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The hallway was quiet, after 20 minutes passed when the lights were turned off, the dormitory teacher appeared around frequently. So even the most naughty students would not dare to make trouble at this time.

In the midst of silence and darkness, Jing Ci could clearly perceive Ying Jiao’s slightly rough breathing, as well as… something hot and tingling on his body.

Ying Jiao’s heartbeat was fast, and his chest raised and fell very obviously.


But he just hugged him without any movement. He promised him on the playground after class, he said that if he didn’t move him, he wouldn’t move.

He always talks very shamelessly and wants to treat him like this and that. But in fact, he never forced him to do anything against his will.

From the fake kiss in the ktv box when they were not dating, to now they are lying on the same bed, Ying Jiao has been taking care of his feelings in his own way.

Jing Ci actually didn’t like the little bed. When he slept, he used to lie flat in the center of the bed, neither to the left nor to the right, from lying down to waking up in the same posture. If the bed is too small, he would have to turn his body slightly sideways when sleeping with another person, which is very uncomfortable, both physically and psychologically.

However, if the person beside him was Ying Jiao, everything would be different.

Compared with his stubborn habit, Jing Ci wanted to lean on him and get close to him. Even if he was a little flustered and overwhelmed by his physiological reaction at this moment, if he was asked to choose again, he would still come over.


In fact, it’s nothing, Jing Ci thought, it’s normal for couples to sleep in the same bed.

If Ying Jiao came to kiss him at this time, he might have the same reaction.

He was the one who asked Ying Jiao to stay, and now he(YJ) was so uncomfortable…


Jing Ci’s cheeks were hot and his breathing was short, even more nervous than when he learned that he had transmigrated and had no memory of the original owner.

His throat was dry, his adam’s apple rolled up and down a few times, and after brewing for a long time, he finally whispered to Ying Jiao: “Ying Jiao.”

The two of them are not playing around or giving it(relationship) a test, they are going to be together for a lifetime, so there is no difference between now and later. And…and there’s only a week left until his birthday.

“Huh?” Ying Jiao responded, his voice was hoarse and out of breath, obviously holding back: “What’s the matter, baby?”

“You…” Jing Ci took a deep breath, his heartbeat was so loud that it was about to cover up his voice: “If you really want to, you can…”

He didn’t say the rest, but both of them understood.


Ying Jiao’s breath suffocated, and the hand around his shoulder suddenly tightened.

Jing Ci didn’t struggle, and just let him move.

“You,” Ying Jiao gritted his teeth and looked at him in disbelief, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Jing Ci nodded lightly.

“F*ck.” Ying Jiao scolded lowly, rubbed Jing Ci into his arms, and hugged him fiercely. Then he quickly let go, rolled over and got out of bed.

There is a small glass window embedded in the door of the dormitory of the provincial experimental students, which is convenient for the dormitory teacher to check the dormitory. The light in the corridor came in through the glass window. With this weak light, Ying Jiao walked to the desk, opened the drawer, and groped inside.

His whole body was tense, like a full bow, ready to fire. He had to pick up the pack of cigarettes over and over several times before he finally held it.

“You sleep, don’t mind me, I’ll smoke a cigarette.”

Jing Ci sat up, even if it was covered by darkness, he didn’t dare to look at Ying Jiao. He lowered his eyes and pretended to be calm: “You don’t…”

“Baby, don’t tease me again.” Ying Jiao interrupted him with a cigarette in his mouth: “Be obedient, go to bed.”

How could he not want to? He was going crazy thinking about it.

He doesn’t know how many spring dreams he has had, but it was normal for his underwear to be wet every morning.

But he wouldn’t touch Jing Ci in the dormitory.

Can’t, can’t bear it.

This kind of thing should not be a way for a person to vent, but an enjoyment for two people.


In such a shabby environment, one has to beware of teachers that can appear at any moment. Jing Ci is so thin-skinned that he would not be able to stand it at all. What’s more, there are no condoms and lubricants, and it is too easy to cause injuries.

Ying Jiao unbuttoned his pajamas and stood in front of the window with his arms open. Occasionally, a cold wind came in through the crack of the unsealed window and slapped him, bringing a biting chill.

He leaned against the bed rail next to him, trying his best to control it so that he wouldn’t look at Jing Ci. After smoking a cigarette, he calmed down a little.

He didn’t go back immediately, but after being blown enough cold air and doing enough psychological construction, after confirming that he would not turn into a beast, he threw his lighter and his mobile phone, took off his shoes and went to bed.

Jing Ci didn’t sleep, and was still sitting on the bed with his back straight.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” Ying Jiao pulled him to lie down.

“Waiting with you.”

This straight ball almost made Ying Jiao break again. He restrained and let go of Jing Ci’s hand, and recited the standard equation of ellipse several times in his heart before asking softly, “Is what you just told me true? Really willing?”

Jing Ci hummed softly.

Ying Jiao couldn’t bear it anymore. He lowered his head and kissed him on the lips. He didn’t dare to kiss him deeply. He just touched it lightly: “You can owe it first if you are willing, and you can supply me later, okay?”

Jing Ci nodded in embarrassment.

“What do you mean by nodding?” Ying Jiao couldn’t eat meat, so he felt fire in his heart, so he bullied Jing Ci in a different way: “Good or bad?”

Jing Ci’s cheeks were flushed, and after a while he whispered, “…Okay.”

“Then I have the final say. I can do whatever I want. Will you be obedient?”


Jing Ci was silent and did not speak, and his breathing was a little short.

Ying Jiao continued to ask: “Why didn’t you answer? Will you be obedient?”

Jing Ci clenched his fists tightly, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat. He paused for a while before spitting out a word that was almost inaudible: “Obedient…”

Ying Jiao’s heart suddenly softened like cotton, he pulled the quilt up, touched his head, and stopped teasing him: “Go to sleep.”

Jing Ci thought that he would not be able to fall asleep. First, it was past his usual sleeping point, and secondly, after being teased by Ying Jiao for so long, and being so close to him, he couldn’t calm down at all.

But as a result, he not only fell asleep quickly, but also had a dream.

The dream was a little vague, and he could only vaguely feel that he was on the university campus. He raised his head and said to Ying Jiao, “Then I’ll go to class first, see you at noon.”

Ying Jiao smiled and waved at him.

The next second, the scene changed instantly, and he saw Ying Jiao standing alone in the place where they separated, from noon to night, and from night to noon again.

In his sleep, Jing Ci felt inexplicably cold. His lips moved, and he murmured: “Ying Jiao.”

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao, who was in a daze, responded subconsciously and took him into his arms.

Feeling the familiar temperature, Jing Ci’s tense body relaxed, and soon fell asleep again.


The next day, after the two of them had breakfast and just went to the classroom to study for a while, Teacher Liu called Jing Ci out.

His face couldn’t hide his excitement: “The admissions offices of Tsinghua University and Peking University have come and are waiting for you in the conference room.”

Jing Ci had already heard Xiao Leyue say that the two schools would come to interview the players of the national training team, and they were already mentally prepared. Jing Ci nodded and followed Teacher Liu to the conference room.

As soon as he entered the door, Jing Ck was stunned, because he saw someone familiar next to the person from the Tsinghua’s admissions office, it was Xiao Leyue.

“Xiaojing.” Xiao Leyue stood up and greeted him.

Jing Ci held the door and smiled at him: “Brother Xiao, why are you here?”

“Didn’t our school go to the hotel to promote something(?)? I met with an acquaintance. They knew that I knew you, so they sent me here. I’m not alone, our professor is still in the hotel. Do you want to come see him with me later?”

When the person from the admissions office of Peking University next to him heard it, he said, ‘Oh, this is impossible. They are scheming big, and playing the emotional cards. No, he must not be allowed to take Jing Ci away first!’

He quickly squeezed over and said, “Our professor is eating breakfast outside and can come over later. Jing Ci, would you like to talk to me about your wishes first?”

Xiao Leyue smiled and said, “No, I’ll talk to Jing Ci first.”

The person from Peking University’s admissions office was not to be outdone: “When did he agree? Jing Ci obviously hasn’t agreed yet.”

The two were fighting each other, neither letting the other go.

Teacher Liu had already asked about Jing Ci’s wishes, and knowing that he was interested in the Department of Mathematics of Peking University, he walked over and said, “Jing Ci has already decided which school and major he wants to apply for.”

The two immediately looked at Teacher Liu with burning eyes.


Teacher Liu didn’t care, and said directly: “Peking University’s Department of Mathematics.”

In an instant, one person was happy and the other was sad.

“Ah, Xiaojing.” Xiao Leyue walked up to Jing Ci and said dumbly, “This is your choice?”

Jing Ci nodded: “I’m sorry Brother Xiao, I’ve already thought about it.”

“Hey, why are you going to Peking University? Come to our school and I can cover for you at any time. Although I am a senior this year, I will be a graduate student and still stay in school.”

The person from the Admissions Office of Peking University immediately stood in front of Jing Ci vigilantly: “He has already thought about it, you are robbing people!”

Xiao Leyue smiled: “Robbing someone? No agreement was signed.”

He took Jing Ci’s arm and said, “Go out and talk with me?”

Xiao Leyue is a good person. He took care of him a lot when he was in Yangcheng. Although Jing Ci had no intention of attending his school, he gave him this face.


The person from the admission office of Peking University was in a hurry, and he argued with Xiao Leyue for several more words. Until Jing Ci spoke up, he sat down reluctantly and watched him and Xiao Leyue go out.

Although Xiao Leyue had not been in contact with Jing Ci for a long time, he knew a little bit of his temper. Knowing that today’s incident is estimated to be 80-90% impossible, he still wanted to try.

“Our school’s mathematics department is also very strong. How about learning about it more? Would you like me to take you to see the professor?”

Jing Ci shook his head: “Brother Xiao, I’m really sure.”

“Is there no interest of applying to our school at all?”

Jing Ci said with certainty: “No.”


“Okay.” Xiao Leyue let out a long sigh, leaned on the window sill and smiled: “I thought I could be an alumni with you. That’s okay, anyway, the two schools are close, so don’t forget to make friends when you go to the imperial capital in the future. I’ll contact you, when the time comes, your brother will take you out to play.”

“Okay, I won’t forget it for sure.”

Because of Jing Ci’s firm will, this battle of robbing people ended unexpectedly quickly.

The person from the admissions office of Peking University was overjoyed, for fear that Jing Ci would regret it, so they quickly signed an agreement with him.

At this point, Jing Ci’s university has finally settled.

Good things come in pairs. As soon as the person from the admissions office was sent away, Zhao Feng came over and told Jing Ci that a message from the national training team had come down.

“I’ll send you an email later, you can check it.” Although there are specific time schedules in the email, Zhao Feng told Jing Ci again: “It’s a coincidence this time, the training team is also training in Yangcheng. We will set off after the year, a total of thirteen days. After the end, the first round of selection will be conducted, and a total of nineteen people will be selected. The second round, that is, the final selection, will be carried out in March.” 

Jing Ci nodded to show that he knew.

Zhao Feng smiled and patted him on the shoulder: “This time it’s a fully enclosed training, teacher can’t accompany you, you have to refuel yourself.”

After a pause, he added another sentence: “Don’t let this pressure you. Your grades have already given us a lot of respect for our province. The teacher in this training camp has one request for you: have fun with your studies and enjoy knowledge.”

Jing Ci’s heart warmed: “I understand, thank you teacher.”

On Jing Ci’s side, good news came frequently, while Father Jing on the other side fell into sorrow.


He was originally resolute to get Jing Ci back, but after thinking about it for a few days, he finally got a taste(of his own medicine?). Jing Ci didn’t even ask for living expenses, and was completely separated from his family.

Father Jing couldn’t help feeling a little regretful. Jing Ci’s character was stubborn, so he could only coax him out. How could he not control his temper at that time.

That is to say that a little coaxing is nothing compared to the envy and complement of others.

Father Jing took a sip of coffee and calculated in his heart that the provincial experiment was about to have the winter vacation. In order to prevent Jing Ci from going out to work and not returning home, he had to visit him at school once.

In any case, this son is prosperous now, and it is still necessary to restore a good relationship with him.

Jing Ci didn’t know what father Jing was planning. After evening self-study was over, he started to pack his things as soon as he returned to the dormitory.

He was going to live at Ying Jiao’s house during the winter vacation, and he had to bring clothes and everything.

Ying Jiao wanted to stop him, but he didn’t know what to say, and swallowed the words: “I’ll help you.”

Li Zhou can be called a good roommate. As soon as he saw Ying Jiao coming over, he will spontaneously avoid them and not disturb them.


The wardrobe of the provincial experimental student dormitory is divided into upper and lower layers. Not only is the space on the lower level small, but they have to squat down when picking up things, which is very troublesome.

Ying Jiao didn’t want Jing Ci to work hard, so he said directly: “There are a lot of things above, you can clean it up, and leave the lower part to me.”

The joy of going home with Ying Jiao made Jing Ci forget what he had put at the bottom of the wardrobe, so he nodded and agreed without hesitation.

There were not many things on the lower level of the wardrobe. Ying Jiao took out two sweaters and handed them to Jing Ci. When he reached in again, he was stunned.

He touched a cold iron box that had some unevenness on it. It was the cookie box that Jing Ci used to hold his first test paper he saw last time.

The corners of Ying Jiao’s lips slowly picked up. He raised his eyes and glanced at Jing Ci, who carefully sorted his clothes out. He took out the box and deliberately asked, “What is this? Do you want to bring it?”

Jing Ci was stunned at first, and then quickly reached out to grab it after reacting: “No, nothing.”

However, he was too nervous when he grabbed it, and the box slammed to the ground. The lid of the box flew far away in an instant, and the contents were scattered all over the floor.

A square stack of papers fell to Ying Jiao’s feet, and Ying Jiao reached out and picked it up.


Ying Jiao’s pupils shrink suddenly, the handwriting on the paper was not Jing Ci’s, but his.

Ying Jiao’s adam’s apple moved and slowly unfolded the paper. Then, he saw a line of small words at the top——

[His final exam in January, with a score of 102 in mathematics, he has improved a lot (especially very happy!). 】

“Don’t, don’t look at it.” Jing Ci’s face turned red, and it was too shameful for Ying Jiao to know that he was secretly hiding his test papers.

He stretched out his hand to pull Ying Jiao up, but was gently pushed away.

Ying Jiao took a step forward and kept picking from the scattered test papers below.

He never knew that the papers he threw aside, the final destination was not the trash can, but in Jing Ci’s iron box with his medal of victory.


A bunch of papers that just passed were regarded as victories by Jing Ci…

Ying Jiao closed his eyes, suppressing the turbulent emotions in his heart. He picked up the papers one by one. When he got to the end, what appeared in front of his eyes was a small dry rose.

He couldn’t be any more familiar with the packaging. It was given by him after his confession. A pink rose that represents his first love, but has never said the meaning to Jing Ci.

It wasn’t thrown away, it was put where it mattered most.

Stored properly and kept carefully.

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Jing Ci’s iron box: used to hold the most precious things.

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