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The teachers in the office were also waiting for Jing Ci’s results, especially Teacher Liu and Zhao Feng.

One was staring at the phone, the other was guarding the computer, and there was no time to talk, for fear of delaying reading the list. The communication between each other relies on the brain waves generated by occasionally looking at each other.

It’s a pity that this year’s judges are not very good. After waiting for a long time, the class bell is about to ring, but the results have not been announced.


Zhao Feng had no class at third period in the morning, but Teacher Liu was not so lucky.

“Why is it so slow!” Teacher Liu frowned and turned around twice. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Zhao Feng next to him suddenly hugged the computer and stood up.

“It came out?!” Teacher Liu’s eyes lit up, and the moment he lost his phone, he ran over.

Zhao Feng’s face was almost attached to the computer screen, his fingers were shaking, and he murmured unconsciously: “I’m not mistaken… I’m not mistaken…”

“Let me see!” The screen was blocked by him, Teacher Liu couldn’t see anything, and he was anxiously spinning around. In the end, he couldn’t bear it any longer. He directly dragged Zhao Feng to the side and leaned in himself.

In the short form, Teacher Liu saw Jing Ci’s name at a glance, and the Donghai Province that followed was particularly eye-catching.

“It’s really in!” Teacher Liu clenched his fists and slammed the desk hard. He grinned widely to his ears, and laughed: “In! In!”

The teachers in the office immediately surrounded him.

“Really? My God!”

“That’s right! He’s in!”

“Great, so great.”

Before that, no one thought that Jing Ci would be able to break into the second round. After all, it was the national reserve team. Just looking at the word “country” in front of them, they can see how difficult it is.


But Jing Ci did it, giving them such a big surprise without saying a word, and giving Donghai Province a name on the national reserve team for the first time.

Zhao Feng’s eyes were all red. He had been leading the math competition class, but his results were not satisfactory. Now that Jing Ci has entered the national reserve team, it has a different meaning not only to the school, Donghai Province, but also to him personally.

Even if no one can surpass this achievement in the future, even if the school will no longer hold competition classes in the future, he can still confidently tell others that he once taught a member of the national reserve team.

Teacher Liu understood his mood, patted him on the shoulder, and said nothing.

“Old Liu, let’s go, let’s go to class.” Teacher Wang, who teaches chemistry, has a class in Class 8 this time. After he was excited for a while, he immediately realized that it was time to go to the classroom. When he walked to the door, he looked back and saw Teacher Liu was still standing dumbfounded, and couldn’t help calling him.

“Oh, yes, class.” Teacher Liu patted his forehead, grabbed the book on the table, and walked out.

“Are you so happy?” Teacher Wang looked at Teacher Liu teasingly.

“That’s it.” Teacher Liu wiped his face, his corners of his lips upturned, but his tone was very unpleasant: “I expected Jing Ci to be very good, isn’t this result a matter of course?”

Teacher Wang:”……”

Teacher Wang stopped and looked kindly at Teacher Liu who was walking further and further: “Old Liu.”

“Huh?” Teacher Liu turned back and wondered, “Why aren’t you going?”

Teacher Wang: “You went in the opposite direction.”

Teacher Liu:”……”

Not only did the province experiment excited about Jing Ci’s achievements, but the outside world was also fried. Many people couldn’t believe that a player from Donghai Province without any professional training actually entered the national reserve team.


After looking at the list again and again, they finally accepted this fact after confirming that they really read it correctly.

[Some people probably really can’t see it with ordinary eyes, I don’t understand the world of genius. 】

[I understand, this player named Jing Ci is a math Olympian major, and his side job is to face slap. 】

[If I were from Donghai Province, I would be able to offer this person up, I have nothing to say, but b*llshit. 】

[My face is swollen, but I don’t know why, but there is a strange excitement, and I am suddenly starting to look forward to the national team selection in March…]

[Upstairs +1, continue to pay attention to Jing Ci, and wait for his final round of selection to see where he can go. 】

Every year, the number one winner of the college entrance examination will be widely reported, not to mention the unprecedented achievement of Jing Ci. Even though Father Jing didn’t pay attention to the selection of the training team, he got the news that day.

He stared blankly at the news posted on the web page, thinking of the child who would be happy for a long time when he was complimented casually by himself, for the first time in his heart, he felt genuine regret.

If… I treated him well in the first place, what would it be like now?

Jing Ci learned that he passed the first round of selection, and it was Wang Qiong who told him.


At that time, he was listening intently to the speeches of the guests at the closing ceremony, but his hand suddenly hurt. He turned his head and saw that Wang Qiong was clenching his arm tightly, and shouted in a suppressed voice: “In! We both made it to the second round!”

He handed his phone to Jing Ci, and his neck turned red with excitement: “Look! Look!”

Jing Ci quickly glanced at the screen, and sure enough, he saw his name on the list.

Really got in!

Jing Ci’s heart beat faster, and the corners of his eyes and brows were instantly stained with a smile, but it was calmly suppressed by him. He returned the phone to Wang Qiong, took out his phone, and wanted to send a message to Ying Jiao, but at the same time he saw Ying Jiao’s WeChat message——

[Jiao]: Congratulations on entering the national reserve team, I’m proud of you.

He already knows, has he been paying attention?

Jing Ci clicked on the input box and immediately wanted to reply to him. But suddenly seeing the time on the phone, he forced himself to calm down again.

It’s class time now, and he can’t let Ying Jiao get distracted.

It was difficult but the closing ceremony ended in an hour and a half. This ended during the passing period. Jing Ci immediately called Ying Jiao, and his call was picked up immediately.

“Congratulations to Jingshen,” Ying Jiao’s laughing voice came from the microphone: “Breaking another record.”

Jing Ci’s face turned red, a little embarrassed, but more because he wanted to share the joy of his mood with his lover. He held his phone and whispered, “You, you wait for me to come back.”

The smile in Ying Jiao’s eyes slowly overflowed. He pushed Zheng Que, who came to eavesdrop, away, got up and walked aside: “What time will the train come by?”


Jing Ci subconsciously wanted to tell the time of the train, but when he thought about the last time he quietly went to pick him up at the station, he was afraid that he would delay him from his class time, so he didn’t tell the truth: “At six o’clock in the afternoon, and arrive at the station at nine o’clock in the evening.”

Ying Jiao frowned slightly: “So late?”

“Yes.” Jing Ci racked his brains to think of an excuse: “Me and a few of my friends are going to hang out.”

This was no problem, Ying Jiao didn’t think much, nodded: “Okay, then you have fun, let me know when you get on the train.”


Ying Jiao’s class was about to begin, so Jing Ci didn’t talk to him much, urging him to hang up the phone and go back to the dormitory to start packing.

He was actually on the train at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and he would arrive at the station after having lunch later, it was just enough time.

Wang Qiong had already packed up before him. He almost couldn’t wait to leave this place, and kept urging Jing Ci: “Hurry up, hurry up, we both have a train that arrives at two o’clock, otherwise it will be too late.”

Jing Ci looked at his urgent look, helplessly, but he could only speed up his actions.

The two didn’t go out to eat, they ate a hasty meal in the cafeteria, and then set off for the train station. After making an appointment to meet in March, they went home by car.


Jing Ci was actually very tired, with high-intensity mental exhaustion for half a month, plus another three-hour train ride. As soon as he got home, he wanted to fall asleep on the bed, but he really wanted to see Ying Jiao, so he forcibly resisted his exhaustion and went back to school at dinner time.

At this time, Ying Jiao had just eaten and was walking into the classroom.

“I won’t be with you this Sunday afternoon,” Zheng Que said as he walked away, “Qian Yuan promised to go out to the movies with me.”

Qian Yuan was the girl Zheng Que had been chasing for months.

“You say, is she interested in me?”

Is it interesting to watch a movie? Keep dreaming.

He Zhou rolled his eyes at him, ignoring him.

Ying Jiao sneered: “I still have half a bottle of balsamic oil, and I will paint you sober later…”

His pupils shrank suddenly, and he stared straight ahead, his footsteps involuntarily stopped.


There, Jing Ci was staring at him with wide eyes, a look of surprise on his face.

“Brother Jiao, what’s up with you… Hey? Brother Ci, you’re back!” He Zhou ran up to Jing Ci and said with a smile, “It’s a coincidence that we met in front of the teaching building.”

“Your courage is big, isn’t it?” Ying Jiao walked past He Zhou, pushed Jing Ci onto the pillar, resisted the urge to hug him and kiss him, and squeezed his earlobe with a chuckle: “Lying to me?”

Almost the moment he saw Jing Ci, Ying Jiao reacted.

There was no dinner(hangout) at all, but Jing Ci said it deliberately because he was afraid that he would pick him up and delay his studies.

Jing Ci pursed his lips and smiled, but did not speak. Just looked up at him, his eyes sparkling.

Ying Jiao’s heart softened into a ball in an instant. If he hadn’t been worried about the people coming and going in front of the building, he would have rubbed this little liar into his arms long ago, whose legs were weak from panting.

He restrained the turbulent emotions in his heart and rubbed Jing Ci’s hair twice: “Are you tired?”


Ying Jiao laughed: “You’re so thin, and still stubborn.”

He took Jing Ci’s shoulders: “Let’s go, don’t stand here, go back to the classroom.”

Jing Ci nodded and entered the door with him.

Just two steps away, Zheng Que suddenly reminded him: “Brother Ci, your shoelaces are loose.”

Jing Ci lowered his head, and sure enough, the shoelace of his left foot was loosened. He walked to the corner and was about to tie it up, but Ying Jiao squatted down one step ahead of him.

“Stand up well,” he stretched out his slender fingers, hooked the loose shoelaces, and said while tying: “It’s not good to squat in so many clothes.”

After being with Jing Ci for a long time, many places in Ying Jiao’s character have quietly changed, at least the shoelaces are much more beautiful than before.


“Is this okay?” After he tied it, he didn’t get up, but raised his eyes and looked at Jing Ci with a smile: “Is it symmetrical?”

“Hey,” He Zhou glanced at Jing Ci’s profile, and said strangely, “Brother Jiao, my shoelaces are also loose.”

Zheng Que joined in the fun: “Mine are also.”

Jing Ci’s face was red from their teasing, but his heart was warm. He stretched out his hand to pull Ying Jiao: “Symmetrical, get up.”

“That’s good.” Ying Jiao ignored He Zhou and the others, stood up with his strength, and went upstairs shoulder to shoulder with him.

Neither of them noticed that, diagonally behind, Qiao Anyan was looking in their direction with a twisted face, and his eyes were so red that blood was almost dripping.

Ying Jiao… The person who he tried his best to get, but not only could not get close, but also made him feel disgusted, but would take the initiative to tie Jing Ci’s shoelaces.

Why are all the good things being taken by Jing Ci?

Obviously, he should be the one who gathers great luck.

Qiao Anyan clenched his fists, almost viciously cursing in his heart——

If only they couldn’t be together, if only they broke up.

So from this day on, Jing Ci found that he would never have a headache again when he saw Qiao Anyan.

It was also from this day that he became very uncomfortable with Ying Jiao. Whenever Ying Jiao touched him, he would feel pain.

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