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Jing Ci’s condition reflex wanted to ask what this hard thing was, but in a flash, he suddenly remembered that Ying Jiao had told him that he was not allowed to change clothes in front of Li Zhou, otherwise he would have to give him some color to see.

Similar context, similar sentences.

Jing Ci understood in his heart.

He glanced at Xiao Leyue in front of him embarrassedly, and with a flushed face, he walked deeper inside store were there was less people, and whispered: “You, don’t get me wrong, it’s was Teacher Zhao who was worry about me going out on my own, and specially asked Brother Xiao to show me the way. “

Ying Jiao raised his eyes, and Zheng Que handed him a cigarette. This time he didn’t refuse. He took a sip, bit the cigarette and snorted: “Why didn’t he bring you himself? If he’s looking out for someone…Ah, I just realized this, why are these teachers in the extraordinary class so lazy.”


He didn’t want to limit Jing Ci’s freedom, and he didn’t care if it was changed to someone else tonight.

But Xiao Leyue himself can’t do.

Jing Ci likes mathematics so much, and suddenly he puts a person who is very good at mathematics next to him. What is this?

Even if he knew clearly in his heart that Jing Ci and Xiao Leyue didn’t have anything going on, he just couldn’t stand it.

Ying Jiao took a deep breath, cursed in his heart, and continued: “Be obedient, tell me what book you want to buy, I’ll buy it here for you, now go back to the hotel.”

Jing Ci hesitated for a while, he didn’t want Ying Jiao to be unhappy, but many exercise books in Yangcheng could not be bought in Donghai Province.

“I…” He held his phone away from his ears, looked at the time, and discussed with Ying Jiao in a good voice: “Can I just go for fifteen minutes? I’ll go after I choose.”

Ying Jiao’s heart suddenly softened, Jing Ci was really good. If it was someone else It’s not an exaggeration for them to yell at him tonight and scold him with a few words, but Jing Ci didn’t.

In order to take care of his own feelings, he even fixed a certain time to go to the bookstore.

But Ying Jiao still didn’t understand what book was worth his insistence.


He crushed the cigarette butts and threw them into the trash can. Holding the phone in one hand, he reached into his pocket to touch the candy: “What book do you want to buy? Is it particularly important?”

Jing Ci hummed: “The exercise book in your hand is no longer suitable, and it has to be replaced with a new batch.”

Ying Jiao took a breath and couldn’t say anything for a moment.

To buy a workbook for me, Jing Ci is buying a workbook for myself…

He closed his eyes, calmed down the turbulent emotions in his heart, and said hoarsely: “Okay, I have to go. I won’t delay you anymore, send me a message when you get to the hotel.”

Jing Ci asked uncertainty, “Then are you still angry?”

“It’s not important whether I am angry or not,” Ying Jiao chuckled, glanced at He Zhou and the rest beside him, walked a little further away, and finally said: “Anyway, I’ll have to come to you sooner or later.”

Jing Ci”s ears turned red now, his head was smoking, and he stammered: “Hang, hang up…”

Ying Jiao kissed him across the microphone: “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Ying Jiao leaned against the wall with a smile on his face, as if the sour person just now was not him.

He Zhou and a few people were dumbfounded as they watched his series of transformations, the cigarette accumulated for a long time and they forgot to play.


Zheng Que remembered whether to eat or fight, and forgetting the fear of being dominated by love in those years, and said, “Brother Jiao, are you going to practice changing your face?”

One second it was windy and rainy, and the next second, the sun was shining brightly.

“Don’t look at me from your point of view(single dogs), okay? You can’t understand.” Ying Jiao pursed his lips and swept over Zheng Que and the three in a good mood: “Do you know what Jing Ci is doing now?”

“Going to the bookstore?” Zheng Que and the others were just next to him, and they inadvertently heard a sentence or two.

What is there to show? Zheng Que didn’t think much. If someone dares to buy him a workbook, he can rush up to fight that person for 300 rounds!

“Yes,” Ying Jiao raised his lips: “He went to the bookstore to buy me exercise books two days before the exam, even when the teacher didn’t let him go out.”

“Do you know what that means?”

“Forget it, it doesn’t look like you understand with your IQ. Let me explain it to you.”

“I, in his heart, is more important than the competition. Understand?”

He Zhou: “…”

He Zhou couldn’t listen anymore, and sneered: “Oh, so it’s quite natural for you to eat soft rice.”

“That’s right,” Ying Jiao nodded generously and admitted, “I have had a bad stomach since I was a child, so I naturally had to eat Jing Ci’s bowl of soft rice.”

He Zhou, Zheng Que,  Peng Chengcheng: “…”

He Zhou’s fire(anger) exhaled two puffs of smoke from his nostrils, extinguished the cigarette butts and threw it into the trash can, then turned around angrily and left.

If he speaks to this shameless person again, he will chop(YJ?) it live!


On the other side, in the bookstore, with the help of Xiao Leyue, Jing Ci quickly picked out a few of the dozens of exercise books that were suitable for Ying Jiao, and went to the front desk to check out.


His hands are tight now, and every day he goes to buy a meal, he must first calculate the price in his heart, but he is very willing to spend money on Ying Jiao.

As long as he thinks it is suitable, he will buy it without looking at the price.

“You…” Xiao Leyue looked at him with a complicated mood, and reminded him politely, “Do you need to buy so many exercise books?”

Can this gift really be given out after going back, instead of being broken up with?

“Yes.” Jing Ci nodded and said meticulously: “I think it’s all good.”

Is this how young people fall in love now?

Xiao Leyue was puzzled and couldn’t help but do some self-reflection in his heart. It seems that he was single for no reason. Why not give the little beauty in the courtyard a copy of “High Numbers 18 Lectures” next time?

After paying the money, Jing Ci did not delay any longer and went back to the hotel directly. After thanking Xiao Leyue and greeting Teacher Zhao, he returned to his room.

It was a good night’s sleep.

The next day was the day of the winter camp report. Teacher Zhao was the team leader of Donghai Province this year, so he went to the front desk to handle all related matters such as registration and payment.


In fact, there is nothing important on this day. The organizer also considered that the contestants are from all over the world, so they gave a day to adapt.

In the evening, Zhao Feng held a meeting with other team leaders in the conference hall of the hotel, and got the schedule and other relevant information.

“Go back to bed earlier, don’t look at your phone.” After explaining the daily arrangements to Jing Ci and the others in detail, Zhao Feng put down the form filled with labels and instructed: “Don’t read books, whether it’s good or not, do it after the exam is over.”

He glanced at Zhou Chao and Jiang Chong, who had been a little anxious since the beginning, and continued: “Tomorrow morning is the opening ceremony. By the way, we will see the examination room in the afternoon…”

Having said that, Zhao Feng paused and laughed at himself: “There is a free exchange meeting in the afternoon, but it has nothing to do with us.”

Jing Ci and the others were puzzled and raised their eyes to look at him.

“The stronger provinces and colleges and universities have a clear idea of their major goals. As for our Donghai Province…you should just go watch the excitement. It’s good for you to listen to the lectures of Tsinghua University and Peking University and learn about their majors by the way.”

Donghai Province played soy sauce in the finals, which is already the default thing in the whole country, so colleges and universities basically won’t pay attention to them. Other provinces are also looking forward to communicating with provinces that are stronger than themselves, and naturally they will not come to people from Donghai Province.

Jing Ci and the others nodded in a complicated mood and went back to their rooms to sleep.


The opening ceremony of the winter camp was held at the new campus of Yangcheng No. 1 Middle School. The banner of the mathematics winter camp was pulled up early at the school gate. There were also many students in uniform standing, who were responsible for guiding the contestants.

After putting on the player identification card used for identification, Jing Ci and several others got off the bus arranged by the organizer.

The school gate was crowded with people, and although there were many students leading the way, they were still a little too busy. Zhao Feng’s eyes were sharp, saw off the contestants in front of him with etiquette and hurriedly trotted past.

Jing Ci stood there, looking fixedly at the huge stone tablet engraved with “Yangcheng No. 1 Middle School” on the left. For some reason, a familiar feeling emerged in his heart.

It’s as if… I’ve been here before.

“Brother Ci, Brother Ci?!” Zhou Chao called him several times, but he didn’t respond. He couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and pushed him: “Let’s go.”

Jing Ci suddenly came back to his senses: “Okay.”

He put the strange feeling in his heart behind him, stretched out his hand to straighten the player card in front of his chest, and followed Zhao Feng’s footsteps.

“I didn’t expect you to be nervous.” Zhou Chao leaned into his ear and smiled, “I really thought you didn’t feel anything.”

Jing Ci smiled and did not explain.

This time, more than 600 people from all over the country participated in the mathematics winter camp.

The organizers have done their homework and their orders are maintained very well. At half past eight, the opening ceremony started on time.


Before the opening ceremony, there were speeches from all parties, and there was nothing to see. Zhou Chao was so sleepy that he almost couldn’t help leaning on Jing Ci’s shoulder. It wasn’t until the later theatrical performance began when a beautiful young lady appeared, and he wiped his saliva and sat up straight.

However, at this time, Jing Ci was not in the mood to watch the performance at all, his head started to hurt again.

This time, the pain was worse than the previous few times, as if an electric drill was desperately drilling in his head, causing his temples to throb and his head feel like it was about to explode.

He was pale, and cold sweat was dripping down. He had to clench his fists tightly, so he didn’t let himself cry out.

In a trance, he remembered the agreement he made with Ying Jiao the day before yesterday.

“Every time you have a headache in the future, you have to tell me, even whether I am with you or not.”

He didn’t want Ying Jiao to worry, but they agreed…

After hesitating for a long time, Jing Ci still gritted his teeth and took out his mobile phone, resisting the trembling of his fingers, and sent a WeChat message to Ying Jiao.


It happened to be the end of class at this moment, Jing Ci was not around, Ying Jiao was bored, and was browsing the forum in his seat.


[The exam starts tomorrow, I don’t know what Brother Ci’s grades will be. 】

[Let’s start a gambling game, whether Brother Ci can enter the national training team! 】

【Do not gamble, do not gamble! Let my male god take the exam in peace, okay? It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t enter. After all, the competition level in our province is like this. No one can blame him. It’s better if he enters. Please don’t put too much pressure on him. 】

[+1 upstairs. 】

[Speaking of which, will our school still hold competition classes next year? Why do I think this matter is hanging around a bit, except for the three of them, the competition class has not been in class for a long time. 】

[I don’t think so. The college entrance examination cancelled the extra points, so no one will be able to enter the national training team. There is no need to waste time and effort. It took so many years for such a promising one to be self-taught. 】

[Hahahaha, suddenly there is a faint irony. 】

Seeing these exaggerated speeches, Ying Jiao was in a very good mood, and just as he was about to continue scrolling down, he received a message from Jing Ci.

Ying Jiao pursed his lips tightly, he sneered and looked back at Peng Chengcheng: “Old Peng, ask Qiao Anyan what he is doing now.”

Qiao Anyan is also looking at the forum, but he is not using his mobile phone, but his deskmate.

After his sexual orientation was discovered, Qiao Anyan’s parents managed him even more strictly, not allowing him to take his mobile phone to school at all.


The screen is full of posts related to Jing Ci, and Qiao Anyan’s eyes are red when he sees this.

He really hated Jing Ci so much that he wished he would die immediately.

Worshiped and noticed by everyone; became the hope of the whole school and even the whole province; has a close relationship with Ying Jiao…

This man easily achieved his ideals and got everything he could not have.

On the other hand, looking at himself, he is obviously the proud son of heaven, but he is always struggling in the same place, and he can only watch people like Jing Ci soar up.

Qiao Anyan threw the phone to his table mate, and the evil thoughts in his heart became heavier and heavier.

If there was no Jing Ci, if everything he(JC) has now becomes his own…

In the classroom of Class 7, Peng Chengcheng’s cell phone vibrated. He looked down and said to Ying Jiao, “My friend said he was just browsing the forum, and now he is sleeping on the table.”

Browsing the forum…

Ying Jiao lowered his eyes, so he saw a post related to Jing Ci and had bad thoughts about Jing Ci, which gave Jing Ci a headache?

Ying Jiao sneered, stood up abruptly, and strode out of the classroom, ignoring even Zheng Que who was asking him where he was going.

Soon, Ying Jiao arrived at the door of Class 11’s classroom. He grabbed someone and said lightly, “Call Qiao Anyan out.”

The man staggered, and was about to get angry when he looked up at Ying Jiao, and he suddenly wilted. Nodding tremblingly, he rushed into the classroom in a hurry: “Qiao Anyan, brother, brother Jiao is looking for you.”

If Ying Jiao came looking for him before, Qiao Anyan would definitely go out immediately. But now… Qiao Anyan swallowed, feeling a little flustered, he wasn’t ready to face Ying Jiao.


Why did Ying Jiao ask him about the Yangcheng Olympics that day?

Did he know his secret, or was he just like himself…

Qiao Anyan didn’t come out after dawdling for a long time. Ying Jiao couldn’t wait any longer. He walked directly into Class 11 and dragged him out.

The classroom, which had been noisy just now, was silent for a moment, and the students in Class 11 were so frightened that their eyes widened, and no one dared to stand up to stop him.

“What, what are you doing…” Qiao Anyan was a little shy in addition to being frightened.

His legs were weak when Ying Jiao touched him. At first, he struggled for a while, but then he wished he could stick to Ying Jiao.

Ying Jiao dragged him into the corridor, and when he met his affectionate eyes, he immediately frowned in disgust.

He fixedly glanced at Qiao Anyan a few times, and raised his hand in his implicitly expectant gaze——

Then he hit him hard on the back of his neck.

After Ying Jiao’s mother died, his grandfather took him to the military camp for special training. Not to mention a weak chicken Qiao Anyan, even with Teacher Liu’s physique would make him kneel.

Qiao Anyan fainted before he even had time to protest.

Can it be cured with force?

Ying Jiao glanced down at him piled on the ground and sneered.


Will this mental attack be strong? He’s anticipating seeing how he would still act like a demon.

He took out his mobile phone and leaned on the windowsill to send a WeChat message to Jing Ci——

[Jiao]: Are you feeling better?

Jing Ci was struggling with the headache at first, but he didn’t expect the pain to stop suddenly. He felt it carefully, and immediately replied to Ying Jiao——

[Jing]: It doesn’t hurt anymore, it’s better now, don’t worry.

Seems useful.

Ying Jiao straightened up and ignored Qiao Anyan, who was still dizzy, while slowly swaying towards Class 7, while replying to Jing Ci——

[Jiao]: That’s good.

[Jiao]: You can take the exam with peace of mind.

Want to play tricks behind the scenes and hinder Jing Ci’s results in the competition?

Ha ha – he would make that dog faint for the next few days.

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