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This afternoon, Ying Jiao, who has always lived a delicate life and can’t even stand the smell of grease on his body, took a half-bald mop borrowed from the restaurant and worked hard to clean the oil stains on the ground.

Not only did he not dislike him at all, but there was always a smile on his face that could not be concealed.

Jing Ci wanted to follow along, but was stopped by him.

“You still need to do this little thing?” Ying Jiao put the mop into the bucket and rinsed, raising his eyebrows: “Don’t believe my physical strength?”

“No.” Jing Ci quickly explained: “It’s faster with two people.”

“You’re in a hurry to go home?” Ying Jiao chuckled, “It’s not impossible.”

He leaned into Jing Ci’s ear and whispered, “It’s going to cost you.”

Jing Ci was startled, cost? Cost what?

“Call me brother Jiao or husband, to refuel me.”

Jing Ci turned his head unnaturally and ignored him.

Ying Jiao smiled and gave him a light push with his elbow: “Stand by the side, don’t delay my work, or I’ll really prove my physical strength to you when I get home.”

Jing Ci felt a little sweet and a little embarrassed, and silently retreated to the back.


It was just past the lunch hour, which was the most leisurely time in the restaurant. The aunties in the back kitchen picking vegetables and washing dishes all sat outside chatting in twos and threes.

Ying Jiao was good-looking and tall and straight, and the aunties were attracted and kept looking at him, and whispering.

“What is this guy doing?”

“His friend just spilled oil on the floor and he’s cleaning it up.”

“Oh, there are not many young people who are so considerate these days.”

“Who said no.”

“You look good, and you don’t get tired after bending over and working for so long. Your physical strength and waist strength are good.”

Several aunties looked at each other and let out a clear laugh.

Jing Ci heard from the beginning of their conversation beside them, and it was unknown what he was thinking, his expressionless face turned a little red.

After finishing everything, Ying Jiao first took a photo of the mop and bucket, then returned all the tools and got on the subway with Jing Ci.

Although it is not the commute time, there are still no free spots on the subway.


Ying Jiao leaned against the door, asked Jing Ci to stand beside him, took out his mobile phone and opened He Zhou’s and the others chat group—

[Jiao]: [Picture]

He Zhou and the others just finished a round of games, and they are sitting on the ground drinking Happy Fat House water. When he heard the phone ring, he immediately clicked on WeChat.

(T/n: Happy fat house water means cola)

Zheng Que zoomed in on the picture and took a closer look: “What kind of thing did Brother Jiao take? Has he done volunteer work with Brother Ci?”

“Is it?” He Zhou didn’t understand: “Didn’t they want to go home and do their homework?”

Peng Chengcheng spit out a word expressionlessly: “Show.”

Zheng Que didn’t believe it: “How can this thing be shown off? Old Peng, you have been bitten by a snake for ten years and you are afraid of the rope.”

Peng Chengcheng glanced at him lightly, and said nothing.


Zheng Que lowered his head and typed——

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Jiao, what are you doing?

[Jiao]: Blind? Can’t you see that this is full of my happiness?

【Uncle He】:? ? ? Are you sick? ? ?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: I just saw the mop and bucket! !

【Peng Chengcheng】:…

[Jiao]: This is evidence that Jing Ci fought for me.

【Uncle He 】: Fighting? A good student like my brother Ci would fight? I believe in your evil!

[Jiao]: Can he be the same person in front of me as the one in front of you?

[Jiao]: Forget it, it doesn’t make sense to you single people, I will accompany Jing Ci.

【Uncle He 】: Wait! Can you stop showing us? ! We don’t have time and don’t want to listen, okay? !

[Jiao]: Jealousy makes people ugly. You have nothing to do with birds during the day, and nothing to do with birds at night. Why do you have no time?

[Uncle He]: F*ck, get out of here! ! !

Zheng Que sighed towards the ceiling and turned to Peng Chengcheng: “Old Peng, the cow is still your cow.”

(T/n: I guess they are comparing YJ to a cow?)

Peng Chengcheng took a sip of Coke expressionlessly, hiding his merit and fame.


On the subway, Ying Jiao, who had finished showing off, put away his mobile phone, tilted his head to look at Jing Ci, and his eyes softened involuntarily.

Sometimes he really wants to announce to the world that such a good Jing Ci is his.

It was probably the best decision he had ever made in his life to tease Jing Ci because he was too bored and curious.

Jing Ci, who noticed his stare, raised his head and met his gaze.

The corners of Jing Ci’s lips curled up at first, but in the end he couldn’t hold back and laughed.

Ying Jiao looked at him, only to feel that his heart softened into a ball, and he also laughed.

After the two returned home, without wasting any time, one person took up one end of the large desk and worked on their own questions. They had been studying until half past ten at night, and then they took a shower and went to bed.

In the middle of the night, Jing Ci dreamed again.

He was still in that university, he had a headache, and he nearly fainted. In the haze, someone maliciously said in his ear: “You can die without worry. From now on, everything you have is now mine, including Ying Jiao.”

Ying Jiao…Ying Jiao!

Jing Ci opened his eyes in cold sweat, and it was not until he groped and grabbed Ying Jiao’s hand under the quilt that he felt a little more settled.

What exactly is going on? Jing Ci’s drowsiness cleared up. Like last time, he didn’t think it was just a simple dream.

In the darkness, Jing Ci stared at the ceiling and couldn’t help thinking that the original body died of being hit on the head with an iron rod, and he in the dream… seems to have died of a headache.

Everything is connected to his head.

Jing Ci’s heart beat wildly.

From childhood to adulthood, his subconscious protection and attention to his head was really just because he had listened too much to the dean’s chicken soup, and depended on his head to change his destiny?


Jing Ci felt cold all over, and couldn’t help leaning on Ying Jiao’s side. Ying Jiao was sleeping, his eyes did not open, but he subconsciously reached out and hugged him, as if he had done it thousands of times.

So, the temperature on Jing Ci’s body gradually returned to normal, and those messy dreams and thoughts were all thrown away.

He clinged towards Ying Jiao and fell asleep at some point.

The next morning, Jing Ci and Ying Jiao still got up to eat and study according to the school schedule.

Although he still had that dream in mind, he didn’t look any different on the surface until Ying Jiai went to the balcony with his ringing phone.

He had never avoided answering his phone before, the tip of Jing Ci’s didn’t fall down, and thought uncontrollably.

Whose number is that? Is there anything I can’t hear?

He just had a dream that someone was going to fight him for Ying Jiao, and now this kind of thing happened…

Over there, Ying Jiao didn’t know what Jing Ci was thinking. He closed the balcony door and pressed the answer button: “Uncle Yao.”

A few minutes later, Ying Jiao, who had agreed to everything, returned.


“I’m going out to do something,” he put one hand on the table and leaned over to look at Jing Ci: “Is there anything you want to eat? I’ll bring it back to you.”

“No.” Jing Ci put down his pen, was silent for a while, and said softly, “What’s the matter?”

Ying Jiao was stunned.

Jing Ci never asked about him in detail, and he didn’t think of an excuse. In a hurry, he had to say: “Isn’t Zheng Que living in my house now? The door lock suddenly had a problem, and I asked the owner to come over.”

He is lying.

Jing Ci immediately realized that something was wrong, no matter if the caller was from the property or Zheng Que, he didn’t need to go out to check it out.

He didn’t expose Ying Jiao’s lie, nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ying Jiao was in a hurry to see Yao Ruicheng, but did not notice the difference. He reached out and rubbed his hair, went to the bedroom to get a plastic bag, turned around and went out the door.

Jing Ci looked down at the table, and after a while, he changed to a set of math papers and began to frantically write questions.

Ying Jiao and Yao Ruicheng made an appointment to meet in Vientiane City to pick up the things he ordered before.


When he arrived at the agreed coffee shop, Yao Ruicheng was typing on his computer, with a meticulous expression on his face.

“Uncle Yao.” Ying Jiao greeted him and sat down across from him: “Are you busy?”

Yao Ruicheng closed his laptop and smiled: “Yeah, I was so busy finding time to see you, you know how good I am to you.”

He didn’t mention the gift of real estate, but looked around and saw that there was no one, and then said, “How are you with that person? Are you serious?”

Ying Jiao frowned, took a sip of the milk tea Yao Ruicheng ordered for him, and said, “His name is Jing Ci, Jing like jǐng, and cí chǔ cí.)

“I chased him first. He couldn’t help being entangled, so he agreed to be good with me.”

Yao Ruicheng was dumbfounded, he already knew the answer without asking any more.

This is more than serious, it is almost completely protected.

“You said you’re fine… why did you suddenly like a man?”

Ying Jiao didn’t speak.

Jing Ci is so good, isn’t it a matter of course to like him, it’s not normal to not like him.

Yao Ruicheng sighed: “Are you sure you want to go down this road? Then you will have no future.”

Ying Jiao glanced at him and smiled.


Yao Ruicheng was inexplicably looked at by him: “What’s the matter?”

“Uncle Yao,” Ying Jiao put down the milk tea in his hand and said lazily, “Are you from the Qing Dynasty?”

Yao Ruicheng was stunned for a moment, only to realize that he was mocking himself for being feudal. He laughed and scolded him, stopped chatting with him, and started talking about the real estate.

“Which house are you going to give him… Jing Ci? Have you brought all the materials I told you before today?”

“Yes, take it, you can take a look.” Ying Jiao put the plastic bag on the table: “It’s the one near our school. It’s too far away for him to travel, and it’s also close to where I live now.”

“Okay.” Yao Ruicheng checked all the relevant documents, and found that there was nothing missing. He felt in the mood to tease him, so he picked up Jing Ci’s identity and looked at it carefully, and said with a smile: “He looks quite handsome.”

Ying Jiao chuckled and mentioned Jing Ci, his whole face softened: “He’s not only good-looking, but he looks better in person. You don’t know, he’s also very good at studying…”

After that, Yao Ruicheng regretted complimenting Jing Ci. Because Ying Jiao dragged on, he talked for more than half an hour about how well-behaved Jing Ci was, and how sincere he was to him.


In the end, Yao Ruicheng even knew that Jing Ci liked Yang Zhiganlu. (a real life person)

Are young people in love right now so terrifying today?

Yao Ruicheng’s face was blank, and he seemed to have escaped from the cafe. He secretly swore in his heart that at least during this time, he never wanted to see Ying Jiao again.

After showing off another wave of affection, Ying Jiao was in a good mood, so he went to pick up the ordered items, bought two more boxes of duck tongues along the way, and then went home.

“Take a break and then study.” He walked to the study, pulled Jing Ci to the sofa in the living room and sat down: “I bought duck tongue, let’s eat first.”

Jing Ci made a “hmm” sound.

Ying Jiao tore off the film of the box, and out of the corner of the eye caught a glimpse of Jing Ci sitting obediently beside him, as if waiting to be fed. His heart was itching, and he suddenly let out a hiss.

“What’s wrong?” Jing Ci turned to him immediately.

“The chili got in my eyes when I tore the package.” Ying Jiao covered one eye and frowned.

It’s not a trivial matter for peppers to get into the eyes, and Jing Ci immediately became anxious: “Let me see.”

He stood up, bent down and held Ying Jiao’s wrist, coaxing him in a low voice: “Don’t block it, let me see.”

Ying Jiao slowly put down his hand, and Jing Ci immediately leaned over.


At this moment, Ying Jiao suddenly held his face, raised his head and kissed his lips heavily.

Jing Ci was stunned, and then he realized that he was pretending.

lying to him again.

Jing Ci pursed his lower lip, let go of him and sat aside.

“Angry?” Ying Jiao laughed and moved to Jing Ci’s side: “You won’t let me kiss?”

Jing Ci didn’t speak.

“I’m wrong, okay?” Ying Jiao was thick-skinned, apologizing and saying, “I’m sorry, you’re so cute, I couldn’t hold back for a while.”

Jing Ci’s heart felt a little sweet and a little sour.

He tried to convince himself. Ying Jiao is so good to himself, he shouldn’t doubt him. Although they are in a relationship, they should be able to keep small secrets from each other.

“Baby,” Ying Jiao raised his chin to take a closer look when he saw that his face was wrong: “Are you really angry?”

“No.” Jing Ci felt that he was a hypocrite, he raised his eyes to look at Ying Jiao, and repeated: “I’m not angry.”


Ying Jiao pushed forward an inch, his eyes fell on Jing Ci’s lips, and he said in a low voice, “Are you going to let me kiss?”

Jing Ci’s cheeks were hot, no matter how many times he heard Ying Jiao say this, he was still a little embarrassed.

“Speak, do you allow it or not?”

Jing Ci nodded.

Ying Jiao couldn’t hold back for a while, and he has been trying his best to endure it. With just one look from Jing Ci, he can captivate his mind, let alone his obedience.

The duck tongue or something had been forgotten, Ying Jiao gently pushed Jing Ci down on the sofa and leaned over to kiss.


The rapid breaths were intertwined, and there was an ambiguous sound of water-stains in the air, and the surrounding temperature was getting higher and higher…

Jing Ci’s eyes suddenly, and when Ying Jiao’s lips were about to go down, he reached out and pushed him.

“What’s wrong? Baby.” Ying Jiao’s voice was hoarse, and he looked down at him.

The two were so close together that Jing Ci immediately noticed his physical reaction.

“You…” Jing Ci’s cheeks were flushed, and he turned his head slightly: “…Get up.”

Ying Jiao straightened his waist, and rubbed onto Jing Ci’s body roguely, and put his hand on his waist: “You think I’m hard?”

This time Jing Ci’s face and neck were all red.

It’s all so obvious…

“I am not hard.” Ying Jiao suddenly smiled angrily, and in Jing Ci’s unbelievable eyes, he took his hand: “If you don’t believe me, touch it.”

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