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Under the dumbfounded gaze of the three girls, Ying Jiao walked ahead with two brooms, hiding his merit and fame.

Behind him, Wu Weicheng stared at his back, stunned. After a while, he whispered to Jing Ci: “I always thought I was straight enough, but I didn’t expect Brother Jiao to be a real straight man of steel.”

Jing Ci: “…”

Wu Weicheng didn’t notice the expression on his face, and continued: “My brother Jiao can do this wave of operations, he is determined to not do any work for other classes, not even for a beautiful girl!”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes and smiled, his footsteps involuntarily quickening.


“Hey, brother Ci, wait for me.” Wu Weicheng caught up with him in two steps, walked into the clothes drying yard side by side with him, and sighed: “But brother Jiao is really good to you.”

Jing Ci’s heartbeat was a little faster, and the corners of his lips curled up with an “um”.

In the drying clothing yard, Ying Jiao pointed at the end of the girls’ dormitory and asked Jing Ci, “This side is yours?”

Jing Ci nodded, picked up the broom that Ying Jiao had placed on the wall, and walked to his side.

Ying Jiao laughed and stretched out a hand at him: “Bring it, I said I’ll do it, what are you doing by taking it?”

“Let’s do it together.” Jing Ci avoided his hand, bent over and swept a packaging bag, insisting: “Two people can finish this faster.”

Ying Jiao knew that Jing Ci didn’t want to throw all his work to himself. He was a little helpless and felt a little warm, and forced him(JC) to go to a place with less garbage next to him.

A total of four people are assigned to the laundry yard in the seventh shift, and several people are responsible for a spot, cleaning from the middle to the outside.

The two of them haven’t had a good conversation in the past few days, and Ying Jiao couldn’t hold back for such a long time. Seeing that Wu Weicheng was far away from them, he couldn’t help but start teasing him again.

He put the broom and pestle on the ground, looked sideways at Jing Ci with a smile: “Jingshen, I heard that you like to work in the clothes drying yard, is that true?”

Jing Ci choked and blushed.


Ying Jiao smiled, his face still calm: “I am asking you, why don’t you speak?”

Jing Ci knew that Ying Jiao was asking on purpose, his cheeks were hot, what should I say?

Do I say that what I like is not this place, but the meaning of this place?

“Why do you like it?” Ying Jiao pretended to be confused, but bullied people vigorously: “Is it because it’s quiet and there are few people here, and it’s quite suitable for you to do bad things here?”

Jing Ci was a little embarrassed by what he said: “Brother…”


“You…” Jing Ci slightly tilted his head and said softly, “You know why.”

Ying Jiao looked at his blushing profile, and felt that his heart was about to melt. That day when he came to the stage to accept his award, he looked stern, without the slightest smile, but he only showed a shy and soft side to himself in front of him.

Too bad I can’t touch him.

Ying Jiao sighed regretfully, otherwise, it would be fine to repeat their first kiss.

Jingshen has a good memory, he must have clearly remembered when he bit his tongue at that time, and when he stretched out his tongue.

“Are you stupid?” Ying Jiao took out a piece of coconut candy from his pocket and handed it to him, careful not to touch his hand: “I’m in front of you, what are you doing wanting to be in the clothing drying yard?”

With a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth, he stared into Jing Ci’s eyes: “Want to be kissed by me?”


Ying Jiao’s eyes are slightly longer, and when there is no expression on his face, he looks arrogant and difficult to provoke. But at this time, there was a smile in his eyes, and his whole person looked gentle.

When he met his gaze, Jing Ci’s heart thumped, and the back of his neck was numb.

“Want to or not?” Ying Jiao kept pressing, holding back.

Jing Ci resisted his shyness and nodded.

I really thought about it.

Jing Ci likes to kiss Ying Jiao very much, both of their breathing entwined, their lips and teeth are close together, and they can’t get any closer.

They have not hugged or kissed for several days, it’s not just Ying Jiao who is suffering.

Ying Jiao couldn’t help but scold himself in his heart. He couldn’t stand Jing Ci’s obedient way of responding back to him. Every time he saw him, he wanted to go even further with him, and see if he would still be so obedient and be bullied.

Halfway through his thoughts, he was hooked on fire. Ying Jiao took a deep breath, and his voice was a little hoarse: “Okay, I won’t tease you, let’s work.”

The two have done everything except the last step.


Jing Ci saw Ying Jiao’s current state, his hand holding the broom tightened, and he gritted his teeth: “Brother, you, you wait for me to compete…”

“What are you thinking?” Ying Jiao peeled the candy wrapper and threw the candy into his mouth, but didn’t let him continue: “Do you think I am only with you for only that?”

He threw the candy wrapper into the trash can and said seriously, “Don’t stress out, and don’t think about it. As long as you’re here, nothing else matters.”

Jing Ci’s throat choked, and he nodded vigorously.


Jing Ci raised his eyes.

Ying Jiao smiled angrily and said in a low voice, “It’s yours. It will be yours sooner or later, and brother will save it for you.”

Jing Ci was stunned, and after reacting, the broom in his hand fell to the ground with a bang.

Ying Jiao saw that he was ashamed, wanting to shrink into a ball, he leaned on the wall and laughed wildly.

The clean-up ended unexpectedly quickly. Before noon, all the tasks of the seventh shift were completed.

After working all morning, everyone was exhausted. In addition, they had a holiday in the afternoon. At this moment, their hearts were scattered. There was no one reading or studying in the classroom. They were either lying on the table waiting for Teacher Liu to announce the dismissal of class, or getting together and talking in a low voice.


He Zhou held up his mobile phone and said to Peng Chengcheng cheerfully, “It’s early today, there’s still enough time. Shall we go see a movie after lunch?”

In the front, Jing Ci’s ears perked up immediately.

Ying Jiao told him yesterday that Peng Chengcheng’s birthday is today, and he would go and have dinner with them.

A movie?

He Zhou is still saying: “This shootout film has a very high rating, why don’t you just watch this? Let’s go to Yueweixuan after watching it.”

A shootout movie? !

Jing Ci was anxious.

Ying Jiao loves face, and no one knows about him being dizzy when he sees blood except himself. At Peng Chengcheng’s birthday party, everyone must go. What if he can’t refuse at that time?

Do I follow along?

As soon as this thought crossed his mind, it was rejected by Jing Ci.

He and Ying Jiao can’t have physical contact now, and not to mention they can’t take care of him at all. How can they let Ying Jiao sit in the movie theater for two hours with his eyes closed?

Jing Ci turned his head and asked He Zhou: “Will Ying Jiao also go?”

He Zhou thought for a moment, then nodded: “He should go.”


Although Brother Jiao has never been to the cinema with them, it is said that he only likes to watch movies alone. But this time since he agreed to attend the party, he should also go to the cinema.

“He, he’s not going.”

Under the surprised eyes of He Zhou and Peng Chengcheng, Jing Ci closed his eyes, endured embarrassment and discomfort and said, “I want to see it with him.”

It would not be easy for Ying Jiao to refuse, so he will do it.

“Oh, that’s it.” He Zhou believed it to be true, and said indifferently: “Okay, let’s change it to something else, a fantasy movie is also good.”

Jing Ci’s ears were flushed, he went out of his way, and said: “That… I’ll go see it with him too.”

He Zhou, Peng Chengcheng: “…”

He Zhou looked at Jing Ci with a complicated look, what kind of cinema complex does Brother Ci have? Or… was he simply influenced by brother Jiao?

But sister-in-law is boundless.

He Zhou put down his phone and said with a smile, “Then we won’t go, it’s not interesting to watch movies, why don’t we play a few games.”

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief, and after saying sorry to He Zhou, he turned back to read.


In the back, He Zhou and Peng Chengcheng secretly communicated under the table with their mobile phones——

[Uncle He]: Was Brother Ci just showing off? I am suddenly scared…

[Peng Chengcheng]: No.

【Uncle He】: Then why not let Brother Jiao watch a movie with us? We’re not like coquettish b*tches out there.

[Peng Chengcheng]: I don’t know.

[Uncle He]: It doesn’t matter, I didn’t really want to go that much. I’m just bored and don’t know what to do.

[Uncle He]: But haven’t they separated?

[Peng Chengcheng]: Well, it doesn’t look like they separated.

[Uncle He]: You were the one who said it was like that, but now it’s you who said they are not.

[Peng Chengcheng]: I don’t understand.

[Uncle He]: Forget it, it’s none of our business anyway.

After Ying Jiao came back from the toilet, He Zhou quietly told him about it.

Ying Jiao really didn’t know that they were going to go to the movies. Even if he did, he still had excuses to refuse. After all, it has been almost five years, and he has made it this far without being discovered.


But this feeling of being cared about by someone he liked all the time is so good, so good that the excitement in Ying Jiao’s heart almost overflows.

What about the bunch of people that like math around Jing Ci? So what if they study better than him?

Even if they were separated, he was the only one who made Jing Ci worry about himself.

Ying Jiao raised his eyes and looked at the back of Jing Ci’s head, leaning on his chin with one hand, and laughed unconsciously.

Teacher Liu didn’t delay for too long. He entered the classroom and repeated the safety rules, and told them to come back on time for self-study in the evening, and then let them go.

Ying Jiao and He Zhou went out of the school gate, while Jing Ci and Li Zhou went to the bathhouse outside after eating in the cafeteria. Under Li Zhou’s surprised eyes, he asked for a single room, and after washing, he went back to the dormitory to make up for his sleep.

During the training camp, Jing Ci was really tired, even if he didn’t recover for several days after coming back, he always felt a little lack of sleep these days.

Shortly after hitting the pillow, he fell asleep, and then he dreamed again.

In his dream, he was also in love with Ying Jiao.


They have known each other since their first year of high school, chose science together, and later went to the same university.

Everything seemed to be going very well until their sophomore year—

“You can rest assured and die. From now on, everything you have is mine, including Ying Jiao.”

Although he still didn’t dream about the cause of his death, this time, Jing Ci finally saw the face of the person who viciously cursed in his ear, it was Qiao Anyan.

Jing Ci woke up from his dream covered in cold sweat, he sat up suddenly, gasping for breath.

He remembered why he felt deja vu when he said goodbye to Ying Jiao at the train station before the training camp.

It was just like that dream he had.

Before class, he told Ying Jiao to meet him at noon, and then…they never saw each other again.

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The author has something to say: 

Small Theater-

Brother Jiao: Although we can’t touch yet, I am saving it for Jing Ci, waiting for him to become a juicer in the future.

WCBL: Remember that dream JC had about YJ before? Well I will tell you guys this~ Since JC never ended up making it to his meeting point with YJ. YJ stood there waiting at the same place where JC went missing. JC saw YJ standing there for a long time just waiting for JC.

It broke my heart when I realized this and I just want to share the pain with you guys TwT~

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