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Jing Ci’s brain exploded, and the heat on his face instantly soared.

This was the second time Ying Jiao has said this to him, and it is much more explicit than what he said last time.

He’s…not sure if Ying Jiao meant that.

“Repenting?” Ying Jiao roguely pinched Jing Ci’s chin, forced him to look up at him, and said with a chuckle, “It’s no use arguing, Jingshen.”

Ying Jiao’s voice was low and magnetic, with a bit of sloppyness. At this time, he sounded a little hoarse because they had just kissed, and it sounded particularly provocative in the night.

Jing Ci’s heart was pounding, his adam’s apple moved, and he said with difficulty: “Late, at night, the teacher will check the rooms…”

Ying Jiao smiled angrily, his face was not red and his heart was not flustered: “I can’t move at that time?” He paused, and said ambiguously: “It doesn’t matter, if you can’t do it yourself. It’s not a big deal to bribe the dormitory teachers afterwards.”


Jing Ci’s whole body was about to burn, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and turned his head to the side.


Despite this, Ying Jiao still didn’t let him go.

“What do you say, where are you looking?” Ying Jiao turned his face over, clasped his waist with one hand, and asked, “Will it work?”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes and said nothing.

Ying Jiao’s eyes fell on his flushed face, he paused, and suddenly asked quickly, “Did you see Qiao Anyan when you hit the door?”

Jing Ci’s mental state that day was obviously wrong. He asked several times, but he never got an answer.

In the past few days, Ying Jiao has not found a suitable opportunity to ask rhetorically, and it so happened to be the right moment, how could he let it go.

Jing Ci’s mind was in chaos now, and when he heard these words, he blurted out: “I saw him.”

Jing Ci’s heartbeat suddenly stopped for a few beats, why did Ying Jiao ask him this? Did… did he notice something?

“You…” He swallowed dryly, and his heart became nervous involuntarily: “Why did you suddenly mention him?”

“Didn’t you two have a fight?” Ying Jiao’s expression remained unchanged, and he said naturally, “I met him when I was going downstairs that day, and I asked as soon as I remembered.”

Jing Ci didn’t believe it, the timing of his words was too good, as if he was waiting for him to ask that.


“Otherwise?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows, embraced him as he walked towards the teaching building, and said, “No way, baby.” He turned his eyes and looked at Jing Ci narrowly: “Are you jealous?”


Jing Ci blushed and did not refute, he thought he was jealous.

Ying Jiao was afraid that he would think wildly, and continued the topic just now: “Will you come to my place tonight?”

Jing Ci’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak.

“Don’t worry,” Ying Jiao reached out and rubbed his head, carefully avoiding his forehead: “I won’t touch you.”

Jing Ci looked up at him.

“You’re not yet an adult, and I’m not a beast. I was just teasing you, are you stupid?” He finished, and smiled: “Although I still want to be a beast.”

Jing Ci’s cheeks were hot, a little embarrassed, but more moved by being cherished.

He nodded, then raised his hand and quickly shook off Ying Jiao’s hand on his shoulder.

Ying Jiao was startled, grabbed his hand with his backhand, and didn’t let go until he walked to the playground.

After the two returned to the classroom, it was almost time for class.

Ying Jiao was not in a hurry to get the papers to be done in the class, and said to Jing Ci, “Let me look at your head.”

They were outside, the lights on the playground were so dim that he couldn’t see anything at all.

When Jing Ci heard this, he turned to his side obediently, and took the initiative to lift his hair.

The smile in Ying Jiao’s eyes deepened, and he leaned over to take a closer look.

Jing Ci’s bump was too serious. Although he gave him a cold compress within 24 hours and safflower oil after that, it didn’t look much better than the previous two days.

“Why hasn’t the swelling gone away?” Ying Jiao frowned: “You don’t have to go to the hospital, right? Are you dizzy?”

“No need.” Jing Ci put down his hand and smiled at him: “It’s okay, I’m not dizzy, it will be fine in a few days.”


Ying Jiao worriedly told him: “If you feel uncomfortable, don’t carry it by yourself, you must tell me, you know?”

Jing Ci nodded.

Ying Jiao continued to ask calmly: “Have you had a headache recently? Don’t bump into things, at least until you get rid of your old problems.”

Jing Ci told the truth: “It hurt once, but it was not as painful as before.” Afraid that Ying Jiao was worried, he added: “Don’t worry, it will be better soon.”

Better soon? What did Jing Ci know?

Ying Jiao calmly suppressed his doubts: “That’s fine.”

Class was about to begin, Jing Ci took a math Olympiad book from inside his desk, and was ready to read it in the next class, but Ying Jiao lowered his eyes and didn’t move.

At the beginning, Jing Ci said that when he bumped into the door and saw Qiao Anyan, Ying Jiao thought it was Qiao Anyan again.

But after hearing that Jing Ci’s headache was relieved, Ying Jiao didn’t think so.

The headache eased, indicating that Qiao Anyan’s influence on Jing Ci had become smaller, and it was impossible for him to be in a trance.

Why is that?

Ying Jiao thought for a while and couldn’t figure it out, then thought of another thing.

When Jing Ci was in Yangcheng, he had a headache once. If it was recent and the same as the previous ones, and it was only a slight pain. Even if they made an agreement, Jing Ci would not tell him.


The two headaches are very close, but the degree of discomfort is completely different.

So, during the period of exams and results, what happened to the magnetic fields of the two of them?

Ying Jiao gave Jing Ci a thoughtful look. During this period, the biggest thing that happened to Jing Ci was entering the national training team.

If his guess is correct in this direction, does it mean that as long as Jing Ci gets better and better, Qiao Anyan will have less and less influence on him?

He was thinking about it when the phone suddenly vibrated. Ying Jiao picked it up and saw that it was Zheng Que who sent him a message.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Jiao, do you live in Cen Yuewan during vacation?

[Jiao]: Don’t go, what’s wrong?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Then I’ll stay there for a while…I don’t want to go home during vacation.

[Jiao]: Well, you can stay as long as you want, and it’s empty.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Thank you, Dad! !

Ying Jiao ignored him and was about to put down his phone when another message popped up——

【Uncle He】: Yo, what kind of wind is this blowing? It’s blowing you, a busy person, into the group.

Ying Jiao snorted and typed——

[Jiao]: Listening to you, a sense of superiority in IQ arises spontaneously.

【Uncle He】: Get out! You son of a b*tch!


[Uncle He]: I’ll tell you! You have no idea how disgusting he is! ! In the bathroom the day before yesterday, I saw it with my own eyes! He does too much with brother Ci!! It makes one’s hair stand on end!

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: What did he do? I want to hear it! hey hey hey!

[Uncle He]:……Old Zheng, are you bent too? Your little sister is not chasing?

(T/n: hahaha I’m not sure if he’s talking about an actual lady, or ZQ’s little lady ‘down’ there that is chasing~ but it’s funny so I’m keeping it.)

【Peng Chengcheng】:…

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: I am not!

[Jiao]: If I were not in a relationship with my boyfriend, and kiss and hold him high, is he still here to play games with you? Got a hole in your brain?

[Jiao]: Friends, just keep silent about the areas of your own ignorance. I understand the bitterness of you single mother and child, and please understand the sweetness of my relationship, thank you.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: …

【Uncle He 】:  …

【Peng Chengcheng】:…

Zheng Que couldn’t help but poked He Zhou in the back and complained, “Why did you say that, and give him a chance to play?”

He Zhou threw his phone inside his desk with a bang, regretting: “…Don’t talk about it, come and let’s play fight the landlord.”


Ying Jiao showed a wave of affection(dog food), and in a good mood, he took this workbook and began to answer questions.

As soon as the bell rang in the second period of evening self-study, and the students in Class 7 were still frolic, Teacher Liu pushed open the door and walked in.

After hammering some of the most aggressive boys, he knocked on Jing Ci’s desk: “Jing Ci, come out.”

Jing Ci put down the pen in his hand and followed Teacher Liu out of the classroom.

As soon as the door of the classroom was closed, Teacher Liu said straight to the point: “Teacher tells you good news, the reward plan for you has been decided today.”

He didn’t want to hang back on Jing Ci’s appetite, and continued: “The government will reward 30,000 yuan, and our school will give 80,000 yuan!”

Jing Ci’s eyes lit up, what he lacked most now was money.

He didn’t want to be too clear(honest) with Ying Jiao , nor was he hypocritical, it was just that he felt too powerless that he had no source of income. He is also a man, and he wants to give the best to his lover.

Just like Ying Jiao said last time that they should go out to travel, if he had money at the time, he would definitely not hesitate and would agree.

“Thank you, teacher.”

Teacher Liu grinned and waved his hand: “The money will definitely be credited before this year. Later, they will send the bank card number to teacher.” Teacher Liu paused and emphasized: “It’s not that teacher doesn’t trust you to bring your parents card number, It’s really too much money for your age.”

Jing Ci’s body froze suddenly, and he lowered his eyes and said nothing.


Teacher Liu thought he didn’t want to, so he smiled and said, “Just think of it as your parents saving it for you, and you can ask them for it later.”

After all, he is still a child, even if he looks mature and stable, he would not be hold back at the critical moment.

Jing Ci asked softly, “Can’t you send it to my own card?”

Teacher Liu said firmly: “No.”

Seeing that Jing Ci was still silent, Teacher Liu couldn’t help laughing, and compromised: “If you really want me to send it to your own card, just ask your father or your mother to call the teacher and I will agree.”

After Jing Ci entered the national training team, he had to take the exam and selection. The time was very tight. Teacher Liu didn’t want to waste his time, patted him on the shoulder and motioned him to go back to the classroom to continue studying.

Jing Ci didn’t move.


Teacher Liu frowned slightly, just as he was about to say something, he heard Jing Ci say, “I…my dad,”

He closed his eyes and his voice was calm: “My dad cut off my living expenses before.”

Teacher Liu looked at him in disbelief: “What did you say?!”

Next, Jing Ci endured his embarrassment, and told Teacher Liu the matter from the beginning to the end with the same expression.

Teacher Liu was still shocked at first, but in the end, he was furious.

If it wasn’t for Jing Ci’s words, if it wasn’t for him dealing with Jing’s father before, he wouldn’t believe that a father would not give his underage son living expenses.

Teacher Liu took a deep breath, barely suppressed the anger in his heart, and said, “Teacher understands, don’t worry about the money.”

He paused, and then said to Jing Ci: “I will guarantee that only teacher will know about this.”


This was his high-spirited student in the class, how could Teacher Liu not pay attention. He found out long ago that Jing Ci was a very thin-skinned person.

Teacher Liu couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. If he had agreed earlier, it would have been better not to ask so many questions.

The child is definitely not feeling well now after trying so hard to hide things that he had to tell others.


There was nothing unusual on Jing Ci’s face, and he looked the same as usual, with no expression, and thanked him very politely: “Thank you teacher.”

“It’s okay.” Teacher Liu sighed, paused, and then said, “You… If you ever need to fill in your parent’s contact information in the future, just fill in teacher’s.”

Jing Ci was startled.

Teacher Liu laughed: “Don’t think it’s troublesome, teacher is very happy. Just like the relevant notice of the national training team this time, didn’t I call Teacher Zhao? It was a simple exchange.”

Jing Ci’s nose was sore, and he nodded vigorously.

After watching Jing Ci return to his seat, Teacher Liu slammed down the window sill and did not hide the anger on his face.


This is due to Jing Ci’s ambition. At a young age, he had to rely on bonuses to support himself. What if he changed to an ordinary student?

Seventeen or eighteen years old is the time when self-esteem is the strongest. Wouldn’t this ruin the child’s life? !

Teacher Liu couldn’t hold back the foul language, and decided to always be vigilant against Jing’s father in the future, and never let him come over to disturb Jing Ci.

After the second period of self-study, Ying Jiao and Jing Ci went back to the dormitory together.

“Why did Old Liu look for you?” Because he was afraid of disturbing Jing Ci’s study, Ying Jiao didn’t ask him in class.

Although the bad things about his family were known, the joy brought by Teacher Liu’s concern and bonus completely outweighed the embarrassment. Jing Ci raised his eyes and looked at Ying Jiao, the corners of his mouth raised uncontrollably.

It was rare for Jing Ci to be so happy, and Ying Jiao’s heart was softened by his smile: “So happy, it seems to be a good thing.”

“Yes,” Jing Ci nodded and told him about the bonus: “A total of 130,000, enough for the first two years of college.”

Ying Jiao was dumbfounded, this little classmate in his family seemed to be the true portrayal of wealth.

“Jingshen is awesome.” Ying Jiao reached out and rubbed his head, happy for him: “You are the best in our family.”

Jing Ci smiled embarrassedly, now that he has a bulging wallet, he especially wants to spend money on Ying Jiao. Just as he was about to ask Ying Jiao if he had anything he wanted, he heard him say, “It seems that you have to support me first.”

Jing Ci’s eyes lit up instantly: “What do you want?”


Looking at his impatient look, Ying Jiao laughed, but did not refuse, and said deliberately: “Well, I want to eat candy, I quit smoking recently, and my mouth is always uncomfortable.”

Jing Ci said immediately: “Then I’ll buy it for you.”


Jing Ci couldn’t wait to go back to the dormitory immediately, so that he could use his mobile phone to search the Internet to find out which candy is better. His footsteps involuntarily sped up a little, and the corners of his eyes and brows revealed happiness.

Ying Jiao looked at the smile on his face and became happy too.

In the evening, after Jing Ci washed up, just after changing into pajamas, he was dragged by Ying Jiao to his dormitory.

Li Zhou looked at the backs of the two with a numb expression, and locked the door with a click.

For some reason, an idea suddenly popped into his mind: being gay is really good, not only will we not be caught by the dean of the school together, but they can sleep together at night, which is much more convenient than finding a girlfriend!


The provincial experiment turned off the lights on time at eleven o’clock in the evening. Jing Ci felt that he had only read the webpage for a few minutes, and the lights in the room went out.

“Go to sleep.” Ying Jiao took away the mobile phone in his hand, helplessly: “No hurry, we can go out together after the winter vacation and pick it up.”

Jing Ci thought for a while and felt that this was not bad, so he nodded, took off his shoes and went to bed.

The bed in the dormitory is very small, and the two of them have long hands and feet, and they can almost be said to be tightly attached to each other.


Jing Ci has been affected by that memory in the past few days, and his heart is always a little flustered. This kind of zero-distance contact is the best for him.

I can touch Ying Jiao without moving, and I can even hear his breathing…

Hu, breathing…?

Jing Ci felt the thing on his leg and the gradually heavy breathing in his ear, and panicked.

(T/n: haha it’s that thing~)

He couldn’t help shrinking inwards, and as soon as he moved, he was dragged back by Ying Jiao.

“Why are you hiding?”

“You…” Jing Ci’s face was so hot that his face was almost smoking, he didn’t know how to put his hands and feet, and stammered: “Didn’t you just say, just go to sleep?”

Ying Jiao chuckled softly: “Yeah.”

“Then how…”

Ying Jiao licked his lower lip, and like a ruffian said shamelessly: “Come on, Jingshen, don’t you even know the saying?”

Jing Ci didn’t know what he meant by ‘saying’, and said in a daze: “What?”

“Physical love can’t be hidden.”

Ying Jiao pressed him into his arms, and said politely: “So be obedient, I’m confessing to you.”

Jing Ci: “…”

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Small Theater-

Brother Jiao: A daily confession is needed to maintaining the harmony and stability of their feelings.

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