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After returning that day, Jing Ci took out a tiramisu(cake) from inside his desk.

The logo on the box is very familiar. He and Ying Jiao have been to the store before.

He doesn’t like things that are too sweet. He ordered several desserts at the time, and only the small piece of tiramisu was more suitable for his taste.


Not only is the sweetness very low, but it also has a slightly bitter taste of coffee, and the taste is just right.

He didn’t say it, but Ying Jiao saw it.

Jing Ci sat on the edge of the flower bed, staring blankly at the tiramisu on his lap. After a long time, he picked a red candle from a bunch of colored candles and stuck it on it.

Why pink? Look at me, I’ll use red, it’s mature and stable.”

He lit a candle alone, blew it out, made a wish for two, and finally ate the cake alone.

When he returned to the classroom, the person at the same table had been replaced by Li Zhou.

Li Zhou held up his book a little uneasily, and looked up at him from time to time, as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t open his mouth.

Jing Ci didn’t speak, he sat down in his place, and fiddled with his hands on his books.

His fingers were a little stiff, and he pulled a math Olympiad book several times before finally pulling it out.

“Brother Ci…” Li Zhou still couldn’t hold back, and asked cautiously, “What happened to you and Brother Jiao?”

“It’s nothing.” Jing Ci answered without any difference, picked up his pen and started to do the question.

Li Zhou always felt that something was wrong. Why did he change his seat since they were fine?


But after observing for a long time, he found that Jing Ci was no different from usual except that he worked harder. Still doing his own business in an orderly manner, during this period, he also helped Chen Miaomiao, so he didn’t delve into it any further.

On the other hand, after returning from the flower bed, Ying Jiao forced himself to calm down and tried to analyze the clues he already knew.

He found someone to check before, after Jing Ci came to this world, Qiao Anyan’s grades and luck suddenly became very good.

Not to mention luck, it is absolutely impossible for a person’s grades to improve so much for no reason. What’s more, Qiao Anyan’s results are like a roller coaster, rising and falling.

Usually, his test scores are very good, but when it comes to unified tests(exams) his grades will go down like a chain. It’s so abnormal that It can’t even explain the reason for his rebirth.

And the difference between a normal test and a unified test —

Ying Jiao lowered his eyes, Jing Ci did not participate in one, and the other did.

And the most important part, Jing Ci would always have a headache when he looked at Qiao Anyan, and he would also have a headache when he felt his malice.

So does this mean that Qiao Anyan’s “luck” was obtained from Jing Ci?

Jing Ci had endured the headaches from time to time, but what if he couldn’t endure it? Who will be the number one in the school now?


Ying Jiao cursed in a low voice, suppressed the violence in his heart, and continued to ponder.

There are abnormalities in both of them. Why does Jing Ci suffer, but not Qiao Anyan? Is it because Jing Ci is not from this world? That was unlikely, the two of them are more likely bound from the beginning.

Bind? Ying Jiao’s heart skipped a beat, so there must be a reason for Jing Ci’s arrival!

Because of the rules of the world, Jing Ci couldn’t say it, so he could only find it from Qiao Anyan.

Ying Jiao took out a pen from his pen bag and wrote down the key points in the notebook so as not to forget it.

Also, according to Jing Ci, Qiao Anyan has no influence on him now. Although the cause of this incident was Qiao Anyan, the current outcome was not under his control.

So the way he stunned Qiao Anyan before is no longer feasible.

Then can he only wait for Jing Ci to slowly get better? No, he would never leave the burden to Jing Ci and let him carry it alone.

What is the definition of “good”?

Is it really only about grades?

Ying Jiao stared at the table thoughtfully.


The two most important things in life, one is career and the other is love.

Feelings? !

Ying Jiao suddenly felt as if he had grasped the key point.

Qiao Anyan likes him, and when Jing Ci has a headache, being touched by him will make him feel at ease…

Is it possible that I am not an outsider, but also an insider?

Jing Ci’s grades are getting higher and higher, and his achievements are getting bigger and bigger, which will offset Qiao Anyan’s influence.

In terms of feelings, if he makes Jing Ci feel happier, will it also help?

He still didn’t do well enough. Thinking of Jing Ci’s reaction when had said about separating, Ying Jiao’s heart felt as if it was grabbed by a hand, and it hurt when pulled.

Knowing that he likes him and knowing that he will wait for him, Jing Ci is still afraid.

Ying Jiao endured and endured, but in the end he couldn’t hold back and looked at him.


Jing Ci seemed to be answering questions, and the pen in his hand moved very quickly. Ying Jiao didn’t even have to look to know that he was doing math problems.

He must be in a bad mood right now…

Ying Jiao took a deep breath and forced himself to look away.

In fact, he didn’t want to be separated more than Jing Ci.

Jing Ci is so excellent, and he is still in contact with people similar to him. Every time he thinks about it, he gritted his teeth even when he was brushing through questions.

But as long as they don’t separate for a day, Jing Ci will suffer for a day.

He thought about it a lot, and there are many ways to experiment, but it is only a guess, not a certainty.

In order to change the current situation, no matter how absurd the method is, he will try it, but he can’t let Jing Ci endure his discomfort and wait for him.

He couldn’t stand an hour or two, let alone an uncertain deadline.

Ying Jiao closed the book, looked up at the time, got up and left the classroom, he decided to start with Qiao Anyan.

In the entire class 7, except for Li Zhou, only He Zhou knew about Ying Jiao and Jing Ci. It can be said that he has witnessed how the two people have fallen in love all the way to their present relationship.

Ying Jiao’s sudden change of seats made a few people dumbfounded, and He Zhou even pulled a small group behind him.


[Uncle He]: What happened to Brother Jiao and Brother Ci? Did they quarrel?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: I don’t know. When I came back today and saw my deskmate turned into him, I was almost stunned.

[Peng Chengcheng]: It’s not like a quarrel.

[Uncle He]: Why would he do this if they didn’t quarrel? It’s a bit strange, brother Jiao is not so temperamental. And even if there is, he would not stop talking to Brother Ci.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Weren’t they still okay at noon? Brother Jiao went to buy a cake for Brother Ci.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Was he…broken up with?

[Uncle He]: Nonsense, Brother Ci is not such a person.

[Peng Chengcheng]: It’s like breaking up.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Don’t scare me, Old Peng.

[Uncle He]: It’s okay not to mention it, but it kinda feels like that is the situation. But with Brother Jiao’s sticky attitude, I really can’t figure out what happened to make the two of them split.

Several people discussed for a long time, but still didn’t understand, and they finally decided to test Ying Jiao.

Usually, as long as he briefly mentions topics related to Jing Ci, he will show off. If he continues to show off, then they are fine. But if he doesn’t show off, then there may be a big problem.

It’s just that before He Zhou’s message could be sent, Ying Jiao went out.

They all looked at each other, hesitated for a moment, and followed quietly.


Ying Jiao didn’t go anywhere else, he went directly to the fourth floor, pulled out Qiao Anyan, and dragged him to the rooftop.

The teaching building of the provincial experiment has a total of five floors, and there is a roof above the fifth floor. The directors of the school were afraid of any risk, and the wooden door of the rooftop was always locked, but they couldn’t resist Ying Jiao’s kicks.

Qiao Anyan panicked and kept struggling: “You… what are you doing? Let me go!”

Ying Jiao turned a deaf ear, twisting his arms with one hand and pinching the back of his neck with the other. His knees rested on his back, pressing him firmly to the edge of the rooftop.

It was night time, and there was a small light on the roof of the school that was turned off at a fixed time. In the dim light, Qiao Anyan clearly saw that part of his upper body had protruded out of the building.

He was so frightened that his whole body went weak, tears flooded his face instantly, and he shouted shiveringly: “You let go, let me go… I, I’m going to tell the teacher! I’ll tell the teacher!”

Ying Jiao exerted a little force on his hand, pushed him out for a few minutes, and said coldly, “If you shout again, I will throw you down.”

His eyes were cold, and a cruel light was reflected in the light: “You know my family is rich, right? I can still afford to kill you.”

“You, you…” Qiao Anyan was heartbroken and almost collapsed. Due to Ying Jiao’s warning, he didn’t dare to cry out, and his lips trembled and forced out a complete sentence: “What exactly do you want to do?”

“A few questions to you, you answer honestly, otherwise…”

Qiao Anyan nodded desperately: “You, you ask, I will say everything, say everything!”

Ying Jiao lowered his eyes and said solemnly, “When did you come back?”(T/n: basically he is asking when QA was reborn)

Qiao Anyan’s eyes widened suddenly.

Really! He guessed right, Ying Jiao was also reborn!


He is a coward, let alone a death threat. Even in ordinary times, he doesn’t dare to fool Ying Jiao, he immediately said, “Three years from now.”

Ying Jiao counted the time, it would be their sophomore year in college.

He asked again, “Why did you come back?”

“I, I don’t know.” The concrete floor downstairs was clearly illuminated by the street lights, and Qiao Anyan was dizzy and sweaty.

Afraid that Ying Jiao would not be satisfied with his answer, he added: “Really, really don’t know.”

He took a deep breath before finding his own voice: “I was on the street at the time, and I saw that you and your classmate entered university together. I… I envy them very much. I wanted to follow you, but I couldn’t get in. “

“At night I…I died, and then I found myself back.”

“Which university?”

“Peking University.”

Peking University…

Ying Jiao suddenly raised the corners of his lips, Qiao Anyan said in his last life, was he with Jing Ci?

“Who was the one walking with me?”

Qiao Anyan thought hard for a moment, and found that he couldn’t remember the face of that person: “No, I don’t know.”

He swallowed and said in panic, “I saw you clearly, but I really can’t remember it. I didn’t lie.”

How could it be impossible not to remember? Qiao Anyan is obsessed with Ying Jiao, and envies the person who walks with him. How can he forget that person’s face?


But Ying Jiao didn’t think Qiao Anyan dared to fool him at this time. 

He pressed the question to the bottom of his heart and continued to ask, “Why do you hate Jing Ci? Tell the truth.”

When he mentioned Jing Ci, resentment and jealousy in Qiao Anyan’s heart spewed out: “It is clear that I am the one who was reborn, and it is clear that he was the same as me in the past life, why can he just say that it will get better, but I will continue to struggle?!”

Just like him in my previous life…

Ying Jiao’s pupils shrink suddenly, impossible, absolutely impossible.

If it was the original Jing Ci, he would not be with him. If there is no Jing Ci now, let alone Peking University, he will not even go to university!

Is Qiao Anyan’s memory wrong? No that’s not right, he has only been reborn last semester, and he will not forget the previous things so quickly.

Ying Jiao lowered his eyes thoughtfully.

I have a natural disgust for Qiao Anyan, and it can be said that I almost fell in love at first sight with Jing Ci.

These two feelings seem to be engraved in his bones, but why is this so?

According to Qiao Anyan’s memory, he clearly didn’t interact with either of them in his last life.

Ever since he has been with Jing Ci, Qiao Anyan pays attention to himself and would certainly notice Jing Ci, but now Qiao Anyan is saying that he couldn’t remember that classmate’s face. A bold idea suddenly appeared in Ying Jiao’s heart…

Ying Jiao understood. There must be something wrong with Qiao Anyan’s memory of Jing Ci.


His breathing was a little short, and he looked down at Qiao Anyan: “The last question, how did you die?”

Qiao Anyan’s face instantly turned purple, and he was silent for a few seconds before gritting his teeth: “Death of illness.”

“Death of illness?”

“Gambled everything, no money to govern.”

Ying Jiao snorted, dragged Qiao Anyan back, threw him on the ground, turned around and left.

Such a rotten person can’t be cured for a few lifetimes.

“Brother Jiao, what are you doing?”

He Zhou and a few people found the rooftop and happened to see Qiao Anyan who was soft on the ground: “He sent you a love letter again?”

Zheng Que said with a smile, “So your daily routine is, eat, sleep, beat Qiao Anyan?”

Ying Jiao had something in his heart, not in the mood to play with them, and walked into the classroom with a cold face.

Zheng Que was curious, and asked Ying Jiao, “Brother Jiao! Brother Jiao, wait for me!”

Jing Ci was doing the question quietly, and when he heard this shout, he subconsciously turned his head and glanced aside.

Li Zhou’s face suddenly came into view, Jing Ci was stunned for a moment, and only then did he realize that his tablemate was no longer Ying Jiao.


He pursed his lips, and was about to lower his head when he heard Zheng Que say again, “Why is Qiao Anyan’s memory so bad? You beat him up last time, and he still dares to come.”

Ying Jiao beat Qiao Anyan before? When did this happen?

Jing Ci couldn’t help but look up.

“Brother Ci, don’t you know?” Zheng Que saw his doubts, and immediately gave Jing Ci him an answer: “Yes, you were taking the exam in Yangcheng at that time. In those three mornings, Brother Jiao knocked Qiao Anyan unconscious three times. He was also warned by Old Liu.”

Do you feel better?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, it’s fine now.”

That’s good, you can take the exam with peace of mind.

So, at the opening ceremony, is this why his headache suddenly got better?

Jing Ci stared blankly at Ying Jiao, and the pain and anxiety that had been in his heart since he separated from him suddenly disappeared.

It turned out that Ying Jiao had always been protecting him.

Zheng Que laughed: “When he was invited out and was asked to undress, he directly knocked him out. Brother Ci you…”

“Don’t worry,” Ying Jiao suddenly pushed him aside before he could say anything more.


Ying Jiao didn’t look at Jing Ci, he put one hand in his pocket and continued to walk forward with no expression on his face. It’s just that when he passed Jing Ci’s seat, he suddenly bent his fingers and tapped lightly on his desktop, and said lightly: “Undress? I wouldn’t even pay attention to him even if he took off all his clothes.”

Jing Ci froze for a moment, then the corners of his lips lifted slightly.

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