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Jing Ci’s heart felt slightly sweet, and he couldn’t help but read Ying Jiao’s last sentence over and over again. Just as he was about to reply, Ying Jiao called.

“Are you settled?”

“Yes.” Jing Ci glanced at Zhou Chao next to him, held up the phone and went out, walked to the end of the corridor and stood still: “Teacher Zhao will take us out later, have you eaten yet?”

Ying Jiao leaned against the back of his chair lazily, and turned his pen for a while: “I ordered takeout, Zheng Que and the others went to get it. Don’t worry about me, you take the test well, I’ll be fine over here.”

He paused and chuckled, “I just miss you.”

Jing Ci’s face was a little hot, he pursed his lips and asked, “You…Did you see the note in the pencil case?”


“I saw,” Ying Jiao still felt warm in his heart when he remembered the stack of small square notes, he said softly, “I have finished two sets of papers this afternoon, I’m waiting for you to come back and check.”

Ying Jiao didn’t want to waste his time, so he didn’t say much about himself. He first asked the things he had been thinking about: “Does your head hurt?”

Although he kept people staring at Qiao Anyan, he was always worried.

“No, it should be fine already.” Jing Ci also wants Ying Jiao to be reassured, but it was really strange, it was only a few hours apart, so why was this person always on his mind. His heart softened, and he relaxed involuntarily when he spoke: “I haven’t felt any pain in the final exam.”

Ying Jiao has always been observant about Jing Ci, and he immediately heard his meanings from his words. Instantly, his heart froze, and he asked: “Have you ever felt pain at the end of the term? Which exam did you feel pain?”

Jing Ci didn’t hide it from him, it was just a headache anyway, so he told the truth: “It hurt during the provincial preliminaries.”

Provincial Preliminary…


Ying Jiao kept this day firmly in his heart, and planned to check Qiao Anyan what he did the day later.

“Baby,” thinking when Jing Ci had a headache and still took an exam, Ying Jiao felt distressed, he sighed and said, “Can we make an agreement?”

Hearing this title, Jing Ci’s heartbeat couldn’t help but start to speed up. Only when the two of them were kissing would Ying Jiao call him that, but why today…

His cheeks were hot, and he said unnaturally, “What, what?”

“Every time you have a headache in the future, you have to tell me even if I am with you or not.”

Jing Ci nodded: “Okay.”

“Brother Ci!” Zhou Chao’s loud voice suddenly sounded in his ears, and when he saw Jing Ci turn his head, he said, “Teacher Zhao asked us to gather in the hall immediately.”

Jing Ci made an okay gesture to him.

Ying Jiao also heard Zhou Chao’s voice, he said, “Are you busy? Then I  won’t delay you…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Jing Ci. He was a little anxious and spoke faster than usual: “Don’t go out to eat in the evening these few days, just eat in the cafeteria.”

Ying Jiao didn’t understand what he meant for a while: “Huh? What’s the matter?”

“In case you see something you shouldn’t see…” Concerned that Zhou Chao was still waiting, Jing Ci’s voice couldn’t sound any lower: “Be patient and I will accompany you when I go back.”

Ying Jiao was startled, and only felt that his heart softened into a pool of spring water: “Okay, I will listen to you.”

After Jing Ci hung up the phone, he didn’t go back to his room and went downstairs with Zhou Chao.


Zhao Feng took them to a beef hot pot restaurant: “Xiao Xiao told me on WeChat that he has already arrived. Let’s get to know each other tonight, maybe you will still be alumni in the future. It’s no harm to have a good relationship.”

Several people responded one after another, and the waiter took them to the location they reserved in advance.

Xiao Leyue looks sunny and handsome, and he smiled when he saw them.

After Zhao Feng exchanged a few words with him, he introduced Jing Ci and the others to him.

Xiao Leyue greeted them one by one, and a group of talents sat down and started ordering.

This hot pot restaurant is very famous in Yangcheng. It is full of people every day, and the speed of the waiter’s serving has also been practiced. Before they could say a few words, the bottom of the pot and the dishes of beef were brought up.

After the soup in the pot boiled, Xiao Leyue picked up the spoon and said with a smile, “Which one do you want to eat first? I’ll put it down.”

Afraid that they would be embarrassed to speak, he said again: “Don’t rob me, give me a chance to prove myself as a local.”

Zhao Feng looked at the pile of beef and couldn’t recognize what it was. He waved his hand and said, “Whatever you want, it’s all meat anyway.”

Xiao Leyue smiled and casually placed two plates into the pot according to his words.


The beef in the Cantonese-style beef hot pot is very thinly sliced, and it is basically cooked in about ten seconds, and there is no problem with eating it.

Xiao Leyue dipped a bit of the prepared modulated tea sauce and said, “I will mainly tell you about the winter camp today.”

Jing Ci and several people immediately raised their heads and listened carefully.

“Tomorrow, all major colleges and universities will send people, and they will wait on the field until the results come out, and then sign contracts with the players according to the results.”

“There are about 60 people in the national training team every year, and the gold medal includes about 100 people in the national training team. People from the national training team are directly recommended, and the gold medalists players need to go through a round of interviews.”

He swallowed the beef in his mouth and continued: “For you, only Tsinghua University and Peking University are your target, so I won’t talk about the rules of other schools.”

Jing Ci and the others nodded.

“You are only in your second year of high school this year. Even if you get a silver medal, you still have the chance to be admitted to the first tier of Tsinghua University and Peking University regardless of whether you rank high or low.”

“So come on, everyone, and try to get it right this time.” Xiao Leyue smiled and put another plate of beef into the pot: “If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time. As your teacher Zhao said, I’m specially here to run errands for you.”

Jing Ci and the others thanked him in turn.

In the past few days, Jing Ci and Zhou Chao have chatted with Xiao Leyue many times on WeChat. After the initial sense of alienation gradually disappeared, the conversation began to increase.


Of course, it was mainly Zhou Chao and Xiao Leyue who were speaking, and Jing Ci only responded occasionally.

“I was thinking of going out for a walk later,” Zhou Chao took a sip of sour plum soup and said, “but the more I understand how the finals feel, the more nervous I feel. Forget it, I want to go back to the hotel to read a book.”

Zhao Feng glared at him: “What are you strolling around for, I will remind you what I said before. During the next few days in Yangcheng, none of you are allowed to go out alone.”

When Jing Ci heard his words, he raised his head instantly.

Although Yang Province is adjacent to Donghai Province, it is a cultural province. There are various kinds of exercise books, and he wants to take this opportunity to go to the bookstore to pick some suitable for Ying Jiao.

Zhao Feng noticed his gaze, turned to Jing Ji, and his tone was a lot kinder: “What’s the matter Jing Ci? Is there something wrong?”

“I want to go to the bookstore.”

When he just came to the hot pot restaurant, he paid special attention. There is a very large bookstore nearby, and there is a banner on it, saying that xxx textbooks are in stock, and it seems that the reference books are completed.

Jing Ci’s character is calm and unobtrusive, and he never does anything out of the ordinary. He is Zhao Feng’s favorite kind of student.


But even if he is like this, he still didn’t dare to let him go to the bookstore alone. If something goes wrong, it would not be a small matter.

Just when he was hesitating, Xiao Leyue suddenly said: “I’ll take Xiaojing there, Uncle Zhao, don’t worry, I promise to send him back.”

Xiao Leyue heard about Jing Ci from Zhao Feng before, and knew his competition score. Out of all three, he was more interested in him.

Although Jing Ci is good-looking, his personality is not outgoing. During this meal, except for the competition, he would say a few more words. When they talked about private topics, he would keep his mouth shut and just eat.

Xiao Leyue was worried that there would be no opportunity to talk to him, and the opportunity came.

Zhao Feng was still at ease with Xiao Leyue. After thinking about it, he finally agreed: “Okay, but as we agreed, you must go back to the hotel immediately after going to the bookstore.”

Jing Ci nodded: “I know, thank you teacher.”

After eating, the group split into two groups.

Xiao Leyue is very talkative, and as soon as they went out, he said, “Xiaojing, what kind of books do you want to buy?”

He thought that Jing Ci would say an Olympiad or calculus book, but he didn’t expect Jing Ci to say: “An exercise book for the second year of high school.”

Xiao Leyue was surprised: “Wow, you still need this kind of thing?”

He paused for a while, and suddenly he felt inspired and understood: “Are you buying it for your little girlfriend?”

Little girlfriend?

Jing Ci was stunned for a moment, thinking of Ying Jiao’s water chestnut face, he couldn’t help laughing.


“I’m right,” Xiao Leyue laughed and winked at him ambiguously: “Don’t worry, I won’t tell you Teacher Zhao.”

He was really curious, what kind of girl would someone with a character like Jing Ci like, and couldn’t help asking, “Is she very beautiful?”

Not beautiful, but the handsome kind.

Thinking of Ying Jiao, the expression on Jing Ci’s face softened a lot. He recalled in his heart every bit of how the two of them got along, and secretly gave himself a piece of candy. Just as he was about to move away from Xiao Leyue’s question, the phone in his pocket began to vibrate.

He took it out and saw that it was Ying Jiao.

“Speak of the devil and he will be there.” Xiao Leyue took the initiative to take two steps forward, indicating that he would not listen to his call, and joked: “Go ahead.”

Jing Ci smiled at him embarrassedly, and pressed the answer button: “Ying Jiao?”

He felt a little strange, it was late self-study time, and they had just talked, so it stands to reason that Ying Jiao would not contact him.

“It’s alright,” Ying Jiao’s low and laughing voice came from the phone: “I just heard He Zhou say that his mother brought back a medicine from Japan that is very effective in treating headaches, so I wanted to ask about your symptoms, and see if it works.”

“I’m fine now.” Jing Ci couldn’t help but slightly raise the corners of his lips, and said softly, “No need.”


“Little classmate, you’re still saying this.” Ying Jiao said helplessly, “I know that you have been in pain twice recently, and each time it takes a long time, is this good?”

“It’s not long,” Jing Ci was afraid that he would be worried, so he quickly explained: “You did it for me in PE class…”

(T/n: JC means when YJ rubbed his head)

Thinking of Ying Jiao’s “high-tide hand”, his face couldn’t help but turn a little red, he paused for a while before continuing: “You can just rub it for me a few times. The competition at that time was shorter, and the second test was about to start. I didn’t feel any pain after a few minutes.”

Ying Jiao was waiting for these words.

Just after finishing his call with Jing Ci, he immediately asked someone to inquire whether Qiao Anyan was abnormal on the day of the competition, and he really found something.

At that time, Qiao Anyan’s tablemate deliberately poured a lot of money into the game and asked him to help draw the lottery, so he remembered it very clearly.

In the morning, he also helped other people to draw a lot of props, but winning streak suddenly stopped at that time, and he couldn’t draw anything, as if his luck had run out.

Ying Jiao did the math, the inter-class exercise happened to be the time for Jing Ci’s second test on the exam.

Therefore, in order to confirm this, he made this call, otherwise he would rather not disturb Jing Ci again and again at this time.

And now, Jing Ci’s answer completely confirmed his guess–

Even if he can’t see Qiao Anyan, Jing Ci will be influenced by him.


“That’s right, it’s a three-pointed medicine, so you shouldn’t take it rashly.” Ying Jiao managed to get his words out. He was about to end the call and take care of the clues he had collected so far, when he suddenly heard the voice of a wild man over the phone. ——

“Xiaojing, here.”

Xiaojing? !

Why didn’t he know that Jing Ci had a friend who could call him Xiao Jing?

Ying Jiao pursed his lower lip and asked, “Are you outside?”

“Yes.” Jing Ci stepped forward and said, “Brother Xiao brought me to buy some books.”

Brother Xiao.

He knew this person, the senior who Jing Ci talked about before was recommended to Tsinghua University, his name was Xiao Leyue.

It’s not someone else, but a peer who has the same interests and hobbies as Jing Ci, and even so far, the only peer who can guide Jing Ci in mathematics!

The smile on Ying Jiao’s face gradually disappeared.


In the middle of the night, a single man(XL) and a lone man(JC) who call either senior and junior are going out together, it’s so fucking romantic.


Ying Jiao took a deep breath, smiled and said to Jing Ci, “Baby, was the watermelon delicious tonight?”

The change of topic caught him off guard, and Jing Ci was stunned for a moment before saying, “I didn’t eat watermelon tonight.”

“Really?” Ying Jiao continued to smile: “Then why do I have half a watermelon scoop on my head?”

Jing Ci didn’t understand what he meant.

Ying Jiao: “It’s green.”

Jing Ci understood in an instant, he couldn’t help whether to laugh or cry: “No, we just went to the bookstore…”

“That’s it?” Ying Jiao said with a faint smile, “Baby, keep your legs on me.”

He lowered his eyes and said lightly, “Be obedient, go back now. Don’t go to any bookstore, let alone go to a bookstore with Brother Xiao, or I really can’t help but give you something hard.”

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The author has something to say: Brother Jiao refused to play in the small theater today.

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  1. hehe.

    Ying Jiao took a deep breath, smiled and said to Jing Ci, “Baby, was the watermelon delicious tonight?”

    The change of topic was caught off guard, and Jing Ci was stunned for a moment before saying, “I didn’t eat watermelon tonight.”

    “Really?” Ying Jiao continued to smile: “Then why do I have half a watermelon scoop on my head?”

    Jing Ci didn’t understand what he meant.

    Ying Jiao: “It’s green.”

    Jing Ci understood in an instant, he couldn’t help whether to laugh or cry: “No, we just went to the bookstore…”

    “That’s it?” Ying Jiao said with a faint smile, “Baby, keep your legs on me.”

    He lowered his eyes and said lightly, “Be obedient, go back now. Don’t go to any bookstore, let alone go to a bookstore with Brother Xiao, or I really can’t help but give you something hard.”

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