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The whole office was boiling like hot water. The teachers grinned and clenched their fists. The excitement was completely uncontrollable.

The first contestant in Donghai Province to enter the national training team is a student of their provincial experiment! Of their sophomore year group!

At this moment, whether or not they were Jing Ci’s teacher, they felt honored.

It’s too good, Jing Ci is really too good.

God knows how embarrassed they were during this time, but even if they want to refute online, they have no way to start.


The people are right, no one in Donghai Province has ever entered the national training team, and their competition results in the country have always been at the level at the end of the tail of a crane. Therefore, people often ridicule the teachers from Donghai Province as being very powerful, because they have dragged the entire country’s education back.

But it’s different now!

They scored 108 with Jing Ci’s results!

This score can not only make them enter the national training team. According to the score line of last year, it can beat many players of the training team!

Zhao Feng let out a long sigh, and was so happy that he was speechless. He showed Jing Ci a thumbs up, took a deep breath, calmed down, and then continued to check the results.

But looking closely, his hands were shaking when he entered the password.

“Brother Ci, it’s amazing!” Zhou Chao hugged Jing Ci fiercely, without the slightest bit of jealousy, only sincere blessings: “Congratulations on making an early reservation at Peking University.”

As long as anyone can enter the national training team, they can choose any of the top universities in the country. With Jing Ci’s current grades, it was not the university that picked him, but the university that they picked.

“Thank you.” Jing Ci hugged him back, patted his back, and pointed to the computer: “Wait for your results together.”

Zhou Chao nodded vigorously, clenched his fists, and got close to Zhao Feng.

After the peak period of checking the results, the website ran much smoother now, Zhao Feng submit it at one click, and Zhou Chao’s results were refreshed——

First try: 43

Second try: 34

Overall score: 77

“The total score is 77! Good job!” Zhao Feng patted the table, his mouth couldn’t close with joy, and praised Zhou Chao.


Last year’s gold medalist was 75. With Zhou Chao’s score, if there is no accident, he has a high probability of winning a gold medal.

Although the gold medal cannot be directly insured, if the interview is successful, he can be admitted to the first in line admission of Tsinghua University and Peking University. With Zhou Chao’s score, it is no different from a recommendation.

Zhou Chao was not as calm as Jing Ci. After Zhao Feng read out his score, he was stupid.

77! ! He got 77! ! !

He, Zhou Chao, scored 77 points in the exam! ! ! !

Ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! Omg! ! ! ! Not only did he fail the test, but he even got a high score!

“Brother Ci!” Zhou Chao was so excited that he didn’t know where to put his hands, he waved it in the air for a long time, and finally grabbed Jing Ji’s arm: “I, I got 77 points!”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes and glanced at his arm, did not stop him, smiled and said: “Now it’s the same.”

“Same together.” Zhou Chao grinned and leaned on Jing Ci.

His legs were fluttering now, as if he was stepping on cotton, and he couldn’t stand up a bit.

Both Jing Ci and Zhou Chao’s scores were unexpectedly high, which made Jiang Chong very stressed. He swallowed, resisting his violent heartbeat, and stood behind Zhao Feng.

After checking the results of two students in a row, they were all very good. Zhao Feng was no longer as nervous as he was at the beginning.


He entered Jiang Chong’s login name and password and clicked Submit.

The next second, Jiang Chong’s results were displayed on the computer screen——

One try: 21

Second try: 17

Overall score: 38

Last year’s silver medalist was 39. Jiang Chong’s score was just stuck at the boundary between silver and bronze medals, so even Zhao Feng couldn’t be sure of his final score.

“Not bad.” Zhao Feng put down the mouse, closed the notebook, and encouraged him, “If you can get the silver medal and pass the exam and interview, you can still sign an agreement with Tsinghua University and Peking University.”

But only if you can get a silver medal…

Jiang Chong pursed his lips, embarrassed and unwilling, and nodded reluctantly.

If he works hard, he can still compete with Zhou Chao, but Jing Ci has reached a height that he cannot reach at all.

Jiang Chong couldn’t help but think of a few months ago.

At that time, Jing Ci had been heading back to school. He was with his classmates on the playground, mocking him wantonly, saying that he could not enter the competition class.

But now, Jing Ci has become a quasi-national training team player, but he is still struggling on the silver medal score line.

Jiang Chong laughed at himself, he couldn’t compare… he really couldn’t compare.

The teachers in the office came over to congratulate them, but only Teacher Liu was a different kind of fireworks(?). Not only did he not look for Jing Ci, but he returned to his position.


Teacher Wang, who teaches chemistry, wondered: “Old Liu, why are you so reserved today? Jing Ci’s results are so good, why don’t you say a few words?”

“Go.” Teacher Liu’s mouth was curled up, held up his mobile phone as he talked, and said calmly: “But I’m not in a hurry, I’m Jing Ci’s head teacher, I can see him every day. I’ll leave it to others to take the opportunity for those that rarely see him.”

Teacher Wang:”……”

Listening to the unconcealed bragging in this tone, Teacher Wang silently pushed his glasses to the bridge of his nose, and turned his head away, too lazy to pay attention to him.

Although it has been confirmed that Jing Ci can enter the national training team, the official website has not announced the list at all, so the provincial experiment is now low-key before the announcement.

The principal was so happy that he seemed to be ten years younger, and called a meeting of the school’s top management overnight to discuss a reward for Jing Ci.

School staff also stepped up to contact contractors to make banners, write announcements, and do all the prep work.

However, although it is impossible to say things like entering the national training team steadily for the time being, Jing Ci’s score can be considered as steady.

Teachers talked about it with coworkers, and their circle of friends.

(T/n: Not sure that’s correct.)

As a result, the first evening self-study was over, and almost everyone in the Donghai provincial experiment knew that Jing Ci scored 108 points in the finals of the National Mathematics High School Federation.


The forum seems to be crazy, and the number of replies keeps increasing at a terrifying speed——

【F*ck you! ! ! ! Your brother is indeed your brother! ! ! 】

【Oh my God! ! Kneel to the boss! That’s so cool, f*ck! 】

[I don’t know what to say, I’ll lie down first as respect. 】

[Don’t ask, just offer your knees! 】

[Brother Ci is the first person in our province in decades! ! ! A pioneering figure! ! In other words, will he be included in the “Records of Donghai Province”? 】

【Definitely. Isn’t provincial chronicles just to record people who have made significant contributions to various fields? Brother Ci has to be. 】

【Ah ah ah ah ah! Suddenly my blood is boiling! What about those that said my brother Ci is a vase? ! Does their face hurt, hahahaha. 】

【F*ck! ! I suddenly had a bold idea! ! My brother Ci is so awesome. Will he become a member of the national team in the selection of the national training team and represent the country in the International Mathematical Olympiad? ? ? 】

[Upstairs you…there are only 6 members of the national team, okay? ! What gave you such blind faith? 】

【It’s my brother! ! ! 】

The people in the Donghai provincial experiment raised their eyebrows and went to the Internet to slap people’s faces with Jing Ci’s results.


However, they never expected that because Jing Ci’s score was too high, netizens not only didn’t believe it, but began to say that they were spreading rumors.

[What a joke, that Donghai Province Jing Ci scored 108, hahahahahaha. 】

【I believe ghosts, I am from Beidou Province. Although our provincial competition results are not very good, they are also good. The highest score last year was only 105. Now you tell me: Donghai province! ! ! A vase got 108 on the test? ! ! ? Every single one of you are the same, you are mentally retarded. 】

[Are the people of Donghai Province crazy? With such a high score of 108, you dare to open your mouth? Okay, if you have the ability to say 108, if you have the ability, you can put a screenshot. 】

[Yes, either put a picture or shut up. 】

However, the official website was only open for an hour to check the results. At that time, no one thought of taking a screenshot of Jing Ci’s results, and it was too late to take screenshots now.

Because of this, Donghai provincial experiment, along with Jing Ci, was ridiculed by people outside.

And just when this kind of ridicule was getting more and more bigger and it was almost unstoppable, the official website announced the winners of this mathematics winter camp.


On the list of the national training team at the front of the announcement, the following information is printed:

Jing Ci, male, year 2 Donghai Experimental Senior High School, Donghai province.

The person who was still typing and laughing at him a second ago seemed to be frozen the next second. Except for his chin that fell to the ground, he couldn’t move at all.

Jing Ci actually entered the national training team!

No adulteration! Not a rumor!

It turns out that the 108 points they said before are true! !

[My mother asked me why I went to school with my face covered…]

[Sorry, I’m blind and stupid, I’m a plate of fried toon with shrimp and eggs. 】

[Kneel down to the boss and pass the cigarette to the boss, I have eyes but can’t see Mount Tai. 】

[I will contribute my face, boss, do you want to hit the left or the right? Or you can play both sides together…]


[It turns out that the person with mental retardation is not from Donghai Province, but me… Please, what kind of experience does it feel to live until you are in your twenties to find out that you have a low IQ? 】

[Silently deleting my message a few days ago…]

[The scene of a large gathering of people slapped in the face. 】

【Fuck? ! ! ! So this student Jing Ci has rewritten the history of education in Donghai Province? ! F*ck, it’s awesome. 】

At this point, the public opinion on the Internet has been completely reversed. People who were originally sarcastic have apologized and deleted their comments, and Jing Ci has also become famous.

Who doesn’t like Xueba?

(T/n: Xueba means you are a boss when it comes to studying/learning.)

Not to mention that this scholar is also good-looking.

[F*ck, Jing Ci is really awesome. I think everyone in Donghai Province should go and give him a pennant. 】

[Upstairs +1, you can still get this result in a place like Donghai Province, it has nothing to do with hard work, it is completely IQ that wins at the starting line. 】


[My cousin is a student in Donghai Province. According to her, Jing Ci has never participated in any Mathematical Olympiad training class, he taught himself. 】

【F*ck! ! ! True or false! ! Self-taught? ! I’m a f*cking dog! 】

[…There is nothing to say, let me show Jingshen a ninety-degree knee bend. 】

[No wonder I misunderstood before, it’s not that I’m stupid, it’s that there is a generation gap between me and the other mortals and the great god…]

[So, Jing Ci is not only the first person from Donghai Province to enter the national training team, but also the first person to enter the national training team without any training. My God! The more you say, the more terrible it sounds! 】

In the Donghai provincial at this time, a banner with yellow characters on a red background has been pulled up at the door——

Warmly congratulate Jing Ci, class 7, of our school for entering the National Training Team of the Mathematics Olympiad.

Warmly congratulate Zhou Chao, class 2, who won the gold medal in the Mathematics Olympiad.

And Jiang Chong, in the end, unfortunately missed the silver medal by one place.

In the face of a crowd full of congratulations, Jing Ci’s expression was very calm and indifferent, as if this was a trivial matter. The other people who were provoked sighed, this psychological quality is really extraordinary.


And such a calm Jing Ci, who doesn’t seem to take such big good news as a big deal, can no longer maintain his superficial calm when facing Ying Jiao.

“I’m in the training team.” He looked at Ying Jiao with bright eyes, a little embarrassed to say it out loud, but more excited.

“Jingshen is awesome.” Ying Jiao raised his hand around his shoulder slightly, rubbed his head twice, and praised him generously.

Jing Ci looks joyful, and he is two.

One was because of Jing Ci’s achievements, and the other was because Jing Ci began to share his true emotions with him.

The night wind blew through the flower branches in the flower bed, bringing a gentle rustling sound.

Ying Jiao turned around, turned Jing Ci’s face over, and touched his forehead with a chuckle: “I’m so happy, I don’t know how to celebrate, so let’s kiss first.”

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The author has something to say: Today’s brother Jiao is studying hard and isn’t playing in a small theater.

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