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Ying Jiao lowered his head and kissed Jing Ci, until Jing Ci was out of breath, and then let him go.

“Blame me,” Ying Jiao sighed, deeply self-reflecting: “You are so inexperienced because you have had a few kisses.”

He looked at Jing Ci thoughtfully and said seriously: “Hey, do you think we should make an agreement, such as kissing at least three or five times a day or something.”

“Where do you like to kiss? In the yard? The classroom? Or on the bed?”

Jing Ci’s face turned red and he didn’t speak.

Ying Jiao held back a smile, reached out and touched the back of his neck. After taking enough advantage, he said: “Which university do you want to go to?”

Because Jing Ci took the road of competition, Ying Jiao read a lot of related articles during this time, and knew that Jing Ci would be directly recommended in this situation.


His seriousness caught him off guard, Jing Ci was stunned, nodded and said, “Well, go to the Mathematics Department of Peking University.”

Department of Mathematics, sure enough.

Ying Jiao smiled, and just as he was about to say something, he heard Jing Ci whisper: “What about you? Where do you …want to study?”

“Me?” Ying Jiao looked at Jing Ci’s drooping eyelashes, and felt suffocated in his heart: “I really like the magical capital, the atmosphere is open and free. Or the demon capital, there are so many delicious foods.”

(T/n: not sure if YJ is actually joking or if these are the names of the capital.)

Jing Ci lowered his head and he(YJ) couldn’t see the expression on his face clearly. After a few seconds, he calmly said: “Well, it’s all good.”

He was silent for a while, then turned around and said, “Go back, it’s almost time for class.”

“What’s wrong?” Ying Jiao grabbed his wrist and pulled him back: “Why do I feel that your mood is a little off?”

Jing Ck pursed his lips: “No.”

Ying Jiao smiled helplessly, reached out and intertwined their fingers: “Are you stupid? I was joking with you.”

Jing Ci raised his eyes suddenly.

“You go to Peking University, where else can I go besides the Imperial Capital?” Ying Jiao led him forward and sneered, “When I was studying hard for the past few months, was it for fun?”

Jing Ci’s chest almost swelled, and he said with guilt: “I’m sorry…”

“Forget it this time,” Ying Jiao squeezed his hand vigorously, and then let go: “Next time when you’re unhappy, if you dare to hold it by yourself, and don’t tell me anything…”


He hummed and said meaningfully, “Let’s see how I clean you up.”

Jing Ci,thought of Ying Jiao’s rants, and his face reddened silently.

The two entered the teaching building, and when they walked to the door of the office, Ying Jiao suddenly said, “You go back first, and I’ll find Old Liu.”

Jing Ci looked up at him: “Is something wrong?”

Ying Jiao said “um”: “He has been prevaricating me about changing dormitories, so I came to urge him.”

He frowned irritably: “Old Liu is too ignorant. He always interferes with other people’s quilts.”

It was the end of class, and there were people coming and going in the corridor. Jing Ci was thin-skinned, nodded embarrassedly and shyly, didn’t say anything more, and left first.

Ying Jiao entered the office and reported, and went straight to Teacher Liu.

Teacher Liu now has a headache when he sees him, and before he(YJ) opens his mouth, he says, “What are you doing here again?”

He doesn’t know what is going on with Ying Jiao recently. He doesn’t do serious business. He always pesters him about the branch of mathematics, and asks him to talk about number theory.

Teacher Liu didn’t feel that he was wasting his time. The main reason is that he is not a college student. It’s a waste of time and useless to understand these at this stage.

Ying Jiao was thick-skinned and didn’t care what Teacher Liu said at all, so he slowly walked to him: “Didn’t you finish the number theory last time? Can you tell me more about it?”

Teacher Liu looked at him a few times and asked suspiciously, “Are you going to major in mathematics in the future?”

“No,” Ying Jiao denied, “I just want to know.”

Jing Ci’s birthday was coming, he pondered for several days and didn’t know what to give.


Simply ordering a birthday cake is too hasty.

But to give him what he likes, Jing Ci doesn’t like anything else except mathematics.

Ying Jiao searched the Internet for a long time about what gifts should be given to people who like mathematics, and the results displayed were all kinds of books. He calculated the price and felt that it was too cheap and too aggrieving.

He saw a comment that there are many branches of mathematics, he must first understand the branch he likes, and then choose a gift according to the branch, otherwise it is easy to send the wrong one.

Ying Jiao pretended to inadvertently bring the words out of Jing Ci’s mouth, knowing that he was very interested in number theory, so he set his sights on Teacher Liu.

To be honest, Ying Jiao couldn’t understand how anyone in this world likes mathematics, especially after listening to Teacher Liu talk about number theory for a few days.

If he were to choose, he would never want to open a math book in his life.

But Jing Ci likes it.

Although he couldn’t understand it, he respected Jing Ci’s preferences and was willing to understand those boring things for him.

Teacher Liu glanced at him speechlessly. Seeing that he was listening, he could only recall the progress from that day and then continued.


After Jing Ci entered the national training team, it was not only the provincial experiment that was celebrating, but also the major media in Donghai Province.

Whether it was Donghai Daily or new media, big or small, they all posted this news, and they all gave Jing Ci the title of “God of Learning” and hyped it up.

For a time, Jing Ci became famous in Donghai Province. Parents, in particular, regard him as a new role model to educate their children.

This morning, as soon as Father Jing arrived at the company, he went to the coffee bar to get a sandwich, and while he was eating, he turned on the computer and he heard a few colleagues next to him gather and discuss—

“Hey, do you know the kid who joined the national training team in the Olympiad recently?”

“Why wouldn’t I know? My dad was talking to me yesterday about the newspaper, saying that this child is so promising, and wished that he was his grandson, hahaha.”

“I really don’t know how his parents educated him. This is the only one in our province to join the national training team for decades. I have one in my family who is in the first year of high school and is also studying Olympiad math. I told him this morning to let him learn more from others.”

“Hey, what’s that kid called? I forgot after seeing it.”

“Jing Ci? It seems to be his name.”

“Yes, yes, it’s called Jing Ci, and that name is quite nice.”

Father Jing’s hand trembled, and the sandwich fell onto the laptop keyboard with a splat. He stood up abruptly and looked at his colleagues: “Jing Ci?”


“Yeah.” A colleague said with a smile: “Now that you mention it, Old Jing, it must be really fate, both of you are surnamed Jing. Is your son’s name Jing Miao? He’s in the provincial experimental junior high school right? Jing Ci is his alumni.”

(T/n: not sure if the alumni part is correct because some students are considered alumnis when they graduate and others do not need to be a graduate in order to be considered an alumni.)

In the past, father Jing thought Jing Ci was shameful, and he never mentioned that he had an eldest son, and only said his younger son every time. So even colleagues who have worked with him for several years do not know that he has two sons.

Father Jing’s heart beat wildly, his throat tightened, and his lips opened and closed for a long time before he uttered a sentence: “The national training team…what’s going on?”

Thinking that there is a junior high school student in his family, his colleague suddenly realized that he was thinking about letting his children learn Mathematical Olympiad.

He patiently explained to him the concept of a national training team, emphasizing how powerful Jing Ci is, and then said: “That kid is a real cow, you should tell your family Miaomiao to get to know him and learn from him, ha. Ha ha.”

However, Father Jing was in a trance, completely unaware of what his colleague said.

He didn’t know about the Mathematical Olympiad, and after what Jing Ci said last time that there would be no extra points for the college entrance examination, he never paid attention to it again.


However, now he heard that Jing Ci joined the national training team! He is also the first person in Donghai Province.

What an honor this is.

Father Jing clenched his fists, regretting in the beginning.

Knowing that there would be such a result, why did he cut off Jing Ci’s living expenses?

Father Jing took a deep breath, picked up the phone, and started transferring money to Jing Ci.

He originally wanted to transfer 3,000, but was ruthlessly changed it to 5,000.

After that, after careful consideration, he left a message to Jing Ci——

[I heard that you entered the national training team? This kid, why didn’t you tell the family about such a big thing? 】

[Dad is proud of you. 】

【when do you have time? Dad is calling you. 】

After sending it, Father Jing waited and waited, but he never received Jing Ci’s reply, and even the transfer was not accepted.

At noon, Father Jing was absent-mindedly eating lunch, while looking at his mobile phone from time to time, he almost put his chopsticks into the bowl of the person next to him.

The colleague asked amusingly: “What are you thinking, Olf Jing? Have you had a new project recently?”

Father Jing responded vaguely, and after eating hastily, he went to the balcony to smoke a cigarette. He couldn’t hold back, so he took out his mobile phone and called Jing Ci.


At that time, Jing Ci was about to take a lunch break. He routinely checked his mobile phone and saw the messages and missed calls from father Jing.

He stared at the screen for a moment, then stood up with his phone in hand.

“Brother Ci! Do you want to eat spicy sticks?” Li Zhou shouted at Jing Ci with a bag of hot sticks he just opened.

Jing Ci shook his head and said to him, “I won’t eat.” Then he walked out the door.

As soon as he walked to the flower bed, father Jing called again, with a good attitude for the first time: “Have you eaten? Did you see the message and money transfer from Dad? Why…”

Jing Ci interrupted his meaningless greetings and said lightly, “Is something wrong?”

“Can’t I call you if I have nothing to do?” Father Jing smiled dryly and explained palely: “Last month the company was busy with a project and I forgot to transfer your living expenses. Why didn’t you remind Dad?”

For some reason, Jing Ci felt a little sad and a little ridiculous.

He said calmly: “I won’t need it in the future.”

Father Jing was stunned: “Why not?”

“You don’t need to transfer money to me any more.” Jing Ci leaned against the wall, he remembered what Ying Jiao said that day, his mood was not affected at all: “Just take care of Jing Miao, I will find a way to solve this problem myself.”

Hearing the decisiveness in his words, Father Jing was immediately annoyed and angry: “What do you mean? You won’t recognize your parents once you leave?!”

This morning, Father Jing looked for a lot of news about Jing Ci, and he knows his current popularity best.

The only person in Donghai Province who entered the national training team.


If he sets up a table in the hotel now, invite all his colleagues over and call over Jing Ci. Then tell them that he is Jing Ci’s father, he doesn’t know how beautiful it will be!

Father Jing is a person who loves face very much. He felt that his face is dull because of his ex-wife cheating, and he has been implicated by Jing Ci for more than ten years. How could he miss such an opportunity to have some face.

He took a deep breath and reminded himself that the immediate priority was to coax Jing Ci.

Father Jing suppressed the fire in his heart: “Isn’t it just a month late of living expenses, why are you so angry with your father?”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes and asked without answering: “If you didn’t know about my entry into the national training team, would you call me?”

Father Jing wanted to say he would not, but his lips opened and closed, but he couldn’t say a simple sentence.

Jing Ci smiled mockingly, and hung up the phone without listening to Father Jing’s flawed excuses.

This time, he felt nothing but relief.

As long as he is still an orphan, there should be no other contact with the Jing family in the future except for the legal alimony he will pay to father Jing when he becomes an adult.


Jing Ci put the phone in his pocket, didn’t stay in front of the flower bed for a long time, and walked straight to the teaching building.

He stepped on the playground and walked down the steps in front of the teaching building. He was about to walk up when a familiar pain suddenly came from his temple.

It’s just that the pain is no longer as fierce and violent as before, only slightly.

There were not many people in front of the building at this moment, Jing Ci glanced around, and saw Qiao Anyan diagonally behind him.

Qiao Anyan also saw him, and still stared at him with fierce eyes as before.

The same malice, but his headache is lessened.


Jing Ci’s brain was spinning rapidly, and there are only two ways to solve his headache at present——

One is the touch from Ying Jiao, which should be because Ying Jiao is also the protagonist of the original book.

The other is the recognition from the other people in this world.

Thinking of the news about him on the Internet in the past few days, Jing Ci guessed that this was the reason.


Sure enough, his previous assumptions were not wrong. As long as he kept going high, Qiao Anyan’s restraint on him would be ineffective.

Two good things happened one after another. Jing Ci was in a good mood, glanced at Qiao Anyan who had already entered the teaching building, and was about to move on when an unfamiliar scene suddenly appeared in his mind.

In the dark and old alley, two gangs of small gangsters who looked like they were fighting each other.

One of them was a boy who looked exactly like him, and was hitting people around him with a stick.

His movements were so violent that he soon pushed all of his hatred, and a bunch of people turned to him in an instant. In the chaos, no one knew whose iron rod hit him on the head.

Blood rushed out like a gushing spring, and he fell straight down without even saying a word, and never got up again.

Jing Ci’s heart palpitated for a while, and cold sweat soaked his shirt inside.

In the novel, the original body died in the gang fight, so this is the scene before the original body died.

But for the original body, this is the future. For me, this is absolutely impossible.

Then why did he see this picture?

Before Jing Ci could think about it, the same scene appeared in front of him again. It’s like a movie, over and over again, constantly replaying.


What exactly is going on? Jing Ci continued to ponder while walking forward mechanically. After walking for less than half a minute, he suddenly slammed into the glass door of the teaching building.

This piece of glass door was originally open all year round, but just now Qiao Anyan deliberately closed the door on purpose to Jing Ci.

Because Jing Ci entered the national training team, the leaders of the Education Bureau and the government were ecstatic and decided to make an exception to come to the provincial experimental inspection at the end of the period.

Feng Mao, the dean of education, is a fan of officials. After hearing the good news, he immediately sent someone to clean the teaching building, and even the glass door in front of the teaching building was not stained at all.

The glass door was too clean, and Jing Ci was in a trance, so he slammed into it.

He didn’t know if his impact was too strong, or the glass door was not strong enough during the wind and rain, and a long crack was shown.

Jing Ci did not see this.

The moment his forehead touched the door, the shock and pain from his head made him instantly overlap with the person who was beaten to death with a stick in his mind.

He squatted down with his head covered, and for a while he couldn’t tell the difference between reality and illusion.

“Did you crash?” Ying Jiao hurried to Jing Ci’s side, cupped his face with his hands, and looked anxiously down.

Just after he went to the toilet and entered the classroom, Jing Ci disappeared, so he asked around.


Hearing Li Zhou say that Jing Ci went out with his mobile phone, Ying Jiao immediately thought of those people in the Jing family, and was really worried, so he came out to find him.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he went downstairs, he saw Jing Ci slammed into the glass door.

Jing Ci blankly watched him move, his eyes were straight and unfocused.

“Baby, what’s wrong with you?” Ying Jiao took his cold hand and took him aside, stroking his face and the back of his neck, trying to get him back to his senses: “Speak, don’t scare me.”

Jing Ci’s eyelashes trembled, barely concentrating.

“I’m not afraid.” Ying Jiao was afraid of touching the bump on his forehead, so he didn’t dare to hug him, so he could only hug him carefully, and said softly, “I’m here, I’m here.”

At this moment, an angry roar came from the building: “Who did this?! Who did this?!”

Feng Mao hurried to the door with a dark face, looking at the crack in the glass, he almost fainted.

The leaders are coming soon, but the door of the teaching building is broken. How can this leave a good impression on the leaders? !

He angrily swept across several students in front of the building, almost jumping with anger: “Who did it? Come out for me quickly! Don’t let me check it out myself!”

“Is it any better?” Ying Jiao said in a low voice to Jing Ci’s eyes, “Are you feeling more comfortable?”

Ying Jiao’s voice brought Jing Ci back to reality. His head was in chaos now, and he hadn’t realized what happened, so he nodded blankly.

Ying Jiao asked again, “Can you go by myself?”

Jing Ci nodded slowly again.

“Wait here for a while, I’ll ask He Zhou to come and pick you up.”


He took advantage of the angle and the shape of the two people, carrying Feng Mao behind his back, and quickly sent a WeChat message to He Zhou.

“You have to wait until He Zhou comes over, you okay?”

Jing Ci’s consciousness has not completely returned to him, but he still listened to Ying Jiao’s words habitually: “Okay.”

Ying Jiao let go of his hand, lifted his eyelids and glanced at Feng Mao who was still roaring.

Taking a step forward, he firmly blocked Jing Ci behind him, and said lightly, “I did it.”

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