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He was uncomfortable at first, Jing Ci thought it was because he was tired during the training camp. He didn’t take it seriously, he felt that he would recover after going back to sleep, until Ying Jiao held his hand under the table.

A sharp pain gushed out from the place where the two of them touched skin, and spread all over the body in an instant. Jing Ci trembled in pain, and subconsciously broke free.

The pain dissipated.

“Don’t want me to hold you?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and turned his head: “Leaving for half a month… what happened to you?!”

Ying Jiao looked at his pale face in amazement, stretched out his hand to feel it on his forehead, and said worriedly, “Did you catch a cold? What’s wrong? Tell me.”

There was another burst of pain where he touched, clearly as if he was deliberately reminding him that this was not an illusion.


It’s true, there’s nothing wrong, it only hurts when Ying Jiao touches him.

Jing Ci’s fingertips trembled, and a storm surge in his heart.

Why is this happening?

When he went upstairs, he was still fine, and Ying Jiao held his shoulders, why did it suddenly become like this?

Seeing that he didn’t say anything for a long time, Ying Jiao squeezed his hand hard, trying to call his attention back: “Speak.”

“I…” Jing Ci endured the increasing pain, so as not to let Ying Jiao see the slightest difference, he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s okay, it’s just…” It was so painful that he had to stop and take a breath before he could continue: “I just feel a little tired,  and need to take a break.”

Ying Jiao frowned, feeling that something was wrong.

Jing Ci doesn’t have the certain physique that likes to sweat, but at this moment, the palm of the hand he is holding is wet, full of sweat, and it doesn’t look like a sign of exhaustion.

But he didn’t think deeply, after all, Jing Ci was fine before.

Maybe he is so tired that he sweats?

Ying Jiao let go of him and asked softly, “Then you want to sleep for a while? If you don’t feel right, call me quickly, don’t push yourself, okay?”

Jing Ci nodded casually.


His body is getting more and more uncomfortable, his heartbeat is fast, and his chest feels tight and almost breathless.

It was like when he was having a headache before…

Jing Ci’s eyes widened suddenly, he stood up and raised his feet to go out.

Qiao Anyan!

The person who can cause this abnormal phenomenon in him must be Qiao Anyan!

“Where are you going?” Ying Jiao was worried about him and stood up: “I’ll accompany you.”

“No.” Jing Ci took a deep breath and tried to let himself look back naturally: “I’ll tell the teacher when I come back.”

“You do the questions, I’m fine.”

What he said was reasonable, Ying Jiao had no doubts, and watched him walk out of the classroom before he sat down again.

Jing Ci didn’t go to the office, he went straight towards the stairs as soon as he went out.

Being with Ying Jiao will make him uncomfortable, and Ying Jiao makes him feel pain if he touches him. If it continues like this, how will they continue?

Jing Ci’s heart fell straight down, climbed up to the fourth floor in three steps and two steps, and went straight to class 11.


He had to figure out what was going on.

Coincidentally, as soon as he reached class 10, he met Qiao Anyan who was approaching.

He seemed to be in a hurry, and he was in a hurry.

“Let…” Qiao Anyan raised his eyes, and the expression on his face instantly changed from impatience to deep hatred: “Disgusting.”

“The most disgusting person is you.” Jing Ci’s brain was running fast, trying to think of a topic to lead Qiao Anyan around: “Did you send a love letter to Ying Jiao during Christmas?”

How could he know about this?

Qiao Anyan was angry and hateful, and there was a kind of shame of being seen as a joke by his enemy.

He glared at Jing Ci fiercely, and almost lost his mind in anger: “So what? It’s none of your business! You think that Ying Jiao tied your shoelaces for you because he liked you? In your f*cking sweet dreams!”

He seemed to convince himself, and also seemed to want to stimulate Jing Ci: “Let me tell you! Even if Ying Jiao doesn’t accept me, he won’t accept you!”

After he finished speaking, he pushed Jing Ci fiercely, bypassing him and going downstairs.

Jing Ci didn’t stop him, because he suddenly discovered something: seeing Qiao Anyan this time, he didn’t have a headache.


Is it because he entered the national reserve team?

As soon as the thought flashed through his mind, he denied it.

No, if that were the case, he wouldn’t have this problem now.


Tie your shoelaces!

Before that, Qiao Anyan had little influence on him. But after Qiao Anyan saw Ying Jiao tying his shoelaces, he suddenly couldn’t have physical contact with Ying Jiao, and he wouldn’t have any more headaches.

Does this mean that Qiao Anyan inadvertently used his qualities that could finally affect him and create an obstacle between him and Ying Jiao?

Jing Ci looked down at the ground dazedly, and for a long time, suddenly leaned against the wall as if he had lost his strength.

He has never been afraid of Qiao Anyan’s malicious targeting. As long as he gets better and better, he will be unaffected one day. But now, he was suddenly afraid.

How should I explain it to Ying Jiao?

It’s okay to make excuses for a day or two not to let him touch, but what about a month or two, or even a few years?


They are in love, how can there be no physical contact at all.

The lights in the hallway shone on his face, making his face pale. People kept passing by, occasionally casting curious glances at him. Jing Ci stood there without realizing it, panicking in his heart.

He didn’t know how long it took, until both legs started to go numb, Jing Ci finally came back to his senses, turned around and went downstairs step by step.

He walked slowly, as if carrying something heavy on his back.

Walking a short distance of one floor took ten minutes.

Before pushing open the classroom door, Jing Ci rubbed his face to make his face less pale.

He wants to be with Ying Jiao, no one can stop him, not even the protagonist of this world.

But it was a little painful and uncomfortable, and he could endure it the most. Just bear with it and wait until you get used to it.

Jing Ci did a good job, even Li Zhou, who lived with him, didn’t see anything unusual, but Ying Jiao still found out.

“Jing Ci,” Ying Jiao called his full name for the first time beside the flower bed of the teaching building, where he confessed to him: “Does it hurt if I touch you?”

No matter how well Jing Ci concealed it, some conditioned reflexes couldn’t be concealed.

Ying Jiao’s heart felt hanged, how could he not realize it.

How many times have you touched him before you realize it?

He can’t remember and can’t count how painful Jing Ci must have felt, that’s why he kept his face white.


Ying Jiao’s heart throbbed, and he could not wait to chop off his own hand.

He closed his eyes and directly revealed what he knew to Jing Ci: “Is it because you are not from this world, or because of Qiao Anyan?”

Jing Ci’s brain stopped and he instantly went blank.

He took a step back involuntarily, until his back was against the hard wall, and he found a little sense of reality.

“You…” He clenched his fists and forced himself to calm down: “How do you know?”

Could he be… afraid of himself?

“Are you stupid?” Seeing what he was thinking, Ying Jiao smiled helplessly and wanted to hug him and touch his head, but when he raised his hands, put them down: “I knew it from the first day, you are so different from him.”

“Remember the letter of guarantee I asked you to write? It was so that I could confirm your handwriting, but also to test you by deliberately pointing you to the wrong seat and teasing you.”

“What are you afraid of?”

Ying Jiao looked at him tenderly: “Thank you for coming to me in time.”

Jing Ci’s eyes quickly turned red, and he choked out, “Brother…”

“Can you tell me your past now?”

Jing Ci nodded. He wanted to start with the book that appeared in his mobile phone inexplicably, but opened his mouth, but found that no sound came out.


It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but he can’t. The rules of this world are preventing him.

Sweat broke out on his forehead anxiously, but he still couldn’t squeeze out a word.

Seeing this, Ying Jiao instantly guessed the reason: “Can’t tell? It doesn’t matter, then I’ll ask you questions. If you can’t speak, just nod or shake your head.”

Ying Jiao quickly sorted out his thoughts and asked, “If I touch you, it will hurt, right?”

Jing Ci hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

“Related to Qiao Anyan?”

Jing Ci nodded again.

“He…” Ying Jiao lowered his eyelids, covering the indifference and hostility in his eyes: “Is it still a big influence on you now?”

“It’s gone.” Jing Ci understood what Ying Jiao meant: “The cause is him, but the current situation is out of his control.”

Ying Jiao slowly suppressed the urge to immediately go to Class 11 to kill Qiao Anyan, and asked again, “You’re uncomfortable these days, because you’re staying with me, or,” he paused before continuing: “Because of our relationship?”

“Don’t lie to me,” Ying Jiao looked into his eyes: “You can’t hide it from me.”

Jing Ci’s Adam’s apple rolled a few times, and after a while, he said with difficulty: “Our relationship.”

The short five words, like knives, stabbed into Ying Jiao’s heart.


He clenched his fists restrained and continued to ask: “This situation… is the same as the headache at that time. As long as you get better and better, will it gradually disappear?”

“Yes,” Jing Ci’s eyes were red and his voice trembled. He looked up at Ying Jiao and said with difficulty, “But I don’t know how long it will take…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hurriedly added: “Brother, don’t worry, I will work hard in the competition, and I will not fail in the school exam. You, you, wait for me.”

Ying Jiao stared at Jing Ci blankly, his heart was sour and soft.

He must be very uncomfortable now, but he resisted and comforted himself in return.

How could Jing Ci be so good.

“Then you want me to touch this?” Ying Jiao’s mouth was bitter, he pretended to easily roll up his sleeves, revealing the black bracelet on his wrist: “It was all tied up by you, waiting for whom?”


“What did I say to you on your birthday? Did you take my words on deaf ears?”

Jing Ci shook his head.

“Then repeat it for me.”

“We…” Jing Ci’s heart gradually settled down: “We will never change.”

“Then what are you afraid of?” Ying Jiao tried his best to tease him: “I just can’t touch you, what’s the big deal? Haven’t people died as a virgin at the age of 30?”

(T/n: not sure if the last sentence is correct)

Jing Ci couldn’t help but laugh.

Ying Jiao pulled down his sleeves, and his voice was a little lower than usual: “Remember, will you make me remind you next time?”

“No need.”

The icy cold wind blew through, and under the dim street lamp, a dead branch was blown off with a snap and fell straight down.

“Speaking of which, today is the nineteenth.” Ying Jiao suddenly said, “Baby, happy birthday.”

Jing Ci was startled, it turned out that he really guessed everything.

“Last time you ate longevity noodles, this time you have a birthday cake.” Ying Jiao sighed softly: “I was hiding inside your desk and wanted to give you a surprise, but now I will tell you in advance.”

For some reason, Jing Ci suddenly had a bad feeling.

He fixedly looked at Ying Jiao and insisted, “Let’s eat together.”

Ying Jiao shook his head: “There is a bag of candles in the cake bag, remember to light one to make a wish, and ask Zheng Que for a lighter.”

“We…” Ying Jiao’s Adam’s apple rolled a few times, and his voice was a little hoarse when he spoke again: “Separate for now, you…”

“I don’t want to!” As if unable to bear it, Jing Ci interrupted him with gritted teeth and insisted stubbornly: “Brother, I don’t want to.”

His lips were trembling, and his voice had a heavy nasal tone, eager to prove it to Ying Jiao: “I’m not uncomfortable, really. I’m not uncomfortable at all, I can hold it back.”

As he spoke, tears suddenly fell.

Jing Ci didn’t want to show his embarrassed look and ugliness in front of Ying Jiao, but he couldn’t help it.

He turned his head and wiped his eyes forcefully: “Brother, don’t you want to be with me?”

Ying Jiao’s eyes were red, and he almost exploded in distress: “Don’t cry.”


His hand was raised and lowered, but he didn’t dare to touch Jing Ci. Finally, he hammered the wall hard, and said in a hoarse voice: “Baby, think back, it was not easy for me to catch you.”


Ying Jiao’s eyes were red: “Be obedient, don’t let me watch you suffer.”

Jing Ci was suddenly speechless.

What else was said that day, he can’t remember at all. He just remembered that at the end, he desperately grabbed the front of Ying Jiao’s clothes and kissed him on the lips.

It hurts, both physically and psychologically.

He never thought that one day they would be separated, even temporarily.

It never occurred to me that the first time I took the initiative to kiss him would be when they parted.

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The author has something to say: although separated, it’s still sweet. The two were open with each other, and there was no concealment. This is a leap in their relationship.

WCBL: Don’t worry you guys~ This is only temporary, but wow reading this part again broke my heart. After a few chapters we will have their sweet lovely couple back~ 

Also I wanted to mention the part where YJ asked JC was uncomfortable with their relationship, and when JC said yes. JC is only uncomfortable with his relationship with YJ because he is worried that he will go back to his world and leave YJ alone, and has some insecurities with their relationship. So it’s not that JC doesn’t like YJ, but I think YJ misunderstood that part. 

Ah these two kids~ I just wanted to leave this here in case you guys didn’t understand~

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