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Across the screen, Ying Jiao couldn’t touch what he wanted to touch. He tried his best to make his voice softer: “If you insist on refusing me, that’s fine.”

He smiled and looked at Jing Ci: “You help me write notes, make study plans, help me with my homework, and buy me study materials…”

“Do I need to tell you how valuable Jingshen’s notes are? Do you want me to spell it out with you one by one?”

Jing Ci’s nose was sour, and he shook his head.

“That’s not enough.”

“Don’t feel a psychological burden, and don’t think about paying me back.”

Ying Jiao paused for a while, then smiled relievedly, and for the first time took the initiative to mention his mother’s matter in front of others: “Don’t worry, we didn’t spend my father’s money, but our mother’s inheritance.”

Did Ying Jiao’s mother die?

Jing Ci’s pupils shrank suddenly, and those questions that had always existed in his heart were instantly answered.

Why does Ying Jiao hate his father so much, why does he live alone…

Jing Ci did not have a mother himself, so he was used to it for so many years. But when he heard that Ying Jiao was the same way, he couldn’t bear it.


He considered the words in his heart, and asked carefully, “When was your mother…”

“When I was twelve years old.” Ying Jiao replied without a pause, and when Jing Ci wanted to say something, he stopped him: “Shh… Let’s not talk about this today.”

“I’ll tell you everything when I find time later.”

Jing Ci hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Ying Jiao leaned against the wall and smiled: “Our mother left so much money for it not to be kept in a bank to look good, but for her two sons.”

“Baby, I know you are independent.” Ying Jiao paused for a moment, then said softly, “But… try to rely on me a little?”

“After all…” He smiled into Jing Ci’s eyes and said, “We are (together) for a lifetime.”

Ying Jiao had already discovered that although Jing Ci blushed when he was teased, he was very independent and had a low sense of security.

What you can do yourself(JC), you must do it yourself. If you can’t do it for the time being, you’d rather carry it all by yourself than ask others for help.


He made himself invincible, as if he was born without the emotion of weakness. But he didn’t know why, the more he was like this, the more pity he felt.

What happened to Jing Ci’s past?

Ying Jiao unconsciously began to speculate in his heart.

Jing Ci felt suffocated, and his eyes instantly turned red.

He knew his life experience since he was a child, and knew that in the cold winter on the twelfth lunar month, he was thrown into the trash can by his biological parents like garbage.

This is the truth of(his?)biological parents, not to mention others.

The children who grew up in the welfare center are precocious, so since he was sensible, Jing Ci had never extravagantly asked to rely on others.

But he met Ying Jiao, Ying Jiao was so good to him, so good that he almost forgot the days of walking alone, and couldn’t wait to keep walking with this person…

“I…” Jing Ci clenched his fists and tried to restrain his emotions. After holding it for a long time, he said, “I will continue to help you during the winter vacation.”

He has nothing to be proud of, only learning.

“Otherwise?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and hummed, “You still want to leave your boyfriend alone and help others? You must be dreaming!”

Knowing that Jing Ci had agreed, Ying Jiao was determined.

The two talked for a while, and kept making sure Jing Ci forgot about those heavy things, and then Ying Jiao hung up the phone with confidence.


When Jing Ci returned to the room, Zhou Chao was sitting on the bed reading a book. He was unexpectedly stimulated by the media reports today, and wanted to study one last time.

Seeing Jing Ci come in, he put down the book and asked, “Brother Ci, who were you calling? Your parents?”

Zhou Chao’s straightforward personality, coupled with the fact that he has been in contact with his family when his mentality has collapsed these days, made him think that Jing Ci was the same as him.

Jing Ci was stunned, then shook his head and said, “No, with friends.”

Zhou Chao heard these words and said casually: “Your friend really cares about you.”

The corners of Jing Ci’s lips curled slightly: “Yes.”

His relationship with Ying Jiao took a small step closer. That night, Jing Ci slept soundly and at ease. The next morning, he entered the examination room with a steady state of mind.

In the provincial experiment at this time, when Ying Jiao stood at the door of Class 11 again, Qiao Anyan completely collapsed.

He had absolutely no idea where he had offended Ying Jiao, he persisted in knocking him out every day.

Qiao Anyan felt that in this life, everything was messed up.

He originally wanted to counterattack and slap his face, get into a good university, and manage his life well. But without his golden finger, his mind is not too smart, and he left the campus for a long time before he was reborn, so how can he still learn?

There is also Ying Jiao, he has tried his best to find out in his last life that he likes people who are simple-minded. Therefore, he has been creating an appearance of being ignorant in front of Ying Jiao, but it is of no use at all.

Not only did Ying Jiao not develop a favorable impression of him, but he began to beat him instead.

“Are you coming out by yourself, or am I dragging you out?” Ying Jiao looked at Qiao Anyan blankly and said indifferently.

Qiao Anyan was trembling, instinctively wanting to escape through the back door, but was afraid of Ying Jiao, and he froze in place for a while.


Seeing this, Ying Jiao frowned, raised his feet and walked into Class 11. Just as Qiao Anyan was dragged out, a thunderous roar sounded from behind: “Ying Jiao! Stop for me!”

Teacher Liu had a dark face and hurried to this side.

The final exam results are out today, and Ying Jiao has made great progress. He originally wanted to use him as an inspirational role model, and give him a certificate of merit or something. Who knew this little bastard was causing trouble again!

Teacher Liu was panting heavily, taking a break for a second to run to Ying Jiao.

Fortunately, he kept an eye out and came to Class 11 for a walk!

Ying Jiao ignored Teacher Liu’s roar and knocked Qiao Anyan out for the third time before he came over.

Although Qiao Anyan is the protagonist of Luck, because it was stolen, it is very unstable, so his golden fingers will sometimes fail. It must be continuously drawn from other places in order to strengthen and consolidate itself.

The first two times he was knocked unconscious, those luck were restless. And when Ying Jiao attacked him for the third time, the restless luck seemed to have loosened the shackles that held them in place, disappeared in an instant, and returned to their original owners.

“You…” Teacher Liu gasped and ran to Ying Jiao’s side, his face ashen with anger, he grabbed two students nearby  and asked them to help Qiao Anyan up. For the first time, he was really angry: “You are not listening anymore, right?! That’s good! You stand in the corridor for me to reflect today!”

“When you know you were wrong, go back to the classroom!”

If it were any other teacher, Ying Jiao would ignore it, but Teacher Liu was different.

He nodded indifferently: “Okay.”

Seeing his appearance of not being able to enter the oil and salt, Teacher Liu was so angry that his brain hurt.

(T/n: I’m guessing that the ‘salt and oil’ means that YJ didn’t take Teacher Lui’s words seriously.)


Punish him to write a review? Useless.

Call a parent? Even more useless.

So thick-skinned, even the penalty station is useless!

Teacher Liu took a deep breath, calmed down the anger in his heart, and said coldly: “Ying Jiao, I’m not joking you. This was the third time, and next time, I’ll directly write it down as a serious offense!”

“At that time, there will be taints on your file, whether it will affect your further studies, your future work, or your transfer of households, it will all have an impact.”

Ying Jiao nodded simply: “I understand the consequences, don’t be angry, it won’t happen tomorrow.”

Teacher Liu didn’t expect him to be soft, and he didn’t believe it: “Really?”

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao sneered and looked down at his right hand: “If it weren’t for… I would be too lazy to touch him.”

Teacher Liu frowned: “If not what? You can’t tell the teacher?”

Ying Jiao lowered his eyes and said nothing.

When Teacher Liu saw this, he knew that it would be a waste of time to ask any more questions, so he didn’t talk nonsense to him again.

In class 7, Ying Jiao went into the classroom to get a math workbook, and then went to the corridor to stand for punishment.

Then, under the stunned gaze of everyone, he took off the pen cap and began to do the problem.


He Zhou and the other two followed him out and couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Jiao, what’s the matter with you and Qiao Anyan?”

Ying Jiao calculated on a scratch paper, filled in an answer in brackets, and replied casually, “It’s nothing.”

Zheng Que was a little unhappy: “Brother Jiao, you can’t even give us an accurate answer now?”

Ying Jiao looked up at him and laughed: “No, you guys…” He paused and sneered: “I just can’t help it when he responds to me.”

“Why?” Zheng Que asked reluctantly: “What can you two have going on? And you’ve been staring at him all this time, what’s the matter?”

“He…” Ying Jiao didn’t want them to think too much, and said lightly, “Wrote me a love letter.”

“F*ck!” He Zhou was shocked: “Yes, this kid, he dares to covet my brother Jiao.”

Zheng Que just had the expression of betraying his buddy with a win-win expression, but now he immediately turned into anger: “Dare to pry at the corner of my brother Ci, is he tired of living? Does he know that our Class 6 is dedicated to brother Ci wholeheartedly? If I knew earlier I would have beat him up.”

Ying Jiao glanced at him blankly: “I haven’t slept yet, and you started dreaming. Does Jing Ci need your wholehearted service? No matter how far he is, it’s enough to have me.”

He Zhou, Zheng Que, Peng Chengcheng: “…”

He Zhou never imagined that it would be like this. He could still show off, and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes and said, “Show, show how many times.”

Ying Jiao hooked his lips and smiled: “Yes, show.”

He Zhou was stunned, and it took a few seconds for him to realize what he meant, and he snorted: “You have something, we don’t have it?!”

Ying Jiao gave him a thoughtful look.


He Zhou was furious: “Why are you looking at? You tell me clearly! You think Laozi is joking with you that I can do it without gasping for two hours?!”

Ying Jiao: “Two hours?”

He Zhou loudly and affirmatively: “Yes! Now I ask if you are strong?!”

Ying Jiao was surprised: “It takes one hour and fifty-nine minutes to untie the belt? Are you wearing a chastity belt?”

He Zhou: “…”

He Zhou was so angry that the fat all over his body was shaking, and he rushed up to grab his collar: “Ying Jiao!!!! You bastard!!!!”

“Your fault, don’t implicate others, okay?” Ying Jiao easily blocked his hand and flicked the exercise book on the windowsill: “Now I’m going to start the task that Jing Ci gave me.”

He hooked his lips, his eyes slowly swept over He Zhou and the others, and said with pity: “Pitiful, there is no boyfriend to pick questions for you.”

He Zhou, Zheng Que, Peng Chengcheng: “…”

Who the fuck wants to do the quiz? ! Also! ! They are straight so why would they want a fart boyfriend! !

The three of them were so angry that he supported each other and walked away.

Ying Jiao guessed that they would not task about Qiao Anyan again in the future, so he laughed and continued to do the question with his head down.

In the morning, Ying Jiao stood outside the door to study while the teachers announced the results inside the door.

Without any surprises, Jing Ci took first place in the whole grade again this time, and it was still a high score of 747.


The total score of Ying Jiao was 528, an improvement of 40 points from the last time. Except for the English test, which was 149, all other subjects were hovering above and below the pass line.

As soon as the red list was posted, the provincial experiment forum began to sigh again——

[I saw the red list, your brother is still your brother. 】

[I remember a brother said last time that he can look forward to being number one this time. Where is this brother? Hahaha. 】

[Giving a knee to Brother Ci… I haven’t studied hard for so long, and he still hangs and beats all mortals. 】

[A male god is a male god ah ah ah ah ah! Try to learn from the male god! ! ! 】

[Those idiots on the Internet don’t know how many points each exam can get in reality. They just mock brother Ci’s achievements, but so what if he doesn’t enter the national training team? The top universities in the country are still randomly selected, okay? 】

[I have already taken pictures of the red list, and I am ready to go online. At this time, we should be consistent.】

[Don’t be discouraged, what if Brother Ci joins the training team? 】

[Upstairs, It’s too difficult to go… Let’s stop dreaming. 】

And Jing Ci, who was talked about by everyone, still didn’t know his final exam results. At 12:30, he finished the second test on time, got on the bus and returned to the hotel.

The second test was much more difficult than the first test, but Jing Ci felt that his second test was better than the first test. Especially after Zhao Feng showed them the answers, and this feeling became clearer.

“Okay, don’t think about it anymore, anyway, the results will come out the day after tomorrow.” After dinner, Zhao Feng drove them back to the room: “We are scheduled for the 2:40 train, hurry back and pack up, don’t delay. When you’re ready, gather at the door of my room and go downstairs to check out.”

Jing Ci and the rest nodded and went back to their rooms.


After finishing all the formalities, Zhao Feng took Jing Ci and the others out of the camp.

As he walked out of the hotel door, he glanced back one last time.

Another year of winter camp is over. They don’t know what their province’s results will be this time.

The reporters originally wanted to go all out to interview Jing Ci and ask him if he did well in the exam and whether he was as confident as Zhao Feng about joining the national training team.

However, after turning around, they found that the people from Donghai Province had already left.

“They should have seen the comments on the Internet, so they felt guilty.”

“I think so too.”

“Hey, the team leader of Donghai Province was not good this year. It would be better to remain low-key as in previous years.”

“Who wouldn’t disagree, but I’m quite curious about Jing Ci’s score. I’ll ask about it when the time comes.”

Even people from other provinces thought so. After all, the news broke yesterday, and Donghai Province was the first to leave the camp today.

There were people who felt sympathetic, there were people that ridiculed them, and there are those who say they deserve it.

In the discussion of others, Jing Ci and several others got on the train back.

After all, they all carried large and small bags of luggage and traveled outside for another five days. So Zhao Feng made the decision, so that they don’t have to go to school today, but go back and rest for a night.


Zhou Chao and Jiang Chong were both going home, and Zhao Feng was going back too, only Jing Ci said that he wanted to go back to school.

“Brother Ci, if I don’t look up to anyone, I will accept you.” Zhou Chao sighed with a thumbs up: “It’s no wonder that you can get such high scores in the test every time.”

Just now, a teacher had sent Zhao Feng the results of the three of them. After getting in the car, Zhao Feng told them.

Zhou Chao is still in second place, while Jiang Chong has dropped to seventh place.

Jing Ci smiled at him and said nothing.

The second test is the same as the first test, which was also four and a half hours. After such a long period of high concentration, several people were a little tired and stopped chatting. They all leaned on the back of the chairs and closed their eyes to rest.

When the destination was just one stop away, Jing Ci woke up and just took a sip of water when his phone suddenly vibrated. He picked it up and looked at it, it was Ying Jiao.

[Jiao]: Is the train late?

Jing Ci put down his mineral water bottle and replied to him——

【Jing】: No, it’s on time.

【Jing】: Are you at home?

  [Jiao]: Not at all.

Jing Ci was stunned for a moment. This afternoon was off. It stands to reason that Ying Jiao should be at home. He hurriedly asked, “Aren’t you home?”

[Jiao]: Well, I’m doing He Zhou a favor outside, and I don’t have time to eat, so annoying.

Busy, how can you not eat? 

Jing Ci frowned and typed——

【Jing】: Anyway, I have time to eat.

He thought about it for a while, and added another sentence: Otherwise, can I bring something back for you? What do you want to eat?


The provincial experiment is only half an hour’s drive away from the train station. The packaging is tight and it is completely feasible to bring meals.

[Jiao]: Okay, isn’t there a real kung fu restaurant at the train station? I want to eat their pork ribs rice with fragrant sauce, and they can’t be sold around our school.

[Jing]: Okay, I’ll buy it back for you.

Twenty minutes later, the train came into the station. Jing Ci and a few people waited for the people in the carriage to be almost empty, and then they each got off with their suitcases.

Jing Ci sent Ying Jiao a WeChat message, telling him that he got out, and told him to go back to school as soon as possible. The weather is cold, and if he carries it for too long, the food will not be warm.

Although they went home separately, Zhao Feng did not worry about them. He had already agreed to send them a taxi one by one.

Jing Ci also went to buy food, he didn’t want to bother them to wait for him, so he discussed with Zhao Feng: “Teacher, you don’t need to take me, I want to eat at the train station first. There is a direct subway to the school at the station, so I can take the subway back.”

Zhao Feng frowned: “Eating at the train station? How expensive is that?”

“I… The restaurant I want to eat at is only in the station.” Jing Ci was not very skilled at lying, and said unnaturally: “Don’t worry, I will definitely not run around and go back to school after eating.”

It is normal for children to be greedy, plus Jing Ci has always performed well, Zhao Feng thought about it and agreed. After repeatedly telling him to pay attention to safety, he let him leave.

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief, walked out of the station, searched the location of the restaurant on his mobile phone, and walked over directly.


It’s the end of the year, and the train station is very crowded, and even the restaurants are overcrowded. Jing Ci stood at the door of the restaurant and waited for a few people with large suitcases to go out before entering the door.

All he thought about was pork ribs rice with fragrant sauce. He looked up at the menu above the bar, and locked on a set. Just as he was about to walk over to order, he was tapped on the shoulder.

Jing Ci turned his head to look, his eyes widened suddenly: “You… why are you here?”

In the few days that Jing Ci was away, all that Ying Jiao thought about was him. Now that he finally saw him, he couldn’t help it, and pulled him to the corner and pressed him into my arms: “You come back today, how can I not be here?”

He reached out and rubbed Jing Ci’s hair hard, remembering that this was the station, he let go of him quickly, and said with a chuckle, “You really thought that I was doing He Zhou a favor? Stupid?”

Jing Ci’s heartbeat was so fast that it almost broke through his chest.

His throat tightened and he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word.

Ying Jiao came to pick him up, he came to pick him up…

“Let’s go,” Ying Jiao took the luggage in his hand and said with a smile, “Little classmate, come home with me?”

Jing Ci calmed down for a moment, suppressed the turbulent emotions in his heart, and nodded lightly.

Ying Jiao just couldn’t stand his obedient appearance. His heart was itching so badly that he hated that there were too many people here, and he couldn’t even hold his small hand.


He took a deep breath, tried to throw the messy thoughts out of his mind, and asked Jing Ci, “Were you not used to staying in a hotel these few days?”

“No.” Jing Ci shook his head, afraid that Ying Jiao would worry about him, and tried his best to describe the advantages of that hotel: “The environment is very good, the room is clean, and it is very comfortable to live in.”

Ying Jiao’s restraint ended when Jing Ci said the word “comfortable”.

He chuckled and said lazily: “Why do you like hotels so much? Let’s go to the hotel together after the holiday? Do you just like big beds, we’ll open a suite…”

He paused and lowered his voice: “It will make sure you won’t fall off no matter how you sleep or what position you use.”

Jing Ci’s face flushed red.

Ying Jiao looked at him, and pretended to be surprised: “Why are you blushing? I said I wanted to sleep in bed but didn’t say I wanted to sleep with you, or do you have some impure thoughts about me in your heart?”

He hooked his lips and laughed sullenly: “Baby, be honest, what were you thinking just now?”

Jing Ci’s ears turned red all of a sudden, and he turned his head in embarrassment: “No, I didn’t think about anything.”

“Hiding from me again,” Ying Jiao tutted, looked at Jing Ci’s red ears, and smiled lowly: “Sooner or later, I’ll let you meet me sincerely, and then we will see how you hide.”


He deliberately emphasized the pronunciation of “meet with sincerity”, Jing Ci understood it instantly, and he almost lost his head and smoked.

Ying Jiao teased Jing Ci and was in a good mood. He took him by the shoulders and brought him to his side, and asked him in his ear, “Do you want me?”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes and did not speak.

Ying Jiao smiled, knowing that his character was like this, and he didn’t force him outside. Just as he was about to say something else, he saw Jing Ci nodded.

His whole face was red, his breathing was a little short, and he didn’t raise his head in shame, but he still uttered a word softly and firmly: “Yes.”

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