TODMBC- (1) The disfigured interstellar experiment

This is the brand new novel that I will be working on after I finishing DATSGEB~

On the Interstellar Prison playground. 

    Jin Zhao was crawling on the ground, his struggling knees were crushed into the concrete floor mixed with blood, and he was gasping for breath. 

    The pain was extremely painful, and the bones in his whole body seemed to be reassembled after being crushed and dismantled. 

    Not a single part of his skin exposed from the tattered prison uniform was intact, the bruises and blood scabs were mottled and ugly, just like his blind right eye. 


    He was like a dying fish on the shore, with his empty eyes open, his skinny fingers stretched out in the void. The joints of that hand were already broken, and even the bones inside were exposed. After grabbing a handful of dirt, he was slammed into the dirt again—! 

    “You still want to struggle? Did you make a mistake, you are a sick ghost! Why don’t you just blind your eye?” 

    A hand slammed his body over, accompanied by malicious contemptuous laughter, the perpetrator’s stinky feet ran over his other eye. 

    Severe pain came from his eyes, Jin Zhao curled up his abdomen, but no matter what, even if he struggled to death – his feet and hands were trapped by magnet locks, and he couldn’t even clench his fists. 

    “Forget it, no matter how hard you beat him, this monster will be silent. It’s boring. I heard that a general will come to pick slaves today. Hurry up!” 

    The big perpetrator spat on him, laughed and left. 

    A bloody wind blew from the barbed wire above the prison, mixed with disgusting insults. 

    Jin Zhao spat out a mouthful of blood, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with the hand that was barely able to move, and supported himself with his elbow to stand up reluctantly, swaying as if he was really like the deadly sick ghost that those people scolded him as. He stood there for a long time, indifferently wiping off the messy shoe prints on his prison uniform. 

    There are eleven footprints in total. 

    Since being imprisoned in this prison, there have been five people who have beaten him erratically. 

    I hate it. 

    Why not die. 

    Dismembering apart a body by five horses

    If there really is a savior, why have they never appeared, and why has no one ever wanted to save him? 


    He is willing to give everything to let these people get the retribution they deserve! He should have trampled these people under his feet, soaked them in the formalin water, and watched them begging for mercy, struggling, crying, despairing, and finally turning into fetid bloody water, washing them down the sewers, with maggots to keep them company.

    Jin Zhao lowered his head, and the only remaining eye that was intact was extremely dark, as if the abyss had bottomed out. Twelve years of despair and hope had been covered up by intense madness. If he can get out – if he can kill the entire empire – 

    Even if he turns back into a war machine, it doesn’t matter. 

    * * * 

    Rong Wan finally left the studio and went abroad for a vacation. After soaking in a hot spring, he caught a bad cold when he was blown by the cold winter wind.

    Rong Wan really regretted it, if he had known then he would not have gone to the hot springs. But he didn’t expect that something that would make him regret even more happened next. 

    Lying in the hotel with a thermometer in his mouth, he couldn’t go anywhere. When he turned on the TV, the foreigners spoke English and gave him a headache. After Rong Wan finished, he simply logged onto kindle and found a book at random to start reading. 

    But he didn’t expect that after reading a few lines of words, he couldn’t stop, like an addiction, and stayed up until two in the morning to finish reading this novel called “Aliens”, which is more than 7 million words long. 

    After reading it, Rong Wan vomited a mouthful of blood and felt sicker. 


    The first volume of this novel is set in the interstellar future. The plot at the beginning is very exciting. When the protagonist Jin Zhao was born, he actually had sss-level genes accompanied by an energy source on his body. He was quite a rare resource! So he went into hiding for twelve years. His biological parents couldn’t bear such a life in hiding, hated him for being a monster, and sold him into a military prison. 

    The military prison directly regarded him as a research subject like a guinea pig, saying that it was research, but it was actually torture, trying to study the source of energy in him and creating a super soldier——

This sudden beginning caught Rong Wan’s attention. According to the routine of Shuangwen’s novels, the protagonist will definitely open up in various ways, seize treasures, slapping faces, accepting younger brothers and collecting a harem. 

    The next development is either the protagonist retaliates against those who have despised and insulted him with tenfold and hundredfold of humiliation – in the Shuangwen route. 

    Either he experienced miserable ups and downs and has a tendency to self-destruct, and still tries to save himself and others – the heroic route.

    But after thinking about it, he never thought that the author had a hole in their brain! 

    He didn’t see all the expected plots. Instead, they used more than 800,000 words to describe how Jin Zhao escaped from the laboratory, hid and lived like a beggar, and finally found his old friend for help, but was caught and betrayed by his friend. When the sss gene was about to break out because of the pain, he was captured by the military prison, and they put his head in the ice and snow and cut the skin on his face until he was disfigured. 

    After two years of torture like this, he was transformed into a human weapon and sent to the battlefield at the age of fifteen. And in order to make him a weapon completely used by the Empire, his memory was erased. He once thought that when he was born, he was a weapon, not a person.

At the age of twenty-five, the empire finally won the war, and the world was liberated, but he was not. Of all the memories he had, only the memory of himself killing unconsciously on the battlefield. And because of this, he was charged by the people of the empire – 


    because he killed too many people, he was now regarded as a war criminal, locked in a military prison, and became a hard labor slave. Both his hands and feet were bound. After his mental strength was injured, he couldn’t even beat a few thugs in the prison, and one of his eyes was gouged out. 

    However, as a war criminal, such corporal punishment was not enough, and the court applied to the Empire to restore all his memories – 

    He finally knew that he was actually a human being, not an unconscious weapon. His spirit finally collapsed completely! 

    Originally, it was not easy for Rong Wan to suppress his anger when he saw this. He thought that there must be a turning point. This is more than 800,000 words. The first volume is only 900,000 words, and the turning point has not come out yet? What the hell, is it even written down? 

    But what about the turning point? Huh, it doesn’t exist. 

    Disfigured? Then be disfigured. Go blind? Then be blind. Soon it was the day when Jin Zhao was released from prison on parole, and another general, Zhu Jing, came to choose a group of people from the military prison to be his slaves. This general is also a pervert, who loves mental torture. So the protagonist spent the first half of his life completely lingering and being hurt by endless humiliation – 

   Then, at the last page written in the story, he was tied to the gallows, and was divided by five horses in his dying struggle. His mental power suddenly exploded, and he perished with the entire continent. 

    The full text is complete. 

    Rong Wan: “???” 

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

    What kind of dog thing is this? finished? Bad end? What about the follow-up of the protagonist turning over, was it eaten by a dog?


    Rong Wan’s heart was full of anger and he couldn’t calm down. He kept looking for the follow-up to this novel on the Internet, but he couldn’t find it at all. The author wrote the first volume here. In the second volume, they started to write the second life after the protagonist’s reincarnation. Unexpectedly, the second life and the first life are exactly the same, being endlessly abused, and at the end of the sentence, ‘the protagonist blackened and killed everyone’, it ended with a click. 

    Rong Wan couldn’t believe how someone would write such a book. What’s so good about the plot of the protagonist’s life? He is a man of perseverance, and quickly turned the next three volumes, which is the next reincarnation of the protagonist. 

    Then, mmp. 

    “People need to know how to stop losses in time” is a wise saying. 

    Rong Wan’s eyes were about to go blind, and with a strong sense of grievance and sullenness that had nowhere to go, he opened the forum for the book, and made a post in a hurry: “Can anyone tell me what “Alien” was written for? Well, what does it mean? The protagonist is probably not the protagonist, but the author’s enemy, they are the object of venting, right? Is there nothing wrong with the author’s spirits?” 

    He didn’t expect this book to be quite popular. 

    Someone replied to him: “Lord, you don’t understand the splendor of it, but you have to come to us to spray dirt. Since the title of the book is “Alien”, of course, it is about the protagonist being an alien, which is not accepted by the world. If you want to read some mindless and cool articles, then scram!


    Another girl replied: This landlord may not be used to reading abusive texts, probably because he has read too many sweet cookies. 

    Rong Wan: “???” 

    Abuse? Have you misunderstood the word abuse? This is beyond the scope of you abuse me and I abuse you. This is purely a book where he and the protagonist were unilaterally abused by the author and the villain. 

    After reading it, Rong Wan was almost depressed, thinking that if he was the protagonist, he would have to climb out of the book and strangle the author’s neck, strangling him alive. The most important thing is that the protagonist has been blackened for five consecutive reincarnation and began to slaughter the whole world. The author also gave a basic setting, saying that the fifth reincarnation will no longer be able to destroy humanity, and can only be turned into livestock. Well, he was afraid that the protagonist’s road would be completely driven to death.

After watching such a thing all night, Rong Wan threw the novel in a depressed mood. He was so tired that his eyelids couldn’t hold open anymore, his head was on his pillow, he couldn’t control himself and fell asleep. 


    While he was half-asleep, he heard a voice in his mind: “Ding, you died of a cold at 3:33 in the morning on Christmas Day, December 25, 2017, but because the system detected your Gen Zheng Miao Hong three views and decided to give you a chance to resurrect. The task you need to complete is very simple. Use the means of ‘Gen Zheng Miao Hong in line with socialist values’ to correct and change this book, and prevent the protagonist who became a demon from slaughtering the whole world.”

(T/n: I have no idea what ‘Gen Zheng Miao Hong’ means)

 The voice paused and said again. 

    “Any book without love is the biggest newspaper behavior. In order to make up for this part, a traveler must be sent to fix this passage—” 

    Yes, that’s right, love. 

    Rong Wan: Am I knocking in! Did I knock in? Did you hear me? ! ! ! 

  While he was in a daze, Rong Wan heard someone calling him: “General, general, this batch of slaves are all good. You can scold them and they can’t fight back. You can just choose, and someone will deliver them to you later on your spaceship.” 

    It was like an intense white light rushed through the tunnel rushing into Rong Wan’s brain, he was sweating all of a sudden, opened his eyes, and found himself sitting in a room with a few others wearing military clothes sitting beside him. The person who spoke to him just now was the warden of the prison, bending over and smiling. 

    He looked down at himself, the dark black and green uniform was meticulous, the three bars on the right shoulder symbolizing authority, and the high gold-rimmed glasses between his eyebrows covered his handsome but gloomy eyebrows – 

    Was this not the perverted general Zhu Jing? 

    The warden kicked the sackcloth bag again, kicked the heavy object fiercely in front of Zhu Jing, smiled humbly and said, “Also, this slave has been prepared for you a long time ago. On the battlefield, his physical fitness is very strong. He can’t die no matter how much he fights. He also has a post-war stress response, which is more valuable than other slaves! Do you like it?”

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WCBL: Here’s a brand new novel! With 146 chapters… but! I think this novel is very sweet and fulfilling! I have read this novel before but I can’t exactly remember the reason why I didn’t finish reading it. But hopefully it wasn’t because of a bad reason, I really like this novel again after re-reading it so I decided to work on it for now~

BTW I did try looking for anyone that might translating this project before I decided to take it, and it was kind of hard to determined if there was since the whole JJWXC situation, so if there was already someone translating this project before I did pls let me know right away!

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  1. I’m loving the premise of the story already!! I could totally understand Rong Wan. I mean, who would not be stressed at all?? That’s too much suffering for a person, even if it’s only meant in the fictional sense. The other readers in the forum???? I can’t believe them omg

    Thanks for picking this novel up!!

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