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Jing Ci got out of bed, opened a bottle of mineral water, and took two mouthfuls.

Li Zhou was not in the dormitory, he only had half a day of break a week. He cherishes it very much. At this moment, he went to the video game city with his sister to catch dolls, so the toiletries were brought back by Jing Ci.

The cold water slid down his throat to his stomach, causing a burst of shudder, and successfully pulled Jing Ci out of his heart palpitations.

He was leaning against the bed rail, standing by the side of the bed, feeling chills and his fingertips trembled.

Last time, he only dreamed about a fragment of Ying Jiao in college, but today, he almost dreamed about the whole process of the two of them getting to know each other and then dating.

It was so clear and coherent, less like a dream, more like another life.


When he thought of the picture of Ying Jiao still standing at the place where they said goodbye after he died in his dream, Jing Ci’s heart felt as if it had been pricked by a needle, and it hurt badly.

He clenched his fists and forced himself to remain sane.

Before this, Jing Ci had never doubted his identity, he was just a book-wearer who accidentally entered the world of novels.

But that dream just now made him realize that this is probably not the case.

It is very likely that he did not transmigrate, but… returning.

Jing Ci’s pupils dilated slightly, he fell off bed, grabbed the cool water bottle and held it for a while, and then continued to drink it until his mood calmed down a little.

In the novel, Qiao Anyan counterattacked after being reborn, and a small red mole appeared exactly like the one he had on his ear.

Now, although Qiao Anyan has been reborn, he is still hovering at the bottom of his grade. But his(JC) ears were clean and there was nothing.

Thinking of the words Qiao Anyan said in his dream, Jing Ci’s chest heaved and his breathing became rapid.

He didn’t know how he got to another world, how he came back, or what happened in the novel. But he can be sure that Qiao Anyan used some means to destroy his life, and even tried to replace him.


Jing Ci’s back was against the wall, and his eyes were red. Originally, he and Ying Jiao were supposed to be a couple.

He came here, not by accident, nor by God’s trick, but by fate.

Jing Ci suddenly wanted to see Ying Jiao very much, even just to see a message. He fumbled for his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Ying Jiao.

Something vibrated under the pillow, Jing Ci was stunned, and then he remembered that Ying Jiao’s cell phone was with him.

He reached out and took out the phone, holding it in his hand and rubbing it slowly.

It was already evening, the lights were not turned on in the bedroom, the light was a little dark, and the black mobile phone almost blended into the darkness.

Jing Ci held it, but felt inexplicably at ease.

This is something that Ying Jiao uses every day and has his breath.

After calming down for a while, Jing Ci unlocked his phone and clicked into WeChat, wanting to delete the message he just sent. His eyes fell on the chat column above, but unexpectedly, in the last message of a group, he saw content related to himself.

[Uncle He]: You show off so much every day, does Brother Ci know?

Although he had been holding Ying Jiao’s mobile phone for several days, Jing Ci hadn’t deliberately flipped through it.

He involuntarily entered the group, pulled up the chat log, and wanted to see what He Zhou meant.

Then, a world he never knew, slowly appeared in front of him.


Jing Ci saw every little thing about the progress of their relationship, every bit of what he did for him, was shown off by Ying Jiao.

The overall message, although it’s asking for a…beating, it can make people feel his uncontrollable joy.

Is this how he has always described me in front of his best friends?

Jing Ci’s cheeks were hot, he entered his name in the search box, and clicked one by one.

When he saw a certain message, his fingertips suddenly stopped.

It turned out that the end-of-month party was not a regular routine class dinner as he thought. But Ying Jiao knew that he didn’t want to go home, and deliberately initiated this for him.

The corners of Jing Ci’s eyes flushed, he raised one arm to cover his face, but the corners of his lips that were exposed were cocked.


On the other side, in Yueweixuan’s box, Ying Jiao rejected the birthday cake that He Zhou handed over, picked up a bowl of sauerkraut and old duck soup, and drank it slowly.

Opposite from him, Zheng Que nibbled the spicy rabbit head and said, “We just drank a few cans of beer in the box, and I don’t know if we can return the rest.”

Peng Chengcheng answered with a blank face: “It should be possible.”

Ying Jiao turned to look at him: “What are you going to do if you can’t finish drinking?”


After being with Jing Ci for a long time, he also unknowingly started to have Jing Ci’s habits.

“Don’t mention it.” Thinking that they almost had an oolong, He Zhou couldn’t hold back his joy: “We originally thought that you broke up with Brother Ci, and we were going to give you some booze.”

(T/n: Oolong is a dark tea that uses withered leaves, not sure if HZ is comparing YJ to a oolong tea because of his breakup.)

Ying Jiao’s actions paused, he couldn’t hear such words now.

Even if there was no choice but to do so, he and Jing Ci indeed broke up, and he took the initiative to break up.

The word “break up” hurts every time he hears it.

He put down the soup bowl, lowered his eyes and took a sip of beer: “Sick? We are good, why would we break up?”

“Then why did you suddenly change seats?” Zheng Que has been curious for the past few days, and now he has finally caught the opportunity, and immediately asked, “And you kept your face cold and you were silent that night.”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly felt enlightened: “No way, brother Jiao, did you quarrel with brother Ci, so you learned to run away from home? Waiting for brother Ci to coax you.”

He Zhou choked out a mouthful of Kung Pao chicken and almost sprayed it on Peng Chengcheng’s face.


Ying Jiao lifted his eyelids and glanced at him: “Is your imagination as small as your test scores?”

He took another sip of beer and said lightly, “Before you speak, please take a look at the callus on your right hand. If you’re single, don’t try to guess the situation between lovers, okay?”

Zheng Que: “…”

Zheng Que was so angry that he almost suffered a myocardial infarction, and sneered while choking: “Haha, you can be tough, anyway, we don’t know the specific situation.”

He Zhou nodded frantically: “Yes, that’s the truth.”

“Well said, I applaud you.” Ying Jiao slowly rolled up his sleeves, showing the couple’s bracelet on his wrist, and smiled: “Do I need to remind you, why we didn’t watch a movie this afternoon?”

Zheng Que choked and was speechless.

Ying Jiao laughed and lowered his head to continue eating when Peng Chengcheng suddenly said, “If you have something to say, don’t look for trouble.”

He Zhou was stunned: “What kind trouble?”

Peng Chengcheng hesitated for a while, but still said: “He asked me about online gambling the day before yesterday.”

This time, even Zheng Que, who had just been severely hit, raised his head again: “Brother Jiao?”

“What are you thinking, you think I can do that? I just saw it on the news and asked casually.” Ying Jiao took his chopstick and put the fish with pickled cabbage in his bowl. He took the chance to take a bite, and lowered his eyes to cover the coldness in his eyes. 


After being reborn, the last thing Qiao Anyan would want was to fall into the same situation as in his previous life.

But gambling is one of the second most difficult things to quit in this world. This so-called nature is difficult to change. Can Qiao Anyan really resist the temptation?

Ying Jiao raised the corners of his lips wickedly, so let’s try it out.

Because they had to go back to study at 7 o’clock in the evening, the others didn’t arrange other plans after eating. Ying Jiao went to the Cantonese restaurant next door to pack two salt-baked pigeons before heading to school.

Jing Ci has lost a lot of weight these days, so he needs to make up for it.

Afraid that the pigeon would get cold, he walked in a hurry and accidentally tripped.

Behind him, He Zhou said, “Brother Jiao, you’re not drunk right? Your drinking tolerance is not good.”

No one can say that brother Jiao is not good, in all aspects.

Ying Jiao turned back and glanced at him sideways: “How so? I also know that I like Jing Ci”

He Congee: “…”

He Zhou took a deep breath, resisted the urge to hit someone, and said: “Get out!!!!”

After arriving at school, Ying Jiao wanted to go directly to the dormitory to find Jing Ci. But looking at the time, he guessed that he should be in the classroom by now, so he arrived in advance to class.


He guessed right, Jing Ci was sitting in his seat reading a book, and he didn’t even raise his head when he heard movement.

Ying Jiao walked over and tapped his desktop with his fingers: “I brought you something to eat, come with me.”

Pigeon is not a snack, so it is not good to eat it directly in the classroom. Ying Jiao took Jing Ci to the corner at the end of the corridor, and then stopped. Opened the lunch box and handed him the chopsticks: “I know you ate dinner at night, so I didn’t buy too much. Can you eat it?”

Because of that dream, Jing Ci’s heart is still a little sour at the moment. Now being fed by him like this, it has become sweet.

Ying Jiao even thought about himself when he went out to eat.

He took the chopsticks and said softly, “I can eat it.”

“That’s good, eat it quickly, it’s going to taste fishy when it’s cold.”

Jing Ci nodded, holding a piece of pigeon with his chopsticks. He didn’t eat it directly, but first raised his head and asked Ying Jiao, “Brother, do you want some?”

Ying Jiao was full and didn’t want to eat anymore, but when his eyes fell on him, he changed his mind.

There are two entrances in the teaching building. A connecting main gate, where students basically go in and out. The other one is connected to where Ying Jiao and Jing Ci are now standing, because the stairs are dark and narrow, and far from the bathrooms, no one walks there.

Ying Jiao glanced sideways in the direction of the stairs, saw no one coming up, leaned against the wall lazily, and said rogue: “Yes, but I don’t want to feed myself.”

When Jing Ci met his smiling eyes, he immediately understood what he meant.


He didn’t refuse, but picked a piece of meat with the fewest bones from the box, and sent it to Ying Jiao’s lips with red ears.

When he that, Jing Ci was still a little uncomfortable and had nothing to say: “You, didn’t you go to eat Sichuan food?”

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao lowered his head and quickly took the pigeon meat away, and said vaguely, “The place was next to Yueweixuan, and I stopped by.”

Jing Ci’s heart was warm, and he also took a piece and put it in his mouth.

Ying Jiao said that he was too lazy to feed himself, and Jing Ci believed him. Seeing that he was almost finished, he lifted the lid of the box: “Brother, you might vomit…”

Just as Ying Jiao raised his hand, their hands collided.

Ying Jiao scolded angrily, took a step back immediately, and said distressingly, “I was too careless, does it hurt?”

Jing Ci didn’t speak, he stared blankly at his hand. After a long while, he raised his head suddenly: “It seems, it doesn’t seem so painful anymore!”

There are no exams these days. It is definitely not because of studies, but because of their feelings. The big stone in Ying Jiao’s heart fell to the ground, and it seemed that his guess was correct.

Could it be that Jing Ci saw something on his phone?

He was thinking when Jing Ci suddenly came over and grabbed his hand excitedly: “Try again!”

Ying Jiao quickly avoided: “Forget it, wait…”

“Brother,” Jing Ci raised his eyes and looked at him pleadingly, and said softly, “Just for a moment, let me try, it really doesn’t hurt that much.”


Jing Ci is usually a little obedient, Ying Jiao can’t stand it, let alone him acting like a spoiled child.

He really couldn’t refuse, and stretched out a hand: “Once okay, just once.”

Jing Ci nodded immediately and buckled up impatiently.

That’s right, if the two had physical contact before, the pain would feel like a knife cutting flesh. Now the pain was like falling down and scratching his skin, and it’s totally bearable.

Jing Ci’s eyes brightened, and his words were incoherent with joy: “It’s real brother, really!”

“Got it.” Although he said so, Ying Jiao still didn’t dare to touch him. It was really Jing Ci’s numerous previous records that made him have to be cautious. Even if it was a little bit, Ying Jiao didn’t want him to hurt.

He shook his hand: “Let go first, if you don’t listen to me…”

Before Ying Jiao finished speaking, a familiar male voice suddenly sounded behind him: “Ying, Jiao, Jing, Ci.”

Teacher Liu came up and stared at their clasped hands without blinking, and a huge wave was set off in his heart: “What are you doing?”

He parked his bicycle near the gate today, and came up from there. Who knew that as soon as he stepped on the third floor, he bumped into the scene of the two of them holding hands.

If it was in the past, Teacher Liu would not think too much. But since he saw Qiao Anyan’s love letter to Ying Jiao last semester, he realized that sometimes boys needed to be watched as well.

What’s more, the two were not simply holding hands, but clasped their fingers together in a place where no one else was there, which was too ambiguous.


The two were stunned for a moment, and turned their heads at the same time, facing Teacher Liu’s eyes that were brewing a storm.

Jing Ci’s heart was beating wildly, and his body was a little stiff. At the critical moment, he didn’t have time to think about it, and subconsciously stood in front of Ying Jiao: “Teacher, I…”

“Teacher,” Ying Jiao gently broke away from his hand and interrupted him, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Teacher Liu’s brain was buzzing and he was in a mess. He suppressed the anger in his heart and asked with a dark face, “What did you do wrong?”

Ying Jiao’s expression remained the same, with a very natural expression on his face, he sighed and said, “I should study hard and keep my feet on the ground, instead of being poisoned by feudal superstition. I should place my hope of improving my next exam results on the heretical way contaminated with the aura of our learning God.”

Teacher Liu: “……”

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