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Jing Ci actually likes to listen to Ying Jiao’s love words to him.

Whenever this happens, he can clearly feel that Ying Jiao likes him.

Although he will feel ashamed and blush, he was more than happy.

He remembered the little joys little by little, kept it in his heart, and took it out in his spare time to secretly reminisce. His whole heart felt sweet.


But because of his character, he can do anything for Ying Jiao, but he can’t say the same thing.

He always thought that even if he didn’t say it, as long as he tried his best to be nice to Ying Jiao, Ying Jiao would understand.

However, at this moment, standing in the crowded square of the train station, listening to Ying Jiao’s seemingly casual question, he suddenly stopped thinking so.

Maybe Ying Jiao is also looking forward to what he would say, maybe he will be as happy as himself when he hears love words…

So, even if he was embarrassed, even if he was ashamed, he still said it.


How could he not think about him? Thinking of this, it was the first time that Jing Ci felt that the max exam was not so interesting.

Ying Jiao took a breath and turned to Jing Ci in disbelief.

Did Jing Ci just say that he missed him?

He… said he missed him?

It was not forced, nor was it a routine, but he said it on his own initiative? !

In Ying Jiao’s mind, fireworks exploded in an instant.


His ears were red and the corners of his lips were raised. He didn’t know what he was talking about anymore: “What do you want to eat tonight? Eat Japanese food? Didn’t you like the sukiyaki that day?”

Without waiting for Jing Ci to answer, he quickly said: “You ate it once, don’t you want to eat it a second time? Otherwise, let’s go eat barbecue?”

Jing Ci looked up at him: “I…”

Ying Jiao interrupted him and said to himself: “Eating too much barbecue is bad for your health. Forget it, let’s eat Cantonese food. Cantonese food is light and just right for dinner.”

Jing Ci just wanted to say that there is not much time, and it is too late to go to the restaurant to eat, otherwise it may delay his evening self-study, so they should just find a small shop to eat a little. After hearing Ying Jiao’s words, he said quickly: “No, I’m tired of eating Cantonese food all the time, why don’t we eat Korean food?”

He immediately shook his head and denied: “Korean food is not healthy, it’s all pickles! Otherwise eat…”

Ying Jiao laughed uncontrollably, and suddenly couldn’t say anything.

He stopped, and in Jing Ci’s stunned eyes, he threw his luggage on the ground and pushed him to the sturdy banyan tree by the roadside.

Jing Ci still couldn’t react, he looked at Ying Jiao suspiciously: “What are you doing?”

Ying Jiao didn’t speak.

In the next second, Jing Ci’s eyes suddenly darkened, and a large coat covered his head.

It was too late to understand the situation, too late to struggle.

In the darkness, Ying Jiao reached out and lifted his chin, and kissed him fiercely.

On their left is the station square where people come and go, and on the right is the endless road.


The excited screams of children, the laughing chatter of pedestrians, and the shrill horns of private cars kept echoing in their ears. From time to time, there would be clear footsteps passing by them.

But Ying Jiao didn’t care anymore.

He kissed Jing Ci forcefully, wishing to rub him into his own flesh.

He has never been stingy about expressing his true feelings, even after he took first place in the exam he would tease him until he was honest, but now he took the initiative to say that he misses him.

Ying Jiao was so happy that he almost went crazy with joy.

“Baby,” Ying Jiao said in a hoarse voice, pressing his lips against him, “One more time.”

Jing Ci’s brain was blank, and his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

He and Ying Jiao kissed in public…

Although there was a coat covering them, a discerning person can see what they are doing.

Jing Ci’s cheeks were hot, and he could barely breathe because he felt ashamed.

But Ying Jiao is still asking for——

“Be obedient, say it again.”

Say what? They are not right.

This was too inappropriate and too outrageous.

Jing Ci wanted to push Ying Jiao away, and then quickly escaped from the place.

But Ying Jiao was so happy, and there was an undisguised eagerness and joy in his voice.

Ying Jiao likes to hear him say this, but he has never told him before…


Jing Ci’s head was almost smoking, his adam!s apple rolled up and down a few times, he clenched his fists tightly, trying to make himself ignore the outside environment. After a long time, he whispered, “I miss you.”

Ying Jiao sighed contentedly, stretched out his hand and pressed him hard against his chest.


That night, after putting his luggage back at Ying Jiao’s house, the two of them just had a bite on the street, and then went to school.

Jing Ci was like a general returning from a war outside, and was warmly welcomed back by class 7.

One came to give him a few pieces of candy, another came to throw a bag of melon seeds, but no one asked him how he did in the test and whether he could enter the national training team.

Jing Ci’s chest was so warm that it almost swelled. For the first time, he didn’t refuse them even when he was afraid of owing favors. While thanking him, he accepted everyone’s kindness.

However, outside of class 7, it was not so harmonious.


Although the annual math winter camp is over, because it is the first time that the Mathematical Olympiad canceled the bonus points for the college entrance examination. The news headlines that the reporters put up, the popularity has not dropped, but instead has risen a lot.

News from major media, Weibo, and niche academic forums are all discussing—

[A friend also participated in this year’s mathematics winter camp. He said that Donghai Province was the first in the country to leave the camp. 】

[Hahahahahaha, this sneaky operation, their nonsense was too big to take back. 】

[This is really embarrassing to be told across the country. 】

[No, you forgot that there are also Singapore and Russia participating in the competition, so it is not lost to the whole country, but to foreign countries! 】

[I don’t know if it’s my conspiracy theory, but I always feel that Donghai Province is hyping it up. Deliberately launch a vase that looks good, and then attract everyone’s attention. 】

【Isn’t it? I’ve heard of celebrity hype, but never heard of the province’s hype. 】

[Upstairs, do you know? In order to maintain popularity, foreign countries often buy hot searches in our country. It may be to develop tourism, or it may want to brush its presence. 】

After Jing Ci and the others came back, Zhao Feng immediately explained the matter to the people around him. Many insiders didn’t read the remarks on the Internet, and they went up to clarify.


But it was useless, people only care about gossip, and serious clarification will never be seen.

Even some students from Donghai Province laughed along with them.

[I’m really convinced by the provincial experiment. They can still make such big news when they participate in a winter camp. Are they crazy? Do you see the virtue of the provincial experiment? Younger brothers and sisters come and report back to foreign languages.]

[I am also a sophomore in high school, and I am very sure and certain that this Jing Ci is not a scholar. Every year our teacher inquires about the names of the top 20 in the city, and I have never seen Jing Ci among them. 】

[But he got 226 in the exam. 】

[Who knows how he got it? Hehe, there are still some ways, as long as that person is bold.】

[Fuck, when you say that, I suddenly feel that defending this province experiment is really a big death. 】


Jing Ci and Donghai Provincial Experimental Middle School have become a joke for the past few days.

But this was nothing, everyone is holding back their big moves, waiting for the day when the results come out, so that they can be nailed to the pillar of shame.

And just like that, two days passed quickly amid the online cynicism.

That night, just after Jing Ci had half an hour of evening self-study, he was called by Teacher Liu to his office.

Generally speaking, most large-scale exams are checked in the morning.

However, the math winter camp was unique, and the time to check the results is between 8:00 and 9:00 pm.

There is only one hour left to check the results and the score review, there is no waiting after it expires.


In the high school science office, almost every teacher is sitting in his own seat. As soon as Jing Ci entered the door, the teachers raised their heads one after another, and their eyes seemed to focus on him.

“Jing Ci, come here.” Zhao Feng beckoned to him from his position.

There was a laptop in front of him, the screen was on, and there was a website where he could check his grades.

Zhou Chao and Jiang Chong stood beside him, taking two steps from time to time, their faces tense.

“Brother Ci, I’m nervous.” Zhou Chao took a deep breath and stretched out his hand to let Jing Ci look at his wet palm: “Look, i’m sweating.”

“Eat or not?” Jing Ci took out a piece of candy from his pocket, which Chen Miaomiao gave him when class was over.

“Eat, eat, eat!” Zhou Chao didn’t care about the teachers around him, took the piece of candy and tore off the candy wrapper, as if to vent something, crunching.

Zhao Feng was equally nervous. He coughed and said to Jing Ci, “Tell me your login name and password. I’ll write it down first, and it will be convenient for later inquiries.”

Jing Ci and the others did as they were told.

As eight o’clock got closer, the atmosphere in the office seemed to freeze. Although it was a room full of people, no one spoke, and even the occasional sound of flipping the book was very abrupt.

Finally, after being tormented waiting for every minute and every second, eight o’clock arrived.

Zhao Feng didn’t have time to say anything, and immediately entered Jing Ci’s login name and password on the official website.

After finishing the input, he did not click submit in the eyes of Teacher Liu’s urging, but closed his eyes and prepared himself before pressing the left mouse button forcefully.


There were many people checking the results, and the page was a bit stuck, and it did not load for a long time, so the people waiting next to it had their hearts on their throats.

Zhao Feng couldn’t bear it anymore and refreshed the page irritably. He thought it would be stuck this time, but who knew he would have been caught off guard, Jing Ci’s results appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

First test: 50

Second test: 58

Total score: 108

There are only three questions in the National Mathematics Winter Camp for each test, and each question is 21 points. There were six questions, with a full score of 126 points.

Last year’s national training team’s score line was 84, and the gold medalist scored 75.

And Jing Ci took 108.

Zhao Feng rubbed his eyes in disbelief, his face almost sticking to the computer screen.

Is he right? Did Jing Ci get 108 in the test? right? !

The screen was not that big, and when he blocked it like this, the other teachers couldn’t see anything. They asked anxiously, “How much? How many points did you get in the exam?”

“Hey Old Zhao, what’s the matter with you? How much is it?”


Zhao Feng was silent for a full minute, and then he laughed out loud, as if he wanted to laugh out all the anger he had been holding back for a while: “108!! Jing Ci scored 108!!!”

The office fell silent for a moment.

After a long period of silence, the teachers who behaved decently on weekdays could no longer maintain their emotions.

108! ! !

Jing Ci took 108! ! ! !

It was 24 points higher than the score line of last year’s national training team!

There is no need to wait for the official list to be announced. Everyone knows that even if the organizing committee madly raises the score line, the quota for the national training team of Jing Ci will be stabilized.

After decades, someone from Donghai Province has finally been able to break into the national training team! !

Who said that they wouldn’t get drafted ?!

Who said Jing Ci was a vase? !

Hahahahahahahaha! ! Come out and get slapped! ! ! !

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