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Soon after Jing Ci got into the car, new messages came in on WeChat. He picked up his mobile phone and saw that it was Xiao Leyue, and asked him if he was at the station at 5:30.

[Xiao Leyue]: Uncle Zhao told me your train schedule. He asked me to take care of you more.

[Xiao Leyue]: Is your training location at the High School Affiliated to Yangcheng University? I’ll pick you up at the station later.

Since it was New Year’s Eve, Jing Ci didn’t want to bother him, not to mention that he had already checked the subway route when he was at home, so he typed a reply—

【Jing】: No need, thank you Brother Xiao. The train station is very close to the hotel I booked, I can just walk by myself.

[Xiao Leyue]: Don’t be polite to me, I’m bored at home anyway, so I’ll just go out to relax.


He said so, so Jing Ci no longer refused, and he could only agree.

It is the third day of the Chinese New Year, and the peak season of the Spring Festival has passed. There were not many people in the train station. After Jing Ci left the station, he sent a message to Ying Jiao to report that he was safe. When he looked up, he saw Xiao Leyue who was waving at him desperately.

“Happy New Year, Brother Xiao.” Jing Ci walked over with his suitcase and greeted him.

“Happy New Year.” Xiao Leyue handed a paper bag with roasted sweet potatoes to Jing Ci: “Come and try it, I bought it outside, it’s quite sweet.”

Jing Ci thanked him and took the roasted sweet potato.

“Let me tell you, I’m eager to come out and get some air.” Xiao Leyue took him to the subway entrance and complained: “In the past few days, when my relatives are having dinner together, either they let me help the children with their homework, or ask me to help fix the computer or their phone.”

Xiao Leyue threw the sweet potato rind into the trash can. Seeing that Jingci didn’t eat it, he couldn’t help but say, “Eat it quickly, or it will be cold when you get off the subway.”

Jing Ci was dragging his luggage in his hand, so he couldn’t eat while walking, so he simply stood by the trash can, intending to peel the skin before leaving.

“Your house is very lively.”

“Don’t mention it, it hurts my head whenever they quarrel.” Xiao Leyue bit off a third of the sweet potato in one bite, and while chewing, asked him vaguely, “Have you done the question I sent you last time?”


Jing Ci nodded, and briefly told him his thoughts.

The more Xiao Leyue listened, the brighter his eyes became: “Yes! That’s right! I’m stuck in a dead end, and I can’t do it no matter what I do.”

He clicked his tongue and sighed: “I’m old, and my brain is not as good as you young people.”

While talking, Jing Ci had already finished peeling the skin, and the two continued to walk forward.

Xiao Leyue suddenly thought of something. He looked at Jing Ci’s face and asked tentatively, “Are you and your girlfriend doing well now?”

Jing Ci froze for a moment, thinking of his “girlfriend”, and involuntarily raised the corners of his lips: “Well.”

Xiao Leyue couldn’t help but leaned over.

Jing Ci was puzzled: “What’s wrong?”

“Was she happy with your present?”

Jing Ci nodded: “Happy.” Not only is he happy, but every exercise book is well preserved, not even a folded page was there.

Xiao Leyue: “…”

Xiao Leyue didn’t understand. He was also sending a book. Why did Jing Ci laugh at this moment, but he wanted to cry bitterly in his heart.


The little beauty in their courtyard was very happy when they heard him say that he wanted to give them a New Year’s gift. Later, they found out what he was going to send was a high number eighteen lectures, and after leaving with a mouthful of sentences, they never paid any attention to him again.

“It’s okay.” Xiao Leyue glanced at the lucky guy Jing Ci with a complicated expression, afraid that he would ask deeply, and quickly changed the subject: “By the way, prepare more for your daily necessities and snacks.”

He held up two fingers smeared with sweet potatoes and wiped it on the paper bag: “The training team has a very high training intensity, and they have to study for at least 14 hours a day. At that time, you won’t even dare to drink too much water, and be afraid that going to the bathroom will be a waste of time.”

Thinking back to those days, Xiao Leyue couldn’t help but smack his tongue. When he was writing his thesis for graduation in college, he never tried so hard: “There is a lot of mental and physical pressure, Xiaojing, you have to resist, brother is optimistic about you.”

Jing Ci handed him a tissue and smiled: “I’ll try my best.”

The training team arrived on time at 8:00 a.m. on the fourth day of New year’s, and Jing Ci arrived a day earlier. After putting the luggage in the hotel, he invited Xiao Leyue out to have a meal. He didn’t go out for a while, and sent him back to his room.


When Xiao Leyue was here just now, he couldn’t keep looking at his phone, so he didn’t chat with Ying Jiao much. He had free time now, thinking of the things he put at the bottom of the bookcase in the study, Jing Ci couldn’t help but call Ying Jiao over.

The phone was picked up after only two rings, and Ying Jiao’s familiar voice came from the microphone: “Have you finished eating?”

Jing Ci said “hmm”.

“So good,” Ying Jiao chuckled, “Call me as soon as you get back, do you want me to reward you with something?”

“No,” Ying Jiao was careless, he bought things that were useful and useless as long as they were pleasing to the eye. Jing Ci was afraid that he would spend money indiscriminately again, so he quickly said: “I don’t want any, don’t bother.”

“How can I not bother?,” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and said shamelessly, “This is called a win-win situation.”

Jing Ci didn’t understand: “What?”

“Reward you a little…” Ying Jiao licked his lower lip, threw the pen in his hand aside, leaned in his chair lazily, and whispered: “You like the delicious food, and I like it too, it’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?”

He deliberately bit hard on the pronunciation of the word “delicious”, Jing Ci was stunned, and when he reacted, his cheeks were hot with shame, and his head was smoking: “You…are you serious.”

Isn’t that serious? He didn’t even show one-thousandth of his strength.


Ying Jiao sighed, his little classmate’s face is still too thin, he must have been exercising less in bed. But thinking that he was going to training early tomorrow morning, Ying Jiao was afraid that he would be distracted by his teasing again, so he swallowed the dirty words that came to his mouth, and said, “Okay, listen to you, don’t say anything.”

Jing Ci got up and opened the window, and the cold wind poured in instantly from the gap, making the temperature on his face drop a lot: “I…forgot to tell you before.”


Jing Ci adjusted his breathing and pretended to be natural: “I put your household registration book in the bookcase in the study.”

Jing Ci was changing around his household registration before the New Year. He was looking for a sense of ritual when he became an adult, and he was determined not to accompany him(ask for help). At the beginning, he only asked for his account book(YJ).

Ying Jiao didn’t find it strange, and he replied casually: “Okay.”

He didn’t notice anything…

Jing Ci was a little disappointed, and there was a little expectation of hidden treasures and others to dig up, and he emphasized it again: “I just told you, you can go there to find it when you want to use it.”

I don’t know when he will find out, and what will his reaction be when he finds out…


Jing Ci held the phone and smiled secretly.

“Well, I know.” Ying Jiao wasn’t interested in the account book, and besides, he didn’t use that thing more than once in a few years. He didn’t bother to look at it, so he turned the topic back to Jing Ci: “Are you nervous tomorrow?”

Rather than being nervous, Jing Ci was more excited about coming into contact with new knowledge. He said honestly, “Not at all.”

Ying Jiao smiled, it was really a Jing Ci-style answer, he had pure yearning for his favorite subject, and… he was extremely confident.

The two chatted for a while, and confirmed that Jing Ci was in a stable state of mind now, and that he was not uncomfortable. Ying Jiao didn’t bother him anymore, and urged him to hang up.

That night, Jing Ci slept well, and set off early the next morning to report at the High School Affiliated to Yangcheng.

After receiving the badge and timetable, the staff took them to the dormitory.

The dormitory is a quadruple room. It can be seen that the school is very attentive. Not only was the player’s name posted on each bed to prevent conflicts caused by grabbing the wrong bed, but the dormitory was also kept clean.

When Jing Ci arrived, his other three roommates had already arrived and were putting things in the cabinet. After seeing him, they greeted him.


Among them was a little fat man named Wang Qiong, who was particularly curious about Jing Ci, so he leaned over and asked him, “You are from Donghai Province, right?”

Jing Ci opened the suitcase, took the contents out, and said, “Yes.”

“I’ve read a lot of your news.” Wang Qiong smiled: “You are really amazing.”

“No really.” Jing Ci smiled, just now he already knew Wang Qiong’s score in the national finals: “Our scores are about the same.”

“It’s different.” Wang Qiong handed him his clothes and raised his head, “Our province has an advantage in competition. Three people came from our school this time, but unfortunately, we are not in the same dormitory.”

Before Jing Ci set off, Teacher Liu asked him to be as warm as possible to the people around him. So since Wang Qiong handed over an olive branch, he took it. After a while, the estrangement between the two disappeared a lot, and they also made an appointment to have dinner together at noon.

The training team is a fully enclosed training, eating in the school cafeteria, not allowing them to leave the school gate.

“Have you seen him?” After lunch, the two walked out of the cafeteria. Wang Qiong pointed to a tall, thin person in front of him and whispered to Jing Ci, “His name is Cen Hai, a special ox. He is the representative of the contestants who will speak on the stage at the opening ceremony tomorrow morning. It was almost booked by the national team.”

Wang Qiong’s school has done very well in competitions, so he knows more inside information than Jing Ci.


Jing Ci looked in the direction he pointed, and silently took note of Cen Hai’s appearance.

“We are not very lucky, there are many great gods this year.” Wang Qiong sighed: “But it doesn’t matter, anyway, our university has been decided, it is better to be able to go abroad for free. If you can’t go, go back to school honestly.”

Calling the International Olympics a trip abroad… Jing Ci couldn’t help laughing, not to mention it was quite appropriate.

“Well, do your best.”

The first day of the report was nothing, the main thing was to give the players some info and leave some time for them to get to know each other. By the second day, the pace picked up abruptly.

In the morning, it was a happy and relaxing opening ceremony, and in the afternoon, it was a high-intensity study.

The main reason is that the fourteen days are too tight.

In the first round of the training team, a total of four exams are required, and then the national reserve team members are selected according to their comprehensive results. On average, there is an exam every two days.

While Jing Ci and the others were training intensively, the outside world was also paying attention to their news.


[Come, come, the prediction of the second round of the national training team! I bet on Cen Hai. 】

[My senior Wang Qiong must be there! 】

[Best luck Censhen ah ah ah ah! The goal of my life! 】

[I bet on Jing Ci. 】

[Jing Ci…the one from Donghai Province? To tell the truth, it is unlikely, it was a miracle that he can enter the training team. 】

【Jingshen! ! ! Good looking and awesome, I’ll blow it up! 】

【Anyone can be enthralled now? I found that Donghai Province is really good at hyping. A player who was originally unknown is now well known in the circle. Are you really not afraid of hyping it up too much? Really, keep a low profile and look at the resumes of the other members of the training team. It is indeed impossible for Jing Ci to enter the second round. 】

[Impossible +1, not for people, for provinces. 】

After the previous slap in the face, the topic of Jing Ci was quite high. Many people are speculating about his training team performance, and most of them are not optimistic.

As mentioned in the previous post, for the first time, Jing Ci was not well-known in the Olympiad before, and he had not undergone systematic training. It was a big luck to be able to join the training team. As for the national reserve team, it’s not a matter of luck alone. Second, they really have no confidence in the education of Donghai Province.


Jing Ci didn’t know anything about the Internet at all, and he didn’t have time to touch his phone now. New knowledge and new challenges have captured his full attention. What’s more, the people around him are very powerful, so powerful that he was inspired to fight for the first time.

In this way, one day later, Jing Ci ushered in his first exam in the training team.

From 8:00 in the morning to 12:30 noon, a full four and a half hours. His spirit was highly concentrated, his brain was running fast, and his whole body was exhausted after the test.

But there is no time to rest, so he has to devote himself to the next training without being distracted at all, otherwise he will not be able to keep up with the teacher’s progress.

In the evening, Wang Qiong walked vainly on the playground and said to Jing Ci, “It’s only been a quarter of the time, and I feel a little unbearable.”

Jing Ci was also very tired, and he rubbed his temples: “I thought I could read for a while after I went back.”

Wang Qiong looked at him in horror: “No way, are you so perverted?”

Jing Ci shook his head: “No, I can’t read it anymore, I just want to sleep now.”

The two returned to the dormitory together. After washing up, Jing Ci just sat on the bed when he received a call from Ying Jiao. He was so tired, and his roommates didn’t come back in from the water room outside, so he didn’t go out, leaned on the bed rail to answer the phone: “Ying Jiao.”


Ying Jiao keenly sensed that something was wrong with his voice: “Sleepy?”

“Yes.” Jing Ci rubbed his eyes, took off his shoes and went to bed: “I spent too long for the exam, I can’t stand it.”

“Then go to sleep.” Ying Jiao has nothing to do, he just misses him and wants to talk to him: “I’m hanging up.”

“Don’t.” Jing Ci hurriedly stopped, he glanced at the direction of the door, and said a little embarrassedly: “Just…a little longer.”

Ying Jiao laughed: “Miss me?”

Jing Ci blushed and hummed.

“Be obedient, go to bed first.” Ying Jiao understood Jing Ci, and if he couldn’t help but say it, he was really tired. Unwilling to take up his rest time, he deliberately said, “You can only come back to heal and save people if you keep your spirits up.”

Jing Ci was shaking the quilt, and when he heard these words, he thought that the sound he made was too loud, and he heard it wrong: “Healing and saving people?”

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao chuckled and whispered, “Treat lovesickness…”

Jing Ci shrunk into the quilt, feeling a little sweet and moved. Before he could recollect this feeling, he heard Ying Jiao say again: “Save our son, if you are not here, they would all be flushed into the sewer.” 

Jing Ci: “…”

Ying Jiao didn’t even have to look at him, he can imagine how Jing Ci’s face was red and his ears are red now too, and he can’t wait to bury his head in the quilt. He can’t help laughing and asked, “Do you want to sleep now?”

Jing Ci: “… um.”

“Good night then.”

“Good night.”

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