao suddenly laughed, lowered his head and kissed again.

This time, no matter how Jing Ci pushed or resisted, he never let go.

Gradually, Jing Ci’s strength to reject him became smaller and smaller, and in the end, he could only lean against the wall and let him do whatever he wanted.

“Good, open your mouth.” Ying Jiao whispered softly against his lips, his voice hoarse and low.

Jing Ci’s neck was red at the moment, his eyelashes trembled, and he lowered his eyes and did not speak or move.

Ying Jiao hugged his waist, rubbed him into his arms, grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers: “Be obedient.”

In the huge drying yard, only the sound of the cloth being blown by the wind could be heard quietly.


Ying Jiao’s repressed gasps came from his ears, one after another.

His lips were hot, and he pecked and kissed at the corner of Jing Ci’s lips.

Jing Ci felt his chest beating, struggling to raise a hand, but it fell down weakly in mid-air.

He closed his eyes for a long time, and opened his lips slightly.

Ying Jiao immediately drove straight in.

Their lips-tongue intertwined, there are small, ambiguous water-stained sounds that were covered in the wind.

It was unknown how long it took, Jing Ci, who has always had a strong sense of time, couldn’t feel the passage of time in his mind for the first time, and Ying Jiao finally let him go.

“Baby, I really…” Ying Jiao pressed his forehead against his forehead and sighed, “I like you so much.”

The surging love in his heart almost drowned him, he had never liked someone so much.

He liked that Jing Ci just let him kiss him, but he wanted to give him his life.

Jing Ci didn’t speak, he was short of breath, his ears were red, and the palm held by Ying Jiao was wet.

He wanted to run away, to find a place where no one was there to stay by himself, but his hands and feet would not obey him.


Ying Jiao stretched out his hand and gently stroked the back of his neck until his heartbeat and body reaction slowly calmed down.

The sky blue sheets were blown up by the wind, naughtily covered their heads, and the surrounding light instantly dimmed.

Half dim and half light, Ying Jiao asked Jing Ci, “Do you like me?”

Jing Ci took a breath, and his cheeks almost burned.

He pursed his lips and said nothing.

Ying Jiao didn’t rush him, quietly waiting for his answer.

There was a faint smell of shampoo coming from the nose, he didn’t know if it was Jing Ci’s or his, and even the strong smell of washing powder on the sheets could not be concealed.

Ying Jiao sniffed the same smell on both of them, only to feel that his heart softened.

He asked again, “Do you like me?”

After a long while, Jing Ci finally nodded gently and slightly.

Ying Jiao’s ears gradually turned red.

His adam apple moved, suppressed his breath and asked again, “Do you want a boyfriend now?”

Jing Ci’s heart trembled, and under the cover of the dark light, he held back his shyness and raised his eyes to look at Ying Jiao.


He’s good-looking, a little cold when he’s not smiling, and has a very aggressive type of handsomeness. At this moment, he(YJ) was staring at himself without blinking, eager for an answer.

Jing Ci, who has always been rational, didn’t know what to do for the first time.


But he has nothing now, not even enough for the next semester’s tuition.

He likes Ying Jiao, he likes Ying Jiao so much, he even wants to give him the best bowl of longevity noodles, that’s why he didn’t spend time with him.

At the very least, he has to wait for him to be admitted to the best university, have a promising future, and have the ability to take on the future of two people.

However, in the eyes of Ying Jiao’ anticipation, all of Jing Ci’s planning and rationality instantly disappeared without a trace.

Just once, he thought.

He would be impulsive just this time in his life.

He will study harder and try to make himself better. One day, he will give Ying Jiao everything he wants.

“It’s okay,” Ying Jiao took a deep breath, trying to make himself seem calmer.

He understands Jing Ci’s thoughts. Either way, if he had such a person in his life. He can afford to wait, as long as…

Ying Jiao’s pupils shrink suddenly.

The blue sheets were blown up by the wind, and his eyes were instantly bright. It was a rare sunny world in winter, he saw Jing Ci lightly nod his head.


When the two returned to the classroom, it was almost time for their lunch break.

Along the way, the redness on Jing Ci’d face did not fade away. As soon as he sat down on the seat, the person who never took a nap, lay down for the first time ever.

Ying Jiao was opposite from him.

The corners of Ying Jiao’s lips lifted uncontrollably, and he was really happy.

He was so happy that he wanted to grab Feng Datu’s horn, stand under the national flag, and announce to the whole school that Jing Ci’s was already his boyfriend. Let those wild bees and butterflies who are still secretly rubbing their little plans, to stay where they are cool.

(T/n: I forgot how I wrote his name…oh well.)

But he couldn’t, he had to endure it, desperately endure it.

Ying Jiao held Jing Ci’s hand under the table and calmed down for a long time, but he couldn’t hold back. He took out his phone with the other hand, click on the WeChat group, and start typing——

[Jiao]: I think I should quit the group.

When He Zhou and their group saw the news, they suddenly looked inexplicable and whispered in secret.

He Zhou: “Do you two mess with him?”

Zheng Que was wronged to death: “How could it be possible, Old Peng is like a mute every day without ever saying a word! I can’t do this anymore. What’s more, he’s either studying or sticking to Jing Ci. I almost forgot what he even looks like!”

He Zhou: “…Then why did he suddenly go crazy?”

Zheng Que opened WeChat indifferently: “Who knows, just ask.”

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: What’s wrong, brother Jiao?

[Jiao]: I now feel that I am out of tune with you.

[Peng Chengcheng]: ? ?

【Uncle He】: No… what do you mean, can you speak human speech?

(T/n: I can’t stand these usernames anymore TwT so although they may not be the same ones as before, pls just ignore it)


[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Jiao, are you asking for attention?

[Jiao]: Didn’t you realize that there is a barrier between us? On the left is you guys who are single, and on the right is me with a boyfriend.

【Zheng Que is incorrect】: …

【Uncle He 】: …

【Peng Chengcheng】:…

【Uncle He 】: hehe, you have a boyfriend? Did you get with Jing Ci one-sidedly?

Ying Jiao gently shook Jing Ci’s hand, the smile on his face deepened, and he typed.

【Jiao】: Both sides.

Behind, He Zhou and several people’s mobile phones fell to the ground.

“Fuck!” He Zhou couldn’t hold back a foul word and wanted to say something, but his eyes fell on Jing Ci, he swallowed the words that came out his mouth, picked up the phone and replied in the group——

【Uncle He】: Are you serious? ? ? ?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: True or false? ? I do not believe it!

[Jiao]: Do you know why I am typing with one hand? Because the other is holding my boyfriend.

[Jiai]: Well, I won’t tell you. My phone has only 99% of the battery left, and I still need to keep in touch with Jing Ci.

【Zheng Que is incorrect】: …

【Uncle He 】: …

【Peng Chengcheng】:…


He Zhou almost threw his phone on his(YJ) head angrily: “Fuck, is he sick?!”

Zheng Que stared at the screen of his mobile phone deliriously, and muttered, “Pity my brother Ci, blinded at such a young age, liking such an old hooligan.”

Peng Chengcheng said expressionlessly: “It was like this originally.”

He Zhou and Zheng Que stayed for a while, and then they remembered that it was indeed Jing Ci who chased after Ying Jiao first.

They don’t know why, but they could not compare the current Jing Ci with the previous him.

He Zhou shook his head and sighed: “Forget it, it’s none of our business, let’s set the group chat to ‘Do Not Disturb’ first.”

When they were not together, they used to show every day, but now they are together!

With a word to wake up the dreamer, Zheng Que and Peng Chengcheng instantly opened the group chat, cruelly and ruthlessly set their chat to ‘Do Not Disturb’.

On the first day of dating, Ying Jiao thought that he would be able to stay with Jing Ci for a while, but who knew that as soon as the lunch break was over, Jing Ci would be called away by Zhao Feng, saying that he had obtained a set of top-secret competition papers and asked the three of them to go to the small classroom.

Although Jing Ci was lying on his stomach at noon, he didn’t fall asleep, and he still couldn’t come back to his senses.

Did he really start dating Ying Jiao?

He…has a boyfriend?

Jing Ci didn’t know how to act in relationships, he didn’t have any experience. But…he’ll do his best to be as good to Ying Jiao as he is to himself.


The corners of Jing Ci’s lips were slightly raised, and he discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind and began to answer questions seriously.

Although there are only three questions on the paper, the standard answering time is four and a half hours. By the time the papers were collected, it was almost time for dinner.

Jing Ci and Zhou Chao went to the cafeteria together. After they finished their meal, they found a place to sit, and the bell rang for the fourth period.

“It’s also good to be in the small classroom.” Zhou Chao sighed: “At least we don’t have to fight to get our meal. What do you think brother Ci?”

“Yeah.” Jing Ci replied, eating and thinking about whether to go back to class later, Ying Jiao must have saved a lot of questions today.

But he didn’t know what was going on, it’s clear that he has been doing this before, but Jing Ci suddenly felt a little embarrassed at this moment. Even after the meal was over, he still hadn’t made a decision.

“Are you going back to class?” Zhou Chao sent the dinner plate to the recycling area and asked Jing Ci, “I have to go back and bring my school bag and everything, so that I can go back to the dormitory directly after the evening self-study.”

With someone following along, Jing Ci’s shyness dissipated a lot, he nodded: “Go back.”

When the two left the cafeteria, Jing Ci’s phone suddenly vibrated. He quickly picked it up and saw that it was Zheng Que.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Ci, is Brother Jiao with you?

【Jing】: No, what happened?

Ying Jiao and the others ordered takeout tonight, so they can eat faster. After destroying the takeaway box, Zheng Que immediately took out his mobile phone and greeted He Zhou and Peng Chengcheng to play games.


At the end of the semester, the teacher has been watching closely that he didn’t dare to touch his mobile phone often, so his ranking dropped a lot.

Zheng Que and the others are a total of three people. To play in a four-person arena, the system needs to match another teammate.

Who knows what kind of bad luck he has had today. After three games in a row, they were matched with rookies. Not only did their ranking not rise, but it also dropped.

Zheng Que was so angry that he almost scratched his head bald, so he wanted to bring Ying Jiao to fight with them. But he didn’t know where Ying Jiao went, and he sent several WeChat messages without receiving a reply.

Zheng Que thought he went looking for Jing Ci, but when he asked, he found that he was not there.

He was about to reply that it was all right, when he suddenly remembered that Ying Jiao’s battery only had 99% left.

Could this person be deliberately not replying to him? He didn’t need to say it, Ying Jiao can really do it.

Zheng Que leaned back, he was going to find out what was going on today——

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Ci, please help me ask Brother Jiao if he is going to jjc.

He didn’t dare say play the arena directly, because he was afraid that Jing Ci would feel like that he was deliberately enticing Ying Jiao to play a game, so he deliberately used the abbreviation(of the game), so that Jing Ci could not understand it.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: I asked him before and he didn’t reply. I don’t know if he didn’t see it or was too lazy to reply. I’m in a hurry, you help me ask, he will definitely reply to your message as soon as possible.


Zheng Que… How did Zheng Que know that Ying Jiao would reply to his message as soon as possible?

Jing Ci’s cheeks were slightly hot, he even forgot to ask what jjc was, and agreed directly.

【Jing】: Okay.

He clicked on Ying Jiao’s avatar and sent him a message according to what Zheng Que said——

【Jing】: Zheng Que asked if you are going to jjc.

(T/n: ‘Jjc’ is slang used to describe someone who is new to a place or situation. I am not entirely sure if this is what they mean or I’m just overthinking it.)

In the high school science office, Ying Jiao opened the door and walked out with a dormitory change application form. He lowered his head and looked at the questions that needed to be filled in, then chuckled and took out his phone, which had been shaking several times.

Ying Jiao clicked on WeChat, saw the message Jing Ci sent him, and looked at Zheng Que’s message below. He immediately understood that Zheng Que couldn’t find him, so he deliberately let Jing Ci come find him.

He(ZQ) didn’t do this with good intentions, but he rarely did a good thing.

Ying Jiao typed a reply with a smile on his face.

【Jiao】: jjc?

Jing Ci replied instantly—

【Jing】: Hmm.

Ying Jiao whistled in a good mood, glanced at the accommodation application form in his hand, and typed——

[Jiao】: 18 cm.

[Jiao]: Do you want to inspect the goods?

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